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Innoveat is a weight loss system with three parts; Suppress, Satisfy and Shed. These three supplements target key weight loss problems and contain only natural ingredients so will not cause unpleasant side effects.

We take a look at Innoveat to find out more. Is it really as innovative and safe as it looks?

Innoveat Pros

  • Safe ingredients
  • Free UK delivery
  • Ethical company

Innoveat Cons

  • Although you get a lot for your money, it is expensive
  • Lots of capsules to take daily
  • Not much independent customer feedback
  • Short guarantee period
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Innoveat Review

Innoveat Facts

  • Made in UK by Sinus Smooth Ltd
  • Won Best Natural Product of 2012 award in Sublime magazine
  • Requires a lot capsules (7 in total) to be taken daily

Innoveat is an innovative weight loss system in three parts and according to the manufacturers works as an appetite suppressant fat binder, fat burner and helps lift your mood as well. Despite these features, Innoveat contains only natural ingredients and very little caffeine content and according to the company has over 250,000 satisfied customers.

Innoveat is a British product made by parent company Sinus Smooth Ltd, which was founded in 2009. Sinus Smooth is a natural nasal spray that helps reduce the symptoms of hay fever and other allergies and the company also produce a range of skin care called Mama Nature.
Innoveat keeps to the same natural principles developed by company owners John and Jacqueline Shearer and their products are designed with the environment and ecological principles in mind.

Sublime magazine award 2012Innoveat won The Best Natural Product of 2012 award in Sublime – an international sustainable lifestyle magazine, which is printed on a bi monthly basis.


The Innoveat system is a three-product pack that deals with the major aspects of weight loss. Suppress – helps to reduce appetite and hunger pangs, Satisfy acts as a mild fat binder, which helps encourage feelings of fullness and satiety and Shed helps to promote fat burning and enhanced weight loss.

The pack comes with full instructions and something called a Weight loss window. This is for you to identify your eating habits and daily routine in order to find the optimum time for taking the course of tablets.

How to take Innoveat

  • Take three capsules of Suppress each day in order to reduce food cravings and snacking between meals
  • Take 3 capsules of Satisfy each day before meals to reduce appetite and encourage smaller portion sizes
  • 1 capsule a day of Shed – a fat burner based on green tea that will help increase your metabolism

The Innoveat website is full of useful information and does not promise to help you lose weight fast. Instead, it proposes that this weight loss system will support a healthy weight loss and is approved by the NHS.

This is not strictly true because the NHS does not approve diet products but the aims that are proposed by Innoveat fall firmly inside the NHS recommendations for weight loss.

One of the best things about Innoveat is that this product appears to be safe. The ingredients are natural and include 5HTP, apple pectin and green tea and with an extremely low level of caffeine contained in the green tea, this supplement range is essentially stimulant free. You are extremely unlikely to experience any adverse side effects from taking this range of supplements.

A major point in Innoveat’s favour is that this product has not been tested on animals. This works in the customer’s favour too. So many products contain ingredients that have hardly been tested on humans (Advanced Genetics F10 for example) and are not really proven safe for human consumption. Ethically it is a real point in Innoveat’s favour too. However, despite the fact that Innoveat only cites human clinical trials, many of these ingredients have undergone animal testing as well. This is not the company’s fault but it is not strictly true.

An added advantage of Innoveat is that the packaging is all in recycled cardboard and although the capsules come in plastic bottles, they are designed to be re-used. According to website information, glass takes more energy to produce and although plastic is not ideal, you are encouraged to recycle or re use the containers.

Innoveat Concerns:

What Does Innoveat Claim To Do?

Innoveat claims to give you the “Wow factor” The weight loss system is designed to support a safe and healthy weight loss that is fully in line with NHS recommendations.
Suppress Satisfy and Shed = Simple. Innoveat is to be used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

According to the website, if you are;

Fed up with crash diets and piling the weight back on, this easy system is perfect for you

Innoveat claims that American fitness guru Dr Oz has advocated Suppress as a means for curbing your appetite. In fact Dr Oz recommended 5HTP – as this is the principle ingredient of the suppress supplement, we can see that this does not change to efficacy of the supplement but we felt it was a little bit tricksy to mention the brand name in this context.

Innoveat does not make the usual claims associated with diet pills. They do not promise fast weight loss or overnight effects. The claim is that this diet programme will support your weight loss and deliver key benefits that help you lose weight permanently

So What Is Innoveat and What Are The Ingredients For Innoveat?

Innoveat is a weight loss system that is comprised of three separate products to be used in synergy.


  • Griffonia seed extract (100mg): Is derived from African plant Griffonia Simplicifolia. This is a natural source of 5HTP an amino acid, which helps your body increase its serotonin levels, the brains feel good chemical.
    Serotonin does not occur naturally in the foods that we eat. Instead, it has to be manufactured within our bodies and 5HTP (full name 5-Hydroxytryptophan) can be seen as a building block in the body’s chemistry that creates a pathway to serotonin.
    Doctors prescribe 5HTP supplements for depression because boosting serotonin with 5HTP is a safe way to combat depression. Low serotonin levels are a major cause of obesity because it leads to food cravings usually food that is high in carbohydrates and fats and of course chocolate. 5HTP will help weight loss, improve mood, and make you less inclined to snack. Clinical studies have indicated positive results for 5HTP as weight loss supplement when consumed in sufficient amounts. Studies have reported requiring 100-300mg 3 times per day for it to work, so its unlikely there is enough in here. Care should be taken when consuming higher doses though as 5-HTP can be toxic in high dosages. Source:


  • Apple pectin (500mg): A soluble fibre found in apples and is the ingredient that gets jam to thicken. It has a similar effect when you eat it and will stay in your stomach, making you feel fuller for longer. Apple pectin absorbs fats and cholesterol in the stomach and binds them making them too big to be absorbed by the body. Instead, some of these fats will pass through the body naturally as waste. Clinical testing has indicated that apple pectin will reduce cholesterol levels. Again amounts of Apple Pectin shown to cause such changes and quoted in the study on the official website is 11 grammes per day, a LOT more than is available in this supplement. Source: Online Resource
  • Shred

    • Green tea extract (400mg): This natural tea is a powerful source of antioxidants, which promote health and increase the speed of your metabolism. Green tea contains Epigallocatechin, which according to research can help reduce cholesterol levels, lower body fat and may help to prevent heart disease.
      Green tea extract is being investigated for its role in the prevention of cancer and other health conditions. Used here, it will help your metabolism work more efficiently to burn off stored fat. Contains 4 mg caffeine.
      Shred also contains 50mg of decaffeinated green tea.
      When tested by Unilever clinical results found that green tea may help promote heart health and that they recommended it for further testing. Source: Online Resource.
      Take a look at our Green tea extract investigation.

    So What Does All This Mean?

    Innoveat looks like a good product that may help with weight loss although we are concerned if sufficient ingredient quantities exist to replicate the claims to support the claims.

    The ingredients used have been clinically tested and have indicated some good results, albeit when consumed in the right amounts.

    A word of caution is that most of the clinical testing has been carried out on small amounts of people – for example, one clinical test for 5HTP was only carried out on 19 people, but results look promising.

    We should highlight that the clinical study referenced to support Apple Pectin involved consuming over 22 times the amount in this supplement.

    Green tea extract has also been shown to be effective and again the study referenced on the official website is 530mg per day and not the 400mg found here.

    Does Innoveat Have Any Side Effects?

    Innoveat looks safe and according to the Innoveat website, it is safe for everyone!

    We cannot find any problems associated with any of the ingredients. There is very little independent customer feedback available so it is hard to see if anyone has actually experienced problems with this supplement.

    Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding. Ask your doctors advice if you are taking medication or have an existing health condition.

    Any Innoveat Reviews From Customers?

    Disappointingly, there is very little independent customer feedback. The website displays customer testimonials – all positive of course so we cannot really count these because we have no way of knowing whether there are negative reports that Innoveat have chosen to keep hidden.

    There are just five reviews on Amazon.

    On, the only buyer said;

    Didn’t help my cravings, didn’t reduce my appetite, didn’t help me lose weight. Was just like taking nothing at all. Very disappointed and back to square one…

    The reports were more favourable via;

    I think this product works well though you do still need some will power it has helped me stop craving so much rubbish and i have lost 5 lbs in two weeks I will buy this again have had no side effects.

    is a typical comment.

    So Does Innoveat Work?

    If you are looking for some support to your weight loss and aim at losing weight safely, Innoveat may help you, but we are not convinced sufficient ingredient amounts are available.

    It is not an extreme slimming product and it does not claim to work as a miracle overnight weight loss pill. We like the fact that it is safe and if you are struggling with losing weight, it might make the difference that you need.

    Where Can I Buy Innoveat?

    The best place to buy Innoveat is via the product website.

    One month’s supply of tablets comprises of 1 bottle of Suppress – 90 capsules, 1 bottle of Satisfy – 90 capsules and I bottle of Shred – 30 capsules (210 capsules in total).

    I months supply costs £58.95 and includes free first class post to UK customers.

    For USA customers one month’s supply costs $93.95 and includes free shipping.

    The company ship to 241 countries worldwide and accept PayPal and all major bankcards. They do not operate an auto-billing plan and shipping is free to all customers regardless of destination.

    Expect delivery times of between 5-10 days to the USA.

    The company state that they only sell direct to customers and not via other retail sites. It is available from and but is more expensive.

    Innoveat costs $110.45 via and £68.75 from so may explain the reason for the lack of feedback – customers are saving money and buying direct from the company.

    What About A Guarantee

    There is a full money back guarantee but you will need to decide quickly if you are unhappy with Innoveat because it is only valid for 14 days. You simply return the empty packaging to the company’s London headquarters along with proof of purchase, address and email and you will receive a full refund.

    If you are outside of the UK, it may be a good idea to contact the company first to find out if this guarantee can be extended to cover the delivery time.

    Watchdog Verdict

    Innoveat certainly may be worth a try. We like the emphasis on safe weight loss, the lack of stimulants and the ethical focus of the company.

    It may seem expensive but when you consider what you get for your money – 210 capsules it compares well with other products on the market. The downside of course is the number of capsules required to take each day. If you’re not a fan of swallowing pills then this maybe a factor!

    We like the clear website and the fact that the company offer free shipping will save costs as well. That aside, no matter how much we like the company there is concern over ingredient quantity amounts and the short guarantee period. Considering the cost and over supplements on the market, we are going to reject Innoveat diet pills.

    Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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