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Jillian Michaels

Fans of the Biggest Loser will probably recognise Jillian Michaels as one of the professional trainers who leads a team of obese participants on a high intensity weight loss challenge. However, independently from this show, Jillian also has her own diet club online, accessible through the website

Jillian MichaelsJillian is known as America’s Toughest Trainer, and her no nonsense approach and straight talking attitude has yielded results with many clients over the 20+ years that she has been a fitness instructor.

She promises “No bull. No gimmicks, just serious results.”

Her subscription diet and exercise plan is tailored to the individual user following a set of questions about the dieter, their weight loss goals and current activities.

What is Jillian Michaels Diet Club?

The service offered is a customised daily diet and exercise plan, which contains lots of added extras to help coach dieters through their weight loss. The website compares its services at $5 a week to that of a personal trainer, who would provide a similar service in person for around $100 a week. With this comparison in mind, the plan looks a lot more affordable, perhaps making people more likely to sign up.

The plan has a heavy focus on exercise, which is usually a secondary consideration with many diet programs. This physical focus means that weight is lost quicker through both burnt energy and an increased metabolism, and fitness is improved in general. This suggests the plan is geared towards improving general health as well as physical appearance. The exercises that are recommended are based upon the problem areas that you select, rather than being a generic exercise plan.

Exercise the Focus?

There are 180+ Exercise Videos available, which guide the user through how to do each exercise, as well as working as a motivational tool. A strong focus on exercise should not put less active dieters off trying the programme, as exercise, it difficulty and frequency are somewhat tailored to the activity levels and fitness of the dieter. This allows people to work up slowly, taking on more exercise as their physical fitness improves.

How About the Diet?

When it comes to the diet side of the Jillian Michaels programme, the food eaten each day is determined by simply calorie counting. The number of calories allowed is set by the website based on the user’s current weight and their target weight. By using a calorie counter, it means that there is no food that is truly off the menu, providing a moderate amount is consumed. Some people may find it difficult calorie counting as our our calorie counting investigation highlights.

By using this technique of dieting, it is also possible to learn new eating habits, as the dieter becomes aware of the calorific value of foods that they often eat. The website helps further by providing meal plans that stick to each user’s calorific limits for the day. This provides extra structure and support that many dieters feel they need. These meal plans can be converted into an “Ultimate shopping list” that automatically includes every ingredient required for the meal plans selected.

Keeping Track and Monitoring your Progress

Dieters using the Jillian Michaels regime then have to log the exercise and consumed food each day into the planner, which is available both online and as an app. This tracks their progress in more detail than is possible on pen and paper, and they are designed to be easy to operate.

Jillian Michaels appThe ipad and iphone apps make the Jillian Michaels diet plan easier to follow, as it means that the planner, recipes and exercises can be accessed at will, even when not near a computer. By making the diet plan easily accessible, it means that users are never without the support that they want. Extra support is also sent in a daily email, which includes encouragement and links to recipes and exercises.

There is a community element of the website, with message boards for community members to chat and contribute to, as well as target orientated competitions, and a badge system to recognise the successes of dieters. The badge reward system is useful to remind users that there are lots of small steps before their target weight is reached, and that some weight loss is still an achievement.

Following the Jillian Michaels Diet

Jillian Michaels has also released a large number of books and exercise DVDs, which can be consulted to aid with her weight loss programme. The exercise DVDs show in detail how to do the exercises, and act in the place of a fitness instructor or personal trainer, whilst in the comfort of your own home.

Customer Testimonials

The official website provides lots of examples of people who have lost significant amounts of weight following the Jillian Michaels plan. These success stories range between 25lbs and 258lbs of weight loss, showing that huge amounts of weight loss are possible by following Jillian’s programme.

These success stories also show that there is no minimum fitness level or maximum starting weight for those who are considering the programme. Obviously, the dieter themselves needs to be motivated and determined to lose weight and improve their health by following the regime as closely as possible, else significant weight loss will be less likely and slower.

Our Verdict on Jillian Michaels Diet Plan

Overall, it seems that the Jillian Michaels weight loss plan is a balanced one that will aid motivated dieters in losing weight, improving their fitness and will also help them to learn new habits concerning their long-term weight management.

The programme is definitely suitable as a long term weight loss solution, and can easily be used to maintain the target weight once it has been reached, should the dieter want that extra support. It does cost money to access the website, but those who are making the most of the many features available will feel that this is well worth the investment.

The Jillian Michaels plan offers more support than simply buying a diet book and attempting to follow the recipes and principles set out in it, but for people who want a lot of support and interaction may find a weight loss group that meets up weekly to be more beneficial. Groups such as Slimming World and Weight Watchers offer this service.

Possibly the best part of this weight loss regimen is that the Jillian Michaels plan tailors each diet and exercise plan to the user based on various questions. This offers the versatility that many other diets lack.

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