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Kilo Trim

Kilo Trim is a diet supplement that contains natural dietary fibre Konjac Glucomannan, Saffron and Chromium Piccolinate, ingredients said to reduce the appetite and regulate blood sugar levels. This supplement is made by leading Scandinavian health brand company New Nordic so comes with some good credentials.

The big question is does Kilo Trim work? We find out.

Kilo Trim Pros

  • Caffeine free supplement
  • Manufactured by reputable company New Nordic

Kilo Trim Cons

  • Very expensive. One months supply will cost at least £51
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Lacks independent consumer feedback
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Kilo Trim

Kilo Trim Review

Kilo Trim Facts

  • Kilo Trim is manufactured in Sweden by New Nordic Health brands
  • Each box of Kilo Trim contains 30 capsules
  • Recommended daily serving of 3 capsules per day

Kilo Trim is made in Sweden by New Nordic and the company sell a range of health products all over the world. This supplement is in capsule form and you are recommended to take a serving of one capsule three times a day. There are only 30 capsules contained in each box of Kilo Trim so buyers should be aware that one box of Kilo Trim will last just 10 days.

Kilo Trim is a reasonable looking product that comes in some ecologically friendly packaging and a subtle and restrained advertising style. It contains three key ingredients; Konjac Glucomannan, Saffron and Chromium Piccolinate, but the role of the ingredients and how it actually works is never explained.

A problem with Kilo Trim is that the advertising is so vague that it is hard to work out exactly just what it is that this product is supposed to do!

The packaging claims “proven weight loss ingredients” but it seems that Kilo Trim is billed as an appetite suppressant, regulates glucose levels and contributes to a normal metabolism.

The people at Nordic Trim may use an understated advertising style in an industry not known for its understatement but there is not a lot of product information about Kilo Trim to help customers. This is not a point in its favour.

To use Kilo Trim you are advised to take one capsule three times a day with two large glasses of water to ensure that the capsule reaches your stomach. Take each capsule 30 minutes before meals.

You can take Kilo Trim for as long as you like without any ill effects and the manufacturers are careful to point out that the capsules should not be used in place of a varied diet or healthy lifestyle. Taking the capsules in the way that is recommended by the manufacturers will see each box of capsules last only 10 days.

Kilo Trim is manufactured in Sweden by New Nordic Health Brands based in Malmo and this major company is listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange.

The company sell nutritional supplements and herbal remedies throughout Sweden and in over 20 countries.


Other New Nordic products include an alternative version of Kilo Trim, which is aimed at the US market.

Please note that this supplement contains added chilli in place of saffron and is not the same product as the Kilo Trim of this review.
New Nordic also produce supplements for other health issues. These include;

Apple cider vinegar tablets, Blueberry eyebright – for healthy macular function of the eye.

There is the Melissa Dream range of products, which deal with insomnia, and the relief of stress, Lady Comfort, focused on urinary tract disorders and Vitaberry- health supplements containing vitamins, herbal extracts and antioxidants.

Other New Nordic products in the weight loss niche include Chilli burn and Zuccerin designed to reduce carb absorption from sugars.

Kilo Trim Concerns:

  • Lack of independent customer feedback
  • Some confusion between Kilo Trim and Kilo Trim with added Chilli
  • Ingredients may not have much effect upon weight loss

What Does Kilo Trim Claim To Do?

The key features of Kilo Trim are summarised in five points.

  • 30 Tablets
  • Weight Loss
  • With Proven Ingredients
  • Contributes to a Normal Metabolism
  • Suppress Appetite

The advertising states “Kilo Trim™ is the tablet you need for proven weight loss results” and that:

The unique combination of herbal Konjac Glucomannan and Birch Bark with Chromium Piccolinate contained in each tablet is an amazing break through

So What Is Kilo Trim and What Are The Ingredients For Kilo Trim?

Kilo Trim is a herbal supplement that you take to support your weight loss and maintain health. The ingredients are natural and stimulant free and the idea is that Kilo Trim will normalise your metabolism.

This function is never fully explained and gives the impression that most of us are walking around with an abnormal metabolism without realising!

A serious matter for concern is that Kilo Trim is advertised as containing Birch Bark but according to the Kilo Trim contents label; this ingredient is not actually present in the supplement.

  • Konjac Glucomannan (3,000 mg): This is the principle ingredient of Kilo Trim and is a pectin-like, indigestible fiber believed to cause weight-loss. This extract derived from the Konjac root a natural plant which grows in Asia, is well known for its effect upon appetite. Because the stomach cannot digest Glucomannan, it stays in the gut for a long time and creates a feeling of fullness thus leading to the appetite suppressant effect. Clinical testing of Glucomannan has provided a mixed bag of results. It seems to be a promising ingredient and results have shown significant weight loss as well as a reduction of cholesterol and lipids. However according to the University College of Chicago we should remain cautious. They state that;

Further investigation of safety, efficacy, and mechanisms of action is needed to determine whether GM can help to decrease the high prevalence of overweight and obesity in the United States


We covered Glucomannan in an earlier investigation

  • Saffron extract (Crocus sativus L) (150mg): 5:1 equivalent to 750 mg dried saffron.
    Saffron is a spice that is extracted from the stamens of crocus flowers and is one of the most expensive spices in the world. It has always been prized for its golden colour and has been traded for over 4000 years.
    Saffron is believed to have potential medical benefits and looks promising in the treatment of pre menstrual syndrome and depression. When tested on women between 21 and 45 it seemed it may play a role in eliminating snacking. However, results require further testing. Source:
  • Chromium (Chromium Piccolinate) (0.04 mg): Chemical compound, which may play a role in improving insulin function and regulate blood sugar levels. However there is no conclusive proof that it works, despite its popularity as a sports supplement. Source: WebMD Chromium

So What Does All This Mean?

Kilo Trim contains ingredients that may help you to reduce your appetite slightly but although the ingredients have performed well in some clinical tests, the scientific opinion is that these ingredients require further testing.

The saffron may play a role in the treatment of PMS and depression and this often has a knock on effect with weight gain, and Konjac Glucomannan may help reduce your appetite. But will this really make you lose weight?

Appetite suppression does not always work for weight loss because in many cases, we eat for all sorts of reasons; – we like food, we feel depressed, or it is mealtime so time to eat! It does not always follow that suppressing the appetite slightly will have much effect upon calorie intake because we do not only eat when we are hungry.

A matter for concern is that Birch Bark is advertised as an ingredient but is not listed on the contents label.

Does Kilo Trim Have Any Side Effects?

There should not be side effects with using Kilo Trim. However, the manufacturers advise that you avoid this supplement if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from allergies.

There was a choking risk associated with Glucomannan but this only applied when this substance was included in sweets. However, you should ensure that you should drink plenty of water with each capsule in order to wash it down safely.

Kilo Trim may change bowel movements. Some consumers have found that taking Glucomannan has improved their bowel movements and reduced constipation.

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from allergies.

Any Kilo Trim Reviews From Customers?

There are very few Kilo Trim Reviews from customers. There is just one customer testimonial on the New Nordic website which states that a lady called Inge Lise lost 7 kilos in two months. We never take note of testimonials used in advertising but otherwise there do not seem to be any independent customer reviews.

So Does Kilo Trim Work?

It might work a bit if you are looking for an appetite suppressant, and it may have some health benefit if some of the clinical trials are to be believed. The big problem is that the results are still inconclusive and unproven.

Where Can I Buy Kilo Trim?

You can buy Kilo Trim online, direct from the New Nordic website. One box of 30 capsules costs £17.95 plus a shipping charge of £2.67 to UK customers.

Kilo Trim is stocked by Holland and Barrett and is available from their online site as well as from their High Street shops.
One box of 30 capsules costs £17.99 but you can make savings by buying 2 boxes for £26.98. You qualify for free UK shipping on all orders over £20.00.

Kilo Trim is also on sale via from a couple of independent sellers for around £17.00 for 30 capsules.
Original Kilo Trim is not available to US customers.

However, Kilo Trim with added chilli in place of saffron is available via This product is much cheaper and costs only $6.61 for 45 capsules.

However, you should note that this product is not the same as the original Kilo Trim and does not have the same ingredient profile. It looks like the same product and has the same name but is not the same supplement that we have covered in this review.

What About A Guarantee

No money-back guarantee is on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

Kilo Trim is not the worst diet supplement, but is certainly is not the best either. It is caffeine free, the ingredients look reasonable and some clinical testing has suggested that they may be beneficial to weight loss although nothing is strictly proven. But, we do not like the fact that there is some confusion surrounding the exact contents of Kilo Trim and feel that advertised ingredients should be included in the capsules.

However, the price is the major stumbling point and we feel that at £17.00 for 10 days supply, is simply far too much to pay for a supplement that may not even work.

In addition, the total lack of customer feedback is of major concern, and for all these reasons, we have no other choice but to reject this supplement.

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