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Lean System 7

Lean System 7 is described as an advanced metabolic activator that safely burns fat. It contains a long list of ingredients and it’s all a bit confusing about how it works and what this supplement actually does. Customer response to Lean System 7 is lukewarm at best with many consumers reporting side effects combined minimal or no weight loss results.

So is this supplement the one to grab? We take a look in our in-depth review.

Lean System 7 Pros

  • Contains some reasonable ingredients such as yerba mate and green tea

Lean System 7 Cons

  • Inadequate ingredients profile
  • Lack of information for consumers, how and when to take etc
  • Appears ineffective and causes side effects
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Lean System 7

Lean System 7 Review

Lean System 7 Facts

  • Supplement produced by US company Isatori
  • Contains Advantra Z – a patented synephrine formula
  • On sale from a wide range of retailers

Lean System 7 is made by American company Isatori who specialise is body building supplements and various fat burners which are available on sale across retail sites including Amazon and eBay.

Isatori Lean System 7 contains a range of ingredients and it gives the impression that the makers couldn’t decide what ingredients to include in this supplement so just put them all in!

To make matters more confusing there is no designated product website so it is impossible to find out exactly what the manufacturers had in mind and reading about this supplement via eBay, bodybuilder supplement sites and similar is a bit like a game of Chinese Whispers where the information gets changed which each person’s new version.

You cannot sign into the Isatori website to see product details and information. There is a site but the fact that the site requires you to sign in with your email before you can view, has set off warning signals with the Watchdog team. We did not do it and advise you to be equally cautious in providing personal information and signing into unknown sites.

There is no product information regarding how and when to take this supplement. Each bottle of Lean System 7 contains 120 capsules and provides 60 servings. It is not stated whether you take one or two servings a day. There is also a smaller sized bottle for UK customers, which contains only 90 capsules.

Isatori is listed on company directory sites and has a Facebook page, which looks pretty slick, and if you like black and white pictures of body builders you may like it. However, even here you cannot access a designated product page about Lean System 7 although you can buy a couple of other products.

Lean System 7 contains a combination of branded formulas. The Lean System 7 proprietary blend contains Advantra Z – a branded synephrine formula, plus 7-Keto® a formula containing black pepper extract combined with some green tea extract and other ingredients.

The other patented formula is Lean System 7 is. Fuco Metaburn – based on pomegranate and seaweed extract.

Lean System 7 is available from independent retail sites worldwide including USA, UK and New Zealand. It is only sold on body builder websites although you can find it on Amazon and eBay too.

Lean System 7 Concerns

  • Inadequate product information
  • Lack of clinical proof
  • Most customers consider Lean System 7 a waste of money

What Does Lean System 7 Claim To Do?

The advertising on the Lean System 7 claims that this diet pill is an “Advanced Metabolic Activator” and contains a “New Improved Formula”.

According to one New Zealand based retailer, over 1,000,000 people worldwide have used Lean System 7.

The advertising on helpfully points out that,

Research has shown that with age your metabolic rate drops along with your energy levels and ability to burn fat

Another retailer goes into detail and condenses the benefits of Lean System 7 into three key features:

  • Advanced Metabolic Activator with FucoxanTHIN and Pomegranate
  • Contains patented 7-Keto, for three times more fat loss
  • Safely Burns Away Body Fat by Increasing Thermogenic Activity Without Any Further Stimulation

According to this retailer,

research has shown can increase fat loss by up to 450% over diet alone.

None of these statements come with any explanation or clinical evidence and it all looks totally flimsy.

So What Is Lean System 7 and What Are The Ingredients For Lean System 7?

Lean System 7 comes under the fat burner description of diet pills. It contains some stimulant ingredients, which often have the side effect of reducing the appetite and increasing energy levels.

The ingredients are listed but there is no ingredients breakdown.

The Lean System 7 formula contains 1386 mg per serving of the following ingredients:

  • Advantra: is a trademarked ingredient bitter orange extract and is a patented form of synephrine and other androgenic compounds including N-Methyltyramine, Hordenine, octopamine and Tyramine. It is used as a legal alternative to banned ingredients and it has many of the same features including raising the heart rate and blood pressure.
    Androgenic means that it increases the body’s adrenaline levels – the hormone that dictates the body’s flight or fight response. There are many health and safety issues around the use of synephrine in supplements. Recent clinical testing has found that synephrine increases blood pressure and can put a serious strain upon the heart. Source: Online Resource
  • Yerba Mate extract: This South American shrub, which is similar to holly, contains a fruit with high caffeine content and is a good source of antioxidants. Yerba mate is used as a coffee type drink across South America and seems to be effective for weight loss according to clinical testing. We covered Yerba Mate in an earlier investigation and although there is proof that it helps weight loss, amount ingredients are not specified in this supplement. Read our Yerba Mate ingredient article here
  • Gurana seed extract: Gurana is known as a stimulant, it contains caffeine, and is anecdotally believed to improve mood. However, recent clinical testing carried out by the Center for Research in Medical Pharmacology from the University of Insubria has indicated that it works no better than a placebo. Source:
  • Green Tea: There is a lot of hype around green tea and there are not many diet pills that fail to include this ingredient owing to the high antioxidant levels. However, there is a lack of real evidence and according to research; green tea has to be taken in sufficient quantities in order for it to work. It actually works best when drunk as a beverage on a regular basis and this inadequate ingredient profile suggest that it may not do much here.
  • Dandelion leaf and root extract: This commonplace garden weed acts as a diuretic, which means it makes you urinate more. It is touted for many health conditions but there is a lack of medical evidence surrounding its efficacy. Source: WebMD Dandelion
  • 7 Keto: Is a patented compound containing 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone. Believed to increase metabolism and to have a positive effect upon the thyroid. Source:
  • Bioperine: Black pepper extract may help the absorption of the other ingredients.

Fuca Metaburn (75mg) is a patented supplement which contains:

  • Fucus nodosus (standardized to 10% fucoxanthin): Seaweed extract containing fucoxanthin has been widely touted for weight loss. Animal testing has showed benefits for weight loss but although this substance has been examined for its role in disease prevention, the weight loss effect on humans requires further testing. Source:
  • Pomegranate extract: Natural fruit, which has health benefits and may help increase testosterone.

So What Does All This Mean?

Lean System 7 contains ingredients that work as stimulants and you may feel the effect of these if you take this supplement. We do not like that the ingredients amounts are not revealed and there are safely questions round the use of synephrine.

You really have no idea of the potential effects or side effects you can expect without knowing the ingredient quantities. The lack of customer information is a matter of concern. The company should tell customers exactly what they are buying and how it works and this failure to do so is a serious omission.

Does Lean System 7 Have Any Side Effects?

According to customers, Lean System 7 does have numerous side effects. Many people have experienced headaches as well as the usual stimulant side effects, and customers have complained of muscle cramps and heart palpitations.

One customer said,

got the jitters and did not work… felt weird on it

Lots of customers have complained about headaches.

I constantly had headaches and started having nightmares from them.


I tried this product and it gave me a headache and the feeling like I was getting sick.

Some customers have complained that Lean System 7 has made them extra hungry,

I didn’t seem to have any bad side effects except I felt like I was ALWAYS hungry


Now the headaches and caffeine cravings have me eating WAY too much and I feel too tired and yucky to work out

Potential side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Jitteriness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Heart palpitations
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Increased or irregular heart beat
  • Increased urination
  • Nausea

Caution: Do not take if pregnant, breast feeding or taking medication. Avoid if you have any type of heart or blood pressure condition.

Any Lean System 7 Reviews From Customers?

There is plenty of customer feedback for Lean System and it is a mixed bag. There are some positive reviews.

One customer said,

Since I started Lean System 7 and so far, I have noticed it has given me energy to do things. I have not lost weight but my husband said he noticed that I feel slimmer!!

However, there are lots of negative reviews and most people have said that the pills simply do not work.

Have been using the product with exercise and diet and there isn’t a difference.

This is a very typical comment and many reviewers urge customers not to waste their money on this supplement.

So Does Lean System 7 Work?

Lean System 7 does not appear to work effectively.

It is hard to find anything truly positive to say about this supplement and most customers have been left dissatisfied.

Where Can I Buy Lean System 7?

Lean System 7 is on sale from numerous bodybuilding and supplement websites as well as Amazon and eBay where it is listed for sale by various sellers.

Prices vary but on you can find a tub of 90 Lean System 7 capsules for £34.99.

Lean System 7 is much cheaper in the USA. A bottle of 120 capsules costs between $20.49 and $44.00 from

Independent retailers set a variety of prices. One New Zealand bodybuilders supplement website sells Lean System 7 (120 capsules) for $84 NZ.

The Lean System 7 advertising does not reveal how many pills you should take a day and whether 90 or 120 capsules are sufficient for one or two months supply.

How About a Money-Back Guarantee?

No money back guarantee appears to be available.

Watchdog Verdict

Lean System 7 is a very indifferent looking product, which does not appear to offer the customer anything at all. Even Isatori, the company behind Lean System 7 does not provide any information about their own product and fails to offer any type of guarantee, customer advice or information about the contents.

Most customer feedback has been negative, there are reported side effects and nobody seems to have actually lost any weight. Added to which, you do not really know exactly what you are taking and some ingredients are a matter for concern.

We believe customers deserve better so for all these reasons we reject this supplement.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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