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If you are more than 20lbs overweight then you might be tempted by Leptopil. This diet pill is aimed specifically at people who are significantly overweight and seems to offer a lifeline if you fall into this category.

So will Leptopril really help you or is this just a cynical marketing ploy aimed at customers who are desperate to lose weight?

Leptopril Pros

  • None whatsoever

Leptopril Cons

  • Misleading advertising – it contains mainly caffeine
  • Expensive and you are encouraged to sign up for auto billing
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Leptopril Review

Leptopril Facts

  • Manufactured in Utah by Generix
  • Generix in trouble for making unsubstantiated claims about 20lbs weightloss for this same product
  • Comparison product Leptropin SD is exactly the same pill and is made by the same company

Leptopril is a well-known diet pill, which appears to be sold all over the world but actually originates in Utah USA. It is manufactured by Generix Labs who according to their own information specialise in producing affordable OTC versions of brand products.

Leptopril comes with some powerful advertising that hits the mark! If you have tried to lose weight and failed then you will probably be tempted by the promise that this pill is especially for you if you are drastically overweight or obese.

We all are susceptible to an easy fix solution to our problems and it is easy to get carried away with what we want to believe, rather than what we know deep down to be true. This is especially true with diet pills!

This product offers you significant weight loss (20lbs+) at an affordable price and puts weight gain down to your genetic make up rather than your diet and lifestyle.

Leptopil is a stimulant based diet pill described as an acute metabolic regulator. We would have liked to know how it worked but apart from “it works great!” the advertising does not explain exactly what it does.

What does come across is that this supplement contains powerful stimulants, strong enough and special enough to cause extreme weight loss.

Leptopril lacks an ingredient profile on the product website and does not name one single ingredient contained in this supplement.

Hot to Take Leptopril

To use Leptopril, take two capsules with a full glass of water, with your 2 main meals of the day. Do not exceed 4 capsules per day.

Generix Labs is a Utah based supplements company. The advertising claims that they specialise in;

providing affordable generic solutions to the worlds most popular formulations

We have covered this company before. One of their other products is BiphedAdrene a slimming pill that we previously reviewed and rejected. This pill promised an amphetamine type high as well as weight loss and failed on both counts.

Back in 2004, the makers of Leptopil (then named as AG Waterhouse) ran into trouble with the FDA for making:

numerous false and unsubstantiated claims for weight-loss and fat-loss gels and supplements.

Leptopril was mentioned because it had been heavily advertised in the media as promoting weight loss in excess of 20lbs but failing to substantiate the claims.

Source: FTC press release

Today Leptopril does have a different ingredients profile to the old version and although the advertising claims to cause the same weight loss as before, this time it has a different selling point. This is that Leptopril is a cheaper copy of a “better-known” pill called Leptropin SD made by AG Waterhouse.

But here’s the thing. Leptropin SD is not actually better known than Leptopril and it is exactly the same pill made by the same company.

Leptropin SD is more expensive, true, but we get the impression that it is only advertised in order to make Leptopril look like the better deal.

With Leptropin SD, customers could not get a worse deal. It costs $153.00 and signs you up to an automatic 30 days billing cycle.

According to the Leptopril website, there is no difference between the two products except the price. We believe that.

As AG Waterhouse and Generix are both listed at the same address, it seems likely that they are the same company under different names and sharing the same product.

We believe Leptopril IS identical to Leptropin SD.

AG Waterhouse and Generix are based at:
5742 Harold Gatty Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84116-3762.



Leptopril Concerns:

  • Leptopril is very expensive, especially when on sale from 3rd party sellers
  • It cynically targets seriously obese people and makes unsubstantiated claims about efficacy
  • Scam product. It is mainly caffeine and will unlikely work as described

What Does Leptopril Claim To Do?

Leptopril makes five claims mainly around the comparison with Leptropin SD.

  • Significant weight loss at an affordable price!
  • Same powerful Leptropin-SD formula
  • Same full strength dosage
  • Same amazing weight loss
  • But for less than half the price!

It is actually the same diet pill so we believe some of this!

Leptopril is described as “The Ultimate “Diet Pill” Specifically Developed For The Significantly Overweight, and as being one of the;

Greatest weight-loss discoveries ever.

The information goes onto say;

Leptopril contains powerful stimulants that help overcome diet fatigue and provide the energy you want and need throughout the day

and is;

An extremely powerful anorectic agent and not intended for use by the casual dieter who is merely attempting to shed five or ten “vanity” pounds

So What Is Leptopril and What Are The Ingredients For Leptopril?

It is a fat burner type diet pill designed to work as a stimulant so your appetite is reduced and you get “enhanced energy” to burn off fat.

There is zero information about the ingredients but Wal-Mart and Wikipedia provide more information.

Leptopril is a Proprietary Blend so even here lacks a full ingredients profile. However, each serving of two capsules contains 502 mg of active ingredients.

  • Green Coffee: Unroasted (green) coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which seems to inhibit glucose into the blood. Research is ongoing into efficacy.
  • Trimethylxanthine. AKA Caffeine: There is approximately 100mg of caffeine in an average cup of coffee. Caffeine has an effect on the metabolism, which can be effective for weight loss.
  • Schizonepeta Tenuifolia: SE Also known as Japanese catnip and often used for an herbal exezma treatment. No particular application for weight loss.
    Source: WebMD article
  • Rhodiola Rosea: Wild plant known as golden root and sometimes taken to combat depression.
  • Green Tea: Antioxidant rich green tea can help health and weight loss.
  • Forsythia Suspensa Vahl Attractive: Garden plant used in Chinese medicine. Effects unknown and unproven.
  • Coleus Forskohlii (root): Plant chemical may be effective for treating heart conditions. Source: WebMD resource

Leptopril contains a range of amino acids. These are sometimes described as building blocks of protein and intermediates of the metabolism. We get many of these vital compounds from a normal healthy diet.

  • L Alanine: Naturally occurring amino acid, which is sometimes, used in sports supplements. Believed to reduce fatigue but no real evidence to support this.
  • L Valine: Branched chain amino acid known as a BCCA. Believed to improve performance and muscle growth.
  • L Isoleucine: Another BCCA amino acid.
  • L Methionine: Amino acid present in eggs, nuts, fish and meat and important for health and well-being.
  • L Cysteine: Amino acid found in high protein food.
  • L Leucine: Amino acid utilised in muscle growth.
  • L Glutamine: Most abundant amino acid in the body and necessary for muscle growth

So What Does All This Mean?

Leptopril contains some amino acids that may help you if you lack a healthy diet, combined with some herbal ingredients, which have no special application for weight loss. The principle stimulant ingredient is caffeine so you may notice some effect from the pills.

However, there is nothing here that seems to suggest that this pill is going to help you lose weight and there is no reason why it should specifically help you if you are 20lbs overweight.

Does Leptopril Have Any Side Effects?

It should not have too many side effects. However, some of the herbal ingredients require further testing for safety and any long term health issues.

You may notice caffeine side effects, especially if you are not habitual coffee drinkers.

Although the ingredient quantities are unknown, we imagine that large percentage of the 502mg of active ingredients could be caffeine. It may be the equivalent of 4-5 cups of coffee.

Side effects may include:

  • Jitteriness
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Racing heart
  • Elevated blood pressure

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take if you suffer from a heart condition or elevated blood pressure in case of caffeine side effects. Coleus Forskohlii may interact with heart medication. Seek the advice of your doctor before taking if you have an underlying medical condition or are taking medication.

Any Leptopril Reviews From Customers?

For such a widely publicised supplement there is very little in the way of genuine customer feedback.

However, there is some. One customer reported;

This product seems to work best for me when used in combination with exercise, counting my calories, and staying motivated to lose excess weight although results may vary for others.

Another said,

These diet pills did nothing for my wife. Not even a placebo type effect.

There are other reviews but we discounted them because they did not appear to have been left by genuine customers.

I have used this product in the past and I had loss 127 pounds with it. It works with or without exercises

This customer did not have a verified purchase and had no other reviews to her name.

We only count independent reviews left by people who seem genuine.

So Does Leptopril Work?

Very unlikely. This supplement will unlikely work in the way described.

There is nothing in it that is specifically targeted to weight loss and no reason at all why it should only be suitable for people who are seriously obese.

The active ingredient is essentially caffeine and we do not recommend taking the equivalent of around 5 cups of coffee in one serving.

Where Can I Buy Leptopril?

Lots of places. You can buy Leptopril direct from the product website.

One month’s supply of Leptopril comprises of three tubs of 95 capsules and costs $74.99. Each tub contains 47 servings.

Shipping costs $6.95 to US addresses. International customers will need to contact the company for shipping information.

You can also choose the “preferred customer plan”. This is an automatic billing programme. According to the website,

Your future orders of Leptopril will automatically bill for $74.99, every 45 days and includes free postage. You get a free third bottle as a bonus.

One bottle of 95 capsules of Leptopril costs $32.82 via (23 days supply at 4 capsules a day)

You can also buy Leptopril via for a whopping £98.99 for ONE container of 95 capsules!! The seller has yet to sell any of this to the UK market and at this price, at these prices it is hardly surprising.

Leptopril is also popular across Europe and we have seen it on sale from French online retail stores for around 32.00€ per bottle of 95 capsules.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

There is something about the look of this supplement that is fooling people into buying Leptopril. It is on sale in numerous countries so we guess it is popular. The advertising sounds plausible and everyone loves being convinced into something they want to believe, but we feel that this diet pill will probably cause nothing but disappointment.

There is very little in Leptopril that will do anything for weight loss, and although the online advertising is cagey about ingredients, the principle ingredient is just caffeine. You could probably get the same effects by drinking more coffee. If you like the idea of taking amino acids for health, why not try buying an amino acid supplement?

It is cynically targeting the seriously overweight because the sellers feel you are desperate to try anything. You can lose weight; you can do it for sure! But this pill is unlikely to help you.

There is just no choice. We reject Leptopil.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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