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LipoBlast Extreme

LipoBlast Extreme is a diet pill that was first developed in Brazil. According to the manufacturers, it was first developed as a legal high stimulant drug because it affects mood and the weight loss application was found to be a side effect of the drug’s original “get high” purpose.

We look at whether this supplement is a somewhat dodgy legal high or credible weight loss supplement that can work.

LipoBlast Extreme Pros

  • No auto ship billing programme

LipoBlast Extreme Cons

  • Official website is very poor
  • No clinical proof that it will help you lose weight
  • Ingredients may be dangerous
  • Lacks company details
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Lipoblast Extreme

LipoBlast Extreme Review

LipoBlast Extreme Facts

  • Original supplement appears to be manufactured by LipoBlast International labs
  • Started out as a legal stimulant and mood enhancer but now a weight loss supplement!
  • Very mixed feedback from consumers

Losing between 10 – 30 lbs within a month may sound good if you want a quick fix solution but LipoBlast Extreme is most likely neither safe and certainly not recommended. It may help you lose weight or it may just be hype dressed up to look dangerous but with the manufacturer’s website looking like a spam site, and the mood altering claims of the pill made by the advertising, it does not appear a very trustworthy option for anyone.

LipoBlast Extreme claims to be an appetite suppressant and energy enhancer. It is advertised as helping you burn off fat and as being extremely strong and effective, dangerous even. It contains a mix of natural and pharmaceutical ingredients including Phenylethylamine known for side effects and being a possible cause of strokes and hypertension. This diet pill is not recommended if you have any underlying health problems.

There is very little information about this diet pill and there is no guidance about how and when to take it. The only consumer information is that you are encouraged to take four tablets a day and not exceed the dose. According to the website, taking the maximum dose will often result in a mind stimulating euphoria within an hour of taking and you are expected to feel more alert and active.

One of the most unpleasant things about this product is that it looks so cheap and nasty. The company website does not inspire trust unless you find adverts for penile enhancement and get rich quick schemes convincing and the style of the marketing is aggressive and ugly. There are a lot of warnings dotted all over the website about how dangerous this diet pill is and it is highly possible that the dangers as well as the weight loss effects are completely exaggerated in order to give it an edgy appeal.

There is no dietary information or health advice and there is no explanation about the exact contents of the diet pill or how they actually work.

LipoBlast Extreme is manufactured by LipoBlast International labs and seems to have been around since 2007. It is hard to find out any information about the whereabouts of manufacture or the location of the company. It is often sold by third party sellers and is available on eBay and Amazon.

Be aware there are a few other slimming pills on the market bearing the LipoBlast name, such as LipoBlast MX but these are unrelated to LipoBlast Extreme.

LipoBlast Extreme Concerns:

  • Lack of a full ingredients profile
  • Advertised as a way to give you a high rather than to help you lose weight
  • Extremely dodgy looking website and marketing strategy

What Does LipoBlast Extreme Claim To Do?

LipoBlast Extreme is advertised as “The Original Brazilian, Feel Good, Miracle Fat Burner” that is “Back On The Market and Now 100% Legal!!!” The diet pills are described as containing a “Hardcore Formula” not suitable for under 18s and that they will “blast away those stubborn unwanted pounds with safe and lasting results”.

Lipoblast web

According to the product website. LipoBlast Extreme was first developed in Brazil as a mood enhancer and legal high and whether or not this is actually true, it is a good story.

Brazil with its reputation for beautiful skinny people and party atmosphere.

brings a note of the dangerous and exotic into the advertising. It just would not be the same if the advertisers said it was developed in Utah or Scunthorpe for example – it may be true but independent information is not available.

There is a real lack of information about the contents of the slimming pill on the product manufacturers website but there are a lot of flashing messages displaying statements such as “safe and clinically proven”, “extreme hunger cravings” and similar . There is however, no proof and no explanation about how the pills actually help you lose weight. There is a fairly useless chart that compares LipoBlast Extreme with other diet pills including Hoodia but there is no real information here at all.

According to a major eBay seller – who claims to be the eBay exclusive dealer in LipoBlast Extreme:

There have been widespread rumours circulating about this Brazilian Diet Pill, but it is totally legal and completely unexpected!

We feel that the only rumours about this pill begin and end in the advertising!

An important point to note is that LipoBlast Extreme is not available from the main product website, even though prices and guarantee information are provided. This diet pill is only available from a few third party sellers, including eBay and Amazon.

So What Is LipoBlast Extreme and What Are The Ingredients For LipoBlast Extreme?

LipoBlast Extreme contains some very dubious looking ingredients many with applications within industry rather than health. Content amounts are not given.

  • Phenylethylamine: An organic compound that is similar to amphetamine in its action. It releases norepinephrine and dopamine – neuro transmitters and hormones in the brain that create a pleasurable feeling for a very short time after taking orally. Can increase heart rate and raise blood pressure.
  • 3, 3?, 4?, 5, 5?-Pentahydroxyflavone: Is an enzyme that is being tested for its role in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and cancer prevention and may help protect cells against radiation induced oxidative stress. There does not appear to be any connection with weight loss with this ingredient. Given that it is being trialled for Alzheimer’s there may be a mood changing effect.
  • DMAE 2-Dimethylaminoethanol: Often used in the coatings industry as a curing agent for epoxy resin, some studies have suggested a link with improving mood and increased alertness.
  • N- Methylaminoethanol: Is a chemical substance that is not generally well known or used in the weight loss industry. It has been tested for its application in medicine. One experiment tested the chemical for its effects upon the brains of pregnant rats and their pups to prove something and most died within 36 hours of birth. Pointless, unpleasant and not a great endorsement for this chemical.
  • DiMethionine: Amino acid that is sometimes used in the treatment of depression and liver poisoning.
  • Tyramine: Naturally occurring trace elements from amino acid tyrosine. Can cause side effects in some people and is known for creating the “cheese effect” – the migraine that some people experience after eating cheese. May increase blood pressure.
  • Epigallocatechin Gallate: Natural antioxidant found in all types of tea. Has proven health benefits and is being tested for treatment of many types of conditions. May help promote weight loss
  • Octopamine: Is an insect hormone and is the insect equivalent of the pleasure causing hormone noreprine. This chemical is sometimes used a sympathomimetic agent (or medicinal drug that affects the sympathetic nervous system)
  • Theobromine: Sometimes used as a heart stimulant in modern medicine. Heart stimulants will increase the heart rate and raise blood pressure.
  • Hordenine: Found naturally in barley and may have the ability to boost metabolism. Popular and promising dietary supplement for weight loss but needs further research to prove that it works.

Other natural ingredients include:Yerba Mate, Cocoa Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Ginger Root, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine HCl, Magnesium, and Ascorbic Acid. Natural ingredients that may have some benefits towards weight loss. However the quantities of any ingredient are not revealed.

So What Does All This Mean?

LipoBlast Extreme does not appear to be safe. This may be legal but it is completely untested and unresearched. Some of the ingredients will cause a range of side effects and a problem is that you really will have no idea of just what you will be taking. LipoBlast Extreme is not sold by any reputable companies. You will not find it on the High Street or even on the internet from any of the major weight loss and nutrition sites.

The eBay company selling LipoBlast Extreme also sell penis enhancement products and Spanish fly and although there is nothing wrong with this, it all looks a bit desperate and somewhat scammy. LipoBlast Extreme looks the same. We would not touch it with the proverbial barge pole and it seems that the reputable weight loss retail outlets have the same opinion.

Does LipoBlast Extreme Have Any Side Effects?

LipoBlast may cause side effects. Some customers have reported headaches, feelings of nausea, dizziness and bloating. It may increase blood pressure and increase the heart rate so may lead to palpitations and more serious problems.

LipoBlast was developed as a legal high so exceeding the dose will affect your mood and you should also avoid it if you suffer from any mental conditions or have a history of substance abuse.

Despite this, many people have actually not noticed any effect of taking these pills, as side effects or with regards to weight loss. Although the list of ingredients reads like a chemistry experiment, many of the so-called warnings may be there simply to give the impression that this pill is so dangerous it works!

You really have no indication of the amounts of ingredients or just what you are taking. It is advertised as containing only natural ingredients but this is not the case.

Caution: Avoid if you suffer from any type of heart condition or if you have high blood pressure because the stimulant effects could be extremely dangerous. It is not suitable if you are pregnant, breast feeding or aged under 18.

Any LipoBlast Extreme Reviews From Customers?

Reviews have been mixed and range between the positive and very negative. Some people like the mental effect of LipoBlast.

I lost a lot of weight quickly with these. If you take more than 6 you will feel a ecstasy type rush for an hour or so, but as your body gets used to it the drug type effect gets a lot less, but weight loss continues even after a week of stopping using them

(please note that the recommended maximum dose per day is 4.)

Other customer comments include:

P Poor product an aspirin works better

Waste of money. I tried these for over 2 months and so no changes or results. I decided to stop taking them because THEY DO NOT WORK

4 days in and the bloating is incredibly bad and the headaches considerably worse

A more positive review;

I am losing weight though not as fast as I would like….it reminds me of when I was taking….

Some customers have questioned the reliability of the positive reviews and it does look suspicious. We found that all the positive comments come from reviewers who have only ever written one review which is unusual on Amazon. This is a typical positive review comment, so may be fake.

I really like how this product works and makes me feel. I have more energy now and I’m wearing my belt 2 notches tighter after just 2 months.

By contrast, the negative reviews come from genuine customers who have reviewed other Amazon products before.

So Does LipoBlast Extreme Work?

We think it is unlikely to actually work and simply a marketing ploy. We do not trust it to help you lose weight safely. The ingredients may be dangerous and cause unpleasant side effects and the lack of ingredients profile and clinical testing is of great concern.

This slimming pill raises too many questions that are not answered and we feel that you should probably save your money and buy something else. Probably anything will be better than this.

Where Can I Buy LipoBlast Extreme?

You can buy LipoBlast Extreme from eBay and Amazon and it is available from some small third party sellers.

The recommended price is $79.95 for one bottle of 90 capsules and you can make savings on larger orders. According to the official website the “blast off” special offer of three bottles retails at $199.95. Prices vary according to the retail outlet you chose. It is slightly cheaper on Amazon and eBay.

What About A Guarantee

The money back guarantee will depend on whom you buy it from. You may find that some retailers will offer a guarantee but you are unlikely to be able to actually use it.

The official website states that there is a guarantee but as they do not sell this product to private customers, it is totally meaningless.

Watchdog Verdict

In our opinion LipoBlast is an awful product and the sort of diet pill that has given the industry such a bad name. It may be dangerous to health – if the contents are actually as described or more likely it will not really work and according to feedback, this is the more likely outcome.

With so many other choices on the market we would recommend spending you’re money elsewhere on a product that could really work.

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