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Lipofedra is promoted as an ultra strong fat burner and has a name that hints at ephedrine a banned substance. This gives Lipofedra a “dangerous” edge that may appeal to some consumers. However, very little customer feedback is available for Lipofedra so we take a look to find out more about this slimming pill. Does it work and is it safe? We find out.

Lipofedra is a fat burner diet pill that combines four patented ingredients including the controversial DMAA (1,3-Dimethylamylamine) into one product. According to manufacturers Innervital, it will help you lose weight even if you have tried and failed with everything else.

Lipofedra Pros

  • Nothing whatsoever

Lipofedra Cons

  • Lack of product information
  • Guarantee advertised but maybe not exist
  • Inadequate and possibly dangerous ingredient profile
  • Contains DMAA an illegal ingredient – DMAA
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Lipofedra Review

Lipofedra Facts

  • Marketed by Innervital
  • 60 capsules each bottle
  • Contains FDA banned ingredient

Lipofedra is a combination of four patented ingredients, plus 1,3-Dimethylamylamine a geranium oil supplement that contains natural epinephrine (adrenaline). According to Innervital the manufacturers, the combination of these ingredients makes for a powerful fat burning recipe that will boost the metabolism and help you to burn off hard to shift fat.

Innervital is an American company that market a range of so called health products, including breast enhancement pills, sexual performance enhancers and similar. Their range of weight loss products includes Avaprex as well as Phentremene and Xenamine.

This company does not create a very positive first impression. The Innervital website has the appearance of being one of those stalls in the market that look instantly dodgy and it all looks a bit cheap and untrustworthy. Practically the only thing missing is one of those fluorescent stars and some scrawled misspelt handwriting.! Lipofedra does not help improve this impression. The closest that this company comes to looking reputable or safe is a stock photo of a “doctor” in a white coat and even he looks a bit shifty!

The marketing offers some information about each of the ingredients but nothing in the way of consumer information. You are not given any instructions how to take Lipofedra, nor possible results or side effects you can expect.

In fairness to Innervital, the site does contain some general health information about losing weight safely, including a chart about body mass index and some guidelines for safe exercise, which we really like. There is also some general healthy eating advice and an explanation about thermogenic or fat burners.

Despite this general health, info there is very little real advice provided about Lipofedra. Worryingly it is impossible to find any independent customer reviews about this diet pill either.

Lipofedra is available from the Innervital website. You can also visit the Innervital Facebook page and reach the website via Facebook.

Lipofedra Concerns

  • FDA is very concerned about DMAA and we advise consumers not to purchase or use any dietary supplement containing DMAA
  • No guarantee despite one being advertised
  • No customer feedback

What Does Lipofedra Claim To Do?

Lipofedra claims that this diet pill will;

assist in building muscle and increasing the body’s metabolic rate, with the added ability to aid in burning calories naturally.

If you have failed to lose with other diet pills, Innervital claim that Lipofedra;

is a revolutionary new product designed for those who have a hard time losing weight

The three major selling points are that Lipofedra has the following benefits:

  • Includes Patented Ingredients
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Results Or Your Money Back

So What Is Lipofedra and What Are The Ingredients For Lipofedra?

Lipofedra is a fat burning also described as thermogenic diet pill. These types of diet pills work by increasing the metabolism and therefore burning off stored fat deposits and increasing energy.

Lipofedra is a mix of patented ingredients.

  • ChromeMate: This chromium supplement is to help regulate the amount of sugar in the blood and is an ingredient often added to diet pills as well as being a health supplement in its own right that is available to buy over the counter. Chromium is a trace mineral that plays a role in the metabolising of glucose (sugars) and it can be used in the treatment of diabetes. It might have a small effect on weight loss but requires further testing. ChromeMate An ingredient added to hundreds of health and weight loss supplements. Amount of ChromeMate contained in this supplement is not specified.
  • SuperCitrimax: Patented health supplement containing Hydrocitric acid (HCA) that can be taken as a supplement. It has been clinically tested and proven to have a beneficial effect on weight loss although requires further testing. It can help reduce excess body weight and lower lipid levels. It has tested safe for human consumption and does not cause side effects. Amount of SuperCitrimax contained in this supplement is not specified. Source: /
  • Advantra Z: This patented synephrine supplement is a synthetic compound of orange peel that is often marketed as an OTC stimulant. It raises blood pressure and heart rate and increases the speed of the metabolism. Requires further testing because of potentially dangerous side effects when taken in high quantities. . Amount of Advantra Z contained in this supplement is not specified. Source:
  • Fucoxanthin: A patented supplement that is derived from seaweed. This ingredient has been clinically tested on animals and found to reduce lipid levels and fat deposits. Believed to have fat burning properties following research carried out by Russian Doctor Ramanazov and is popular addition of alternative style health supplements. Requires further testing. . Amount of Fucoxanthin contained in this supplement is not specified. Source:
  • 1,3-Dimethylamylamine: Also known as DMAA is derived from geranium oil, which is now banned by the FDA. This non-patented supplement is a stimulant and is often used by body builders to enhance performance. DMAA increases heart rate and blood pressure and there are issues around safety levels. Clinical advice is that further testing is necessary to evaluate risk. Geraniums are poisonous so do not be fooled into thinking that because this is a common house-plant it is necessarily safe. Amount of DMAA contained in this supplement is not specified. Source:

WARNING: DMAA is not illegal as it’s now classified as a controlled substance by the FDA. Read more about the dangers of on the FDA website.

So What Does All This Mean?

Although the patented ingredients seem safe and they have been clinically tested under controlled conditions, the ingredients profile of Lipofedra is inadequate. More worryingly DMAA is not proven to be safe and has led to unpleasant side effects when taken in high quantities.

The amounts of each ingredient are not specified so it is impossible to gauge the dose and the balance of this diet pill. This lack of real product information is a major drawback because you really have no idea of what you are taking or how much. You are not given any information regarding how and when to take Lipofedra. There is simply no consumer information about this diet pill.

Does Lipofedra Have Any Side Effects?

Lipofedra does not contain caffeine but DMAA and Advantra are stimulants so you can expect stimulant related side effects. Mild side effects include jitteriness and sleep disturbances. More seriously it may increase heart rate and a sensation of your heart racing, palpitations anxiety and a rise blood pressure. This effect can cause a loss of appetite.

DMAA and synephrine can pose a serious risk to health especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or have a heart problem.

Caution: Avoid if you have a medical condition and seek advice from your doctor. Avoid if you suffer from a heart condition or high blood pressure.

Any Lipofedra Reviews From Customers?

Not one. There are no independent customer reviews and there aren’t even any customer testimonials on the website. You have absolutely no guidance regarding this diet pill.

So Does Lipofedra Work?

It is impossible to tell whether Lipofedra will work or not. The ingredients contained in the capsule are clinically tested and have shown that they may help weight loss but the lack of contents information is of major concern. It is highly possible that Lipofedra contains inconsequential amounts of active ingredient and there may be filler ingredients that have not been specified.

It is unlikely that Lipofedra will work as well as the manufacturers claim.

Alternatively one or more of the ingredients may be in dangerously high quantities and be dangerous.

Where Can I Buy Lipofedra?

Lipofedra is available from the Innervital website. One bottle of Lipofedra contains 60 capsules – advertised as a month’s supply and costs $43. 95. You can make savings on larger orders. Two bottles costs $76.89 (saves $10) and if you buy four bottles, it costs $124.99 and includes two free bottles of a related supplement Detox 24.

Shipping is free to US customers on all orders worth over $45.00, otherwise standard US shipping costs $2.99.

Lipofedra is available to international customers for $4.99 shipping cost but the company are unable to ship to Germany, Australia and Italy. Delivery should take around 10 days subject to customs regulations.

All purchases appear to be made on a once only basis. The company does not appear to be operating an auto ship billing programme and you can pay via PayPal for added security.

What About Money Back Guarantee?

A money back guarantee is promised and Innervital make a point of including it in their reasons to buy. However, despite this prominent place in the advertising it is impossible to find out how the guarantee works and how you qualify to claim. Even reading through the terms and conditions draws a blank regarding the guarantee.

We do not hold out much hope that you will be successful in obtaining your money back if you are not satisfied. The guarantee looks like a marketing ploy that is backed with absolutely no substance.

There are no independent customer reviews regarding the guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

Lipofedra is a very poor diet pill and this is in part down to the service and information offered by Innervital. Apart from the illegal ingredient DMAA the diet pill itself looks OK and contains a good range of other ingredients, the lack of real information about the product and how the company works is of real concern.

The fact this diet pill contains what the FDA regard as an illegal ingredient means you’re recommended to leave this supplement well along.Our verdict is to avoid it and buy an alternative from a company you can trust. There are plenty of more reputable companies and in our opinion better products on the market.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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