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With a promise to help you lose fat “effortlessly” we were intrigued to say the least when a consumer asked us to take a look at Liponutra. Is it yet another diet pill supplement promising the earth and then failing to deliver? Or can Liponutra really be the answer to your weight loss efforts, after all if it really is “effortless” then what have you got to lose?

Lets take a closer look at Liponutra and see what it’s all about.

Liponutra Pros

  • Quite nice looking website
  • Potentially some good ingredients

Liponutra Cons

  • Lack of ingredient details
  • No company details given
  • No idea who you are buying it from
  • No clinical evidence
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Liponutra Review

Liponutra Facts

  • Based in Utah, USA
  • No evidence it can work
  • Lacks ingredient profile

First off we head over to the main website which has a clean, fresh design. The name itself, Liponutra, claims to be trademarked but we could find no evidence to this. Some unscrupulous merchants to suggest it is approved in some way and to instil confidence in the consumer use this same method.

The rest of the site is a fairly generic layout with some initial vague claims:

  • 9 Clinically Proven Weight Loss Ingredients
  • Burn More Fat Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • Lose Weight Quickly and Keep It Off

Nothing of much interest here, its got 9 ingredients and we will lose more fat than we ever thought possible, very quickly. And we will keep it off.

Liponutra Warnings

  • Comes from Utah
  • No company details
  • No ingredient quantities. No suggested usage. No clinical studies!

What Does Liponutra Claim To Do?

Liponutra is claiming to be an “Advanced Fat Burner” but not only that, it claims to be the “industries leading” advanced fat burner. How they can possibly measure this we do not know, but if they say so it’s true, right?

It also says Liponutra is perfect if you want to “lose a little or a lot of weight.”

A strange claim to make for sure, how Liponutra knows how much fat to burn is a new one on us; maybe we have finally found some magic pills.

So What Is Liponutra and What Are The Ingredients For Liponutra?

Let’s move on to the 9 clinically proven ingredients in Liponutra. Here we always like to assess how much ingredients are included in a product and the research behind the claims.

  • African Mango Extract (Irvingia Gabonensis): This is a fairly fashionable ingredient at the moment; with studies suggesting it can be effective for weight loss. The main study was undertaken in Cameroon and suggested that an intake of 300mg of African Mango extract could lead to weight loss of over 20 pounds over a 10-week period. It is said to do this by increasing the levels of Adiponectin and Leptin. As well as this the appetite is meant to be suppressed and the metabolism is kick-started to promote fat burning.
    No indication is given for the type and quantity of extract used in Liponutra.
    You can read our in depth research into African Mango here.
  • Green Tea Extract: Said to increase the metabolism by using “catechins” found in an extract of Green tea. The research behind these claims refers to a specific type of extract and in certain quantities. None of this information is given here; there are claims that green tea will help with fat burning but no details to back it up.
  • Acai Berry: Has had lots of good and bad coverage in recent years since coming to the attention of people with the help of Oprah Winfrey. It is said to be a super fruit from the Amazonian rain forests and claims to have strong anti-oxidant properties. Again no information is given as to the type of quantity of acai berry extract in Liponutra. This is very important to know, as some extracts of acai have very little beneficial effects.
  • Resveratrol: Found in red wine, grapes nuts and peanuts, resveratrol claims to have anti-aging properties. Here it is claimed that as you age the potential to burn fat is decreased as the body slows down. By being more active, presumably from feeling younger, we are able to increase the metabolic rate and so burn fat more effectively. Again no details are given as to the strength or amount of the resveratrol extract in Liponutra.
  • The 5 Other Ingredients? We’d love to tell you more about the other 5 ingredients in Liponutra but unfortunately no details are given. This is just a little strange as the website is shouting this out to us right from the go, but then fails to say what they are.

The mysteries 5 ingredients! This could be for a number of reasons, the ingredients don’t have any weight loss benefits or they could be in such low quantities as to be ineffective. Either way it’s hard to know without getting the full facts.

So What Does All This Mean?

From the minute you first read the site the fact that Liponutra contains “9 Clinically Proven Weight Loss Ingredients” seems to be one of the big selling points. To then go on and list only 4 of those ingredients without any details of the exact quantities of each ingredient is very poor in our opinion. The lack of ANY detail for the rest of the ingredients is suspicious to say the least. If they were that good they would tell us, right?

Does Liponutra Have Any Side Effects?

It is impossible to tell whether Liponutra could potentially have any side effects. Neither the quantities or the exact ingredients themselves are disclosed any where on the site, as a result it is not possible to see whether you may well be allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.

We are literally shocked when we see consumers treated like this; how anyone can buy a diet pill product when they don’t know what is in it is beyond us.

Any Liponutra Reviews From Customers?

There is one “customer” testimonial shown on the site from a K. Otim from Utah. This looks slightly suspicious to us, but more on this later when we look at the company behind Liponutra.

So Does Liponutra Work?

It is impossible for us to say whether Liponutra will work or not.

Without a full ingredient profile to go on then quite simply we have no idea what is in it! We can only go on the claims of the merchant that it works, but we have a sneaky feeling they might be slightly biased.

Where Can I Buy Liponutra?

Liponutra Autoship programmeLiponutra is available from only the main merchant website as far as we can tell. There are 3 options to buy, a single bottle for $49.95. A triple bottle pack for $99.95 and a “Most Popular” offer of a single bottle for $39.95 when you sign up for the “Optimize Club.”

This sounds suspiciously like a continuity program or “negative option” billing. This is where you are enrolled in a program that automatically bills you every month and you receive a new bottle.

Lets have a look at the terms and conditions shall we:

Auto Ship Deliver Service Terms

“If you enjoy LipoNutra, do nothing and you will be automatically enrolled in our LipoNutra AutoShip Delivery Service to ensure that you don’t run out of LipoNutra as you work towards your healing your adrenal glands. As part of the LipoNutra AutoShip Delivery Service, you will receive a fresh month supply of LipoNutra every 30 days at the low price of only $39.95. You will be charged this price every 30 days, billed to your credit card, plus $8.95 shipping and handling.

Once your adrenal glands are repaired or if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your LipoNutra product, simply call Customer Support at 1-888-908-0621 to cancel. You will need to return all open and unopened product to receive a refund for any product purchased within 30 days. Any free gift is yours to keep.

UT residents will be charged sales tax at time of purchase. Customer is responsible for return postage.
Questions? Contact an LipoNutra Customer Support Representative toll-free at 1-888-908-0621.”

Hold on they are going to repair our “Adrenal Glands” now, they didn’t mention that one anywhere before. Seems like these magic pills might be even better than we thought!

You need to be very wary and know exactly what you are signing up for if you pick this option. There are some strict rules introduced by the FTC in this area, and we are not sure if this site complies. Unless you click on the terms and conditions and read them then it is still possible to sign up without doing so. In effect by placing your order you are accepting the terms and conditions even if you might not have read them.

Liponutra Terms and ConditionsNot to worry, there are further clear rules on the actual submission of your credit card details, that you must be given a chance to read the terms and conditions once more and physically agree to them.

Well it would be great to do this also but when you click on the terms and conditions once more it takes you to a blank page!

So Who Are The People Behind Liponutra?

By now we were getting just a little bit concerned, things just weren’t adding up for us and it was starting to look a little suspicious to say the least.

At this point it was time to see who the company is behind Liponutra. After all if you were to sign up to a continuity program you would at least want to know who you were dealing with wouldn’t you.

Unfortunately NO details of the company behind Liponutra are given on the website.

The contact us page is a generic email submission form and despite hunting high and low we couldn’t find any more details on the website.

It was time for some more digging and eventually we found that Liponutra seems to be owned by a company called Health Direct Labs LLC based in Utah.

We can’t reveal how we did this, in order to avoid copycat sites utilising our methods and indeed preventing these shady merchants from going even more underground, but we found sufficient evidence for this.

Health Direct Labs LLC is actually owned by another company, Webular Technologies LLC and the President is a Mr Ken Okim Ojuka! Yes the very same K. Okim who provides the testimonial on the website saying how fantastic Liponutra is.

You really couldn’t make it up, well you could if you were these guys.

On a side note everything traces back to Utah, which doesn’t surprise us in the least. With the dubious claim to being the “Diet Pill Scam Capital of the US” then it seems we have another company to add to the long list.

What About a Guarantee?

A guarantee is mentioned but with a complete lack of any details for returns, in depth terms and conditions or any other form of details then it may well prove to be a tough call getting your money back.

Watchdog Verdict


We started off with high hopes for Liponutra, but after a poor start things rapidly got worse.

With a total lack of details for the ingredients, some dubious claims, an unclear continuity program and a total lack of company details then it ended up being very easy to reject Liponutra.

It is always easy to get seduced by a nice looking website and before you know it you have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. As you can see, things are not always as they seem, so always be careful do your research before buying diet pills.

Or let us do it for you!

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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