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Lipozene is a US diet pill that is advertised as being safe and effective for weight loss. Containing only Glucomannan as the active ingredient, it has sold over 15 million bottles in the US so is an established brand. Does Lipozene help “fill you up”? We take a look at this Glucomannan supplement.

Lipozene is a Glucomannan supplement so contains only this one active ingredient. It helps you lose weight by “filling you up” before you eat. The water soluble fibre in the capsules expand in the stomach, reducing both your appetite and hunger pangs. Glucomannan is marketed under different brand names for over the counter treatments for obesity, constipation, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

Lipozene Pros

  • There is some clinical proof that Glucomannan will help you lose weight
  • Some positive customer feedback

Lipozene Cons

  • Expensive way of buying a generic supplement
  • Guarantee and payment terms questionable
  • Unpleasant side effects
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Lipozene Review

Lipozene Facts

  • Manufactured by Obesity Research Institute California
  • Contains Glucomannan as the active ingredient
  • $29.95 for 30 capsules

Lipozene contains Glucomannan, a dietary fibre found in the konjac root, a plant grown in Asia as a local food. Konjac contains zero calories and high level of fibre and is often used in diet supplements for this reason.

Lipozene delivers this diet supplement in capsule form and the recommended serving size is 1500mg per dose. You are advised to take two capsules before each meal and not exceed 6 capsules per day. Weight loss will depend upon each individual and it is advertised that you can lose some weight without even changing your lifestyle.

The company offer a money back guarantee within 30 days and the product website looks pretty convincing and above board at first glance. The fact that 15 million bottles of Lipozene have already been sold in the USA, according to the company, inspires confidence. It looks like an established product and this supplement is available from US stores and shops including Wal-Mart.

However, some of the information about Lipozene is conflicting. Product information states that Glucomannan extracted from Konjac root is the sole ingredient, yet advertising states the Lipozene is manufactured in the US using only good quality and domestic ingredients. If there are filler ingredients, we feel the customer should be told.

The exact contents of the capsules are not specified either. 1500mg per serving may mean that the capsules contain 750mg each or 1500mg. It is not clear.

Lipozene was founded in 2003 and is manufactured by Obesity Research Institute LLC, based in California. Obesity Research Institute also marketed another product Propolene – a diet pill very similar to Lipozene and also including Glucomannan as the active ingredient.

Lipozene Concerns:

  • Will probably cause unpleasant side effects and there is a choking risk
  • Auto billing programme and tricksy guarantee policy
  • Expensive way of buying a Glucomannan supplement

What Does Lipozene Claim To Do?

Lipozene claims that it is clinically proven and will deliver the following benefits:

  • Helps reduce weight
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Safe and effective

According to the advertising:

Lipozene is safe and effective and can help you lose weight without a change in lifestyle

We feel that this is advice is not good for promoting health because if you do not change your lifestyle you will be committed to taking these diet pills on an ongoing basis.

Lipozene advertises that you can lose “pure fat” by taking the supplement. We struggled to understand the difference between “pure fat” and any other type of fat you may be carrying.

The product advertising makes numerous claims about how well Glucomannan works for weight loss and cites clinical proof. Consumers should take note that while Glucomannan has undergone some clinical testing Lipozene has not. This fact is noted by the advertising in the small print.

So What Is Lipozene and What Are The Ingredients For Lipozene?

Konjac Root glucomannanLipozene is a dietary fibre supplement that contains one active ingredient Glucomannan. It acts as an appetite suppressant by filling your stomach with fibre, making you feel too full to eat.

The exact contents of this diet pill are not specified and it is possible that the capsules also contain filler ingredients.

Glucomannan has undergone clinical testing and has provided some good results. In one study, subjects took 2 x 500mg of purified Glucomannan before each meal over an eight-week period and lost on average 5.5lbs without making changes to lifestyle or diet.

When used as a support for treatment to diabetes, it was found to improve glycemic control – the way that blood sugar levels are regulated.

Glucomannan is being investigated as a support to diabetes and there is some evidence that it reduces cholesterol and blood lipids so may be of benefit to heart health. Health Canada has authorized some products containing Glucomannan for the purposes of appetite reduction, weight management, treatment of constipation and management of high cholesterol levels.

Glucomannan is also a food additive and often used as an emulsifier or thickening agent.


So What Does All This Mean?

Lipozene is a Glucomannan supplement and if you are looking for this type of weight loss, you can find cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Although Lipozene is a basic Glucomannan supplement, the advertising makes it look as if Lipozene offers something extra and more special. There may be filler ingredients and the contents of the capsules are not specified.

Lipozene may help promote weight loss and it is marketed to appeal to the diet pills market. It is essentially a diet pills industry makeover of a “health store” product and you are paying a high price for the advertising and image.

Worryingly, despite some positive results in clinical trials for Glucomannan, there may be a danger with taking supplements containing this ingredient and not specifically Lipozene. There have been case reports of choking and oesophageal obstruction due to the swelling of Glucomannan tablets before they reach the stomach.

Does Lipozene Have Any Side Effects?

The big problem with Glucomannan supplements like Lipozene is that there have been very few studies that evaluate the short-term safety of this substance. The risk of choking is worrying and the FDA has issued warnings about Glucomannan, particularly to infants, children and the elderly.

More common side effects include gastro intestinal problems including diarrhoea, flatulence, bloating loose stools and abdominal discomfort.

According to Lipozene, there are no adverse side effects but clinical research and customer feedback does not agree with this view.

Caution: May cause risk of choking. Should not be taken by children or the elderly. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid. Do not take in combination with other medication and seek medical advice before taking if you have any health concerns.

Any Lipozene Reviews From Customers?

Lipozene publish recent customer testimonials on the website. The most recent have been posted by people just embarking on taking the supplement and so far they all report that they feel OK and less hungry but so far have not lost any weight.

Lipozene is available on Amazon and reviews are mixed. A consensus of opinion is that Lipozene may help promote a slow and steady weight loss and if you diet and exercise, it may help you lose weight.

Many consumers have mentioned the side effects. For example;

the bloating and the pooping nonstop like a newborn child will drive you crazy


After taking it, I feel a bit nauseous

and similar.

Some customers point out the main ingredient of Lipozene can be bought much cheaper elsewhere from common retail outlets including Wal-Mart and Target under the generic name Glucomannan

So Does Lipozene Work?

Lipozene will work if you make changes to your diet and lifestyle. Weight loss will be modest but you should lose something.

Lipozene has not been clinically tested but the active ingredient Glucomannan has and results have been encouraging for weight loss. Further testing is required to further evaluate safety but it seems likely that it may help you lose weight as well as slightly reduce cholesterol and lipid levels.

Results will not be fast. In clinical tests, subjects lost approximately 5 lbs in weight over an eight-week period however a clinical test carried out in Rome on 30 obesity patients found that the combination of Glucomannan and a low calorie diet was more effective for weight loss than the low calorie diet alone.

Where Can I Buy Lipozene?

Lipozene is available online from the Lipozene website and is also on sale at and now as well. It is available in the USA from major stores including Wal-Mart and Target.

You can buy direct from the Lipozene website. 1 x 30 pill bottle of Lipozene costs $29.95 and includes a free gift of a fat burner product called Metabo.

Before you buy from Lipozene, you have to enter your bank details and it is not made clear whether this is a “one off” purchase or a regular auto bill auto ship programme. There have been a number of consumer complaints about this. Many customers report that they have received unwanted packages each month and have experienced problems in cancelling the auto bill agreement.

What About A Guarantee

Customers are very unhappy about the guarantee offered by Lipozene to direct customers. It looks reasonable – a 30-day money back guarantee minus the shipping and handling charges, but according to feedback is not effective and you probably will not get your money back.

You need to contact customer services for a return authorization number and write this number on your package before sending it back. Many customers have been kept waiting for this information and have returned their goods only to be told that because goods have been returned outside the 30 days period, they no longer qualify for a refund.

Watchdog Verdict

If you wish to try Glucomannan, Lipozene is an expensive way to go about it. You can find Glucomannan supplements on sale for a much cheaper price at your local health food shop.

Although Lipozene may help promote a slow and steady weight loss, it will have some unpleasant side effects that will not suit everyone. Glucomannan has been clinically tested and proven to have some effect upon weight loss but the long-term effects on health have not yet been evaluated.

Lipozene has a tricksy guarantee policy that has not pleased many customers who have been unable to get their refunds. In addition, you may be signed up to an auto ship programme if you buy Lipozene direct from the company, without realising.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. J. says:

    I have tried this product and was disipointed with it l used it for 1 month and only lost 4 pounds. I have siezures so l have to be careful not to get things with high amounts of caffiene so if you have any suggestions l would apreciate it.

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  3. k says:

    ive been on Lipozene for a week and lost 10lbs already im a real person who is showing real results I thoughr it was going to be a flop like all othef diet pills but after seeing my homegirl lose 30lbs in 4 months I was convinced n now that I tried it im hooked. I have not had diarrhea at all, u wont choke either as long as u drink the right amount of water as they say, as for worries about autoship just GO TO THE STORE helloo ppl lol I get mine at cvs n walmart

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