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LotusLite Plus

Lotuslite has a great company image! We love it! The product website is just so friendly and welcoming and the women pictured on the advertising are the team behind this product and are wearing jeans not bikinis!

That may seem a small point but seeing a bunch of real women is such a breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by images of female models looking “sexy”. We look behind the marketing, examine the claims and evidence of the Natural Skinny Pill.

LotusLite Plus Pros

  • Great looking website with a real feel good factor
  • Positive reviews

LotusLite Plus Cons

  • Expensive supplement
  • No ingredient quantities specified
  • Some of the ingredients descriptions are misleading
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Lotuslite Plus

Review Update: This review is currently being updated.

LotusLite Plus Review

LotusLite Plus Facts

  • Marketed by Nottingham based British company Lotuslite
  • Manufactured by a herbal supplement producer possibly based in China

A fun friendly image combined with a high number of good customer reviews – you get the impression that Lotuslite Plus is the answer to weight loss. However, this supplement is expensive and not everyone has had a positive experience with actually taking it. Leaving the marketing aside we take a hard-nosed look at Lotuslite Plus to see if it lives up to the image.

LotusLite FounderLotuslite is a UK Nottingham based company. It was founded in 2012 after the founder Sally a self confessed serial dieter discovered this herbal supplement from the Far East, (she doesn’t say how or where this happened).

Finding that it worked, and her before and after pictures are impressive, she began importing it herself and selling it to friends and family. This transferred into the Lotuslite business and company.

Lotuslite market only this one diet pill. It comes in three pack sizes; from the sample size of 12 tablets described as up to a week’s supply, 24 pack (2-3 weeks supply) and the biggest in the range, the bottle of 60 tablets which should last between 1 to 2 months.

The company also offer a free 2- 3 day sample pack. We are usually sceptical about these but this one appears genuine and we have read through the small print. The free trial costs £1.95 for postage and packaging and you do not have to give the company your bank details, just your delivery address and email.

According to the company information, Lotuslite is manufactured by a leading global manufacturer in a facility, which conforms to Good manufacturing practices and contains six key ingredients.

  • Lotus leaf
  • Green tea
  • Fish Collagen
  • Fu Ling
  • Daikon Seed
  • Adzuki Beans

According to the advertising all the ingredients contained in Lotuslite are natural and help with weight loss in different ways.

This diet pill is supposed to work as an appetite suppressant, increase the metabolism and break down fat, help the digestion, improve skin and remove water weight. We are not sure about this last point because we cannot see the point of losing water weight. It can lead to dehydration.

How to Take LotusLite Plus

To use this supplement, take one or two Lotuslite Skinny Pills a day with breakfast and / or lunch and you are advised to take moderate exercise of 30 minutes at least five times a week.

According to the product information, you must have a BMI of over 30 if you plan to take 3 pills per day, and be sure to cut out all caffeine –containing drinks.

If you find that your appetite returns fully in the late afternoon or early evening, this is your signal that you will need to take a second skinny pill at lunchtime. You are also advised to drink 1.5 litres of water per day.

The website provides a handy list of healthy snacks with their calorie content and you are encouraged to eat healthily although not to specifically diet. We like anything that helps weight loss although we would not describe beetroot or celery as much of a handy snack!

LotusLite Plus Concerns:

  • Some of the Amazon 5 star reviews have been left by people involved with the company
  • Can work out to be a very expensive supplement
  • Lack of clinical evidence that it works

What Does LotusLite Plus Claim To Do?

According to the website information,

We found 90% of our users who took Lotuslite for 30 days lost between 15 and 20 lbs

This sounds great and there are plenty of women around the Lotuslite team who will claim this has happened to them. However, we are concerned that n order to try this yourself it will you cost £60. This supplement is expensive.

According to Lotuslite;

A group of friends from Southwell, UK tried our Skinny Pills and successfully lost a whopping 367 pounds & are still counting!

According to Lotuslite, some of the ingredients work in a near miraculous way. Green tea for example is touted as an appetite suppressant, which according to the website “may reduce your appetite by 50%.”

However, we have never heard of green tea as an appetite suppressant and so find this claim hard to believe.

Adzuki beans are described as “magic beans” that help prevent sugar cravings. Fish collagen is said to improve your skin and iron out wrinkles.

If you live in the Nottingham area and see the Lotuslite car out and about, you can take a picture of it and post on the company’s Facebook page to receive some free diet pills.

So What Is LotusLite Plus and What Are The Ingredients For LotusLite Plus?

Lotuslite is a general-purpose diet pill that may help you burn fat as well as reduce your appetite. The big problem with this pill is that although it makes these claims we cannot see the full list of ingredients and the amount quantities.

Even a photo of the label would have helped! The statement “Some Fantastic natural ingredients formulated by scientists” does not cut it with us!

  • Lotus Leaf (Nelumbo nucifera): Natural plant extract used in Chinese medicine and believed to have medicinal properties.
    According to the Lotuslite advertising, “Lotus leaf increases metabolism and energy and breaks down fat”.
    There has been a clinical trial testing out the use of lotus leaf extract on weight loss. The results looked promising but so far there only appears to have been one clinical trial and this was carried out using only animal experimentation. Results showed antiobesity and hypolipidemic effects in high fat diet-induced obese rats but this ingredient has not yet been tested on humans. Amount quantities unknown. Source:
  • Green tea: Natural tea that is well known for having numerous health benefits and rich in antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate.
    Green tea may help promote weight loss because the high levels of antioxidants can help increase the metabolism in the same way that exercise can increase the metabolism. However, there is no clinical evidence that Green tea will suppress the appetite “up to 50%”
    There is roughly half the amount of caffeine in green tea, as you would find in a cup of coffee. Caffeine can reduce the appetite slightly but there is no evidence that green tea works as an appetite suppressant.
    Source: Livestrong Article
  • Collagen: This substance derived from fish skins is claimed to tighten sagging skin. According to research, nutritional deficiencies are often associated with skin health disorders, while diets can either positively or negatively influence skin condition.
    Fish oil can have a positive effect on your skin’s collagen content due to its vitamin A content and can protect against free radical damage and some of the signs of aging.
  • Fu Ling: A traditional Chinese fungus also known as Poria or Chinese Root. According to the website, this ingredient works as a diuretic and in Chinese medicine; it is used for numerous conditions including urinary difficulties. Source: Online Reference
  • Daikon Seeds: The Daikon is a large radish type root with a mild taste and is another ingredient used in Chinese medicine. It is believed to aid digestion and help cleanse the kidneys and clinical research suggests that Daikon may play a role in the prevention of cancer due to its high levels of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Despite this there does not appear to been much clinical testing for its effect on humans.
  • Aduki Beans: Sometimes referred to as Adzuki beans this ingredient is supposed to satisfy your sugar cravings and your appetite.
    The beans contain high nutritional value and are rich in protein and fibre. They make an excellent ingredient in a meal but there is not much evidence about their benefits when taken in supplement form.
    Research has indicated that Aduki beans are beneficial in the treatment of diabetes when used as a meal ingredient with rice. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

Lotuslite contains some healthy ingredients but the amounts contained in this supplement are not specified and this is a serious drawback.

There is also a lack of clinical evidence. Most clinical testing has only been carried out via animal testing and many of these were unrelated to weight loss.

Some of the ingredients may be more effective when consumed in their natural form such as Adzuki, Green Tea and Daikon.

Does LotusLite Plus Have Any Side Effects?

There may be some side effects and many of these ingredients have not undergone clinical human testing.

The supplement does contain caffeine – due to the green tea but the lack of product information does not specify exactly how much.

Some customers have complained of side effects including:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach pain
  • Dry mouth

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. According to the Lotuslite information, you should not take this supplement if you suffer from any of the following conditions;
Heart disease, diabetes, liver or kidney failure, over-active thyroid, high blood pressure, cerebrovascular (stroke), osteoporosis, endocrine obesity, drug-induced obesity, genetic obesity syndrome, hypothalamic obesity, multiple lipomas, hypervolemic hypernatremia.

Any LotusLite Plus Reviews From Customers?

A very good point about Lotuslite is that this supplement has received lots of customer reviews and much of it is positive.

One genuine customer reported:

I cannot categorically say these pills are the answer – but I did notice a drop in appetite and higher energy, which I think sped up the loss. I think these pills give you the tools your body needs to lose weight in a good timescale.

The same customer went on to say;

These pills are extremely expensive, in comparison to other brands. Had to save up for these, as we’re on a tight budget… I am paranoid that us vulnerable desperate ladies and gents are being taken advantage of, but considering all the 5star reviews I am 99% convinced this product works.

However a high number of 5 star reviews appear to have been left by customers on Amazon who have never bought any other products and this combined with the “pals network” feel of the website has made us a little suspicious.

This 5 star review seems to give some foundation to our suspicions;

I was recommend this product by a fellow lotus lite rep and I lost a stone, just over in just 6 weeks for my holiday recently

If all the reps are posting reviews, no wonder this product has such glowing feedback!!

Not everyone is happy. One customer said;

I saw so many positive comments from the other buyers so I decided to give it a go. I took the pills for a month according to the given instructions but lotus lite plus doesn’t seems to work on me. very frustrating.


With so many amazing reviews for Lotuslite I knew I had to give it a go! Almost a month later I have not noticed any difference at all, I am really disappointed because I had a lot of hope for the product; the only change it made was a mild headache while I took it.

So Does LotusLite Plus Work?

There is a mixed bag of customer opinion about Lotuslite. There are genuine positive reviews left by satisfied customers as well as some very negative comments.

However, the lack of ingredients information is extremely frustrating and we can’t help feeling that some customers will be taken in by some very nice marketing, good feedback and a friendly upbeat company profile.

Having said that this supplement may work but it’s certainly not cheap!

Where Can I Buy LotusLite Plus?

You can buy Lotuslite direct from the product website.

A trial pack size containing 12 pills and billed at one week’s supply costs £20.00. A packet of 24 pills (2-3 weeks supply) costs £30.00. A bottle of 60 pills (1 -2 months supply costs £60.00.

International customers will have to pay extra for delivery. Shipping to Europe for example will cost an added £10.00.

You can also send off for a free two-day trial of 3 pills for just £1.95. The fact that you do not have to give your bank details makes this option seem fairly safe.

You can also buy Lotuslite from where 60 capsules can cost £59.99 and include free shipping to UK addresses.

What About A Guarantee

There is a money back guarantee okay but not brilliant and comes with points to bear in mind. According to the terms and conditions; No more than 11 pills to have been used (I weeks worth), a small admin fee of £10 will be charged and customers are required to pay the price of the postage to return goods.

Watchdog Verdict

We are actually quite disappointed with Lotuslite. We had such high hopes for this diet pill and we really loved the advertising style and the general feel good friendliness of the website.

This supplement is very expensive and some of the claims made about the ingredients do not really add up. Green tea is not an appetite suppressant for example plus without an adequate ingredients profile it is very hard to take this supplement seriously.

Some customers have had to save up to buy this expensive supplement and we just don’t believe it is worth it. All the good feedback too we believe may need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Our verdict. Save your cash and look elsewhere. This supplement is very expensive and although there are good points about it, we feel it’s not enough to justify the price tag.

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