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Do you Make These Nine Dieting Mistakes?

We are bombarded with advice about weight loss these days and it can be very confusing. Especially as new theories and so called miracle diet plans come in and out of fashion.

Dieting mistakesLow calorie diets, celebrity regimes, one food diet plans, superfoods, the evils of carbs, the benefits of carbs, eating meat or switching to vegetarianism – it is hard to know just what to do.

However, there are some things that should definitely be avoided. Do you make these nine dieting mistakes? Avoid them and your weight loss will probably be much easier to handle and more successful.

Crash Diets?

Don’t do them! Often these very low calorie diets require you to stick to a regime that is simply undoable. The lemon detox where you drink lemon juice and palm syrup, the notorious cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet.

The idea is that you may lose drastic amounts of weight in a very short time but the truth is that successful weight loss does not work like this. Once you finish your diet, you will be extremely hungry and in all cases, the weight will pile back on.

Crash diets mess with your metabolism too and once the diet is over, you will find that your weight gain is more intense than it was before now the period of starvation is over.

Cut Out Meat?

There has been a lot in the news recently about the benefits of vegetarianism because it is seen to be low fat and healthy. It can be both those things but cutting out meat does not necessarily equate to weight loss or good health. Meat is a source of vital proteins, amino acids and we need some dietary fats in our daily diet which if you cut out meat you need to replace with non meat sources.

You can still eat an extremely unhealthy diet and be a vegetarian. Taking the meat off a pizza topping for example will not help you lose weight. Fish fried in batter and accompanied by chips is meat free but not good for weight loss.

If you are a vegetarian, you need to ensure you obtain adequate protein from your diet so you must ensure you eat plenty of nuts and pulses and vegetables. Not just cut out the meat without considering a replacement.

Eat More Chocolate?

Some foodstuffs are classified as being great for health such as olive oil, avocados, dark chocolate or red wine but the key here is moderation.

Olive oil is fattening so use in moderation and bingeing on avocados will add hundreds of calories to your daily intake. Add superfoods like this to your diet in moderation. Don’t overdo these healthy ingredients because in excess they will be fattening and potentially dangerous to health. Eating a lot of expensive dark chocolate will do nothing for your health and weight loss even if it is good for you in small amounts.

Eat Superfoods?

There are always new superfoods that hit the shelves, sometimes in supplement form. Acai berries, Goji berries for example are all high in antioxidants and it seems that they may be beneficial to health.

However, it is better for your health and your weight loss to eat plenty of so-called normal fruit and veg as part of your normal diet. Fine if you want to take a health supplement but do not use it to replace your diet. Eating a lot of superfoods will not necessarily make you thin and healthy.

Avoid Carbs?

Do not avoid carbs. Some diets, such as the Adkins diet, avoid carbohydrates and this is a big mistake. We need carbs for energy and cutting out this vital food group can lead to numerous medical problems and even death in some cases.

Dieticians and experts have denounced the Adkins diet as a massive health risk because of the lack of fibre and carbs and it is important to remember that the Dr Adkins himself died from a heart attack. We need a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. We need carbs. Switching to wholegrains will help you eat your vital carbs without piling on the pounds.

Grazing Is Better Than Eating Regular Meals?

Not really. Grazing – or replacing your regular meals with snacks at intervals does help keep your blood sugar levels stable and can help you avoid hunger pangs but it is extremely hard to manage. The danger is that it is just so easy to over eat and most people find they actually put on weight.

It can work but it requires a lot of self-discipline and calorie counting to ensure that you are not actually eating more than usual.

Ban Fattening Foods?

If you ban all foods that are fattening, you are setting yourself up for failure. When you crack and give into temptation, it is easy to give up on your weight loss completely or punish yourself with feelings of guilt and self-loathing. Cut yourself some slack. Eat your fattening favourites in moderation. Enjoy a treat now and again. You are much more likely to stick to your diet if you know that nothing is banned and you can enjoy it occasionally.

Let The Diet Pill Do The Work?

Taking a weight loss supplement can help weight loss but it is not enough to simply sit back and wait for it to work. If you choose to take a supplement, it will not make you lose weight automatically. You have to put in some effort and increase your exercise levels and make some dietary changes. A supplement can help support your efforts but there is no magic pill for losing weight.

Lose Weight Fast?

Once you have decided to lose weight it is tempting to go at it all guns blazing and starve yourself or take to a miracle weight loss regime. This won’t work. Unfortunately, the road to successful weight loss is long and the best way to start is by making small steps.


Cut out some of your unhealthy food habits. We all have them. Do some exercise – even if it is as simple as walking to work or using the steps instead of the lift, it all mounts up. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Take a supplement. Whatever feels right for you , just do it in your own time and don’t get down hearted along the way.

Work with your own lifestyle in order to make changes and as long as the scales are going in the right direction and you feel healthy and are not obsessed with food, you are probably doing it right.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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