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MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM

Max Trimm is an Australian supplement company that offers you a complete weight loss plan based on macronutrients. According to their information , you will lose weight simply by following the menu plans and keeping to the provided shopping list. In addition, you can take supplements to support your efforts. The advertising states that Max Trimm Thermo Trim is the strongest fat burner in the range but that’s about the only information that is provided.

We shine the Watchdog spotlight on Max Trimm Thermo Trimm to find out more about this supplement and the diet plan behind it.

ThermoTRIMM Pros

  • Good looking website
  • Diet plans look interesting and may be effective for weight loss

ThermoTRIMM Cons

  • Totally inadequate product information
  • No ingredients list
  • No customer feedback
  • No money-back guarantee
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MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM

MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM Review

ThermoTRIMM Facts

  • Each bottle contains 75 capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Price is given in Australian dollars

It is almost uncanny just how many supplements there are on the market with similar names to Max Trimm Thermo TRIMM. We have covered a few of them in previous reviews including ThermaTrim Plus and Thermogenic Max Plus but they have no connection with this supplement. Nor is iMax Trim Thermo TRIMM anything to do with the better known Thermo Trim Max.

We make this point because it goes to show that buyers really need to take care when buying supplements because it is very easy to make mistakes with the names.

Max Trimm Thermo TRIMM is a fat burner diet pill that comes from Max Trimm, an Australian company with a focus on health and nutrition.

According to their information, the company’s philosophy is all around macronutrients, which sounds impressive but seems to revolve around the concept of eating protein, carbohydrates and the right sorts of fat for a healthy diet.

The body needs these vital components (along with fruit and vegetables) but what is different about Max Trimm is that they have put this theory into practice in providing a diet plan for you to follow at home that includes 52% carbohydrates, 39% proteins and 9% fats via a healthy vegetarian diet. You can also opt for vegan or the gluten free option.

You make your choice and sign up to the programme for a week at a time. Max Trimm will provide you with a shopping list and full instructions on cooking and preparation. We like the fact that this sounds easy to follow and takes away the problem of calorie counting or amount sizes. You just follow the directions.

A typical menu includes Quinoa salad for lunch and Warm Lentil and Bean Salad for lunch. You are helped out with a selection of supplements and products such as Max Trimm Shakes and supplements including Max Trimm thermo TRIMM, which are available to buy as extras from the website.

Max Trimm Thermo TRIMM is according to the product information, the strongest Max Trimm supplement in the range and will help optimise the body’s ability to lose fat and build body muscle.

This all sounds good but a lack of information spoils this impression. Max Trimm Thermo TRIMM contains raspberry ketones, cinnamon, African Mango, capsicum, Acai berry and other herbs but this is the only information that is provided.

We do not get to learn about the ‘other herbs’ or even the quantity of the listed ingredients. In truth, this lack of information is easy to miss. The website is glossy and has the right ‘healthy’ look. The supplements almost seem incidental and the overall impression is that this diet plan and associated supplements is trustworthy and good quality.

Max Trimm is an Australian company based in Perth. The company do not provide much in the way of contact information but seem fully above board. They are registered with the Australian Business Register and have been in operation since July 2014 so are a fairly new company.

Max Trimm do not provide any information about how to take Max Trimm Thermo TRIMM.

MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM Concerns:

  • No information provided about the company behind this supplement and diet plan
  • Inadequate ingredients list – may contain additional ingredients which are not listed
  • Uncertain side effects. How can we tell what this supplement will do when we cannot see what is in it?

What Does MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM Claim To Do?

According to Max Trim, this supplement will help you help you maintain health and keep your body functioning at optimum level. It is described as a,

Concentrated powerhouse combination, formulated in line with the latest in weight loss research, contains proven and well-publicised ingredients to help boost the body’s metabolism, support digestive health and maintain lean muscle mass.

With these big claims, the fact that none of the ingredient quantities or even a full ingredients list is provided is a serious omission.

Max Trimm Thermo TRIMM comes with numerous advertised advantages. According to the advertising, it will help:

  • Fat breakdown (lipolysis)
  • Decreased fat absorption
  • Increased calorie burning
  • A sluggish metabolism
  • Energy levels
  • Regulating appetite
  • Controlling cravings
  • Stable blood sugar levels
  • Insulin secretion
  • Thyroid gland function
  • Digestive system health
  • Internal cleanse and detox
  • Nutrient and dietary fibre intake
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • Healthy blood pressure

There are so many so-called great advantages to taking this supplement and not one word of explanation about how this supplement will achieve all this. So far, this supplement is looking extremely unconvincing. The lack of information spoiling the otherwise good impression of the website.

So What Is MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM and What Are The Ingredients?

Max Trim Thermo TRIMM is a fat burning diet pill designed to be used in combination with one of the Max Trim diet plans.
The company have not provided any ingredients information such as quantities or a full list so we can only provide the following information as a general over view.

The strength of the supplement remains unknown and readers should be aware that there are probably other ingredients such as caffeine included in this supplement that are not mentioned.

  • Raspberry Ketones: Much touted ingredient but no evidence that it is effective for weight loss or health. All clinical testing has been carried out on animals and although some of the results were promising, the same effects do not necessarily transfer to human use.
  • Cinnamon: There have been clinical tests carried out on this commonplace household ingredient and it may have health benefits including the reduction of cholesterol levels. One clinical paper reported the problem, stating, “there are only very few well-controlled clinical studies, a fact that limits the conclusions that can be made about the potential health benefits of cinnamon for free-living humans. The use of cinnamon as an adjunct to the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus is the most promising area, but further research is needed before definitive recommendations can be made.”
  • African Mango: This seed extract, also known by its botanical name Irvingia Gabonensis has undergone some clinical testing and when taken at 300mg a day it was found to improve leptin resistance and reduce cholesterol levels. However, testing was extremely small scale and with amount quantities here unknown, it is uncertain whether this ingredient will have much of an effect.
  • Capsicum: Some research has indicated that very high levels of capsaicoinds, the compound that causes the fiery sensation of cayenne, increases the metabolism and promotes fat burning. However, it is unlikely to do much here because all clinical testing has used higher quantities of cayenne. For example, one clinical test carried out in Thailand found that after eating 5g of chilli peppers the metabolism was increased for 30 minutes after ingestion.
  • Acai Berry: Superfruit berry that has been touted for health and weight loss due to the high levels of antioxidants. Safe ingredient but the claims for its weight loss benefits have been exaggerated.

So What Does All This Mean?

Not much! It is impossible to evaluate this supplement accurately if you do not know the ingredients. It seems likely that Max Trimm Thermo TRIMM may contain added stimulants such as caffeine but these are not mentioned by the advertising.

African mango has limited clinical proof that it is effective for weight loss but we have no way of knowing whether amount quantities are sufficient. The same can be said of capsicum.

Some of the other ingredients such as Acai and raspberry ketone have been overhyped. Raspberry ketones have not been studied on humans and may cause side effects because it is chemically related to synephrine – a natural chemical and stimulant. Acai seems to be safe in supplement form.

Does MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM Have Any Side Effects?

Max Trim has a safe and healthy image but when it comes down to it, the contents of this supplement are simply unknown.

Max Trimm Thermo TRIMM may cause side effects or contain ingredients that may not suit you. Even the listed ingredients can cause side effects if taken in too high quantities and this information is not available on the product website.

Potential side effects based on the listed ingredients may include:

  • Lowered blood sugar levels
  • Jitteriness
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Gastro intestinal discomfort
  • Headaches


You should avoid all supplements if you are pregnant or breast feeding unless recommended by your doctor.

The lack of ingredients information makes this supplement potentially dangerous so it is probably best to avoid it.

Any MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM Reviews From Customers?

We were unable to find one customer review for this supplement. It appears that nobody is talking about Max Trim Thermo TRIMM so no positive or negative comments.

So Does MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM Work?

It is impossible to know whether Max Trim Thermo TRIMM will work or not. There is no ingredients list and were unable to find any independent customer opinion so cannot provide even anecdotal evidence.

There is evidence that African mango may help weight loss. This high fibre seed extract is believed to trigger leptin – a hormone that signals the brain that you have had sufficient to eat. However all the clinical testing used servings of 150mg twice per day so this supplement may not reflect test conditions.

Where Can I Buy MaxTrimm ThermoTRIMM?

It appears that you can only buy Max Trim Thermo TRIMM direct from the Max Trim website.

One tub of 75 capsules costs $37.40 (AUD). It is unclear how long each bottle will last. It could be a month. It could be a week.

Although Max Trim is based in Australia, shipping is by Royal Mail from the UK and prices will vary according to destination. Max Trim ships to UK and Europe via the site and if you live elsewhere, you should contact the company by email for delivery information.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

Max Trim looks to be a new company on the market and it is possible that they have not yet got their act together. The lack of information about Max Trim Thermo TRIMM is shocking. How can customers be expected to buy a supplement if they do not know what is in it? This serious omission means that there is no way we can approve this supplement.

That said, the website looks good and the 7 day diet plans look reasonably good too. We like the idea of a diet especially for vegetarians and vegans and adopting a meat free diet may help your health and weight loss.

The downside to Max Trim and Max Trim Thermo TRIMM is that the product information is stylish but does not contain any real information and until Max Trim resolves this issue, customers are not going to be flocking to buy.

We may revise our opinion in the future if we are provided wit this basic information but at the time of writing we cannot even tell how long a tub of capsules will last or even how to take them.

None of this is good and it leaves us with no other option but to reject Max Trim Thermo TRIMM.

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