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Metabosyn is a diet pill that comes with some slick advertising and promises results without the hype! Looking at the site with its stock photo of a doctor and the usual skinny female model it is hard to see how the advertising on this site differs from any other product!

We take a look at Metabosyn to find out if it is as good as the advertising claims or just caffeine dressed up with hype and very little else.

Metabosyn Pros

  • Probably will not cause too many side effects
  • Money back guarantee

Metabosyn Cons

  • Company address linked to scam products
  • Many ingredients in insufficient quantities to work
  • Many ingredients unproven and lacking in clinical evidence
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Metabosyn Review

Metabosyn Facts

  • Manufactured by Nutripharm LLC
  • Shares an address in Salt Lake City with links to Blackfire Global
  • Each bottle contains 56 capsules or one months supply

Metabosyn is made by a Utah based company Nutripharm LLC. The company’s address started ringing alarm bells as soon as we saw it, because we covered Utah based diet pill scammers in an earlier article and thought this one looked familiar. It seems that some dubious diet pills have links to the Nutripharm address, which is a matter for concern.

Metabosyn is a diet pill that claims to offer you a way of discovering a “thinner, happier you”. The supplement contains 12 ingredients, including a branded green coffee bean extract, Chromax – a chromium supplement, and a Raspberry ketone supplement Raspberry K. The advertising promises three key features.

  • Curb hunger cravings
  • Boost your metabolism
  • 90-Day money back guarantee

Despite the advertising, which claims that this product comes with no hype and no fake promises, there is something very fake looking about this supplement.

Perhaps it is the stock photo of a doctor complete with white coat, stethoscope and cheesy grin. Perhaps it is the lack of real information about the supplement. The site looks professional and glossy but there is very little substance to it.

The company behind Metabosyn is Nutripharm LLC. and also produce Blackfire Global in a previous article about fraudulent payment processors and found that this company operated from the same address in Millbrook Drive as provided by the Metabosyn site.

Nutripharm is listed as “the designated agent” for Metabosyn. You can find the Millrock Drive address listed on the privacy policy page of the product website.

To use Metabosyn, take one serving with breakfast and another with lunch. One bottle of a month’s supply contains 56 serving in vegetarian capsules and each serving is just one capsule. According to the Metabosyn advertising, the supplement works best when taken in combination with a diet and exercise plan.

If you buy more than one bottle of Metabosyn, you receive a free gift of 3DSP a detox product said to work well with Metabosyn by detoxing your body before you start the capsules.

Metabosyn Concerns:

  • Expensive supplement that’s unlikely to work
  • Mishmash of ingredients in inadequate quantities
  • The principle ingredient is just caffeine

What Does Metabosyn Claim To Do?

Metabosyn makes some extravagant claims for a diet pill that claims to be sold “without hype” This supplement is supposed to help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism, your energy levels and by suppressing your appetite. These are the usual claims of most diet pills that come under the fat burner description.

Metabosyn proposes five key benefits.

  • Metabolism Supercharger
  • Body Fat Reducer
  • Curb Hunger
  • Energize Your Body & Mind
  • 100% All-Natural

According to the website, the manufacturers;

have combined several clinically tested and proven ingredients to make this goal a reality

The advertising does explain some of the functions of the ingredients and talks about clinical testing in a general way, highlighting special features and including the benefits of green coffee with a graph. However, there are very few hard facts.

So What Is Metabosyn and What Are The Ingredients For Metabosyn?

Metabosyn is a fat burner type slimming pill that contains caffeine as its principle ingredient.

Although the website does not provide a full ingredients list or even a photo of the label, we managed to get hold of this supplement ourselves so can give you a complete ingredients breakdown.

  • Vitamin B12 (1000mcg): This vital vitamin is involved in the metabolism of every cell in the body and helps regulation of fatty acid synthesis and energy production. Deficiency can cause damage to the brain and nervous system and some medical advice is that people in the over 51-age group should take B12 supplements.
    The RDA varies but is set at between 2 -3 mcg in the USA. The B12 in this supplement is way in excess of this but evidence suggests that even massive doses do not cause harm.
    There is some evidence that suggests that B12 may help prevent against weight gain but medical opinion is that this needs further testing. Source:
  • Chromax (60mcg): This proprietary brand contains chromium picolate and Garcinia Cambogia and is a popular component of many diet pills. It is believed to inhibit the production of fat and studies have shown that chromium supplements help the management of diabetes. Source:
  • There have been concerns about chromium’s link with cancer and the UK Food agency is aiming to review chromium supplements. The recommended UK safe dose is set at around 25mcg per day although the USA sets this higher at between 50mcg – 200mcg. Source:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg): Dried powder form of caffeine. Coffee is the most widely used stimulant on the planet and is known for increasing energy and alertness as well as the well-known side effects such as jitteriness and elevated heart rate.
    It also increases the metabolic rate so is believed to benefit weight loss. However, the effects will vary widely between individuals and more research is needed. This dose is equal to the equivalent caffeine dose of two cups of coffee. Source:

  • Rasberi K (75mg): Branded Raspberry ketone supplement that you can buy over the counter and believed to decrease the absorption of dietary fat. Raspberry ketone has undergone preliminary clinical testing and results are promising but have yet to be tested on humans.
    Raspberry ketone is a natural phenol compound that creates the raspberry aroma and is also found in blackberries and cranberries. Source:
  • Ginger (50mg): Culinary ingredient often used as a folk medicine to treat stomach upsets.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 50% (50mg): Green coffee beans are coffee beans, which have not yet been roasted. This substance was featured on the Dr Oz Show and showed to promote modest weight loss. However, medical opinion is divided in whether this actually works and most testing has been carried out using over 1000mg per dose.
    Even if it green coffee bean extract does have an effect upon weight loss the quantity contained in this supplement is unlikely to do very much. Source: Daily Mail
  • Quercetin Dihydrate (50mg): Plant pigment found in fruit, vegetables and honey, which may have health benefits and requires further investigation. However, clinical testing found that taking Quercetin supplements does not affect body mass or composition, even at high doses of 1000mg per day. Source:
  • Phenylethylamine (37mg) also called PEA: This natural substance is a popular component of body building supplements because it helps release dopamine and norephine in the brain. PEA is also found naturally in chocolate and was once believed the reason why some people are chocoholics. PEA metabolises extremely quickly so has only a short term effect and there is no clinical evidence that it assists weight loss.
  • Hops (25mg): Humulus Lupulus is used mostly for making beer but can work as a folk medicine for insomnia too.
  • Methyl Synephrine (20mg): Controversial ingredient used in many diet pills. May increase heart rate and blood pressure. Source:
  • Evodiamine (20mg): This chemical is derived from fruits from the Evodia tree which grows in Asia. It is believed to reduce fat deposits and is sometimes included in diet pills. Although results look promising, Evodiamine has yet to be tested on humans and medical opinion is that it requires further testing.
  • Lipolede SC: Branded supplement derived from natural plant Clary Sage (salvia sclarea) which is well known as an herbal remedy for PMT, stomach cramps and similar. Lipolede makes claims that it helps weight management but there is no clinical evidence that proves this theory. Source:
  • Yohimbe (5mg): This ingredient is on FDA list of dangerous supplements. It is believed to treat erectile dysfunction and has been investigated for its role in many health conditions including diabetes. It can be dangerous and lead to acute neurotoxity, causing a rise in heart rate and blood pressure combined with vomiting and nausea. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

Metabosyn reads like a who’s who of popular diet ingredients and seems to contain a bit of everything that is popular right now including green coffee and raspberry ketone. The problem is that most of these ingredients are not proven to help weight loss.

Yes, there has been clinical testing carried out and some favourable results found for some of the ingredient but much of this has been via animal testing. In addition, the verdicts are mostly that each ingredient needs further evaluation and proof.

The contents of the supplement do not match the test conditions of the clinical trials. For example, green coffee bean extract may assist weight loss but in the clinical trials, the subjects took 1000mg of green coffee bean extract per dose whereas Metabosyn contains only 50mg.

Metabosyn looks like a mishmash of low dose ingredients that added all together will probably prove to be ineffective.

Does Metabosyn Have Any Side Effects?

Metabosyn is unlikely to cause too many side effects. You may notice the stimulant effect of the caffeine – the principle ingredient and if you are sensitive, this may cause jitteriness and the usual caffeine side effects. There is a small amount of Methyl synephrine so you should avoid if you suffer from a heart or blood pressure condition.

Yohimbe is potentially dangerous and should be avoided. We are not qualified to advise whether 5mg of Yohimbe is dangerous or not but compared to some other products, this level of dose is low.

Feedback is extremely limited for this supplement. Customers have complained that Metabosyn does not do anything at all. No benefits. No side effects.

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding and do not take if you suffer from high blood pressure or a heart condition. If you are taking medication, consult your doctor in case of interactions.

Any Metabosyn Reviews From Customers?

Discounting the high amount of positive comments and uplifting true stories on the official product website, there are very few independent customer reviews available.

What is available is negative. Consumers have complained that this supplement has no effect whatsoever.

It was awful it does nothing whatsoever. It is a waste of money and should not be promoted at all

was a typical comment.

So Does Metabosyn Work?

No, it doesn’t work in the way as advertised. Many of the ingredients are unproven and ingredient amounts are inadequate and do not match those clinical testing conditions.

Green coffee extract may help promote modest weight loss but 50mg as in Metabosyn is not a sufficient dose.

Where Can I Buy Metabosyn?

Metabosyn is available direct from the product website.

One bottle of 56 capsules (one month’s supply) costs $69.95 plus $4.95 shipping charges to US addresses. If you live outside of the USA, you need to contact the company to find out the cost of International shipping.

You can make savings on larger orders. Two month’s supply costs $119.95 and includes free shipping. There is also a free gift of 3 Day slimming pill which you can take as further support to your weight loss.

Three bottles costs $149.95 and comes with 3 free bottles of 3 day plus free shipping to US customers.

You can also buy Metabosyn via One bottle of one months supply costs $59.95 plus $3.99 shipping costs to US customers.

How About A Money-Back Guarantee?

Metabosyn offers a full 90 guarantee, which looks pretty good. You are advised to contact the customer service department within 90 days of purchase to qualify for a full refund minus shipping costs. The guarantee applies to one open bottle of metabosyn and all unopened bottles in resalable condition.

Watchdog Verdict

Metabosyn is not the worst diet pill we have ever seen and despite the fact that the company is linked to some scam products via its address, we cannot find too many complaints about this company’s method of operation.

The big problem is that this is a very poor looking supplement with caffeine as the principle ingredient and very little else. Paying $69.95 for the equivalent of a daily dose of four cups of coffee is a lot to ask, we know our readers deserve much better. This supplement is simply not worth it so for that reason we reject it.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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