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No1 Bootcamp

The No1 Bootcamp claims proudly on its official website to be the number one weight loss boot camp in the UK, hence its name. The website shows that the No1 Bootcamp offers both long- and short-term boot camps that are “the fun way to achieve real weight loss & fitness results”.

No1 Boot CampBoot camps operate in Norfolk, as well as Marbella, Ibiza and France, with several different types of camp, which cater to various needs, including a new Luxury style boot camp in Ibiza. Exercise is intense and based upon military training, with the majority of the instructors having a military background.

Norfolk Boot camp

This site is the original site of No1 Bootcamp, and is situated in the countryside, with “campers” staying in a large traditional country house. The boot camps have been host to a number of British celebrities, and as such, the exact location of the Norfolk site is only released to customers following payment.

Unlike other companies that run residential boot camps, No1 Bootcamp offer stays beyond a week, with them claiming that they;

.. the only boot camp in the UK & Europe that offer a residential boot camp of up to 6 months or more

Whilst this opportunity is fantastic for those who have the means to commit to a prolonged stay, this may not be a viable option for those with work commitments or limited funds.

For people who stay more than a week, changeover day, which is also weigh in day, is a rest day, allowing them to recuperate slightly before resuming their high intensity workout regime.

Ibiza Bootcamp

Based in a villa and described as a weight loss retreat, the Ibiza boot camp is marketed as;

the perfect place for those wanting to detox, exercise and relax in the sun away from the excesses of modern life

As the camp is a part of the Atzaro Boutique Hotel, massages and spa treatments are available in the evenings, and the camp provides a few more luxuries than the “back-to-basics” Norfolk camp. The exercise regime is still intense, with a military style to a majority of the workouts and activities. Prices are a little more expensive than the Norfolk boot camp, and do not include the flight or transfers.

Food and diet

All food served at No1 Bootcamp is made freshly on site, and are devised by an on-site nutritionist to be nutritionally balanced. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and numerous snacks are provided each day as a part of the package weight-loss holiday.

Provisions can be made for those with different dietary requirements, such as people following vegetarian diets, vegans, pescatarians, as well as for catering for food allergies and religious requirements.

In general the food menu is calorie restricted to ensure weight loss throughout the week, whilst still providing enough fuel for campers to keep up with the physical demands of constant high intensity exercise. Those who wish to gain muscle mass as well as reduce body fat can make this desire known, and their meals will be slightly higher in calories, with an increased amount of protein in each meal.

Lots of focus is placed upon the quality and taste of the food, with the website stating that;

No1 Bootcamp is renowned for serving the freshest and tastiest 5 star quality food in every bootcamp

No1 Bootcamp recognises that people struggle to lose weight partially because of the bad habits they have developed with food over years. The bootcamp is therefore intended to be a part of a permanent healthy lifestyle change. This is shown by not just serving healthy food to campers, but also teaching them about nutrition to help them to continue with healthy habits when they return home.

Bootcamp Exercise

A typical boot camp day features exercise in copious amounts, with the morning wakeup call being six o’clock, and the day’s exercise finishing with a bout of “stretches and similar exercises”, which generally starts at half five in the evening, with dinner being served at half seven.

The exercises that are followed each day are a range of activities that include hiking through the local countryside, boxercise, team games that appear to have military team building exercises as their inspiration, as well as a run on the beach each morning. Activities do vary to keep campers motivated.

A typical day of the boot camp takes place entirely on site, eliminating any unnecessary travel time. This maximises the time available for exercise.

Results and customer feedback

There are numerous customer success stories about how much weight they lost at the camp, how much they enjoyed it despite the intense exercise. The comments make it clear that the boot camp is physically challenging, and that dieters will only get as much out of the camp as they put in.

No1 Bootcamp summarises the weight loss expectations as;

Most men and women attending our one week boot camps can expect a minimum weight loss achievement of 5 – 14lbs, with our top result being an outstanding 19lbs.

This weight loss is impressive, and for many of the campers who leave reviews, is just the start of their weight loss journey. The fact that many are able to continue losing weight after visiting a residential boot camp shows that the program that is offered is not a fad.

Similarly, it shows that the re-education of campers about their diet and exercise choices does benefit the campers in the long run.

No1 Bootcamp Costs

Depending upon the location of the boot camp, the duration of the stay and the type of room booked, the cost of No1 Bootcamp can vary considerably. For those booking more than one week at a time, there are significant discounts. Prices at the Norfolk boot camp range from £995 for a week at the boot camp, staying in a “tiny single room with shared bathroom” to £1650 for a week staying in a “deluxe double room with ensuite bathroom”.

All food, accommodation and classes are included in the price, which makes the cost clear from the start. The cost of a week’s stay in the Ibiza camp ranges between £1195 and £1995 per person, depending upon the types of room taken.

Our Verdict on the No1 Bootcamp

Overall, it is clear that the No1 Bootcamp offers a weight loss holiday that is very successful for those who choose to immerse themselves fully in the experience. The diet is balanced and not too restrictive, especially considering the sheer amount of physical activity that guests undertake.

Whilst expensive when compared to other dieting and weight loss options, the speed and amount of weight loss make No1 Bootcamp a tempting option for quick weight loss as well as for quickly improving fitness.

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