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Whilst diet pills are the obvious type of supplement to aid weight loss, there are some people who turn to detoxing cleanses to help them shift a few pounds and reduce bloating fast. Some of these are indeed marketed as weight loss detox products, whilst others, such as Nova Colon Cleanse, focus purely upon their original purpose of detoxing the body and aiding bowel movements.

Nova Clear Col Pros

  • Cheap compared to some products

Nova Clear Col Cons

  • Unpleasant side effects
  • Not a weight loss aid
  • Any weight loss is temporary
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Nova Clear Col

Nova Clear Col Review

Nova Clear Col Facts

  • Manufactured by Nova Health Products Limited
  • 100 capsules per bottle
  • Diuretic and laxative ingredients

Nova Colon Cleanse is one of a number of health products sold from the novadetox site. This website is run by Nova Health Products Limited, who are based in Cheshire, UK. Their website provides full details of their contact information, company address, and even their VAT registration number and Company registration number.

Nova Colon Cleanse appears to be aimed at customers who want to ‘stop the build up of harmful toxins’ in the body, as well as those who want a rapid detox and cleanse. There may be some people who use this product for weight loss purposes, but the product is not clearly marketed towards this purpose at all.

How to Take Nova Colon Cleanse

It is suggested that consumers take 1 capsule, three times a day, during or immediately after meals.

A bottle of 100 capsules would last for 33 days use at this rate.

However, we recommend that this 33 days’ worth of tablets is taken in several smaller stints of a week or so each, with several weeks in between at least.

The marketing blurb on the Nova website appears to be slightly misleading, clearly in order to sell more of the product. The website writes,

When the colon is healthy and you are consuming enough fibre in your diet your colon will expel waste usually 2-3 times a day dependant on what you have eaten.

This would suggest to many readers of this statement that they are therefore unhealthy and in need of a colon cleanse product, because of their irregularity of bowel movements. In reality, a healthy number of bowel movements falls anywhere between three times a week and three times a day.

Nova Clear Col Concerns:

  • Not a weight loss aid
  • Potentially nasty and serious side effects
  • Not suitable for long term use

What Does Nova Clear Col Claim To Do?

Nova Colon Cleanse describes itself as providing ‘internal cleanse support’. It has 9 detoxifying and laxative ingredients that ‘detoxify the colon naturally’.

It claims to be suitable for long term use, as well as being natural and fast acting, using ingredients that have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. The product makes no claims about weight loss, focusing primarily upon improving the health of the bowel and colon.

So What Is Nova Clear Col and What Are The Ingredients For Nova Clear Col?

So What Does All This Mean?

The main ingredients of this colon cleanse are diuretics and laxatives. These will certainly help to promote bowel movements, and will provide the feeling that the body is indeed being detoxed and cleansed. The actual value and necessity of detoxing is heavily debated by medical professionals, with many doctors openly stating that the body does a good enough job of detoxing on its own naturally, and that additional help in the form of colon cleanses is not required.

Glucomannan works as an appetite suppressant, as does ginger root. These may assist people in following the highly restricted diets that are usually followed alongside a detox product such as Nova Colon Cleanse.

Does Nova Clear Col Have Any Side Effects?

The most common side effect of a colon cleanse is a change in bowel habits. Some people may experience frequent loose stools and increased bowel movements, while others may find that their bowel movements stop completely.

Dehydration is also a common side effect, as the body is expelling more water both through increased urination and moving more water into stools, due to the laxative and diuretic ingredients in Nova Colon Cleanse.

Headaches and constipation are two side effects that may occur due to dehydration. Some people may experience diarrhoea, depending upon their own diet as well as the strength of the product they are using. It seems, based upon consumer reviews, that some people have experienced diarrhoea and excessive bowel movements whilst using Nova Colon Cleanse.

In general, side effects of a detox are temporary, and will only last whilst the product is being used. Side effects can be minimised by drinking plenty of water throughout the day (rather than a large amount all at once), and altering the dosage of the product used. Altering your diet may also help, by increasing the amount of high-fibre foods, fruit and vegetables that are being eaten daily.

Perhaps the most serious worry of using Colon Cleanse products is that they can cause an electrolyte imbalance in the body. Calcium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, and sodium are all obtained from fluids, supplements, and foods, but increasing fluid output can decrease their levels in the body- even sweating due to exercise can significantly lower electrolyte levels.

Side effects of low levels of electrolytes include muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, trembling, muscle weakness, and stiff or aching joints. In the most severe cases, more serious symptoms can occur, such as low blood pressure, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), sunken eyes, confusion or loss of consciousness for even a brief moment, and poor skin elasticity. If any of these occur, a medical professional should be consulted immediately.

Because of this list of various possible side effects, some of which can be severe when not immediately treated, we disagree with Nova Health’s assurance that this product is safe and suitable for use in the long term. Most detoxes last under two weeks, with many being only a week long; this is a much better amount of time to use a colon cleanse product. Over-reliance upon laxatives can also cause dependency, as the muscles in the colon become weaker.

Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Do not give to those under 18, especially infants!

Ensure plenty of water is consumed whilst using this product, and avoid the use of other diuretics and laxatives, including caffeine.

Any Nova Clear Col Reviews From Customers?

Customers have left some reviews on Amazon where the product is sold. These reviews are primarily related to the effects of the colon cleanse in relation to detoxing, and there is generally no mention of weight loss.

Some consumers found that the strength of the product was too much for them, giving them side effects that were both unpleasant and inconvenient. Others have noted that the product worked as expected to increase bowel movements without causing diarrhoea or other unpleasant side effects. There are a minority of reviews that found no change in bowel movements.

Customers are reminded that when taking detox products, colon cleanses and other laxative based ingredients, that they should consume plenty of water, to avoid dehydration and constipation.

Took as shown no change in weight or bowel habit!! Definitely doesn’t do what it says on the tin! These are my husbands words he took them as I don’t believe in these quick fixes like men do!

This colon cleanse is really good, it helps me to be regular without any stomach cramps. Just required to drink a lot of water.

There are two reviews that mention weight loss, appetite suppression and metabolism; neither is specific about whether they have lost weight, or how much;

Leaving feedback for my mum as she’s not really computer friendly: Product seemed to slow appetite, whether that’s due to the metabolism speeding up or not I don’t know, happy with that. However I was hoping it would help bowel movements and I’m on my third day of taking them and still nothing (10 doses so far) Will update if experience changes.

Effective, It really works I feel much lighter thumbs UP! does what is says it will highly recommended will buy again.

So Does Nova Clear Col Work?

As a colon cleanser, it does seem to work, in that for the majority of people, it promotes increased bowel movements. In terms of weight loss, it may cause temporary weight loss merely by clearing out the digestive system and causing a loss of water weight. However, as soon as the consumer resumes their normal diet and stops taking this supplement, it is likely that they would regain this weight.

Where Can I Buy Nova Clear Col?

Nova Colon Cleanse can be purchased from the Novadetox site at a price of £13.06 per bottle of 100 capsules, providing a very minimal discount of 50 pence off of the RRP. The product is also available on amazon, at the slightly higher price of £14.99. However, this option does have free delivery within the UK.

What About A Guarantee

The official website states:

We guarantee your satisfaction. All of our products come with a 30 day no quibble guarantee.

NovaDetox also have a 7 day cancellation policy, which includes the original delivery cost. Contact the company for more information. Any goods returned should be in saleable condition.

Watchdog Verdict

Overall, Nova Colon Cleanse is not really a viable weight loss option, as it is not designed to cause significant weight loss, and is merely a colon cleansing detox product. Any weight loss that is achieved as a side effect of using this product will probably be regained fairly quickly after the consumer stops using the product. This weight loss would not be fat mass either, being primarily water weight and digestive waste.

Despite the company’s assurance that the product can be safely used in the long term, we would advise against it. Side effects such as a change in bowel movements is to be expected, because of the nature of Nova Colon Cleanse. However, it is also possible to develop some more serious side effects whilst using this or any colon cleansing product.

We reject Nova Clear Col.

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