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With a promise to get a “Bikini Body In Just 2 Weeks!” NV diet could be the answer to getting the perfect body. What girl could resist such a statement? If it is that easy then what is there to lose?

Let’s take a closer look at NV diet and see whether it lives up to such a bold clam, can anyone really get in a bikini after 2 weeks?

NV Diet Pros

  • Has a 30-day guarantee

NV Diet Cons

  • Paid model testimonial
  • Very confusing sales page
  • Uses proprietary blend
  • Poor company history
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NV Diet Products

NV Diet Review

The first thing that strikes us when going to the merchant website is how confusing it all is. It’s almost like they have decided to throw as many numbers around as possible, possibly in an attempt to simply confuse anyone landing there.

We much rather prefer some good old fashioned straight talking, so we can only assume the idea behind this is to bamboozle us with (fake?) science.

NV Diet Web

Just on the first part of the page alone there are 18 references to numbers, with the main gist being that you will lose huge amounts of weight in only 2 weeks.

NV Diet Warnings

  • Company has been warned for using “fraudulent marketing” and “fabricated customer testimonials
  • Weight loss shown by model was from eating 1350 calories a day and exercising, these results are admittedly not typical

What Does NV Diet Claim To Do?

As already mentioned, the idea is that you get in a bikini within the 2 weeks. We are not really sure what this means, as anyone can get in a bikini at any time. We suppose the idea is that you look great in the said bikini, but as this is entirely subjective then it doesn’t really mean a lot.

To back this idea up there is a nice picture of a model reclining on the beach, as well as before and after pictures of another model, though more on her later.

So it all sounds pretty good so far. Let’s see a little bit of proof shall we?

So What Is NV Diet and What Are The Ingredients For NV Diet?

NV Diet Facts

  • Three versions available with no recommendation which one to take
  • No detailed clinical studies referenced
  • Company has a poor track record with a number of litigations against it
  • No consumer testimonials are provided

All diet products live and die on the ingredients they contain, how these ingredients are combined, and then some evidence to back things up. It’s all well and good claiming (or implying) you will lose a ton of weight but without solid evidence then it’s pretty much worthless.

So let’s see what NV diet contains and what it actually does.

It now gets a little bit complicated. NV diet is actually three products, the standard NV Diet formula, a caffeine version of that one and then some “sprinkles” to put over your food. Unfortunately there is no indication which one to buy, which one gives the results, or even if you have to buy all three.

Yet more confusion it seems. There is no advice anywhere on the site about which one to buy. In fact with the “special offer” they have it seems you choose which one yourself. It would have been nice to get a bit more solid advice in this area rather than guessing which one to buy.

We suppose we should look at each one and see what’s in them.

Standard NV Diet

NV Diet IngredientsThis version contains a “proprietary blend” of a “weight loss complex” and a “superfruit complex” with extremely vague details on the label.

The weight loss complex, which is what we are interested in contains a 400mg mixture of Indian Sphaeranthus and Mangosteen. These seem to be the active ingredients behind the claims as there is some vague wording that these are what will give you the results.

After a bit of digging around it is recommended that you take 3 tablets twice a day, so 6 tablets daily. Each bottle contains 120 tablets so this means a bottle will last 20 days.

NV Diet Caffeine Free

Exactly the same as the normal version, but without the caffeine in it. They assure consumers that it works exactly the same, which of course begs the question, why not just have one version and avoid the confusion?

NV Diet Sprinkles

NV Diet Sprinkles IngredientsThese are small packages containing 0.4 gramme of “sprinkles.” You are supposed to put these on your food in order to safely and effectively reduce your hunger. They reckon you can eat 25% less food this way. Whether this works by making your food taste disgusting we are not so sure.

The active ingredient in the sprinkles in Chromium, which regular visitors will know, is completely discredited as an ingredient to aid weight loss.

The National Institute of Health did some in depth research into ALL the published studies claiming Chromium can help lose fat and came to this conclusion:

Chromium supplements are sometimes claimed to reduce body fat and increase lean (muscle) mass. Yet a recent review of 24 studies that examined the effects of 200 to 1,000mg a day of chromium (in the form of chromium picolinate) on body mass or composition found NO significant benefits” and

In several studies chromium’s effects on body weight and composition may be called in to question


As you can see it is not likely that a supplement containing chromium will have significant benefits.

Does NV Diet Have Any Side Effects?

We are not aware of any reported side effects from taking NV Diet. It would be good to see how much caffeine is in the main version so that those who are sensitive to caffeine could make an informed choice.

Any NV Diet Reviews From Customers?

We could not find any positive comments from any consumers who have used these products. What we did find interesting was the use of the before and after model on the main page.

NV Diet TestimonialThis is supposed to be a graphical example of what NV diet will do for you. However if you read the small print it shows that she was paid to remunerated for taking part. In other words she is a professional weight-loser. It also explains that she was on a strictly controlled low calorie diet and she exercised.

Previously when we have seen companies using these types of models, more often than not they are professional fitness models that are in it for the money. They bloat up for a while then do a hard fitness regime to lose the weight just for the photographs.

We are not saying that is the case here, but it looks awfully suspicious.

So Does NV Diet Work?

The lack of feedback from “real” users is very disturbing. Add to this the main model used is being paid then it doesn’t look good at all.

Where Can I Buy NV Diet?

NV Diet is available from the merchants who are Wellnx Life Sciences. Unfortunately they have a poor track record in the Diet Pill industry with a string of high profile lawsuits filed against them.

Last year they agreed to settle a class action for $1.725 million. They were said to have:

fraudulently marketed several products promising rapid weight loss and enhanced beauty.


claimed that their products had ingredients that they did not and fabricated consumer “testimonials” extolling the benefits of the products.

Source: WellNX Consumer litigation

What About a Guarantee?

There appears to be a 30-day money back guarantee, which seems pretty straightforward. It’s a little difficult to find a returns address but we eventually found one. The company details are not displayed clearly anywhere on the site so this should be of concern.

Watchdog Verdict


Due to the poor history this company has with litigation and lawsuits, it is not surprising that the website is so confusing. They actually don’t say much about what NV diet can do, but have instead dressed things up with numbers splashed all over the place, possibly in an attempt to look more credible.

We have no real idea what a “bikini body” is meant to be so it’s a pretty meaningless claim. A very clever marketing gimmick, maybe?

As none other than a Judge has warned them in the past about using fake testimonials, then again it is not surprising that none appear from the public on this site. Instead they use a paid model, who appears to be a professional “weight-loser.”

Add to all this the high number of disclaimers all over the place, and the small print then it all adds up to a pretty uninspiring story.

We would suggest that their end of year report might be “Must try harder” but of course this could land them back in the courts once more.

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