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Obestrim is an appetite suppressant and fat burner that claims to turn your body into a “fat burning machine.” Promising the longest lasting appetite control without a prescription, we see if Obestrim is the real deal or just marketing hype!

What is the unique Arexis Garcinia RX formula that helps you to feel full? Is there any proof that Obestrim works? These are the questions we ask when reviewing this supplement.

Obestrim Pros

  • Free toll number
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if half pills unopened

Obestrim Cons

  • Lacks full ingredient profile
  • Lacks clinical evidence to support claims
  • Lacks consumer reviews
  • Manufacturer has history of complaints
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Obestrim Review

Obestrim Facts

  • Manufactured by Physical Enhancement Labs (PE Labs)
  • Contains mysterious proprietary ingredient, Arexis Garcinia RX
  • Concerns over trustworthiness of the company

Obestrim is manufactured by Physical Enhancement Labs (PE Labs) who appear to be based in Oklahoma, USA. They produce a number of health, diet and sexual stimulant supplements although using their online store we were unable to order any of their products!

The official Obestrim website looks very much like an Infomercial and uses a video pop-up of attractive women who explains the benefits of Obestrim. She of course claims to have used the product to help her lose weight!

As you would expect the site explains the benefits of this supplement, how it works and the frequently asked questions. If you are looking for any detailed information about the product though you will be disappointed though!

We did some digging into the company behind this supplement, PE Labs and found they have a number of consumer complaints dating back to 2007 when they seemed to be pushing free trials for a product called Phentrazine 375. As is typical with so called “free trials”, most of the complaints were related to billing (fraudulent charges) and delivery issues.

To be fair and balanced review we should highlight that we were unable to find complaints about Obestrim online.

The good thing about Obestrim is that you need to only take it once per day, two hours after you have eaten breakfast. Each box is separated into two blister packs of 15 pills and is enough for one months’ supply.

Obestrim is heavily marketed using social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter, where they are offering free samples.

Obestrim Warnings

  • Lacks full ingredient profile and supporting clinical evidence
  • Limited consumer feedback
  • Company has history of promoting free trials and consumer complaints

What Does Obestrim Claim To Do?

Obestrim claims to give the “longest lasting appetite control without a prescription”. But that’s not all… Obestrim is the:

Worlds Most Advanced Weight-Loss Aid for Appetite Control and Metabolic Stimulation

The supplement also claims to give you “healthy weight loss”, to simplify portion control and turning your body into a “fat burning machine” giving you more energy too!

So What Is Obestrim and What Are The Ingredients For Obestrim?

Obestrim claims to be a maximum strength dual acting diet pill that can suppress appetite and increase fat burning so that you can lose more weight. The manufacturer suggests that “healthy weight loss” is as easy as “1-2-3″ with their supplement by helping to control portion sizes and turning stored fats into energy.

One of the main ingredients in this supplement is a proprietary formula called Arexis Garcinia Rx. We suspect the reason it’s been called this is to play on the “RX” part of the name to suggest it’s as strong as a prescription weight loss drug.

The other ingredients are listed but no amounts are revealed so it’s difficult to know how effective they will.

Here is the complete list of ingredients:

  • Arexis Garcinia Rx: Proprietary formula that is suggested to coat the stomach lining to accelerate satiety and feelings of fullness, which helps to trick the brain into thinking it’s full. No evidence is presented to support these claims and no information is given to indicate what this formula contains!!!
  • Green Tea Extract: Extract that is derived from green tea leaves and said to be a potent source of antioxidants. It’s the catechins (GTC) that are considered to be beneficial for health and have weight loss properties. Does contain some caffeine and in high dosages may cause side effects in sensitive individuals.
  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine: Extracted from geranium and acts as a stimulant, also known as DMAA. Found to increase energy levels, maintain alertness and can cause euphoric sensations. Has been a prohibited substance in WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) tested sports since 2010 and now under the watchful eye of the FDA.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Found in Asia and parts of Asia it looks similar to a tiny pumpkin and is a small fruit. Suggested to suppress appetite and promote increased fat burning thanks to it containing Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). A study in 1998 has refuted the role of this herb to facilitate weight loss.
  • L-Carnitine: A popular ingredient that is in many supplements as it’s important for transporting fatty acids so they can be metabolised for energy. It’s been suggested that greater fat release can help to burn more fats. The evidence supporting weight loss is weak though.
  • Semnostachya Menglaensis: A rare plant indigenous to Mengla in the tropical rainforest in the south of Yunnan province, China. Suggested to boost metabolism and inhibit appetite but there is little known about this ingredient and even less clinical evidence that it works!
  • Lotus Leaf Extract: Grows in tropical regions of Asia and the Middle East and used for medicine for many centuries. Contains flavonoids and tannins, which are powerful antioxidants thought to promote weight loss and health. Recent research that combined Lotus Leaf with L-Carnitine may lead to fat loss through increased lipolysis and by encouraging fat cells to release more fat.
  • Konjac Root Fiber: Also known as glucomannan, this water soluble fibre can absorb many times its weight in water to help swell in your stomach. This can act to help you feel fuller, reducing appetite and so decrease food intake. There are potential side effects though and consumers should ensure they are well hydrated. There are studies that show positive weight loss results but require sufficient amount in to order to work.
  • Caralluma Frimbriata: Ancient plant commonly found in India that has been suggested to help control appetite. One small study has shown modest appetite suppressant qualities after taking 1 gram of this ingredient for 2 months. However, there is no indication of how much is included in Obestrim, but VERY UNLIKELY it contains this amount!

So What Does All This Mean?

This is a supplement that contains a proprietary formula that plays on the “RX” prescription label along with other ingredients suggested to promote weight loss.

Importantly there is no medical literature or references that mention or support the claims made for this ingredient (Arexis Garcinia RX).

As no ingredient amounts are listed or references to clinical studies it’s impossible to know how effective Obestrim really is.

Does Obestrim Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer claims that most users have no side effects. Some of the ingredients are known stimulants that may affect sensitive individuals, causing heart palpitations and anxiety.

It’s worth considering that some of the ingredients may trigger side effects in certain amounts, as we don’t know how much is included it’s impossible to tell for certain.

Caution: You should avoid taking Obestrim if you have heart attack symptoms or high blood pressure and should seek medical advice if you are suffering from any existing medical conditions.

Any Obestrim Reviews From Customers?

We could find no independent consumer reviews for Obestrim online. The only consumer testimonials available are shown the official website with dieters claiming to have lost between 23 and 105lbs!

Of course we have no way of judging how accurate these are.

So Does Obestrim Work?

The manufacturer explains in great detail how Obestrim is supposed to help “tune the mind AND the body for optimum weight loss” and yet provides no evidence to support this claim.

No clinical studies are referenced and there is a lack of proper detailed information on the main proprietary ingredient, Arexis Garcinia RX.

The lack of full ingredient disclosure and the use of a proprietary blend mean we are unable to determine if sufficient ingredients are present to work.

What About a Guarantee?

We initially thought that Obestrim had a 60-day money-back guarantee as some of the pages display a badge indicating as such. Reading through the Terms and Conditions we found that in fact there is only a 30-day money-back guarantee!

In order to qualify for your money-back you need to return ALL opened and unopened product, which includes sending back no-less than half of the supply back in “resellable condition”. You must ensure you send it back promptly as failure to do so within 30-days of your order date will mean you won’t qualify.

Where Can I Buy Obestrim?

You can only buy Obestrim from the official website from $49.95 per box of 30 days’ supply. Discounts are available when purchasing more boxes at one time.

Watchdog Verdict

Obestrim is an over the counter dietary supplement that is using questionable marketing tactics by using a proprietary formula with “RX” in the title. This is to potentially dupe consumers into thinking this is a prescription strength weight loss drug, which it is clearly not!

We have strong doubts over some of the ingredients in Obestrim, especially the main ingredient. There is simply no detailed information or supporting evidence to back up the claims made by the manufacturers!

We regard the money-back guarantee to be inconsistent too. Sometimes claiming its 60-days on some parts of the website when in fact its 30-days. To get your money-back you need to adhere to fairly strict instructions too!

With other more effective diet pills on the market to choose from it is difficult to recommend this supplement! We therefore reject Obestrim diet pills.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Bottom line. This product works. The information above doesnt give any negative information about obestrim. I have personally lost over 110lbs on this product. They have over 45,000 fans on facebook and several customers talking daily about how much weight they are losing. Your “watchdog” report is terrible and you are promoting other products on this page! Your site is the scam and i doubt my post will make it on this page. Obestrim works and the company is top notch!

    • Watchdog Staff says:

      Hi Crystal,
      Many thanks for leaving your comment, it is much appreciated. We welcome all feedback both negative and positive in order to improve our services to consumers.

      We are very sorry that you feel our report is “terrible”, we put a lot of time and effort into making our reports as accurate as possible and can only apologise if you feel let down.

      We stand by our original opinions about Obestrim for the following reasons.

      1. The main ingredient they are claiming to be effective, Arexis Garcinia Rx, is totally unknown in any medical literature. There is no evidence anywhere that it is safe, effective or clinically trialled for use as a weight loss ingredient or diet aid. We would also question the use of Rx within the name of the ingredient as in most cases this is designed to encourage the consumer to think that it is some sort of prescription drug. If the manufacturers of Obestrim were happy to supply us with the research papers and the composition of this ingredient we would be more than happy to take another look at things. This point alone is sufficiently serious in our opinion to reject Obestrim.

      2. One of the main criteria we reject products on is by the use of “free trials.” Unfortunately there is evidence that the company behind Obestrim have undertaken this form of marketing previously and as we mentioned in the original review there is a band of disgruntled customers who feel they were misled into signing up for the “free trial” to then be billed large sums of money at a later date. There is also a discount code given on Facebook in exchange for people “liking” the product but we have not delved in to this any further.

      3. No ingredient profile is given, yes there is a list of ingredients, however failure to list how much of each a consumer is taking is another reason to arouse suspicion. They may well be wanting to protect the formula but there is a strong case to offer this information so consumers can make an informed decision.

      4. With regards to this site being a “scam”, we would just like to point out that Obestrim actually run an affiliate program. This means we could approve the product, show a link and receive commission for anyone who then bought it. We hope that this proves our independence and the fact we review every product objectively and without prejudice.

      Finally congratulations on your weight loss achievements, 110 pounds is pretty awesome to be honest however you have achieved it!

      Good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey

      Diet Pills Watchdog Team

  2. nikki says:

    i have to add that i was on obestrim for 4 months…lost nothing diet and worked out..nothing happened . felt little jittery. nothing too much to handle but no weight was lost.maybe will work for others but..not me however….did suppress hunger.

  3. Jada says:

    I agree. It really worked for me. The first pill I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a LOT!) that truly suppressed my appetite. I was able to lose and keep weight off. I took it for three months and had great results. Then, would only use it when I felt myself slide back. I wish I could find more. Nothing else that has been recommended comes close for me.

  4. Stacey says:

    I agree. I used it for 2 months in 2014 and felt truly full and had no side effects. Seems to be discontinued now. Does anyone know of a similar product???

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