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Pearl White Slimming Capsules

Pearl White Slimming Capsules are relatively new diet pills that are taking eBay by storm! According to the various eBay sellers, these capsules are supplied by a “Chinese couple from China” and will help “weight reduction and facial beautification”. This may all look totally unconvincing but people are buying this supplement. We take a look into this weight loss phenomenon to find out more.

When you are looking to buy a diet pill, you want to be sure that first it is safe and secondly that you won’t be wasting your money on so-called magic pills that don’t work. Pearl White Capsules come with a total lack of information about either of these two points but its bargain basement style seems to appeal to some people.

Pearl White Slimming Pros

  • None whatsoever

Pearl White Slimming Cons

  • No ingredients information
  • No information about manufacture
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Pearl White Slimming Capsules

Pearl White Slimming Capsules Review

Pearl White Slimming Facts

  • According to the packaging the capsules are made by Shanghai Yaguangda Biology Product Co., Ltd
  • The pills are bright blue
  • Supplement is for weight loss and skin lightening

Pearl White Slimming Capsules are on sale via eBay and appear to be popular with customers looking to lose weight and to lighten their skin at the same time.

We had never considered this combination before but apparently light skin is popular in Asia and skin-lightening products are big business. Therefore, it sort of makes sense that weight loss and skin whitening goes together in a sort of fix all beauty product way for the Asian market.

According to the product description, the pills contain pearls, as well as Ginseng, Fleece Flower Root, cassia seeds and chrysanthemum extract. These ingredients are supposed to make you lose weight as well as whiten your skin but there is a total lack of evidence or explanation about how these ingredients actually work.

The bright blue capsules come in “factory sealed packaging” bearing a tag that reads “no fakes”. This is not convincing. After all a fake product is usually a copy of something that you want like a pair of Raybans or a Rolex watch, not a copy of a minor diet pill that nobody appears to have heard of.

Pearl White Slimming Capsules are made in China. They appear to be made by Shanghai Yaguangda Biology Product Co., Ltd so we looked into this company to see if we could find out anything more but drew a big fat zero.

There is no website and no information and it is possible that it does not even exist. However with the high number of businesses located in China it might just mean that this one is simply under the radar when it comes to English speaking searches for Chinese companies.

After all these capsules are obviously being made somewhere.

Even more questionable is the claim made by all the people selling Pearl White Capsules in the oddly worded statement that “our supplier is a Chinese couple from China”.

Who are these people? In the West, many people are used to buying Chinese products and dealing with Chinese companies via eBay so why not any names or details about these so-called suppliers? It just does not make sense.

Although it is easy to laugh at some of the gaudy advertising and bad English employed by the people who are selling this product – who incidentally do appear to be American sellers based in the USA, it is important to remember that the diet pill industry is unregulated and the FDA urge extreme caution.

A report by the FDA warned against unregulated diet pills stating;

These products don’t live up to their claims. Even worse, they can cause serious harm

According to the report,

Federal regulators have found dozens of products being touted as dietary supplements that actually contain hidden prescription drugs or compounds that have not been adequately studied in humans.

The director of the FDA’s Division of New Drugs and Labelling Compliance, Michael Levy is concerned about powerful drugs masquerading as “all-natural” or “herbal” supplements that carry significant risks to unsuspecting consumers.

We have seen deaths associated with these weight-loss products,

said Levy.

Make no mistake—they can kill you.

Many of these so-called tainted products are imported and sold over the internet.


To take Pearl White Capsules, take 1 capsule before breakfast and 1 capsule before lunch or dinner.

Pearl White Slimming Capsule Concerns:

  • Supplement lacks ingredients information. Just what is contained in these pills?
  • Could cause potentially dangerous side effects
  • Not much feedback and all of it negative

What Does Pearl White Slimming Capsules Claim To Do?

According to the advertising, Pearl White Slimming Capsules will;

directly and more quickly decompose extra fat and reduce weight. It can also nourish skin, beautify and whiten skin and make it more elastic. It is the top choice for beauty-pursuing women.

The advertising mentions some of the ingredients:

The capsule is made refinely from carefully selected pearls of Tai Lake in China, and natural rare and precious vegetables such as ginseng, fleece-flower root, cassia seeds and flos chrysanthemi indici, etc. however we do not get to find out about the ingredients covered by the etc.

It goes on to say:

It is rich in various trace elements, and it is a natural product without any chemical component.

There is a brief explanation about what the diet pill actually does but it is hard to understand. It reads:

The product has the function of adjusting human bodies in a double way. It can directly and more quickly decompose extra fat and reduce weight.

“At the same time of reducing weight and slimming the body it also can nourish skin, beautifying and whitening skin and making the skin more elastic.


It is the top choice for beauty-pursuing women.

We are not sure we like the sound of all that fat decomposing. Yuck!

So What Are Pearl White Slimming Capsules and What Are The Ingredients?

Pearl White Capsules are supposed to help you lose weight and get a whiter skin. The ingredients mentioned in the advertising may be contained in the capsule or it could be comprised of something else entirely.

  • Refined pearls: According to sources, skin lightening is a craze in Asia and a traditional Chinese myth is that drinking pearl powder will have this desired effect.
    Pearl powders can also work as a skin tonic when applied topically to the skin. There are concerns that skin-whitening products, including pearl-based creams can contain mercury. We were unable to find any medical evidence that ingesting pearl powder lightens skin or whether there may be side effects.
  • Ginseng: There are numerous different varieties of Ginseng but the type most commonly used in Asia is Panax Ginseng. This is sometimes called an adaptogen, which means it has a general boost to health and wellbeing, and it is well known Chinese medicinal herb.
    Beware. Ginseng can cause a range of dangerous and unpredictable side effects as well as numerous drug interactions. We do not know the amount and the type contained in this supplement and it could be potentially dangerous.
    Source: WebMD Resource
  • Fleece Flower Root: Familiar to millions of gardeners as the dreaded Japanese Knotweed plant listed as one of the world’s most invasive species.
    There is no evidence that it will help weight loss and although the root contains Revesterol, there is little evidence that this touted ingredient has any benefit for health. In addition, it may affect oestrogen levels so comes with some health concerns.
  • Cassia seeds: Chinese medicinal herb that works as a laxative.
  • Flos chrysanthemi indici: Chinese medicinal herb derived from chrysanthemum flowers and sometimes used as a laxative. Lacks clinical evidence and does not appear to have been tested for safety.

So What Does All This Mean?

We have no way of knowing just what is contained in this supplement and whether there are additional ingredients as well. You really are taking a chance with your health because even the listed ingredients can cause side effects. Many customers do not appear to have noticed the skin lightening claims and although it will not probably work, taking ground pearls may cause side effects and may contain levels of mercury.

A couple of the ingredients appear to work as laxatives so it seems likely that at very least you will experience an upset stomach.

Do Pearl White Slimming Capsules Have Any Side Effects?

We only managed to find a couple of customer reviews and some customers have complained of an upset stomach.

I had some diarrhoea for the first few days.

was a typical comment

However, the listed ingredients – especially ginseng can cause well-known side effects including:

  • Insomnia
  • Increased heart rate
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Itchiness
  • Increased heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood pressure
  • Mood swings
  • Dizziness

In addition, the other ingredients may cause side effects including:

  • Increased risk of oestrogen related complications
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach upset
  • Increased risk of mercury poisoning

There may be more potential side effects if the formula contains extra ingredients, which appears to be the case.

Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take if you are trying to conceive – there are concerns about ginseng causing birth defects. Do not take if you have or have had an oestrogen related medical condition such as breast cancer. Avoid if you suffer from any heart or blood pressure medical condition.

Do not take this supplement if you are taking prescription medication including the contraceptive pill because of potential drug interactions. Cease use immediately if you experience any side effects.
Bear in mind that Pearl White Capsules may contain additional ingredients that are not included in the product information. Some supplements are known to be dangerous so we advise you to stay safe and avoid this supplement.

Any Pearl White Slimming Capsule Reviews From Customers?

Because Pearl White Capsules appear to only be available via eBay, most of the feedback relates to shipping and customer service by the various sellers.

However, we did find a couple of comments posted on a review site;

No weight loss at all and a complete waste of my money

was the consensus of opinion.

So Do Pearl White Slimming Capsules Work?

No, we don’t believe this will work for weight loss or for skin lightening. The listed ingredients come with no evidence that they will do either of these things and this supplement looks like a dangerous waste of money.

Buying an unknown supplement from eBay seems to be a real risk to health. We do not know what is actually contained in Pearl White Capsules and have no way of finding out.

Where Can I Buy Pearl White Slimming Capsules?

You can buy Pearl White Capsules via from various sellers.

One seller is offering 1 packet of 30 capsules (15 days supply) for $14.73 including free shipping to US addresses.

You can also make bulk buys for 3 boxes of 30 capsules (45 days supply) for around $29.00. Prices and delivery charges vary according to the seller.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee is offered.

Watchdog Verdict

Pearl White Slimming capsules must be one of the worst diet pills we have ever seen.

This supplement is made by an unknown company and lacks even basic ingredients information. It claims to help you lose weight and lighten your skin but there is just no evidence that it will work or whether it is even safe.

This supplement is exactly the type of dubious supplement that the FDA is warning us about.

We do not find the explanation about the Chinese couple who live in China and supply the product very convincing and to us this supplement looks like a product you may find on an ultra cheap market stall for a dollar.

If this is a reputable supplement that is popular in China then we would have liked to have seen evidence of this and a clearly translated ingredients profile as well.

Do you really want to gamble with your health in order to lose a bit of weight and lighten your skin? It probably will not work and you may get potentially dangerous side effects that you didn’t bargain for.
We would not touch this rubbish with somebody else’s bargepole let alone our own.

No question about it, we reject Pearl White Slimming Capsules.

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