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PhD Woman Body Sculpt

PHD Women Body Sculpt is a supplement that is supposed to be used with a healthy diet plan and exercise programme. The focus of the advertising is built around working out in the gym, getting fit and taking the supplement as support to your efforts.

That is all very well but if you don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym, is Body Sculpt worth trying? Alternatively, will it just leave you feeling wired because of the caffeine? We find out.

PhD Woman Body Sculpt Pros

  • Appealing looking website
  • Ingredients should be safe
  • Company provide contact details

PhD Woman Body Sculpt Cons

  • Fairly expensive
  • No money-back guarantee offered
  • Contains lots of caffeine and is the principle ingredient
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PhD Woman Body Sculpt

PhD Woman Body Sculpt Review

PhD Woman Body Sculpt Facts

  • Manufactured by PhD Woman LTD based in Yorkshire England
  • 60 capsules in each container
  • Supplement is aimed at women and part of the PHD Woman range of products

PHD Body Sculpt is a diet supplement aimed at women and is part of the PHD Women Range – nutritional supplements designed to support the needs of the active female. This supplement is high in caffeine amongst other ingredients but it may help you with weight loss. PHD Body Sculpt comes with a free 12-week plan that offers you support and healthy meal plans.

PHD Body Sculpt is a diet pill that is designed to be combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan and is specifically aimed at women, although there does not seem to be any reason why men should not use it too.

The supplement contains a range of ingredients that will be familiar to many diet pill users and there is nothing dangerous or particularly revolutionary about the contents. However, the high caffeine content will not suit everyone and this combined with the addition of dandelion root in the formula may cause you to be visiting the bathroom more frequently than normal.

To use PHD Body Sculpt take I serving (2 capsules) 1-2 times daily. Make sure to use 1 serving (2 capsules) 30 minutes prior to exercise and don’t take the supplement late at night or you may experience insomnia.

The Body Sculpt supplement is described as a food supplement that will support the needs of the active female but it is not clear from the advertising exactly what it is supposed to do. However, it may have some effect upon the metabolism and work as mild stimulant which may help you exercise for longer and more effectively.

PHD Woman is a British company based in Yorkshire. They market a complete range of products that are designed for women who work out or exercise.

This market is usually reserved for men and body builders but PHD takes the concept out of this niche market into the mainstream. The photographs on the website show women who are fit and healthy looking but you won’t see bulging muscles or over toned bodies or any references to shredding as with the comparable men’s products.

PhD Women Supplements

The range of PHD Woman products includes support and recovery shakes – protein drinks with added minerals and vitamins that are supposed to replace nutrients lost in exercise. These are flavoured with chocolate or strawberry and you can also buy protein bars in the same flavours.

The company also market meal replacement drinks in the same flavours but the Watchdog team are struggling to understand how a vanilla cream drink is an adequate or healthy replacement to eating a healthy low calorie meal.

Caution: Using shakes often leads to weight gain because people tend to drink the shake and then feel hungry and eat.

If you buy PHD Woman products, you can join the PHD Academy and use a 12-week weight loss plan and benefit from exercise and weight loss tips, find daily meal plans and track your progress. You are asked to send in a “before” photo when you register and an “after” photo at the end of the 12 weeks plan.

PHD Woman appears to be a reputable company with transparent contact details and a customer phone line. They have created a virtual gym community and the products are well packaged and appealing. The website is good and there is plenty of information.

The only issue we are struggling with is that the products themselves do not live up to the image. The protein shakes and snack bars do not promote healthy eating and the Body Sculpt supplement does not appear to offer much beside high levels of caffeine and some green tea.

PhD Woman Body Sculpt Concerns:

  • Supplement may not have much effect upon weight loss
  • 60 capsules is only 15 days supply if you follow dosage instructions
  • Expensive way of buying caffeine tablets

What Does PhD Woman Body Sculpt Claim To Do?

Body Sculpt is defined by five points.

  • For the active woman
  • Research proven ingredients
  • High Caffeine formula
  • Green tea extract
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Body Sculpt claims to “Take your health and fitness goals to the next level” and the advertising states that;

We recognise that most women have busy lifestyles, which can make it difficult to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy

The problem with this is that if you are really leading a busy lifestyle you are unlikely to have the time to spend hours working out down at the gym.

Women still carry out the bulk of the housework and childcare in most households as well as working full time. With these pressures, visiting the gym more than once or twice a week will not be possible for most working women.


So What Is Body Sculpt and What Are The Ingredients For Body Sculpt?

Body Sculpt is a diet supplement that may help give you extra energy and according to the manufacturers will provide nutrients that will keep you fit and healthy. It is designed to be used in combination with a work out programme and two capsules make up one serving. Ingredients amounts are given here per serving of two capsules.

  • 200mg Caffeine Anhydrous: This is the same as the caffeine you drink but in crystallised form making it more convenient for capsules.

    Clinical research has found that caffeine when taken in combination with green tea can help weight management by increasing metabolism and fat oxidation as well as suppress leptin – a hormone that causes you to feel hungry. The downside is that if you already are a high caffeine consumer you may not notice much difference. This clinical study was carried out over a three month period in which subjects first lost modest amounts of weight and then tried to maintain their weight loss. Dosage amounts were not given so although caffeine may help with weight loss it all depends on the amount you take and your usual caffeine intake. An average cup of coffee contains 200mg of caffeine. Source:

  • Green tea extract (50% polyphenols) (100mg): This natural tea is a powerful source of polyphenols – vital antioxidants. which promote health and increase the speed of your metabolism. Green tea extract is being investigated for its role in the prevention of cancer and other health conditions. When used in combination with caffeine it may play a role in fat oxidisation – also referred to as fat burning.
  • Phosphatidylserine (100mg): Sometimes called PS is a natural compound found in meat products and white beans. It is believed to help recovery after exercise and improve cognitive functioning. However supplementation of less than 400mg has been found to be ineffective and most results of clinical testing have been based on 800mg or 600mg doses of PS. Source:
  • L-Tyrosine (100mg): Amino acid used to treat depression and other mental disorders and believed to promote mental alertness. Found naturally in cheese and can cause headaches.
  • Alpha lipoic acid (50mg): This antioxidant is present in many foodstuffs and is made naturally in the body. Research has shown that it may be effective as a supplement for diabetes 2 sufferers and it has been researched for many health conditions. Source: Web MD on Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • DMAE Bitartate (50mg): Some studies have suggested a link with improving mood and increased alertness. Source:
  • Ginger powder (zingiber officinale) (25mg): Familiar spice to anyone who enjoys Asian food. Believed to help stomach upsets and may have medicinal properties but so far has not been proven. Source:
  • Dandelion root (25mg): Natural plant extract with diuretic properties. Can cause allergic reactions to people with sensitivity. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

Body Sculpt is a safe looking supplement but in reality, it probably will not help you lose much weight. Some of the ingredients such as Alpha Linoeic Acid are not in sufficient quantities to have an effect and if you already drink a lot of coffee or tea, it is possible that the caffeine will not work. Much of the evidence surrounding green tea and coffee for weight loss has indicated that it can help maintain weight but not actually help you lose it.

Does PhD Woman Body Sculpt Have Any Side Effects?

There do not appear to be too many side effects and the website warns you not to exceed the daily dose of 4 capsules or 2 servings.
If you are sensitive to caffeine you may experience the usual side effects which can include anxiety, insomnia, jitteriness and similar.

If cheese gives you a headache then the L Tyrosine content might do the same and occasionally people are allergic to dandelions, which can cause skin irritation in rare cases. It is a diuretic too so you may notice you visit the bathroom more, especially as it is combined with caffeine, also a diuretic.

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding and take medical advice if you have any sort of health condition. If you suffer from diabetes 2, you should consult your doctor because Alpha Lipoic Acid can influence insulin levels.

Any PhD Woman Body Sculpt Reviews From Customers?

Although Body Sculpt is available from Amazon as well as some third party retailers, so far there are no customer reviews. Some of the other PHD Woman range of products have been reviewed and have received both negative and positive reviews.

So Does PhD Woman Body Sculpt Work?

It might work a bit and we like the fact that the website is so appealing. However, in reality the supplement does not really offer that much. The principle ingredient is caffeine and you can get that yourself by simply drinking more coffee or tea.

It is easy to get carried away by the lure of the glossy images from the gym and a weight loss plan but you don’t really need to buy this supplement to achieve these goals. It looks good but we feel it is a case of style over substance.

Where Can I Buy PhD Woman Body Sculpt?

You can buy Body Sculpt direct from the website. A bottle of 60 capsules costs £21.99 and if you live in the UK, delivery is free. If you live overseas, you will need to contact the company for shipping charges.

An important point to note is that the PHD Woman website advertises that one bottle of 60 capsules is one month’s supply of 60 capsules. This does not add up with their earlier information that advises that 4 capsules make up two servings. Taking the supplement as recommended means that one container may only last for 15 days which is very expensive.

You can also find Body Sculpt on sale from fitness retailers and on One bottle of 60 capsules costs £17.27.

How About a Money-Back Guarantee?

The company do not offer a money back guarantee but there is a returns policy. They will only accept products that are returned in exactly the same condition as they were dispatched. This is not an effective guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

Body Sculpt is an OK looking diet pill but we have seen a lot better elsewhere on the market. We feel that it is a case of style over substance that delivers the glamour of the gym alongside some snappy advertising but will not really get results.

There is no guarantee and at £21.99 for 60 capsules which may only be 2 weeks supply, this supplement is expensive. For these reasons, we have no choice but to reject Body Sculpt.

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