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If we had a dollar for every diet pill we saw advertised as “the World’s only legal Phentermine alternative” we would probably be rich by now. PhenRx is yet another diet pill on the market that claims to be Phentermine reincarnated and comes with the usual claims of miraculous weight loss.

We take a look to find out whether this diet pill works and is even safe.

Phen RX Pros

  • Some positive customer feedback

Phen RX Cons

  • No ingredients list provided
  • Contains potentially dangerous ingredients
  • Deliberately confusing explanation about how it works
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Phen RX

Phen RX Review

Phen RX Facts

  • Made by Nexgen Biolabs
  • Comes in 60 capsule container – one month’s supply
  • No money-back guarantee offered

Firmly tapping into the bad boy image of Phentermine, Phen Rx comes with the promise of amazing weight loss without the side effects. Manufactured by Nexgen Biolabs, this US supplement is just one in a wide range of slightly questionable looking products produced by this company.

If you feel that your weight loss efforts are going nowhere then it is tempting to go for a supplement you have heard of. Although PhenRx is not a household name, many people have heard of Phentermine and have learned about its so-called miraculous weight loss benefits.

Phen Rx is not Phentermine and is legal. However, it is not necessarily safe. The diet pills market is unregulated so it is important not to assume that everything is safe just because you can buy it.

Phen Rx contains a range of stimulant ingredients including synephrine and yohimbine both of which are considered bad for health and known for dangerous side effects.

Apparently, Phen Rx works for weight loss by reducing your appetite and cravings for food. It is also supposed to improve your mood and enhance your energy levels.

According to the advertising, this comes down to six key benefits:

  • Extreme weight loss
  • Maximum strength appetite suppression
  • Energy enhancement & mental focus
  • Significantly reduce BMI (body mass index)
  • Targets fat and lipid metabolism on stubborn problem areas
  • Enhance metabolic function and fat burning

Nexgen Biolabs are an American company. Their business address is in Tampa Florida and they also operate out of Kentucky.

Nexgen Biolabs Return Department
150 Shelton Lane
Russellville, KY 42276

Nexgen Biolabs market a range of weight loss products and copies of prescription medicines including AdderRX a copy of Attention Deficit disorder drug Adderall and taken recreationally to improve “focus”.

They also market JetRush a stimulant said to help weight loss as well as Superfruit 7 a healthier looking super food supplement aimed specifically at helping you lose weight.

We covered and rejected JetRush and Superfruit-7 in previous Watchdog reviews.

There is also a companion product to PhenRX called PhenRX PM, which you take at night-time and which contains fewer stimulants than the day time version.

PhenRx is best taken on an empty stomach approximately a half-hour before breakfast, and again a half-hour before dinner.

According to the company, “Only advanced users should take more than 2 capsules daily.” We guess they mean people with a special liking for taking stimulants.

Phen RX Concerns:

  • Incomplete ingredients profile – you do not know how much of any ingredient you are taking
  • Contains ingredients that increase heart rate and blood pressure
  • Probably will not help weight loss once you get used to the effects

What Does Phen RX Claim To Do?

Phen Rx comes with some confusing information about how it works, possibly in the hope that buyers will be blinded by science.

PhenRx is clinically proven to block off & deactivate the Alpha-2 receptor and antagonize alpha 2-adrenoceptors, allowing lipolysis or fat burning to occur while also stimulating lipolysis to continue from beta adrenoceptor agonism, giving you a the ultimate dual receptor fat burning stimulus!

We don’t claim to be neuro scientists but suspect we are being fed some fake science here!

Here is another explanation:

The synergistic blend of clinically proven ingredients in PhenRx have also been shown to target subcutaneous fat mass over that of visceral fat mass with a ratio favoring the reduction of subcutaneous fat mass over that of visceral, meaning that the fat that you lose will be the visible fat and cellulite that you see on your problem areas!

At the end of all this confusion;

If you’re looking for something new to attack fat and help you get the body you want, look no further than PhenRx!
Get PhenRx today and get the body you’ve always wanted!

Now, we all understand that!

So What Is Phen RX and What Are The Ingredients For Phen RX?

PhenRx is a diet pill that contains stimulants and not much else. The company are cagey about their ingredients and do not provide a full ingredients list, beyond a fuzzy picture of a label that is impossible to read.

When we did find one we saw that this is a propriety blend so lacks an ingredients breakdown. This means we can’t give you ingredient quantities.

However each capsule is equal to one serving and contains 377mg:

  • 137 Trimethylxanthine: This is another name for caffeine, the world’s favourite stimulant. It can be effective as part of a weight loss diet because it raises the speed of the metabolism.
  • Synephrine HCL: This stimulant raises the heart rate and increases blood pressure and is billed as a way to increase the metabolism in place of banned substance ephedrine.
    Synephrine sometimes called Bitter Orange or Citrus Aurantium features on WebMD’s danger list. It is not safe and can cause heart palpitations and a whole range of side effects. It has been linked to causing heart attacks and strokes. See our previous investigation on Synephrine HCL for more information.
  • Schizandrol: Sometimes used in body building products and is also an ingredient in other NexGen product JetRush. This Chinese plant extract has a stimulant effect within a few minutes of taking. The short term high will last around an hour and the side effects have not been fully investigated. It may be unsafe. Does not appear to have an application for weight loss
  • Beta Phenylethylamine (also known as PEA): is believed to stimulate brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine. It causes a short-lived high effect but is quickly metabolized. It is this high that makes it attractive as a supplement but the effect often lasts only a few minutes.
  • Yohimbine: Another one on the danger list, Yohimbe is believed to improve sexual and athletic performance but lacks evidence to prove this. Reported side effects include blood pressure changes, heart beat irregularities and heart attacks.
  • Dimethyl 4: Stimulant believed to be a safe alternative to ephedrine but no evidence that it is actually any safer. Sometimes used in medication for attention deficit disorder and weight loss but there is no evidence that it works. Can raise the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Hydroxy Phenylethylamine: Also known as Tyramine a naturally occurring trace element from amino acid tyrosine. Can cause side effects in some people and is known for creating the “cheese effect” – the migraine that some people experience after eating cheese. May increase blood pressure. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

PhenRx contains stimulants and ingredients that will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. You will probably notice an energy buzz after taking but there is nothing here that specifically targets weight loss beyond the stimulant effect.

The capsule contains just 377 mg but we do not know the ingredients breakdown. It may be mainly caffeine (an average coffee contains 100mg per cup) but whatever it is you will probably notice it.

Does Phen RX Have Any Side Effects?

Interestingly, many people found that PhenRx actually increased their appetite and made them feel hungry!

This product did not suppress my appetite at all. If anything, it left me starving, with hunger pains!

was a typical comment.

Other side effects reported by customers include;

  • Vivid dreams
  • Headaches
  • Shakiness
  • Swollen limbs
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Racing heart

According to Nexgen side effects are rare and may include;

  • Dry mouth
  • Sleeplessness

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take PhenRX if you suffer from a heart condition or have high blood pressure. Do not take if you are sensitive to stimulants or suffer from mental problems. Avoid if you have any type of medical condition related to the thyroid.
See your doctor before taking if you are on medication, because of the risk of drug interactions.

Any Phen RX Reviews From Customers?

Yes and it is a mixed bag. Many people are very pleased with this supplement and feel very positive about it.

A big thumbs up from me, I dived in to try something new and I’m very happy
with the overall outcome, I highly recommend these to lose weight

said one customer.

Despite some customers reporting an increase in appetite, this is not the same for everyone;

This is the first weight loss product we’ve tried that actually seemed to work… This is a pretty strong stimulant, so if you are not used to them, be careful

Not everyone is as pleased.

I took these for about 4 days and had to stop. It felt as though my heart was affected badly… racing at times and a feeling of pressure. In any case, it may be good for some, but obviously not for me….

A typical negative review came from this customer;

I felt no different taking this product. It has not given any energy nor weight loss. I would not recommend it, save your money.

So Does Phen RX Work?

It obviously does work for some people. Many customers have left positive reviews after taking the pills for a few days and have been pleased with their results. However, a high number are disappointed and some have said that after a fast initial weight loss of a few pounds the effects wear off. Many have noticed no difference.

A problem with taking stimulants such as caffeine to achieve weight loss is that your body can become accustomed to the effect. This will vary from person to person as do the effects of this pill.

Where Can I Buy Phen RX?

You can buy PhenRx direct from the Nexgen website.

One month’s supply of 60 capsules costs $59.99 and shipping costs are not specified. Your shipping charges will be calculated depending on your address. Nexgen ship internationally so you can buy if you do not live within the USA

You can also buy PhenRx via 60 capsules costs $49.99 and includes free shipping to US addresses.

What About A Guarantee

Nexgen do not offer a guarantee for PhenRx.

As one customer complained;

I totally wasted my fifty dollars & really wish I could get my money back

Watchdog Verdict

We are not impressed with PhenRx. It contains some potentially dangerous ingredients and lacks any real information about how it works and what it does. Taking stimulants to make you feel too on edge to eat is just not a healthy way to lose weight and it will not work long term.

Nexgen should have provided some side effects information too because many of the ingredients are known for raising the heart rate and blood pressure.

Despite this, there is a fair amount of positive customer feedback so it obviously does work for some people and not everyone has reported side effects. The bottom line is that we would not recommend a diet pill unless we felt it was safe and worked and PhenRx does not tick either of these boxes.

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Superfruit Slim

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  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. kathrin keasler says:

    I got my bottle with a piece of paper what offered me a free bottle. I followed the link and apparently when I leave a ( true)review about phen rx and I send them the link of my review, I get a free bottle. Not sure yet if this stuff works, but nowadays everyone wants something for free. So I would like to see real reviews! Since I get hungry from it. But I had to try something since Saba changed their formula.

  2. anja dreiocker says:

    can I break down the capsule because I feel dizzy ! should I take it with food???

  3. L.R. says:

    Ugh, I bought these and felt like an idiot. I felt so jittery and anxious, and when mixed with clinical depression , caused me to be even worse. Nausea alllllll day, and when I was off, appetite came back full force. There were times when I was sure my heart would beat out of my chest. Wouldn’t recommend.

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