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As soon as we see a diet pill that trades on the association with a weight loss drug (an ingredient in prescription only diet pills) and an FDA banned substance it immediately raises a red flag to us. Why would a diet pill company try and trade off the back of associating with these substances?

This was the first thing that struck us with Phenphedrine, why has the company invented a name like this and precisely what are they trying to sell? We took a closer look at Phenphedrine to see what we could find out, is Phenphedrine safe and what’s the story behind it?

Phenphedrine Pros

  • Nothing whatsoever

Phenphedrine Cons

  • Could put you in hospital
  • No scientific evidence
  • No contact details
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Phenphedrine Review

Phenphedrine Facts

  • Cleverly written sales page
  • Contains some powerful ingredients
  • Sales page is based on “psycho-babble”

We are used to seeing some wild claims about certain diet pills and know that a huge part of the industry relies on smoke and mirrors tactics in order convince the customer to order. This begins on the website itself and the way is it designed and written can reveal all sorts of juicy information.

First thing we do is see who is behind the website. Reputable companies will always put full contact information, including their address on their website. Along with a valid phone number answered by humans and emails, these are the bare minimum details an honest and trustworthy company would publish.

We had a good dig around on the Phenphedrine website but couldn’t find an address for them, this is not good news.

There is the usual phone number to the sales people in Utah, which was not answering when we rang as well as the chat box that only seems to operate during west coast business hours. Nothing particularly unusual here, but we are very concerned about the lack of address.

Phenphedrine Warnings

  • No address for the company
  • No scientific evidence
  • Could be dangerous to take
  • Brags about cocaine and amphetamines on the sales page

What Does Phenphedrine Claim To Do?

Lets take a closer look then at the site itself and see what they have to say.

There’s a nice picture of the product itself at the top along with a headline a three bullet points:

“WANT TO LOSE SERIOUS WEIGHT FAST?” poses the first question.

This is the usual type of headline with these types of diet pill sites. It looks good and is immediately appealing, “Yes, of course I want to lose serious weight fast”, you subconsciously think. And this is precisely what they are trying to achieve. It’s all about clever psychological tricks to perk your interest and get you to read on.

Never mind that it doesn’t really mean much, as “serious” and “fast” are impossible to quantify, but nonetheless it reads great to prospective buyers.

Moving on we has some nice bullet points:

  • Burn More Fat
  • Eat Less Food
  • Guaranteed Results

All fairly generic statements that again don’t really say much but it’s a pretty common tactic.

The only other thing in the header is another clever little trick. There’s a picture of a very slim girls torso in a bikini with a “testimonial” from Liz G written over the top of it. She claims to be on her second bottle and to “have lost over 30lbs” and declaring how easy it was.

This is to make you think that the same thing will happen to you without them actually claiming it themselves. If they did this and it didn’t happen to you, the quite rightly they could be in a whole heap of trouble, but by implying the same thing via a testimonial, fake or otherwise, they can get away with it.

Ok let’s move on.

The pose another question, “What’s the secret to weight loss?” and quite helpfully they happen to have the answer:

“Through years of study and breakthroughs in modern science, we’ve discovered the key to long term weight loss success. And you can only find this compound inside of PHENPHEDRINE, weight loss solution”

What an absolute load of rubbish!

There is absolutely zero clinical evidence or scientific research to back this claim up, but it sure sounds good doesn’t it?

There’s also a nice picture of a doctor, with a random “quote” alongside him just to make you think that it really is scientists behind this product.

So what else can we learn about Phenphedrine?

Well bit of a trick one this, we honestly think that whoever wrote the copy for this product was possibly under the influence of psychoactive drugs!

There is some really strange babble about “Good vs. Evil”. “Guardian Angels” and “Villains”, none of which makes any sense whatsoever.

They also waffle on about cocaine and amphetamines, two highly illegal substances, presumably in an attempt to make you think that Phenphedrine is a safe variant of these dangerous drugs. Why on earth they would do this is anyone’s guess, would you really want to buy something based on these claims?

This is not looking good; lets take a closer look at the ingredients and see what we can find.

So What Is Phenphedrine and What Are The Ingredients For Phenphedrine?

So what are these magic ingredients?

Those listed on the site include; Chromax (500 mcg), Dicaffeine Malate (125mg), Caffeine Anhydrous (125mg), Phytosome Green Tea (100mg), Hops 50mg), Phenylethylamine (25mg) and 1,3 dimethylamyline (12.5mg)

  • Chromax – This is listed with an actual amount of 500 mcg. We dug a little deeper and found this quote on the National Institute of Health website:

    “Chromium supplements are sometimes claimed to reduce body fat and increase lean (muscle) mass. Yet a recent review of 24 studies that examined the effects of 200 to 1,000 mcg/day of chromium (in the form of chromium picolinate) on body mass or composition found no significant benefits” and

    “In several studies, chromium’s effects on body weight and composition may be called into question”

  • Dicaffeine Malate – A mixture of caffeine and malic acid, basically this is a fancy sounding term for coffee.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Again this is another name for coffee; so far we have 250mg of coffee in this diet pill. This will lead to increased heart rate and a metabolism boost for some people, but in others it can be dangerous.
  • Hops – Claims to have a stimulant effect and possibly help the body relax. No evidence that it can be effective in a diet pill at these levels. We have no idea why this is included.
  • Phytosome Green Tea – There has been a lot of research into green tea and its effects on weight loss, which show how useful it can be. However with Phenphedrine they are making claims for its effectiveness based on a study where 300mg was consumed daily. This product only contains 100mg so at best it’s misleading to imply that this diet pill will have the same effect.
  • Phenylethylamine – To quote their description, “PEA is an amphetamine-like substance that shares relations with the naturally occurring catecholamine neurotransmitters and their amino acid precursors, tyrosine and phenylalanine.”

    Again they are trying to relate this to illegal amphetamines, and then dressing it up with a load more scientific terms, ask yourself why they are doing this.

  • 1,3 dimethylamyline – Derived from geraniums, this is a stimulant substance very similar to coffee. No research into the effectiveness oft his product in the amounts contained in Phenphedrine.

Does Phenphedrine Have Any Side Effects?

No studies have been done either into the effectiveness of Phenphedrine or indeed if there are any side effects from ingesting the mix that they have come up with. There could possibly be long-term damage to the body; at this stage it is impossible to say one way or the other.

We came across a very frightening article (Diet pills left me unable to move arm or leg) on a popular UK based newspaper site, The sun;

The Sun UK Daily Paper Article

The article goes on to describe the hospitalization of Sarah and how the Doctors linked her symptoms to Phenphedrine. They summed up with the following;

The Culprits

Any Phenphedrine Reviews From Customers?

There’s some reviews on the sales page of the website, but it is impossible to see fi they are real or simply made up.

BUT… the bottom in small writing they have a disclaimer:

“Testimonials for Phenphedrine reflect one persons experience, individual results may vary.”

You decide if they are true or not.

So Does Phenphedrine Work?

Quite possibly, there are some ingredients in Phenphedrine that suggest it could possibly help with weight loss. However there is no scientific research into its effectiveness and it could quite possibly leave you in hospital.

Where Can I Buy Phenphedrine?

Phenphedrine is only seems to be available online. This time they are using a payment processor owned by Excitement Dietetics LLC based in the diet pill scam capital of the world, Utah.

As usual Excitement Dietetics is hidden behind a proxy owner, which coincidentally is the same one as Gadd Formulas LLC.

There also seem to be a number of fake review sites that review Phenphedrine but it would appear that the same people control them all in order to give fake reviews.

Watchdog Verdict


Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Further Information

As is usual we try and trace who is behind a particular diet pill, especially why they deliberately do not disclose their address like Phenphedrine.

We used Google and several hours to dig up information in the public domain to see what we could find.

We looked at what other sites could be related to Phenphedrine in the hope that we could find something in common and gather further evidence. After doing some digging we found the Phenphedrine site to be associated with four other domains:

Phenphedrine similar sites

They are also responsible for,, and

We have come across all of these diet pills before along with a catalogue of complaints. At some stage or other they have all been involved with Gadd Formulas LLC, the now discredited payment processor with a truly frightening history behind it.

Because of the amount of bad publicity behind Gadd Formulas all of the diet pills they are involved with are now using other payment processors and what we found next literally shocked us. We simply looked at the payment processor for each of the above websites owned by the same person and found the following: – Excitement Dietetics

Excitement Dietetics order page – Doakes Nutraceutials

Doakes Nutraceuticals order page – Ampersand Industries

Ampersand Industries order page – Pierce Hawthorne

Pierce Hawthorne order page – Blackfire Global

Blackfire Global order page

So what does all this mean?

For the first time we have been able to link one owner of 5 different diet pill products together as they are using the same analytics account. This person (or company) is then using 5 different payment processors for these products, and all of these companies are set up in the same way.

Would you be happy buying anything from these people?

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Fred Goldberg says:

    How to start this,as i rarely ever express my opinions in writing.To get to the point,I’ve been taking phenphedrine for about 3 months now. I am on my 2nd order of 4 bottles.So far no negative side effects only good ones. I am 74 yrs. old and was about 50 lbs. overweight ,my wife is also taking this product although she wasn’t as excited at first but has since gotten into it.I have lost18 lbs and she has lost about12 and with no side effects that we can tell.
    I asked my Dr about it and he didn’t have anything pro or con except that when you quit taking it as with all diets you’ll probably gain all the weight back. However we’re hoping what with the change in diet and better eating habits we might keep it off. Also, once we reach our goal weights,we would probably cut back to one pill a day and see if that works and then eventually get off completely. we do take a variety of pills ( Blood pressure, cholesterol, pain pills ) as well and so far have not
    felt any ill effects.It does worry me that there are no long term trails to prove this one way or the other.
    I believe and concur with everything you say about this company.There is no communication ,but so far they have delivered as promised and have not double billed me or tried to up sell me with a lot of crap i don’t need or want like so many outfits do when ordering on line.
    In conclusion,I just hope there are no long term negative side effects to our health,hopefully once we get the weight off ,we’ll be able to get off some of these other medications, as the weight is the real problem.
    I hope you find my comments useful as this is only a short trail so far and i will let you know for sure if anything negative shows up.
    Sincerely, Fred E. Goldberg

  2. Fiona says:

    I ordered 3 bottles of these capsules off the official website and they arrived yesterday morning. Since taking them i have had diahrroea, felt very sick, felt very dizzy, had no appetite, no energy and had a headache. This is not easy when you have a 9 month old baby to look after! I have lost half a stone – can’t be good to lose that much so quickly, i reckon i’m dehydrated and am trying to drink lots of water. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence and i maybe have a viral infection (either that or i’m pregnant!) which is causing these symtoms but i wont be taking them tomorrow to see how i feel then.

  3. Dominga Rodriguez says:

    I bought this product back in march 2012 and I lost 11 pounds. I have no problems with the product other than very happy with the results. Gave me energy to do exercise and feel better about myself. I recommend but follow the instruction I did drink lots of water and ate good one meal mostly at lunch.

  4. Lee Randazzo says:

    The Phenphedrine website has a 90 day money back guarantee. This if not mentioned on your website. Do you know if anyone has had trouble getting their money back?

    • Watchdog Staff says:

      Hi Lee,

      Sorry we forgot to mention the 90 day money back guarantee. However due to the horrendous track record of the people behind this product, as we have gone into great detail to document above, we would advise extreme caution when dealing with them. When dealing with any diet pill coming out of Utah it’s usually a case of “buyer beware.”
      Diet Pills Watchdog

    • C J Hughes says:

      I was crazy or desperate enough to order the $150 package. I have been in the hospital with a huge abscess on my arm, no way to know if phenphedrine is the cause, but it was the only thing different that I had done. I can only get a busy signal when I have tried to call about the money back guarantee. Any suggestions? Please!

  5. Jon says:

    I ordered a bottle of this a couple years ago and had great results. By the time the first bottle was over, I had lost over 10 pounds. I felt great, had an amazing amount of energy and lost weight. My appetite was suppressed as well.

    I didn’t have any negative effects, neither did she.

  6. Nikki says:

    I took these for two months after having my second child (not breast feeding of course). I actually lost 50 pounds in 4 weeks. I was working out 5 days a week and only drinking water though. they made me not hungry and I probably ate one small meal a day. I have not taken them in 2 years and have not gained back the weight. I got pains in my right side for a good year and a half after although I dont know if it is related to taking the diet pills. still after losing the weight I dont think I would recomend them. It says not to take them so many hours before going to bed and they would make me depressed when I would start to come down on them. I also drank TONS of water and I was very dehydrated all the time. I never had a problem with the billing or shipping though.

  7. lisa says:

    I bought a bottle back in March and got a bottle free. I lost 25lbs the first 3 months or so. I started on one pill a day then two pills since I am sensitive to caffeine and wanted to see how it would react to me but stopped before I got to the next bottle. While on it I had lots of energy I walked for an hour or more 2-3 times a week. However after a while I started feel to hype so that’s why I stopped. I started taking it again and have to say it has not been good. I get really tired but still hyper. I feel really depressed and neurotic like I’m about to flip out. Not to mention the mood swings. One day out of the blue I had the feeling that my boyfriend was cheating on me and went thru all his emails even went to see if he was at work. I guess that after the pills wore off I realized how stupid I was being but at the time it was the realist thing. I can’t say the pills don’t work but now I’m looking for another brand or something just to see if the reaction was because I had gotten use to it….BTW I have been on it for about a month and have barely lost 1 lb. so maybe my body has adapted to it. All I can say is keep an open eye when taking.

  8. shameeka says:

    I have only been taking phenphedrine a few days now and so far the only thing Im felling are the headaches that I get shortly after taking them and I am still hungray so they dont curve you hunger at least not mine still find myself eating and wanting food so the only thing I lost was $56 from my wallet

  9. Graham says:

    Whats up everyone!!! Figuring I’d mention something since I get the chance to. I’m 21 years old and back in 2011 I suffered from a heart attack. At the time I was taking phephendrine, However the doctors couldn’t prove that it was due to taking them. I had taken the pills for months for almost a year actually. Nothing ever bad happened when taking them until I mixed it with another energy supplement called redline. Stupid mistake right? I’d been wanting to get back on this pill however I couldn’t risk another heart attack. I miss those damn lil things

  10. Kristy says:

    Hi, i have been on this product for 10 months now and i have lost 13kgs, i only take 1 a day first thing in the morning.
    I found taking the recommended dose was way to much for me, taking one a day i still feel energetic for most of the day which is great and it supreses my appertite to the point were i have to remember to eat as i dont get hungry.
    I cant stand rubbish food anymore the smell of a pie makes me feel sick so its great for getting you out of the bad habit of eating junk food,You just dont want it!
    Taking one a day has made my order of 3 bottles last for months so very cost effective for me and i love the energy boost it gives me.

  11. venus says:

    First off I’ve used phenphedrine and it works. Yes you use at your own risk but for me I havent had any problems with it. I take 2 a day. . I take one in the morning and the other at noon. It curbs my appetite better than anything ive taken before. Im the girl that constantly eats until I fall asleep. With phenphedrine I still eat but not as much because I feel full faster. I would just recommend drinking lots and lots of water and if you react badly to caffeine this might not be the diet pill for you. I also work out right after I take it because it gives me a big bossy of energy. As I stated this is my opinion. I’m not listening to this article because ive tried phenphedrine and it works for me. Ive lost weight not thati have much to lose. I want to get lean and this diet pill is working for me used it for 6 months.

  12. Gina says:

    I purchased a sample /trial pills good for 15 days. I really liked them and they seemed to give me energy, not weight loss though. I just ordered and received a month supply and I am not happy with them as the 1st pill I took has given me a severe headache lasting over 15 hours now. I am not custom to headaches so this is real bad. I have just written the company for a refund and I hope they do but either way, I do not plan take the remainder of the box.

  13. Troy Michael says:

    This pill is effective. I’ve taken it numerous times to get into shape. NO diet pill is effective unless you GO TO THE GYM and EXERCISE. The VAST MAJORITY of people complaining saying the pill does not work is because they think it’s a miracle pill… You can not just take this pill, not exercise, and not change your eating habits and expect to lose weight… I WILL BET MY LIFE.. that if you EAT HEALTHY, EXERCISE REGULARLY, while taking this pill or ANY diet pill, you will lose weight.. Drink ONLY water. NO milk, beer, alcohol, orange juice, etc! NO sweets, cookies, candy, ice cream, or fast food or fried food… That’s how you lose weight. This pill is to ASSIST you in your weight loss goals, not for you to swallow and pray that your fat melts away……….

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