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Sounds familiar eh? Phentirimine is another diet pill trading on the ever popular prescription and controlled drug, is the company using deceptive marketing? Well some consumers think so. We reveal what the real story is behind this oral appetite suppressant.

Is this another copy that attempts to trade on this prescription drugs name or an effective diet pill that really works, we review all in our Phentirimine review!

Phentirimine Pros

  • Nothing at all

Phentirimine Cons

  • Trading on prescription name
  • Lacks ingredient information
  • Lacks any clinical data
  • Lacks independent testimonials
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Phentirimine Review

Phentirimine Facts

  • Manufactured by Labs Division (LabQ2), New York
  • No details on ingredients used!
  • Company has history of trading on similar sounding prescription drugs

Looking at the official website hardly inspires confidence. It’s a poorly designed site that gives very little information, clearly playing on the prescription name and uses a large image of a doctor suggesting it’s a medical product – which it isn’t!

We had déjà vu after seeing this site and quickly realised why, it follows exactly the same approach as another product, Ionimine. A quick check and our suspicions were confirmed they are both owned by the same company. In fact the company look to have four diet pills (Tennuate, Ionimine and Phentamedrazin) that all follow the same approach, named closely to prescription drugs!

Phentirimine is clearly looking like the prescription and controlled drug,

So who owns this and possibly all these other diet pills? The contact information shown on these sites is Labs Division that seems to be a subsidiary of LabQ2 based in New York. A look up on Google maps for the registered address looks like a residential street, hardly inspiring eh?

A quick search online for LabQ2 scams or rip-offs reveals a few consumers reporting this company for using deceptive marketing by deliberately naming their product similar to the prescription drug.

You can read a few of the reports here:

So what about the supplement? Each bottle contains 120 capsules that are recommended to taken one at breakfast with water and then mid-afternoon with water. This means one bottle is more than ample for one month supply.

Phentirimine Warnings:

  • Lacks ingredient profile
  • Lack references to clinical studies to support weight loss claims
  • Manufacturer has a habit of trading off prescription diet drugs names

What Does Phentirimine Claim To Do?

This supplement claims to be a legal and prescription free alternative to a controlled drug that can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite.

Taken from their website…

Phentirimine is used as an appetite suppressant used in conjunction with an overall diet plan to reduce weight.

Phentirimine web

In small print the manufacturers claims they are not associated with the makers of the original prescription drug (Eon Labs).

So What Is Phentirimine and What Are The Ingredients For Phentirimine?

This is where it gets interesting; there is just no information about what’s in this supplement! This is the theme it seems with ALL DIET PILLS this company manufacturers.

The only information about the ingredients in Phentirimine is what isn’t in it. There are apparently no banned or illegal ingredients in this product!

Phentirimine does not actually list any of their ingredients at all.

Never buy or consume a product where there is no indication of what is in it!

So What Does All This Mean?

You are potentially buying a supplement you don’t know what’s in it from a company that has a history of marketing products with prescription drug sounding names, who also could be operating from a residential address in New York.

That’s not all; if you’re not happy with your purchase they will charge you $15 for cancelling your order.

Does Phentirimine Have Any Side Effects?

Although the makers of this supplement claim no side effects, who knows! With no list of ingredients and no consumer reports it’s impossible to tell.

Helpfully the manufacturers suggest seeing your doctor if notice side effects!

Caution: Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, anyone with any heart conditions (especially high blood pressure), anyone under 18 years of age, should avoid taking this supplement.

Any Phentirimine Reviews From Customers?

There are no consumer reviews on the official website.

So Does Phentirimine Work?

Absolutely impossible to tell!

With no indication of what ingredients are inside each Phentirimine capsule it’s impossible to say what, if any effect taking this supplement will have.

For all we know this diet pill could just contain fillers and no active ingredients!

Where Can I Buy Phentirimine?

This supplement seems only available directly from the official website.

The regular price for one bottle is $79 (approximately £53) but the “today’s price” is $69.99 (around £47) giving you enough for 1 months supply.

Ordering 2 months or more entitles you to a free bottle of an unknown supplement called “Co Clean”, which appears to be a detoxifying colon cleanser product (also owned by Labs Division).

One option to buy Phentirimine is by auto-ship whereby you sign up to pay $59.95 every 24 days until you cancel. We are not keen on such programmes as often you end up being charged more than you wish to. For the $10 saving you will make with the auto-ship programme we would STRONGLY ADVISE you against using this option!

What About A Guarantee

Absolutely none! In fact the site states “absolutely no refunds on purchases of Phentirimine… once orders have been shipped”.

If the order hasn’t been shipped then they charge you a $15 cancellation fee!

There is no money-back guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

What can we say about Phentirimine, apart from a big DO NOT BUY this supplement!

This is one of the worse examples of a product trading on the prescription drug we have seen. There is nothing that inspires trust and confidence in this product. The only positive is that they clearly provide contact details if you need to contact them!

By taking this product you have no idea what you’re consuming and whether it will work or cause any unwanted side effects.

As we concluded with Ionimine, this product has got disaster written all over it, avoid Phentirimine. We obviously reject Phentirimine diet pills!

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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    Bought the pills. Bottle ingredients read calcium, calcium pyruvate, garcinia and ginko.

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