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Plexus Slim

Can drinking one Plexus Slim sachet powder with water be the answer to losing those excess inches? We take a look at what’s called the “Pink Drink” to see if this really is an affordable weight management product that works.

We investigate whether the claim that this all-natural product is the way to lose weight by burning fat and not muscle.

Plexus Slim Pros

  • Contains no caffeine
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Company and contact details given
  • Customer testimonials

Plexus Slim Cons

  • Fairly expensive
  • Proprietary blend, ingredient profile not fully disclosed
  • Lack of proven ingredients
  • Lacks references to study to support claims
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Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim Review

Plexus Slim Facts

  • Manufactured by Plexus Worldwide Inc. based in Arizona
  • Distributors use Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scheme
  • Also known as the “Pink Drink”

The product is manufactured by Plexus Worldwide Inc who are based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The official website differs from most sites in that it’s more of a company brochure site promoting products to both consumers and network marketers.

That’s right you can earn money from home by starting your own Plexus home-based business. Basically you can sign up to become, what Plexus call “Ambassadors” (essentially distributors), whereby you promote the products and then sell directly to consumers. If you’re not familiar with this business model it’s called multi level marketing (MLM).

Although some dubious marketers in the past (a few are probably still going) have promoted MLM programmes, Plexus appear to be a genuine company dedicated to providing a good distributor base. This explains why when researching this product we came across a number of sites promoting Plexus supplements.

There are a number of other products by Plexus Worldwide too, some of which can be combined with Plexus Slim for apparently faster effects. These include Plexus Slim/Accelerator Combo, Plexus Bio Cleanse, ProBio5 and the FAST RELIEF range of creams or capsules.

Plexus Slim is straightforward to take you simply poor the contents of a sachet into 12oz of water 30 minutes before one of your mail meals. Although only one sachet is suggested, consumers with a lot of weight to lose or have particularly struggle with excess weight can recommended to take 2 sachets per day.

According to the manufacturer most people experience the benefits of the supplement after 2 weeks of taking it, although this period and magnitude of weight loss varies from person to person.

Plexus Slim Concerns:

  • Fairly expensive supplement
  • Too few proven weight loss ingredients and quantities not revealed
  • One clinical trial with just 8 subjects with Type 2 diabetes

What Does Plexus Slim Claim To Do?

This “simple” weight loss solution claims to be….

the all-natural way to lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle

Plexus Slim claims to do this and more by:

  • Safely and effectively managing weight
  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure
  • Promote beneficial cholesterol levels

What sets Plexus Slim apart from many other supplements, according to the manufacturer contains:

  • No caffeine
  • No stimulants
  • No meal replacements
  • No shakes

So how does this supplement reduce binge eating and improve will power?

So What Is Plexus Slim and What Are The Ingredients For Plexus Slim?

This supplement is not a meal replacement shake but a powder that is dissolved in 12 ounces of water and taken before one of your main meals each day.

No supplement fact label is available and here is little information on the proprietary formula used in Plexus Slim. Apart from Chromium, most of the remaining ingredients won’t be too familiar, even to consumers who have a keen interest in reading supplement labels.

  • Polydextrose: An indigestible glucose that is classified as a soluble fiber and often used in foods to increase the “non-dietary fiber content of food”.
  • Citric Acid: Often used to add an acidic or sour taste to foods and soft drinks and known as the addictive E330 in the European Union (EU).
  • Natural Flavors: No idea what and why these are used.
  • Beet Root & Grape Skin Extract: Good source of fiber if consumed in sufficient amounts could help you feel fuller by adding bulk in the stomach.
  • Stevia Extract: An herb from the Chrysanthemum family that grows in parts of Brazil and Paraquay. Often used as a sweetener and sugar substitute and benefits from having minimal impact on blood glucose levels.
  • Lo Han Extract: The scientific name “Siraitia grosvenori” is frequently used in Southern China as a longevity aid. It’s said to have a number of benefits, such as alleviating constipation, chronic enteritis and respiratory ailments. Lo Han is also used as a sweetener in food and drinks.
  • Chlorogenic Acid (Plant Extract): Found in green coffee beans, Chlorogenic acid prevents the release of glucose to the blood stream and is suggested to promote increased fat burning. Received lots of media attention recently attributing the rise of green coffee bean extract supplements on the market.
  • Citrin K (Garcinia Cambogia): A patented form of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that includes potassium, manufactured by Sabinsa Corporation. Evidence to suggest may help weight loss by suppressing appetite, stimulating the metabolic rate and suppressing lipogenesis. Weight loss results have been shown in certain amounts (at least 500mg) but no indication how much is included here.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: An antioxidant that is said to attack free radicals in the body produced by toxins and waste in the body. Some studies have shown alpha-lipoic acid to help lower blood sugar levels and so suggested to help diabetic type conditions. Although there aren’t established dosages its been suggested to be beneficial for diabetic conditions when taking 800mg daily.
  • Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside (Plant Extract): There is no mention other than this ingredient helps to suppress appetite. After a little digging we found it’s simply a fancy and somewhat sounding name for Hoodia Gordonii (P57), the ingredient used in hundreds of supplements promoted as an appetite suppressant. Serious doubt has been raised at to the effectiveness of this ingredient. Again no idea of the type and amount used here.
  • Chromium: Often seen in dietary supplements as it’s said to help regulate blood glucose levels. Although popular there is conflicting evidence from studies, some suggesting it works whilst others refute the claims. It’s the only ingredient here that is linked to and is suggested to promote weight loss.

So What Does All This Mean?

The lack of stimulants and caffeine will appeal to consumers who are sensitive to these ingredients.

There is little information about the ingredients used in Plexus Slim. A greater look into the science behind the ingredients suggests few (actually just two) have any significant weight loss benefits, and a marginal one at that!

Does Plexus Slim Have Any Side Effects?

According to Plexus Worldwide the answer is simply NO.

They claim that “extensive clinical research” has shown no side effects with any medications or supplements. That’s a fairly big claim and clearly they can’t have tested their supplement with EVERY medication out there. So we would urge caution if you’re taking any prescription medication and suggest you speak to your medical professional first before taking!

Caution: As is common with most diet pills we would refrain from taking Plexus Slim if breast feeding, have a body mass index (BMI) under 18.5 and are under 18 years of age.

Any Plexus Slim Reviews From Customers?

There are some great looking customer testimonials on the official Plexus website. Some of them are “Ambassadors” themselves and so could be a little biased towards the product considering they are marketing them as well.

Otherwise though there are, in most cases, before and after pictures for most testimonials, along with how much weight they have lost. There is no indication how recent the testimonials are though and of course we couldn’t verify if they are genuine or not.

So Does Plexus Slim Work?

When asked how effective Plexus Slim is, the manufacturers claim the effects are “subtle yet effective” and that most people see the benefits after 2 weeks of taking it. We didn’t think this was particularly encouraging but at least they aren’t overselling the weight loss claims like many other products.

So what are the chances of the “pink drink” working?

There is one clinical study undertaken in 2008 that supports Plexus Slim can work to reduce glucose levels in Type 2 diabetics. A secondary outcome from the study showed that subjects lost weight too.

The 8 subjects in the study experienced weight loss between 7 and an impressive 50 pounds. Whilst the study lasted 18 weeks it’s unclear if dietary intake or exercise patterns were monitored. With 3 of the subjects losing less than 0.6 pound per week, weight loss results for some weren’t exactly mind blowing!

Whilst the study looks promising there are way too many variables to draw conclusions from. It’s also worth noting that the sample of 8 subjects is incredibly small and all suffered from Type 2 diabetics.

There is no clinical reference for this study or any indication if it’s been published in any journal, so it’s not possible to evaluate the study in any depth.

What is more concerning though, is that apart from Chromium and Citrin K, none of the other ingredients appear to be linked to or to promote weight loss!

There is also scant information about the ingredients in the proprietary blend used in this supplement. With no details of the amounts used it’s impossible to judge how effective they will be and if sufficient quantities exist to have any weight loss benefits.

Where Can I Buy Plexus Slim?

The range of Plexus products are available directly from the official website or from one of the many distributors (Ambassadors).

Making an online “retail purchase” on the official website is only possible if you have an Ambassador ID. Otherwise you need to place your order by calling customer services.

Once you get through to an order page (either the official site or an Ambassadors site) you’re presented with two options to purchase, a “retail” or “preferred” purchase. The “Retail purchase” is for a one-off order whereas the “Preferred Purchase” is for enrolment in an auto-shipping programme where you’re automatically billed monthly for the new products sent each month. Although you can save a little, but not too much, money with the “Preferred” option you can only cancel after 15 days of your initial purchase.

The cost for one-month of Plexus Slim is $84.95 for one-off payments or $79.95 if you use the preferred auto-shipping payment option.

The Plexus Slim/Accelerator combo costs a staggering $114.95 per month or slightly cheaper at $99.95 for the auto-shipped payment option.

What About a Guarantee?

The manufacturer is so confident that their products work they give a 60-day money-back guarantee. Any unused product and the original packaging needs to be returned either directly to the company or to the Ambassador you made the purchase from.

Retail consumers have up to 60 days we which to get a refund with Preferred consumers from 15 to 16 days. A shipping and handling fee is taken from the product refund.

Watchdog Verdict

At first glance Plexus Slim looks to be an attractive product that could give you the answer to your weight loss. Backed by a company that reveals their contact information and offers what looks to be a great guarantee.

What more could you want? Well, for one weight loss ingredients in the right amounts to work and that don’t cost the earth!

This supplement is fairly expensive especially for a proprietary blend that we weren’t 100% convinced offers sufficient weight loss ingredients to actually work.

At these prices, in such a competitive field, we would recommend looking at other more cost effective supplements. We reject Plexus Slim.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

#1 Consumer Choice: Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim

The most potent Superfruit diet pill on the market, includes clinically proven Raspberry Ketones, African Mango and Acai Berry.

Why is Superfruit Slim Watchdog Approved?

  • 4 strongest superfruit extracts in one capsule
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • FREE shipping and buy 3 get 1 FREE offers!

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Chase says:

    I use Plexus and my wife is an ambassador too. I have lost 12 pounds and 8 inches total all in 6 months time. I can vouch that it does suppress appetite and as many people report, gives you increased energy throughout the day. As far as blood sugar levels, I am deployed but plan to have a blood test after I get home.

    Plexus specifically recommends to take half your body weight and to drink this amount (in ozs) of water per day. This is the hard part for some people including myself at times.

    I have one question for you. Are you affliliated in any way with Phentaslim? The reason I ask is because everything you have to say about them is positive and nothing is perfect. How could this product be without faults entirely that you would give it such a rave review to the point it seems biased? Thanks for your time.

    • jrw says:

      On any sensible diet you can lose 1½ – 2 lbs per week and combined with exercise can lose inches as well. 6 months = 24 weeks x 1½ lbs = 36 lbs loss. If you drink half your body weight in water mixed with Plexus, you may even put yourself in danger of water poisoning. What if you weighed 400 lbs and tried this, desperate to lose weight? You’d have to drink 200 oz of water infused with Plexus/day or 25 8oz glasses. Recommended is eight 8 oz glasses per day. Additionally, I have not found the quantities of each ingredient listed for Plexus. I am not selling any dietary supplement and am of the opinion that far too many are unregulated here in the U.S. I do wonder about the placebo effect here, which is fine. If it seems to help you, go for it, but use caution. You don’t want to end up with other problems you weren’t counting on because of this product or any other. I just know there is no ONE product that is the cure-all or magic bean for good health on this earth.

      • cynical says:

        On any sensible diet, one can lose weight. The key is to staying on it. In addition, diabetics can diet all they want. Without a controlled blood sugar level, they won’t lose an ounce. Plexus Slim helps control cravings so you can get on that “sensible diet” and stay on it. It also levels out blood sugar levels so diabetics can see weight loss. It is proven in the clinical study. No, there is not cure all or magic bean. Wish there was. Oh wait…beer!!!

      • Kelly says:

        You do not add Plexus to all of the water you drink. I’ve done extensive research on the product myself and I can point out many errors in your “review”. 1st of all Plexus was formulated for diabetics so other than the number of subjects there is no problem with their study. The purpose of Plexus is to restore lipid levels to normal. Weight loss is a happy side effect. People who do not need to lose weight can still take Plexus for overall health benefits. Plexus gives the body what it needs and can even help a person who needs to gain weight. Women who are breastfeeding and/or pregnant can take Plexus with doctors’ approval. Children are able to take Plexus again with doctors’ approval. Next time do some actual research.

        • Carly says:

          the problem with the tiny clinical trial with diabetic subjects is this:
          perhaps plexus does lower bolood sugar, which is actually what probably caused the subjects to lose weight. One cannot take these findings and assume that the same effect would happen to non-diabetics who do not have blood glucose control problems. My thoughts are that plexus may give people more energy, but because they are drinking so much water they are probably feeling fuller and eating less, thus losing weight. But they’re attributing it to the “magical pink drink”. PS I am a Registered Dietitian and I think the 8 subject clinical trial is pitiful.

          • Anonymous says:


            You are exactly right. The so-called study which should not even be talked about because the ingredients have changed, is a sorry excuse for a study. Being in the pharmaceutical arena in the past, you show this to any healthcare provider, including weight-loss experts like yourself, and they would find it amusing.

        • Kim says:

          Funny you are telling someone to do their research and you claim extensive research, but what does that mean? Extensive research is normally followed by, well, results of said research and footnotes backing up that information. You sound like a spoon-fed rep, sorry. I have actually read several articles stating you should not take this product unless you need to lose weight and it is not recommended for people with a BMI of 18.5 or lower. That is stated by this company! So, how is it that you say it is okay even if you do not need to lose weight? Debunked.

    • olivia says:

      Can someone please tell me what I can do I take my pink drink and the accelerator and it causes me crash and its not really controlling my hunger?

      • Hannah says:

        I have same problem. I sleep all day after taking it.

      • Victoria says:

        I tired Plexus the pink drink, it tastes very good, but did not suppress my appetite, and having PLD certain things will cause me to have internal pain and this did so I immediately quit taking it. it may work for some but it wasn’t for me.

        • Bella says:

          I too am having problems. Swelling in my legs and now difficult to walk on right foot due to severe swelling and tenderness when touched. I was told by a sales rep that if I do not drink a LARGE amount of water the slim drink will cause damage to my kidneys. I wish I would of caught on then. Been drinking it and taking the ProBio 5 along with the Pro Cleanse since June 2014. My friend is a Chemical Engineer for the oil fields and looked it up. Suggested that I stop taking it for a month to see what happens. It will take at least one week to get it out of my system. I am taking this very seriously as for I have missed two days of work and possible more because I can not stand or walk. I can’t get over how I fell for this stuff. The percentage of this happening may be 4 out of 10, I may just be in that 4 category. I do not feel like my cravings have subsided any, just my own self control that is keeping my cravings down. The money I have spent on this product could of been spent at the gym, where I should of gone in the first place.

    • Leisa Wesley says:

      6 months=over $600.00 for 12 pounds. Wow, I can’t ford that.

  2. PlexusThinkPink says:

    Plexus Slim is amazing. I vouch for it 100%. I have tried everything on the market
    t, along with prescribed meds, have seen a dietician, and JC..PLEXUS SLIM works. Finally something with NO bad side effects. All good, energy levels have increased. As to being expensive…It is the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

    • Troll Exposer says:

      Coming from someone straight from the (extremely biased) source. Obviously a fake commenter.

    • anom says:

      BULLCRAP! I was diagnosed with Type 2 about a year ago. I have changed my diet and have EASILY been able to curb any “craving” for sugars 7 bread.

      I eat lots of fruits & veggies and smart portion of meat and stay away from the carbs. I exercise lightly. To date I have lost OVER 15 pounds!! And have NOT used any diet crap, including Plexus!

      • Kristy says:

        I recently started taking Plexus and I have completely given up sweets and sodas. I havn’t lost alot of weight but my big fat stomache is finally getting hard.

        • Michael says:

          So are you claiming that Plexus somehow causes muscles to tone themselves? Randy Borden, pay attention here. Add this to the list of claims from Plexus folks.

    • Elizabeth says:

      If you have a lot of weight to lose the rep recommends 2 packets of the ‘pink drink’ a day and 4 Accelerators a day. That mean you need to purchase 2 Plexus Slim + Accelerator combos a month plus the Pro Bio 5 and the Biocleanse. That is almost $300 a month. That is way more than a cup of coffee per day unless you are buying $10 coffees. This is a VERY expensive product that honestly does not work for a lot of people.

  3. jamie says:

    i have been taking plexus for 3 months now and have lost over 22 lbs & 17 inches without changing my diet or working out. I absolutely love plexus ! I dont snack on junk food like i use to.. i dont drink pop anymore… im not forcing myself to cut them out, i just dont have a desire to drink pop or eat sweets anymore. i even stopped taking plexus for 2 weeks and i still never gained any weight back.

    • Somebody says:

      Lol, first you said that you lost 22 pounds without changing your diet and then in the next sentences you talked about not snacking as much on junk food and avoiding sodas. Those ARE dietary changes. Just changing those 2 habits along with drinking more water is what made you lose the weight. I know you’re probably an “ambassador” which is why you are posting this crap, but seriously, you should stop wasting your money on garbage and if you are an ambassador, stop ripping people off!

      • Carly says:

        so true. Those are absolutely dietary changes.

      • Tabitha Swing says:

        I am a Plexus Ambassador and not afraid to begin my post by stating that. Its true that not drinking pop and not snacking are dietary changes. However, I would like to point out something that anyone who has been overweight should understand, especially people with diabetes. Cravings for sugar and breads, are the most difficult to overcome on your own! Plexus helps change your cravings naturally without you feeling as though you are being deprived of something you want. That’s why it doesn’t feel like you’re on a diet….there for, most customers and ambassadors say they have not changed their diet or exercise…..because they don’t feel like they did….it just happened because the products work from the inside to change the cravings. I really hope this information helps.

        • robyn says:

          I have been on plexus since September 8 months and not lost any weight what so ever I keep taking it hoping something will happen have taken excelarater and bioclense and probio 5 so tried a lot

  4. Jeff says:

    My wife has lost 70 lbs on Plexus Slim, and I personally know many others who have lost considerable weight, and also some who have been able to get off medications they had been on for diabetes and other issues. I am a sceptic myself, and I do know that Plexus Slim has not worked for everyone who has tried it, for differing reasons. but for many it works like a dream. and to those reading this make sure you take a look at the very bottom of this webpage and take a close look at their “disclosures”.

  5. Stephanie F says:

    I purchased Plexus Slim, on a whim on recommendation of a co-worker, but changed my mind after they shipped it. It appeared to be too costly to maintain monthly purchases. So when I received the package, I opened the envelope hoping to read reviews and instructions however, the materials included were not clear and concise. So I contacted the company requested that I return it, they confirmed it was ok, but cost of return was on me. fine. IT took 45 days for them to refund my money after resubmitting 3 requests on their end for refund! I had the signed tracking confirmation and 45 days after that I finally received my refund.

  6. Alice says:

    Chromium is known to ease the sugar cravings like people report from Plexus, Fiber will make you feel full and the two can be bought a lot cheaper than Plexus form the local pharmacy. I am not affiliated with any company but am slowly losing wright by eating natural, healthy foods and avoiding refined sugars and fats and exercising every day. How much of the weight loss reported with Plexus is a result of healthier eating and exercise rather than Plexus? I have a friend that is am ambassador and has been pushing Plexus onto all her family and friends. In the same time she has been taking it (and of course she changed her eating plan to healthy foods and is exercising) her and I have both lost 20 pounds. I did mine WITHOUT Plexus. Sounds like a placebo to me.

  7. Chris says:

    I was introduced to the slim by my daughter who wanted advice and my support in relation to performing in direct sales. First and formost is the product you are selling appropriate. eg Does it do what the company claims and is it competative. The only way is to try it. I guess I should disclose that I was borderline diabetic 1, high cholesterol readings, diagnosed with wri tendonitis and bilateral epicondolitis. I was taking medications for those ailments and weighed in at 114 kgs and 183cm. I started finding out about the slim ingredients and accelerator.(The accelerator has been removed by PLEXUS to be relabelled due to redtape and TGA ego’s. It’s okay everwhere else in the world just not here. Go figure.)
    I measured, took photos and weighed. I absolutely refused to diet and exercise to test this “wonder product.” I commenced taking the basic dose and stayed strictly to it, having to get rid of a yeast overgrowth as well (Candida).I took the ProBio 5 and Cleanse for that. 12 weeks later. I lost 18 kilo. 37cm as dropped a ridiculous amount of clothes sizes. XXXL to M in Tshirts, 102cm down to 85cm in jeans/trousers. I also have nearly no tendonitis, epicondolitis has cleared up and I don’t snore. I stopped my medication for 3 weeks and went to have my blood tested cholesterol is now in the threes and sugar glucose is 4.8!!!!!!!!!! The only downside is the cost of a new wardrobe. Believe me, it works.
    Now the price. It’s a 30 day pack and you can get it for $70-80 if you become an ambassador or if not pay $115. Simple, your choice. Similar products in the chemists were dearer and smaller packets like 15 days supply.
    I can understand why a company would be secretive how they make it. The inference the company isnt being transparent to this site reeks of arrogance. You got this one wrong fellas. Did you actually test it. I and I can prove it.

    • Silvi says:

      Hi Chris,
      Happy for your results! If you don’t mind a few questions… In what period of time did you loose the weight? Are you still taking it? Have you try to stop taking Plexus products now since you are in better shape? If so, how do you feel, any change whatsoever? If not, why not? And last, if applicable, what is your medical doctor opinion about your results and him having to take you off the medications he used to prescribe for you? I am not associated with any kind of weight lost products, just researching for my self. Thank you for your time!

  8. Karen says:

    Thank you Chris, good review very non biased. I just bought a 7 day sample to try. I have high Blood Pressure so will not do the accelerator. You can buy a 30 supply on E Bay for 70 without joining. If this helps me to stay on my low carb it is worth it.

    • Bea says:

      Karen, you will not be elligible for a refund with the company if you bought on Ebay so, I hope that your seller honors the 60 Day Guarantee

  9. Bea says:

    This article states that you can “Purchase Plexus Products From The Main Website OR an Ambassador’s Website”—WRONG…If you try to purchase from the main website it asks for “The Ambassador # Of the Ambassador You’ve Been Working With”…If you call them about placing an order, they will give you “Your Nearest Ambassador’s Contact Info”—YOU MUST GO THROUGH AN AMBASSADOR………RESEARCH NEEDS TO BE THOROUGHLY DONE BEFORE CREATING A “REVIEW ARTICLE”

  10. SFVMommy says:

    I am considering becoming an ambassador because I truly believe in this product.. I have a friend who signed up and gave me some product to try for free…. because I wanted to lose weight….and while I HAVE lost weight – and that alone would be enough to convince me – the other. totally unexpected side-effect… I have STOPPED DRINKING DIET COKE!! This for me is even better than the weight loss…. I am 45 years old, and with the exception of when I was pregnant, I have not – since high school – gone a day without Diet Coke. I’ve tried…. and been able to get down to one or two a day – but could never cut it out. I stopped buying Diet Coke by the case bcause – like a true addict – the more I had – the more I drank. If there was a fridge full – I’d easily drink 6-8 a day. So in my attempt to cut back – I stopped keeping it in the house – but stil spend $3 a day a 7-11 buying two bottles. Well now…. I don’t crave it at all. So yes…. Plexus isn’t cheap…. but the $3 a day I used to spend on Diet Coke I now spend on my Plexus…. AND – I’m losing weight and feel great. I truly believe you can’t go wrong and would recommend it to anyone!

    • johnna says:

      I am with u on that I am a soda junkie as well also chocolate and chips and I figure I probably spend way more per month on those than what I spend o. plexus so even tho its expensive its actually saving me mo ey and getting me healthy!

    • Anna says:

      I am on Plexus Slim and I love it! I was the same way before trying it, I ate so horribly, drank soda’s non stop. I really thought I was on the verge of sugar overload and burning myself out and crashing. No energy and absolutely no willpower over food. To look at me at first glance you would say I should not even be on Plexus Slim. I don’t look like I eat as awful as I once did. I tried it the first time initially because I suffer from chronic pain and nothing I have ever done has helped. When I heard the different side effects of PS, it was worth it to me to try it. After two weeks, yes things in my life changed, but they would not have changed had I not joined the Plexus family.
      Yes, I am an Ambassador, I chose to be one because of my personal results. I still have a hard time drinking 8 glasses of water a day as I never used to drink water in the past, but now soda and fast food and garbage food in general, tastes awful to me now. I still sip on soda every now and again, and I have of course “fallen off the wagon” and ate garbage food out of sheer habit, but after one taste of my old food choices and I am good, I don’t want anymore.
      It kinda goes without saying that if you do not change your diet, you won’t see much of a change. That a lot of people don’t listen to their bodies and continue to do the same as they have always done with little results to show. If you listen to the signals your body is giving you, that is what helps you to make the changes needed. Personally, I do not lose weight simply because I don’t drink soda. I know plenty of people who cut it out and it didn’t change their weight either.
      The cravings were a constant nag and downfall for me, sugar sugar sugar, junk, junk, junk and occasionally a salad or juice, I was horrible and those horrible foods cost money too! Now, a little further along in my Plexus journey, I crave non of those foods anymore, I want healthy foods, I want water, I want to be more active and I am getting better sleep!
      Say what you will about the price but everything costs and if my pink drink is what helps me gage myself and help me along with my choices, it is worth it to me.
      I tell anyone the only way they will know how Plexus will work for them is to try it! I also tell people I do not take the accelerator because I do not believe in pills to lose weight. There is also ingredients in the pills that are not in the drink, such as caffiene, so anyone taking it and finding they have a burn out or crashing, this is most likely why….
      I am as honest as I can be with potential customers and always give my experience with the product to others as the example, not the Testimonials on the site. Since taking Plexus Slim the following changes have occurred….NO binge eating, no cravings, I don’t like soda or fast food crap, I drink water willingly way more than ever in my life, my chronic pain has subsided considerably to almost none and because I feel more energized and clear headed, I have found a new love in working out!
      I never thought I would ever see the inside of a gym again with all the pain I suffered. I am a new me and I personally give Plexus Slim most of the credit, afterall I still had to be the one to listen to my body and understand the changes and be willing to make the changes my body needed and wanted!
      If you find Plexus has worked for you and that you no longer need the product, I tell my customers that they can always cancel if they don’t want it anymore…..:)

    • Troll Exposer says:

      Terribly scripted response that has been repeated on other message boards. Way to take something like willpower and instead say that it’s this magical Plexus drink that will help you lose weight without getting off of your butt. You’re just substituting one thing for another and claiming that all your benefits are because of Plexus (rather than the fact that you’re not addicted to the caffeine and other chemicals and sweeteners in Diet sodas that were probably responsible for your weight gain and lack of energy.)

  11. Arlene Martin says:

    I am sick of reading and hearing of all the wonderful benefits of this pink drink. I have always held with the opinion that if a person eats properly, drinks water i (instead of sodas) and exerscises (doesn’t sit on the couch all day) they wouldn’t need something like this. Also…guess what they are making you want to drink more and eat better…it’s a mind control issue. Furthermore there is no one product that can do “everything” from curing acne to curing Lymne disease as has been touted for this product!

    • Jessa says:

      AMEN! People need to get off their butt, put the cupcake down, and make a real lifestyle change. I used no magic pills or pink drinks, and lost 20lbs in 3 months! I made a lifestyle change by eating clean. (still being able to eat what I want, just not all the time, and in the recommended portions!) I also have two children and still found 30 mins to squeeze in exercise. When I look in the mirror I’m proud to say “I did this!”, not some stupid pink drink or diet fad.

    • Jackie says:

      Not everyone has the same metabolisim, central nervous system or mental illiness. Some people don’t enjoy eating and some can’t help themselves and have prolblems with the amount of food they eat. All this cycles from your central nervous system; depression and anxety. If you don’t understand how the body systems can affect appetite.

      • Kristy says:

        I agree I have fought an eating disorder since I was a teenager I am now 32. I have been broke so I havnt had any in almost a week and I picked up a candy bar n coke. I trashed it after one bite and sip.

  12. nicole says:

    Well, it is so incredibly nice to hear that you are one of the lucky ones in your weight control! I, unlike you, struggle keeping my weight down. After years of college basketball and injuries I had to endure back surgery at the rip ole age of 38. This kept me from any physical activities. The weight just piled on. I started Plexus March 2, 2013 weighing 289 pounds, wearing a size 22. Today I weighed 208 pounds and can wear my sisters size 12 jeans! I feel better, I look better, I have been able to stop the blood pressure meds and my Dr is just as excited as I am! I think the WATCHDOG is wrong here and needs an updated review of this product!

    • Andy says:

      You gained weight because you ate more calories than you expended- not because you had back surgery.

    • Kel says:

      Good for you Nicole. Did you also cut calories or increase exercise to lose that amount so quickly? Or stay the same amounts? I have been working out regularly and eating clean. Keeping a food journal and my weight or size is not nudging. Did you take the two a day option to lose quickly? Thanks for expanding on your success. Keep up the great work!!

      • Carly says:

        bahaha. Andy is right!

      • Tabitha Swing says:

        Kel…..considering that you are dieting and exercising…. There may be something else going on in your body. I recommend researching Candida. Plexus is known for the Slim/Accelerator….Which are great products, however, the health (&weight loss) benefits of our ProBio5/BioCleanse combo are really great for anyone who does the right things(diet & exercise) but may have a yeast overgrowth in their body, which prevents weight loss and can cause many other symptoms (such as asthma, fibromyalgia, headaches, eczema, and infections).

  13. Matt says:

    How come most of these comments in support for this product sound scripted. People just read them and think about commercials you see on tv. Most people do not talk like that.

    • Michael says:

      Matt, it sounds scripted because it is. These “ambassadors” hold meetings to sign up new lemmings and go over all of the sales pitches and things to say. Just like Lorna below, who touts the “study” of the effects on diabetics. That “study” consisted of only 8 subjects, no control group, and is based on a formula that no longer exists – Plexus reformulated their product due to problems in Canada and Australia. You will find ambassadors who will tell you that this stuff is safe to give to children, which is close to abuse in my opinion. They will claim that it helps with ADD and other behavioral issues. Anything to get you to buy and then to become a sub-ambassador under them. There is one particular ambassador in the McKinney TX area that is as cut-throat as they come. She routinely bullies others who go against Plexus, even going so far as to use her religion to demean others on Facebook and other social media. This lady gives the marching orders and the lemmings snap to and fill up Facebook with ads and testimonials. This is about people bilking others for money, not a healthy lifestyle.

  14. Lorna says:

    Hi everyone, I would like to add a few pointers for those who have tried or not tried and for those who do not wish to try. Plexus World Wide was formulated for Diabetics and in their studies they found not only did clients bloody sugars reduce but they also lost the weight. The weight was not the factor here. It’s the blood sugar levels that are reduce which in turn takes off the weight loss. As many Doctors will tell you or not that is one of the top level issues with Diabetes. There are other factors such as Candadia. Which doctors do not like to talk about. If you consider that when you take any antibiotic it takes away your good yeast in the system and then you become in balanced. People are not aware of these issues of symptoms. I must state I am not doctor nor have I studied as a doctor. If you only researched the full ingredients and what they do. Or if you studied Candada and good and bad yeast and why your body is unbalanced you will then come to understand the why’s behind Plexus Slim. There are hundreds of testimonials to date all over the place of people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chron’s disease and chronic pain syndrome. There are so many more people out there with so many issues. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CLAIM TO CURE ANY DECEASE IN ANYWAY. It is there for a health plan and once the craving cease then all the other issues start to balance out. I for one do not have any of the above. However, I have seen and spoken to so many that have and they are thrilled with their results. I have now become an ambassador for Plexus Slim in the UK. I do not see why this product is under scrutiny. There are so many other SO CALLED DIETS, that have been around and claimed this and that. They are all to be added to milk and are full of sugars. Once you come off them you put the weight back on. and if not more than before. If you wish to know more on all the products we have or have concerns then please do not hesitate to contact me direct. Thank you for reading :)

    • Carly says:

      Your huge paragraph is so full of bad grammar, misspellings, run on sentences and fragments that I couldn’t stand to read all the way through it.

    • Randy Borden says:

      Obviously, Plexus doesn’t improve spelling. And most of the ambassadors do NOT have a science background and have no academic idea about the physiology of the human body, or what comprises a VALID scientific study with peer review. My niece sells this crap. She is enamored with the company. Plexus gives expense-paid vacations (with required rallies/seminars of course) to Dallas, Orlando, its top ambassadors to cheerlead them on to higher sales. The conventions are used to train ambassadors on what to say, how to sell. I hear the claims of my niece, and other ambassadors…they are parroting what Plexus and others have told them, or are reiterating testimonials from other users. I am always holding her feet to the fire about her claims. She states “Plexus is a Fortune 500 company…do you think they would allow a Multi-level marketing company into the Fortune 500 if it wasn’t a solid company?”

      I said yeah, well…Goldman-Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Chase-Manhattan, Bank of America, etc. are also Fortune 500 companies, and we know how ethical they were and are.

      If you are ignorant about these claims, it is easy to separate you from the money in your wallet. Americans stereotypically want a pill or drink to get rid of fat that has accumulated due to laziness and poor nutritional choices (leaving out, of course, those with inherited genetic components which cause one to hold onto fat, or have a different disease that is screwing up metabolism).

      For most, drinking the water, cutting out the junk food, portion control, and exercise are key…no other drinks, pink or otherwise are needed. If you feel paying around $114/month for a questionable appetite suppressant will cause you to become more disciplined in what goes through your buccal cavity, to rationalize exercising etc because of the expense, then go for it. Just know that for almost everyone, it’s not REALLY the pink drink doing it…it’s the other life choices that are doing the trick…I’m sure the ambassadors are financially happy to take your money… snake oil is still obviously on the market.

      • Lisa G. says:

        Best all-around summary of this type of thing (both the MLM’s in general, and this product in particular) ever. I guess I don’t need to add my two cents.

  15. Kim says:

    I am a Plexus Ambassador and I have been doing it for about two months now. I thoroughly enjoy promoting this product line and believe in it wholeheartedly!! I am proof to myself and to my customers, that it works!! It keeps stating that it’s expensive. If you divide the price by 30-days, you’ll see that your only paying $4.07/day for an all over better and healthier lifestyle, the weightless is just an added bonus!! Plexus is NOT just a weightloss program, it’s main goal is health and wellness. Also, you didn’t gain the excess weight overnight so your not gonna lose it that fast either. Plexus works from the inside out to help assist your body in flushing unwanted pollutants and toxins… Resulting in the shredding of fat and inches, not muscle. =)

    • marissa says:

      I just got my plexus 2 days ago, I will come back and comment in 2 weeks to let everyone know how im doing. I was a huge skeptic at first, I normally wouldn’t try anything like this and never have. So we will see….

    • Randy Borden says:

      Right out of the Plexus playbook….I didn’t know Plexus made one “weightless”! Now that would be a BONUS…it must counter Earth’s gravitational field…wow.

      • Michael says:

        Plexus (at one point or another) has miraculously cured every ailment known to mankind (according to Facebook). I don’t know why President Obama hasn’t become an ambassador himself and used it to stop the spread of Ebola.

    • pindy Basi says:

      I live in England can I order plexus slim here. I got my first month but have been told that it isn’t being delivered here any more. Are there any ambassadors in England.


  16. Mike says:

    I am signing up as an ambassador. I like the product and the way I feel. If I lose weight, great. If not, it is still good for blood sugar and cholesterol. I like MLMs. They are a proven way to get things to people. I reject the notion that it is expensive. If you give up one unhealthy thing you do every day (soda, cigarettes, burgers, fries, fried food of any kind, candy) you can afford it. I reject the lemmings comments as well. Those that go to work every day and work for someone else and allow their jobs to control their lives are the lemmings, not those who are trying home based businesses or entrepreneurial projects. I think it is worth a shot but I am going into this with eyes wide open.

    • Michael says:

      More power to you, Mike. Ingest all of that stuff that is supposedly “all natural” and let your liver work triple time. This stuff is marketed to lemmings in that it makes promises of high earnings and other pipe dreams. If MLM is such a great concept, why wouldn’t every company around be selling their products that way? Here’s a hint – because they want to make money for a long time, not just some stint before the first big lawsuit comes and wipes the company out. People need to realize that health doesn’t come in a pill or powder format. Altering your metabolism via unregulated products is for the desperate and uneducated.

    • Anonymous says:


      You need to be corrected on a couple of issues in your post.
      Mike, MLM USED to be a viable way to get product out to areas, and to people that normally would not have access to them. People were paid a small commission in your organization, but the MAIN focus was always on the PRODUCT, not recruiting as it is today. That my friend is the first red-flag recognizing a “pyramid scheme”.

      Give up unhealthy foods in order to afford PS? Guess what, if you eat healthy, you will most probably control your weight without PS or any other weight-loss supplement. That statement is nothing but what you are hearing from the rah-rah people you are listening too, and financially supporting. Seems like to me you are “easy pickens”.

      What is wrong with having a regular job? Just some more MLM BS you are buying into. Here’s the difference. At least with a real job, you are guaranteed a paycheck each week, even though it may be minimal wage. Not the case with MLM. As a matter of fact, and based on available data, 99% of people involved in MLM lose money after expenses are deducted. To go farther, 83% of MLMers never get a check at all.

      Mike, you need a “bridge”? I got one for sale. lol Mike you have bought into a load of crap.

      Goo luck!

    • Randy Borden says:

      lemmings…hmmmm….yes, research scientists, doctors, teachers, artists,plumbers, etc…we’re all lemmings….and contribute nothing to society. Of course you studied the Plexus ingredients and have produced this miracle product all by yourself…you are a genius.

  17. Diane says:

    I lost my daughter to Plexus. She became an ambassador and wanted me to sign up under her. I can’t afford the money to buy these products. I told her that I hoped that she did well, but I can’t do this. I also told her I don’t know enough about it to spend that kind of money. I was ill several weeks later with the stomach flu. She text me and said I hear that your ill, (never asked how I was doing) there is a Plexus seminar on the internet for 8 hours today and I thought since you were ill you could watch it and find out more about it. I text (she won’t talk on the phone) I’m so sick and I really don’t want to hear about this company, please stop telling me about it, I don’t want to hear. I hope you do well but it’s not for me. She text me back saying that she is only placing positive people around her while she is trying to build her business and that she wanted me out of her life. She has refused to talk with me and won’t let me see or speak to my grandchildren. If Plexus is teaching to only talk to those that are positive and the cut out all that is negative I want nothing to do with them. I am so upset that my daughter and her family won’t have anything to do with me over this. It has split our family.

    • RockyMtnGal says:

      Diane: That’s really terrible. I hope she has a change of heart. We have some friends who were always falling for those MLM, get-rich quick schemes and trying to get us involved. We tagged along with them to a real estate seminar once (how to get rich buying and selling it) and while my husband and I could see that the only way the people giving the seminar were making money was by getting people to pay for their seminar, this couple spent a couple of thousand dollars signing up for more of their seminars. One time when they invited us over to their house for a “party” we got there only to find out that it was another MLM presentation. We told them flat out that we did not appreciate being invited over and then being ambushed with an MLM scheme because we were not interested. They apologized and after many failed attempts at multiple MLM schemes, they finally realized that there was no MLM scheme that worked. We live in different states now, but are still friends with them. They finally came to their senses about the MLM nonsense, so maybe your daughter will do the same. Keeping you from seeing your grandchildren is just wrong. I don’t understand that at all. She’s only hurting you and her children. Since she won’t listen to you, the only other suggestion I could make is if there is someone that you know she will listen to that you know well enough to talk to about this situation (and is on your side), perhaps you can talk with them about your concerns and have them talk to her without letting on that the two of you have spoken. Maybe another family member or close friend? Blessings to you.

    • Lisa says:

      Is she a Liberal? I’ve noticed that kind of behavior seems to be the new way of thinking. It may not be the business at all. Loyalty to parents, anyone who was unconditionally respected before can be tossed aside with this new mentality. Not good….actually very hurtful.

      • Michael says:

        Lisa, I would be inclined to say that political leanings aren’t necessarily what is driving this situation. What is driving it is the lure of Multi-Level Marketing that Plexus uses. This young girl has bought into the pitch of Plexus, hook, line and sinker. I have watched an ambassador here in McKinney TX use everything under the sun to coerce her underlings to jump on the bandwagon. Anything from touting how she won a car from the company, the fact that she makes so much money that she can pay cash for her kids’ dental work, numerous free trips, and the lowest of the low – using Christianity and Biblical scripture to promote the product as well as intimidate those who don’t buy into it. That is a tremendous amount of pressure on someone who may be desperate for a few extra dollars in their pocket. People who may normally be smart and grounded will turn in a heartbeat and accept lies and deceit from those they see with the good life. You are right. It is hurtful to see this phenomenon. These folks will give this stuff to their children without so much as a pause to think about future ramifications on their health. Its all about the here and now to these people.

      • Lisa G. says:

        It has nothing to do with political leanings and everything to do with the very cult-like mentality of most, if not all, MLM’s. I once pointed out to a casual acquaintance that the insurance company she was working for was essentially a pyramid scheme, and she unfriended me on Facebook immediately, most likely because I was being “negative” toward her new business venture. She’s probably a liberal, but then again, I consider myself fairly liberal as well on a lot of topics. Intelligence level, susceptibility to scams, and political leanings are often all independent of one another. I would definitely take it as an insult if someone blamed this on “liberalism.”

    • Shari W. says:

      Dear Diane, I know how you feel. I know someone who is trying to push this product on me and many of their friends and family and even their doctors. These people are always strapped for money, in fact, they never work and just literally mooch off of other people and continually look for get rich quick schemes to avoid working. They do have health problems and say this stuff is helping them and just want others to feel the same way-apparently good-because they know we also have health problems. We checked it out and told them it is a pyramid operation. They acted like they did not even know what that was. Then we told them it has poisonous ingredients that are not declared on Plexus packaging and we were concerned about it because a small amount of poison can sometimes be camouflaged by the good vitamins and minerals that may appear to be counteracting them. There is internet information from foreign governments that bans Plexus products from being sold there. We told them this. Our friends came up with all sorts of excuses about how they already knew about the poisonous ingredients in the products (but conveniently that must have slipped t heir minds to tell us). We were also very suspicious about how wonderfully Christian all these support groups for Plexus seem to be, and how they tout that God has brought them all together (in this pyramid operation) and how much money they all make, and of course how much more money they will make if you join them as an ambassador under them. We are a Christian family and have known these people for years. When this Plexus thing came about, we found it suspicious as is all the get rich quick things these people do. We are not feeling sorry for them anymore as we did in the past. We used to listen to all the sob stories of how broke they are and sick they are and can’t work yet continue to live excessively at the expense of others who donate and give to them, this includes us and what we have done for them. We prayed to the Lord for an answer if we were being scammed by them and the Lord gave us direct Bible readings that they were scamming us and trying to just make money off of us, and to us, they had no care in the world that this stuff contains poison but they would try to make us buy it anyway just to make a quick buck. Do not fall for it. This is probably the full end of our relationship with these people. Pray to the Good Lord that he will guide you on your decisions and turn the hearts of these family and friends taken in by the lure of money. Be blessed.

    • Anonymous says:


      To be involved in MLM, you have to be prepared to sacrifice your money, your relationships, and your family. A cult atmosphere should come to mind. Sorry for your lost, but when your daughter realizes the people around her are only interested in emptying her pocketbook, she’ll be back.

    • Kenny says:

      Diane, you are absolutely right about your daughter. Plexus is a MLM business which by definition makes it a pyramid. I know of many folks that have been deceived by this product and it looks like they went to a buffet than have lost any weight. Losing weight is never easy and to think any diet supplement can do it is simply foolish. The weight loss that most people experience while on supplements such as Plexis can be attributed to their own intake of calories but when one has wasted their money they make themselves believe it is the product. People hate to admit they made a wrong decision. As far as the Ambassadors all they are about is making money and you can clearly tell by the posts who the Ambassadors really are, they are the ones raving about how effective a drink supplement is when healthy eating and exercise is the answer

  18. Bethanne says:

    The fact that you can’t buy the product except through an ambassador makes it sound like a scam. Multilevel marketers are maybe one level above ambulance chasers. Take the $80 per month and spend it on fruit and vegetables. THAT is what helps you lose weight. A friend of mine keeps pushing this via Facebook. I won’t be rude to her about it but there’s no way I’d fall for this concoction.

  19. Lori says:

    Take the $80 to $100 that Plexus costs per month and use that money to buy healthy food, a workout DVD, a gym membership, a jump rope, etc. There are no magic pills or potions. It is simple math: expend more calories than you take in each day. Aka: eat less, move more!

    • just me says:

      Lori your wrong about that just cause a person eats healthy doesn’t not mean they will loss weight. I was told I had Graves about 3-4 years ago which is a thyroid issue. NOTHING I did keep me from putting on weight dieting as in eating as healthy as I could cutting calories going to gym, walking you name it I did it. This product has helped me loss 5 pounds so far and I feel ten times better then I have in years… If you don’t have a issue with your weight that you can’t seem to get off after trying everything and I mean everything. You have no right to tell people it doesn’t work.

      • Michael says:

        Losing 5 pounds does not equate to it “working” nor does it mean you are suddenly healthier. That 5 pounds people crow about is normally water weight being lost or even worse, if you’re on the Bio-Cleanse, your weight loss is via laxatives. Not a good way to be healthy. I’ve heard all this “energy” talk about this product and that’s a given when you introduce new stimulants into your bloodstream. Nothing in Plexus is a medical solution for thyroid issues, so please don’t tout it as solving the problems that exist with that condition.

        • Jackie says:

          How do you know?

          • Michael says:

            How do I know, Jackie? I’ve been researching the ingredients in this garbage and looking at sensible information that tells what these products are for. Most of the ingredients have been studied and no studies exist showing Plexus or any of its ingredients to do what they claim (other than pro-Plexus propaganda from Ambassadors). You need to understand that their is very little (if any) regulation in the diet & supplement industry. Just because someone at a Plexus meeting tells you that it is the latest and greatest does not make it so. Example – the Bio-Cleanse product. Look at the main ingredient in the product – magnesium. Same stuff that you find in Milk of Magnesium, which is a laxative. Another – there is a pdf file online that lists all the ingredients in Plexus products and “what they do”. Most people will jump right into the meat of the article but take the time to look and see who put it together – a pilates instructor and Plexus Ambassador. Next time you need a medical procedure done, go find a yoga instructor to handle it, right. Makes a lot of sense, huh?

        • James K. says:

          You are correct. In fact, most people who are sick lose weight. If you have flu or even cancer, you lose weight most times. This product is carrying its reputation on the fact that it induces weight loss. This does not mean it is doing anything good for your body. The good ingredients that may be contained in the product could be there merely to balance or mask the bad side effects caused by the poisonous ingredients that they are failing to declare on their labels.

        • cynthia says:

          Magnesium citrate is also use to flush your colon out for an colonoscopy… It says do not use all the time. Like most laxatives. That it’s bad for you. I’ve lost almost 50 lbs 6 month. just by cutting pop out and keeping a journal of food intake. And exercise and keeping an appointment monthly to keep me on right track. And that keeps me accountable just knowing I got someone help keep me in line. He’s not pushing me just that when I’m told looks great or this maybe the problem keeps me wanting to try and not give up. I’ve appreciated your comments. Not sure if this will post on comments where I’ve been reading or just on your comments. But wanted to try say plexus isn’t only way… I was going to do bariatric surgery the bypass. But I’ve been doing good on my own with just talking with doctor and put on Physical therapy for arthritis all over bad knee pain plus home exercise. I desided not to do surgery and do it the right way. Exercise and diet control. Again sorry if it went straight to your personal reply. :-)

      • Troll Exposer says:

        And when you stop drinking the product, your weight will be back almost immediately.

  20. James K. says:

    This is a classic pyramid scheme. That is exactly what “multi-level marketing” means! This company has been called out for mislabeling their products and not declaring their full contents. The Australian government designed their own website banning these Plexus products from Australia due to the poisonous ingredients which are known to cause brain bleed (aneurysm), psychiatric disorders, stroke, heart malfunction, etc. The very name “Plexus” is a reference to the ventricles in the human brain which produce the body’s supply of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in order to sustain life. If the products are known to produce stroke and brain bleed, this is a direct correlation and reference to the human brain and what it does. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!

  21. Kim says:

    I am a firm believer that lifestyle changes are the only true way to lose weight and keep it off. So my questions are simple. What happens when you stop taking this magic potion? Does this keep you from returning to bad habits once you can no longer pay $100 a month? Also, I remember a few other diets claiming no side effects and years later, you see commercials to join in major lawsuits because of deaths or permanent side effects and/or health issues. Lastly, how can you do a study on eight people and then claim to be a safe product for people on ANY medication. Are they taking into account that most people are on more than one medication (sadly) and how can you test every medication combination with your product? This leads me to believe a lot of animal testing is being done or they are just bold faced liars. A doctor with real ethics would never tell you to pick a diet over healthy eating and exercise. Doctors realize obese people do not want to hear the truth. They know most Americans are looking for the quick fix so why keep fighting with their patient. Easier to tell them or give them what they want which is why we use the term diet “fads”. Go to your doctor tomorrow and ask this: Dr. Smith, would you recommend diet and exercise or this new diet supplement? If he says supplement, find a new doctor. Which brings up another point. If this drink gives me all I need, where are the nutrients or protein? If before you began, you ate badly, then how will you get all of your energy and nutrients with a belly full of water and this product? Keeping unhealthy eaters filled with water makes the window of healthy eating even smaller. If there is little or no caffeine, where does the energy come from? I see no B-12 listed which is a natural energy producer. Also, The distribution of this product sounds more like a pyramid scheme. The pity in this is consumers are so desperate to lose weight, but do not want to work hard for the rewards of good health that they will try anything in a society that is all about vanity and ego. Common sense would tell you and history has taught us there is no miracle cure for obesity. Time, exercise, balanced diet and healthy portions is the only cure. Those that tell you different are selling you a bag of magic beans; profiting off the weak and ignorant. I hope the people that are selling this have been provided more research than I could find because from what I see, it is very vague. If you do it right the first time, you will save a lot of time, money and energy. More important you will lose the weight and keep it off. Without sacrifice, you cannot appreciate rewards and it is human nature to take for granted what you do not earn. From the claims I have read, you do not lose weight any faster with this drink than if you eat right, control portions and do some exercise. The difference is you have an extra $100 at the end of each month to invest somewhere else. Glucose is easily controlled with diet and easy exercise, so again, this product seems useless. I know the “ambassadors” will not like my logic, but these are people that see nothing wrong with a company that forces you to become or purchase from an agent. Really, does that ridiculous title do something for your ego?

    • Michelekathleen says:

      I know many people who have health issues such as thyroid, auto immune, diabetes and breast cancer, none of whom are obese. Plexus Slim helps them so why does it matter so much to you? Your own agenda maybe?

      • Michael says:

        “helps them” is a very loose and broad term. Exactly what is this “help” you speak of and what compounds in Plexus Slim are scientifically proven to bring about this “help”? Your agenda must be called into question as well.

    • Christopher McKay says:

      Plexus Slim is not a ‘diet’ it is a drink designed to help people make healthier food choices by curbing their cravings for bad foods. You need to do more research before saying a doctor would have no ethics if they recommended the product. While doing the research you can research the ingredients and find out exactly why it does work.

      I admit to not reading anything other then those 2 points as you obviously have no clue about the product you are criticizing.

      • Michael says:

        “curbing their cravings for bad foods”

        This is a new one. I’ve never known an appetite suppressant to be able to actively distinguish between “good” and “bad” foods. I’d really be interested in the research behind this claim. As for your call to research the ingredients and why they “work”, I’m sure many of us would like to do that. The problem is that Plexus has never shared any type of peer-reviewed clinical trials that show proven results. As it stands, all research outside of Plexus’ information shows that none of the ingredients contribute to weight loss. Finally, as to your claim that Plexus isn’t a diet, just look at their description on their website:
        “Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? You’re not alone. But don’t worry! Finally there is an all-natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight for the long term.” That sounds an awful lot like a diet to most people.

  22. J Davis says:

    Here’s my opinion on Plexus – If you have a interest in the product try it. If You don’t like it don’t buy it again. You people that are on here trashing this product are making me laugh. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. Read the disclaimer on the study done on Plexus. Good Luck to all who are trying Plexus. It’s certainly your choice.

    • Michael says:

      J, would that study be the one where 8 subjects were used in an uncontrolled study using a formula that doesn’t exist any longer? What exactly does the disclaimer state?

  23. j levert says:

    I been taking the oink drink for about 2months and I have lost right about 16lbs and inches also. I totally agree I don’t drink soda or snack at night for sweets life itself feels so much better and all I can say you never know about nothing with out investigating or trying it and I really love the product itself no bad taste or after taste anyone that is really trying to lose weight this will be the product and please give plexus drink a chance and for you too. I am still on the pink drink because I have a goal and I have not reach my goal at all yet but now since the weather has change I walk in the early morning for my daily exercise at least 4 times a week my usually days are Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and sunday I feel great when done I drink my pink every morning at 7:00am and take my pill at the same time and then I eat salad, no snack, and then I eat a boil, grill, piece of meat and vegetables I drink plenty of water through out the day everyone pleas give plexus “pink” drink a try.

  24. Mel says:

    With so many positive responses, I’m very confused about how negative this post is.
    I started drinking Plexus Slim three months ago. I have not changed my diet. I was gaining weight and stopped gaining. I lost 2 lbs and 24 inches. I never drank soda, so I had no cravings to stop. It did not curb my craving for sweets.
    But this product does far more than help people who are struggling with weight issues, cravings, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, etc. for me personally, I have a miraculously significant decrease in migraine headaches and an increase in energy. After years of daily suffering, I finally was introduced to a tangible aid to wellness. The testimonies speak for themselves and unless you give it a 60 day try, you cannot have the opinion that this product is a placebo. It helps too many people. It is not hype. People love this product because it works and it is WORTH the expense.

  25. Brandi says:

    Doesn’t anyone want to bring up how it is banned in other countries proven to cause stroke and psychiatric disorder? No? No promoters of the product seem to think that’s important huh? It is on the official Australian and Canadian government websites (easy to google) and i’m sure other countries as well.

    • Michael says:

      Very interesting Brandy. At the Dallas Convention they just held, some lady suffered a stroke during a lunch there. One has to wonder what supplements she was taking from Plexus and if they had any contribution to her condition.

      • JenW says:

        Michael, did you attend the Plexus convention in Dallas? I’m assuming since you know nothing about it, probably not. The woman who suffered the stroke at the dinner (not lunch) had a pre-existing condition that had nothing to do with the supplements she was taking. How do I know? I was there and was very familiar with the situation.
        I have nothing but great things to say about this company and the Plexus products (not just Slim). They have given me my life back and I am 40 lbs lighter today than I was when I started. I had terrible eating and drinking habits. Now I can’t even drink soda! I have heard testimonies from so many that have found relief from years of chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, and skin issues. I have heard the term “lemming” several times on this thread and that’s insulting. I don’t go to ambassador meetings to be brainwashed and I’m certainly not in a cult. I have found health success with this product and as far as the business end goes, I have worked for two other network-marketing companies and the Plexus compensation plan is absolutely the best out there. They truly care about their ambassadors because they know they are the reason their company exists. So, please stop the bashing. Unless you have tried the product yourself, you really have nothing on which to stand.

        • Michael says:

          “The woman who suffered the stroke at the dinner (not lunch) had a pre-existing condition that had nothing to do with the supplements she was taking. How do I know? I was there and was very familiar with the situation.”

          Funny how people step up in situations like this and claim to know everything about everything. JenW, do you know if this lady had ever taken Accelerator? If so, she was exposed to DMAA, which has been linked to instances of stroke.
          Plexus pulled DMAA from its product and replaced it with the new Accelrator, which contains Higenamine, a stimulant, which has also been found to cause several issues such as arrhythmias and death.
          “Boost” contains Yerba Mate, which has been shown to have an increase in certain cancers (mouth, head and neck, esophagus, bladder, larynx, kidney, and lung and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) –

          All 3 of the above listed products are nothing more than stimulants, which the medical community roundly urges the population not to take on a frequent basis.

          So JenW, you go right on ahead and ingest as much of that stuff as you possibly can. Sell it to your friends. Give it to children. Make as many outrageous claims on your Facebook page as you possibly can. I don’t need to ingest any of that garbage to know that its nothing more than a scheme that will eventually lead to health problems down the road, perhaps even worse for others. Health doesn’t come from a pill or powder. It never has and never will.

          • rv says:

            Instead of posting third party articles, post links to reputable scientific journals that back up your claims, example the New England Journal of Medicine, statistical analysis, confidence intervals, etc. Also post your credentials that make you an expert on this subject. Until you do, your posts are to be taken with a grain of salt. Primary sources only please.

          • Michael says:

            To rv:
            One of my links was from information released by the FDA. I guess that’s not legitimate enough for you.
            The article regarding higenamine has 10 references at the bottom of the page. The yerba mate article has 26 references at the bottom. Scroll down and you will find information there.

            With regards to my credentials, the only thing I can offer you is that I have proffered information regarding the ingredients in these products. References are cited. Instead of looking at those articles and seeing that there is in fact hard study information provided, your best counter to that is the difficulty you have in using a mouse to scroll down a page in your haste to try and knock me personally. If we are to take anything with a grain of salt, it should be the comments of those who demand information that is right under their nose.

  26. calmond says:

    Plexus is now sold in Canada.

  27. Elaine says:

    I heard about all the hype from my friends so decided to try it. I work out regularly with a personal trainer but have a hard time controlling my sugar cravings. I’d like to lose 10 pds. While that’s not alot of weight to lose, I figured if it would help regulate my blood sugar and controll cravings, that would be a good thing. So I bought a 30 day supply of the Slim. I take it every day about 30 before lunch.

    I am now nearing the end of the 30 day period and have not lost any weight. I did not measure myself before I started but have not noticed a difference in how my clothes fit. I haven’t gained weight either but that could be due to the fact that I had a colonscopy 2 weeks ago and a severe head cold this past week. Does Plexus really work? I can’t speak for others because I think it’s an individual thing but for me, I think I’ll continue to do it the natural way and keep on working out and eating right. As far as the sugar cravings go, I haven’t had those recently but not sure if it’s because of my cold or a benefit of the Plexus. I’m going to stop taking Plexus for the next 30 days and see if the cravings return or not.

  28. sshrrr says:

    I tried Plexus slim with the accelerator for 8 weeks. I can honestly say it did nothing but give me gas and diarrhea. I called the ambassador after 4 weeks and she said is sometimes takes longer for people to get the benefits. It did not curb my appetite or stop the sugar cravings. After 8 weeks I should have had lost weight or inches. Nothing!!! I give it a big thumbs down!!!

  29. Unbiased Contributor says:

    I’ve been on this product for two weeks. I can attest to the loose stools and gas. I haven’t really lost inches or pounds. I can say that the first two weeks when I started the Whole 30 I had lost 10 pounds. I was cranky,which was expected, because I had given up sugars and bread and beer and legumes… you get the drift. I was unable to workout because of an impingement in my shoulder so my weight loss was purely diet related. After the thirty days I was able to maintain a substantial amount of weight loss. Over the following quarter I regained some weight because I live in Louisiana and EVERYTHING is delicious…and bad for you on some level. I tried the Plexus as a personal comparator to the Whole 30. I haven’t read everyone’s comments, but I can attest to the fact that diet change (while extremely hard) is the most effective way to impact your overall weight. I’m not promoting anything but wanted to contribute to the discussion. I’ve been in medicine for 10 years and I would like to see some peer reviewed data. This product isn’t regulated by the FDA so that likely won’t happen.


    • Michael says:

      The last sentence sums it up perfectly – no FDA regulation on this product. Funny how people expect standards in the foods they buy off grocery store shelves but will ingest this garbage without knowing anything about the supplement industry and how they get away with things.

  30. DONNA says:

    I am in my late 40′s . I am an avid exerciser and I eat healthy. I started this in my mid 30′s when I began to gain weight. I have been able to maintain a healthy weight for about 10 years. Unfortunately the last 2 years, while maintaining healthy eating habits and exercising, my body has begun to change. the weight has not increased much , but the inches have. I upped my exercising program to try to combat this but what I am finding as I age is that it takes less calories and more exercise to keep me where I want to be. My daughter told me about plexus and even though I have very little weight to drop I decided to try it. I suffer from migraines and had also read that it had helped people with migraines. I measured my self before I started because the lbs were not my issue. the inches were. After 2 months I measured I have lost 1.5 inches off my waist and 1 inch off my thigh area. I wont say that plexus curves all my cravings , I think the hormones win out on that battle, but it has helped me lose some inches and I do feel I have a little more energy. Migraines have lessoned slightly, I have only been on it for 3 months. I am hoping after another month or 2 I will see a bigger decrease in migraines. I say try it. If it works for you great!!! If not move on until you find something that does. I am a full believer that you have to eat right and exercise to stay healthy and that should be your main goal

  31. Stephanie says:

    I will have to say that I inquired about the pink drink in regards to my blood sugar. I am actually hypoglycemic and my sugar had been up and down. I also drank probably 12 diet cokes a day, which I know is horrible. I got a trial of the plexus slim and I have been taking it now for 10 days. I can actually say that I feel like I have more energy and It has made me not like the taste of diet coke. I might have 2 a day maxim. I actually signed up to be an ambassador to buy it for myself cheaper. I have not taken the accelerator, but I do know people who have and like it. I have also seen positive reviews from my friends about the Probio5 and Biocleanse, but I haven’t tried them either.

  32. Christy says:

    I started taking plexus October 2013 and in 2 months lost 17 pounds. I had gone to the doctors in September and was in good health, but had weight to lose. I took plexus for 4 months and stopped when I went to my doctors to see if plexus had helped me in other ways other than weight lose and to my displeasure I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. They claim that it helps to get rid of it, yet I got it while taking plexus. I stopped drinking the “pink drink” started eating clean and within 6 weeks my blood sugars were back to normal. And before you ask, I was eating healthy while on plexus( I did lose 17 pounds). I do not think this is the miracle drink that people think it is!

    • Haitam says:

      I am a rep under another pesron. I wished I would have found your site site first to work with you because my upline is not helpful at all. She doesn’t like calls.

  33. Brook Ann says:

    I was a Sr. Ruby with Plexus and making over four thousand a month. I can say it is just like a cult. The uplines do NOT allow any negativity or questions put on team pages. I am 55 and I did lose weight…but I suffered bad health from Plexus. I lost 40 lbs and got down to 115 lbs. It gave me high blood pressure, GERD, heart racing, an abnormal EKG, strange liver enzyme readings, and MUCH MORE. I quit the company and have lived a nightmare. They jump on people like traitors when one realizes that MONEY is all they are interested in and they are giving this JUNK to children. At the convention, the “new product” was the X Factor Vitamin for the family. Guess what? It is NOT natural. It has sucralose, and red and blue dyes in it. The company received so many negative feedbacks from the ambassadors that they immediately sent out an email saying they were changing the formula. I am a retired professional and I can promise you that now it is believed to be made in CHINA. The label “made in the USA” is no longer put on anything. Also, a doctor that I trust believes it contains steroids. My health got worse after six months but I lost the weight. I am glad I did not become dependent on the money and gave most of my money away to those that needed it. I feel this company is one of the worst scams I have seen. It was my first venture into an MLM and will be my last. Save your money and your health. Say NO to this pink cult.

    • Michael says:

      Brook Ann, thanks for your input. What you said completely jives with what many have seen. It is cultish and scary how so many people will jump on the bandwagon for the love of money. I hope your health issues subside and that none of these people continue to harass you. I have seen so many ambassadors who hide behind the cloak of their faith become utterly vindictive when anyone has anything less than positive to say about these sham products. I hope that has not been thrown upon you.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    I have been taking Plexus products for a month. I already drink a gallon of water a day and eat a sensible diet plus I walk and do yoga. I am obese by about 100 pounds, but surprisingly healthy (no, that is not a joke nor am I excusing the obesity hence my exercise and sensible eating plan created by a doctor and nutritionist). My last doctors appointment (a month ago) showed slight hypertension (140/80), optimal cholesterol (total and the good kind), optimal sugar levels, optimal EKG and overall good readings and bloodwork. Even my thyroid is fine. Yet, I am obese.
    I tried this product in the hopes it would help in addition to my food plan and exercise program. However, in a month I have lost no pounds, no inches and have in fact gained 15 pounds! I have exercised the same as I normally do and eaten the same as well on a low sugar, gluten free, low fat diet the doctor put me on three months ago. I also did not notice a boost in energy or feeling any better than I normally do.
    The only upside was that I did notice some improved mental clarity. The same boost that I get when I drink Yerba Mate tea. With a 15 pound gain (my first weight gain in ten years) and not feeling any different and the obscene cost, I will not be taking this product any longer. If it works for you, that is wonderful. You are blessed. But I and the half dozen friends I encouraged to try with me are all walking away as not one of us had any noticeable changes and some of us had negative changes.
    Plexus is a dud in our book. :-(

  35. Kim says:

    Do your research people,the world is all out to get in your pocket book ! Everyone knocks all products out there or raves about a product out there if it benefits him or her. Do your research on all your pharmaceuticals,all your over the counter medications you are taking or giving your kids ! I am a cancer survivor and do my research…. Anything excessive is very dangerous,yes even simple Tylenol can kill you!. The post of the FDA,what a joke, Fda is the biggest crook around,money hungry as all ! Money is the root of all evil and all are out to get in your wallet. Oh FYI,I do slim,have lost 56 pounds and will stay on slim….BLESSINGS EVIL,SICK WORLD !!!!

    • Michael says:

      You stay on that slim. Your uplines need that business so that they can take trips to Hawaii. The FDA post is no joke. Plexus overstepped their boundaries by making claims that their products cure things when there has been no evidence of such. Please know that Yerba Mate, which is in Plexus products (Boost), has been known to increase cancers of the mouth, head and neck, esophagus, bladder, larynx, kidney, and lung and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. You tell others to do their own research, yet you’re OK with promoting a product that can result in cancer? And you have the gall to mention “Evil, Sick World”.

      • Susanne Jeppesen says:

        @ Michael It’s almost like a cult isn’t it?Guess some people have to learn the hard way!

        • Michael says:

          I think it has become a cult 100%. Top earners jet off to Hawaii and Florida for grandiose “leader meetings” while their downlines post on Facebook about how excited they are to see their uplines partying it up and how they’ll be there next year, etc. Its truly sad to see these folks believing something that will never come true.

      • Cindy Boyd says:

        They say talcum powder caused my ovarian cancer. So what’s a person to do

        • Michael says:

          Who is “they”, Cindy? If you ask me, ingesting supplements whose ingredients are not regulated and cannot be verified isn’t a good option.

          • Ellen Fuller says:

            NO SUPPLIMENTS ARE REGULATED!!!! NO Suppliments are FDA regulated! Good Grief!!!! I am not an ambassador but good grief!!!!!

  36. Susanne Jeppesen says:

    Save your money! I have never tried this product, but on the other hand I am tall, slim and healthy! I eat meat,fresh fruit, and I even eat vegetables!I am not a health freak and I am not a fitness freak!There is no such thing as being able to eat a pile of processed junk and then take a “diet pill” and you will instantly lose the pounds.My advice? Try and eat healthier and go for a walk, exercise in your living room. SAVE YOUR MONEY! The reason for this post? I am FED UP WITH MLM’S and the diet industry trying to rip you off of your hard erned money! I have nothing to gain from this post, other than the fact that I am fed up with people getting ripped off. You can pay attention to this post, Or you can ignore it.It’s not my money, so feel free to spend your money wherever you please.

  37. None of your business says:

    I think Micheal outta get a job or something, it seems as though you comment on everything whether against or for the product, with your so called claims of knowledge when never actually trying the product which is fine nobody is forcing it upon you but please keep in mind It’s a free country people can do and buy as they please on whatever products they chose so why don’t you get a life and stop harassing those who like this product if there happy with the results then great! You don’t furnish there bank accounts and there health isn’t your concern not to mention just because you read something doesn’t make it true, Plexus is sold in Australia mate so I’d highly recommend you mind your business worry about your own self before your non stop ranting causes you a stroke.

    • Michael says:

      None of your business states:
      “I think Micheal outta get a job or something…”

      I think you need to revisit some grade school grammar, friend. Between the run-on sentences, spelling errors and such, reading what you post could give someone a stroke.

      By the way – the “free country” issue you bring up – it works on the internet as well, mate. I can post my opinions. I can post research that I find. If research and opinion offends you, well I’m so sorry for you.

  38. Stephen says:

    I like the drink, it tastes good and it does help me suppress my cravings, particularly with sugary foods which, i’m addicted to, I think. But its waaaaay too expensive. My wife switched back to hcg drops which really do help her drop weight fast. I personally think that regular chromium picolinate from walmart or any health store can be substituted for plexus and give you similar results.

  39. Cindy Boyd says:

    I started taking Plexus Slim November 5th, 2014. I was quite skeptical, because it all sounded to good to be true. However, given the unheard of 60-day money back guarantee, I felt it was worth trying. Needless to say, after 3 weeks of no cravings, no naps, amazing energy, sleeping like a baby, a loss in weight and inches, I, too, decided to become an ambassador. While we can lose weight with a sensible diet, lots of people, like myself, lack willpower to make proper choices. With the cravings gone, it was easy to make good choices. Also, with feeling full after smaller portions, it’s been easy to eat less! I’m off all my medications, have lost 19 pounds, and am down 2 pant sizes. I’ve failed multiple attempts to lose weight. Plexus is about WELLNESS and a lifestyle change. I cannot imagine life without Plexus. You can substantiate my story by going to my Facebook page (Cindy Boyd) or by coming to my church in Hillsboror, Ohio, Good News Gathering. You will meet dozens of people with stories just like mine.

    • Michael says:


      A couple of questions for you:
      - Are you aware of the FDA’s warning letter to Plexus Worldwide regarding the unsubstantiated claims it has made with some of it’s products?
      - Are you aware of the side effects of ingredients in the Plexus line, such as Yerba Mate, Higenamine, and other stimulants? Are you OK with selling those types of things to people as an ambassador?
      - If Plexus isn’t about the weight loss, then why are all of its products touted as a way to lose weight and why are ambassadors coached to use before & after pictures on their FB pages as well as posts that tout weight loss?
      - Are you aware that no clinical study exists that substantiates any claim made by Plexus products? Have you now or ever before made claims that Plexus cures or alleviates any type of medical condition such as migraines, ADHD, fibromyalgia, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, digestive issues, etc? Have you now or ever before made statements regarding Plexus being safe to give to children?

      • Ellen Fuller says:

        Sigh. Again with the FDA letter. Here is the info on it. Sheesh! “Hi, Last year, our original Accelerator contained GeranaX. This ingredient was used (and is still used) in numerous supplements for weight loss and pre-workout supplements. Also last year, the FDA decided that this ingredient should not be used anymore and while some companies still use it – Plexus decided to be proactive and remove this ingredient from our product. This is when we reformulated to Accelerator Plus. We no longer carry any product with GeranaX since last year.

        At no time were we ever contacted by any government agency to remove this ingredient – we do so on our own. However, there is lingering info about the original product so it comes up from time to time.”

        • Michael says:


          You can sigh all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that Plexus was contacted by the FDA for violations. And it wasn’t for “GeranaX”, either. Plexus Accelerator did not just contain “GeranaX”. It was found to contain DMAA. If you need information on that, by all means:

          The FDA letter was something completely separate from DMAA being banned and their rush to reformulate. Let’s review those items, shall we? –
          “Examples of some of the website claims that provide evidence that your products are intended for use as drugs include:

          Fast Relief

          “Nerve damage is present to some degree in most cases of chronic pain, especially neck and back pain. Nerve damage can occur due to trauma, medication side effects, or other metabolic issues.”
          “Features & Benefits…[m]ay reduce the associated symptoms from nerve damage of pain, numbness, tingling, ‘pins and needles’ sensations, and weakness.”


          ProBio5 will typically provide the following results…jock itch, migraine headaches, recurring cystitis/vaginal infections…”

          Bio Cleanse

          “Why do you need Plexus Bio-Cleanse? Many people are in a low oxygen/toxic state….[v]iruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogenic microbes thrive in this condition, and can lead to disease such as flu, Candida, chronic fatigue, etc. Plexus Bio-Cleanse can increase the oxygen levels around these microbes, causing them to die due to their high-oxygenated environment.”

          Your Fast Relief, ProBio5 and BioCleanse are not generally recognized as safe and effective for the above referenced uses and, therefore, the products are “new drugs” under section 201(p) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 321(p)]. New drugs may not be legally introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce without prior approval from FDA, as described in section 505(a) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 355(a)]; see also section 301(d) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 331(d)]. The FDA approves a new drug on the basis of scientific data submitted by a drug sponsor to demonstrate that the drug is safe and effective.

          Furthermore, your Fast Relief, ProBio5 and BioCleanse are offered for conditions that are not amenable to self-diagnosis and treatment by individuals who are not medical practitioners; therefore, adequate directions for use cannot be written so that a layperson can use these drugs safely for their intended purposes. Thus, these drugs are misbranded under section 502(f)(1) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 352(f)(1)] in that their labeling fails to bear adequate directions for use. The introduction of a misbranded drug into interstate commerce is a violation of section 301(a) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 331(a)].

          The violations cited in this letter are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of violations that exist in connection with your products.”

          Ellen, you are incredibly misread when it comes to these issues regarding Plexus. For an “Ambassador”, you should be more aware of your products that you sell. For example, you tout how “GeranaX” isn’t in the Accelerator product. However, you conveniently ignore that Boost and Accelerator still contain Yerba Mate and Higenamine, which are harmful ingredients. Please don’t come in here and misrepresent what Plexus is and attempt to act is if they did a wonderful thing by taking a product off the market. Perhaps they shouldn’t have had it on the market in the first place.

  40. J says:

    I used plexus for a month and gained 6 pounds. The person who sold it to me said that sometimes results won’t happen right away. Also to drink as many ounces of water that is equal to half my weight. All I see being posted are these testimonials of people losing large amounts of weight right away and how you don’t have to change any of your eating habits. I guess the saying if it’s to good to be true is right. Also maybe they need to be investigated on the claims that it cures asthma, diabetes, and numerous other things.

    • Ellen Fuller says:

      Oh yes, and every product works the day you take it. NO you won’t lose weight the first day or week you take it. You don’t lose weight the first day you do Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, or Hydroxycut! It takes time. I didn’t lose weight the first day I took the products either. I am not an ambassador, I just tried it because a friend told me I should try it. I have had great success with it, and my daughter who is 9 just asked me if she could drink the Pink Drink because it made her feel good. They have to post 1% caffeine but that is hardly any. I feel comfortable letting my kids use most of the products! My friend doesn’t post it cures things, and I am pretty sure others aren’t doing that anymore. Because we all know it doesn’t cure anything, plus many friends of mine taking it have brought the products to their Doctor who told them that all the ingredients were safe.

      • Michael says:

        Ellen, you’re lying to us. “I am not an ambassador”. You are most definitely an ambassador and here is your Plexus website to prove it: ellenfuller dot myplexusproducts dot com

      • J says:

        Ellen, I was on plexus for more than just a day or a week. I asked my doctor recently about plexus slim and she told me anything that promises weight loss from drinking a powder mixed with water, sprinkling a powder on food, etc., is nonsense and doesn’t work. She said that pretty much the only thing that works is healthy eating and exercise. As for saying we all know that it doesn’t cure anything, well tell that to the ambassadors that are posting that it cures everything under the sun.

  41. Anonymous says:


    Due to the new PS formulations not being as effective as the initial ones, the ambassadors have been guilty of using testimonials that are 2 to 3 years old. Testimonials mean nothing anyway. Not very reputable unless you are one of the MLM simpletons.

    By the way, PS has been investigated for making false claims for products, and was recently sent a warning letter from the FDA.

  42. Sue says:

    I have been doing the Pink Drink along with the Accelerator since July of 2013. I was at 395 pounds when I started. As of February 3, 2014 I am at 294. I also make healthy food choices, and just recently joined a gym. There is no “Magic Pill”, but I do believe that the Plexus regimen HAS worked for me, ALONG with a healthier lifestyle. I have no health issues other than the fact I am fat, but I don’t want to have any either, as I will be 55 in March. It could all be in my mind, but hey it’s working. Thanks.

  43. Mike says:

    I have been using Plexus Slim for a little over a year and within 6 months of starting had lost 35lbs. & have kept it off. I believe I first noticed that it changed my food cravings from “bad for you” foods like chips, soda, & cookies to “good for you” foods like more fruits and veggies. At my last checkup my cholesterol reading was so good, that my doctor even took me off my cholesterol meds that I had been on for years. Even though I don’t need to lose any more weight, I believe in this product and will continue to use it daily because I believe that it is helping to keep me healthy.

    • Michael says:


      Can you explain how any chemical alters the brain to crave “good foods” over “bad foods”? To date, I have seen no data that any appetite suppressant does that. Suppressants work by signaling the brain that the body is all good for fuel. It does not alter the brain’s ability to differentiate between good and bad foods. Your Plexus talking point is noted but it would be nice for you to actually explain how this product seemingly does something that no supplement or drug on the market has ever been able to do. And as far as keeping you “healthy”, you might want to see just how healthy things like higenamine and yerba mate are for you.

  44. Joy says:

    I began to see several friends giving rave reviews on Plexus so a friend of mine gave me several samples of pink drink to try. The first night I could not sleep, the second day I got excess gas, ran to the rest room a lot and the start of a headache. I was also very tired. The third day was the worse. My stomach was very upset, worse headache and my energy level was zero. I felt like I was getting the flu. After drinking part of my morning pink drink I began to research it and found some real problems that some had with the product. I had ordered some and called to cancel my order. It took 2 days to even start to feel like a human again. All I know is Plexus made me very sick.

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