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Power 90 Boot Camp Program by Tony Horton

There are literally hundreds of exercise DVDs available, both online and in the bargain basket at your local supermarket. Whilst many of these DVDs offer a single disc with a short workout usually performed by a C-list celebrity, there are others that are more intense, offering varied workouts designed and demonstrated by personal trainers. Tony Horton’s Power 90 Boot Camp Program may fall into this second category, providing much more than many other at-home workout programs.

Power 90 In Home Boot CampThe Power 90 Boot Camp program is a set of DVD exercise programs to follow 6 days a week over the course of 90 days. In combination with the recommended diet plan and additional supplements that are advertised throughout the DVDs, the advertising claims that following the program properly can lead to a weight loss of;

up to 92 pounds of fat and… up to 10 inches off your waistline.

Whilst this claim is clearly aimed at the severely obese, it is unlikely that anyone following the program would see that amount of weight loss over the course of 90 days. However, reviews do indicate that users who follow the regime as closely as possible, do lose often significant amounts of weight over the 90 days. Even people who perform the exercises fewer than 6 times a week, or who do not rigorously diet whilst undergoing the at-home boot camp, still see results. However, these are never as dramatic as the weight loss visible in more committed exercisers.

The official website claims that;

The secret is Tony’s exclusive Sectional Progression™ training technique, where each movement targets a specific zone for maximum fat burning and toning results in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Who is Tony Horton?

Tony Horton is an American personal trainer, who has created numerous different workout programs for people of all ages, including the Power 90 Boot Camp Program. He has over 17 years of experience in personal training, and;

his expertise includes post-rehabilitation training, advanced stretching, yoga, weight/resistance training, cardiovascular/aerobic training, boxing, and kickboxing, plus circuit, cross, and interval training.

Tony HortonTony has been featured in various national publications, like Men’s Fitness, Fitness, People, LA HEALTH, and Self, and has made multiple appearances on national television, including CNN, NBC, and CBS. His celebrity clients include Sheryl Crow, Without a Trace’s Poppy Montgomery and Roselyn Sanchez, as well as several high profile U.S sportsmen.

His various workout programs are usually advertised as infomercials, but are also available through his official website. It is also possible to buy some of Tony Horton’s products through Amazon, but some of the added bonuses advertised on the official website are not included in many of these packages.

What is Included?

The program offers six cardio and body-sculpting workouts using “Sectional Progression to get slim and toned fast”. These break down into two different difficulty levels of circuit training and cardio based workouts, as well as two ab routines.

Tony Horton describes the workouts as ‘Sculpt Circuit 1–2 Easy moves that work to tone, firm, and strengthen your entire body (29 minutes), Sweat Cardio 1–2 Fun, innovative cardio moves, kickboxing, Pilates, and more to burn fat and shed inches fast (36 minutes), Sculpt Circuit 3–4 Next level for sculpting long, lean muscles (38 minutes), Sweat Cardio 3–4 Accelerated fat and calorie blasting (42 minutes), and Ab Ripper 100 & 200 Two ab routines guaranteed to give you the flat, sexy six-pack abs you’ve always wanted (4 minutes and 6 minutes). This variety is unusual for workouts that are led by DVDs.

Added Extras

By ordering through the official website, the Power 90 Boot Camp package includes a lot more than just the 6 sets of workouts mentioned above. The package also includes; a program guide and transformation tracker, a 90-day calendar to help you to track your progress, free online access to diet and fitness tips and peer support, a Fat Burning Express workout of 35 minutes. The package also includes a Power Sculpting Band. This is a resistance tool used in many of the workouts on the DVDs, saving the customer the need to buy one themselves.

Finally, there is also dietary assistance, in the form of a Fat Burner Meal Plan, and a 6-Day Fat Burning Express plan, to help to kick-start the customer’s weight loss. There is also a success measurement card and tape measure, which means that the customer has every tool they need to track their weight loss and changes in measurements over the 90 day boot camp.

How Cost Effective is the program?

The official website describes the product as having “A $425.00 value for one payment of $39.95 + $6.95″ shipping and handling. The RRP seems rather excessive, and is most likely a marketing ploy to make the discounted price seem much more reasonable. However, the price is definitely a cheaper alternative to a gym membership or paying for a personal trainer. For people who are able to self-motivate, the DVD package is most likely a cost effective purchase, rather than a product that will be unused.

Customer Reviews

Reviews left by customers on Amazon, as well as on the official website, are a great way to establish how good an exercise program is, as well as how suitable it is for you in particular.

Many users have mentioned the repetitive nature of the DVDs, especially as the DVD should be followed 6 days a week, with one rest day. Some people have commented that Tony’s jokes and quips quickly become annoying, especially as he makes the same jokes every day.

Some customers suggest that it is ideal for beginners, whilst others state that they struggle to keep up with the DVD. However, all agree that the workout does challenge the user, and the two levels of training means that even by the end of the 90 days, the workouts are not too easy. Users also seem to like that Tony offers variations of exercises for beginners and more advanced users, meaning that there is something for everyone on the disc.

Is the Power 90 Boot Camp a Good exercise option for weight loss?

Overall, the Power 90 Boot Camp by Tony Horton offers a varied workout that a person can follow in their own home to boost weight loss efforts. It is very possible that the potential results promised on the official website are exaggerated, especially as only obese or very obese people would be able to lose 93lbs over time, let alone in the 90 day boot camp period. However, reviewers who have followed the program all report significant weight loss, especially when combined with a healthy calorie-restricted diet.

Obviously any exercise programme requires dedication to see any results, let alone maximum results. People who only follow the routines occasionally or who are less dedicated in any way will obviously not see optimum weight loss results.

For people who have good levels of fitness, the P90X workout, also by Tony Horton, may be more suitable, as it is the next level up in terms of required fitness level. This set of exercise videos integrates in the use of a chin-up bar as well, to increase the difficulty of the routines.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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