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Re:Active Purecol

Re:Active Purecol is a colon cleanser and detox supplement that promises to remove toxins from your body and speed up weight loss. It comes from British company Desirable Body who are the major UK stockists of Re:Active brand supplements including the T5 range which we have already approved.

So is Re:Active Purecol as good as the T5 range? Let’s take a look at this supplement to find out.

Re:Active Purecol Pros

  • Contains some healthy ingredients
  • Reputable company will not rip you off

Re:Active Purecol Cons

  • No truth in the advertised benefits of colon cleansing and detox
  • Contains Cascara Sagrada – powerful laxative with dangerous side effects
  • Incomplete ingredients profile
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Re:Active Purecol

Re:Active Purecol Review

Re:Active Purecol Facts

  • Manufactured by British company Desirable Body
  • Comes in two weeks supply of 30 capsules
  • Colon cleansing is not recommended by the medical community

If you want to kick-start your weight loss or feel sluggish, tired or bloated a detox supplement seems to offer an easy solution. Many people believe in colon cleansing and it is supposed to increase metabolism, improve digestion and bring numerous benefits to hair, skin and vitality.

Re:Active Purecol contains a range of natural ingredients including Psyllium husk, Cascara Sagrada, bran, pectin and beetroot so at first glance we can see that this supplement will have a strong laxative effect.

According to the product information, Re: Active Purecol has six key benefits.

  • Helps Increase energy levels
  • Helps Weight Loss
  • Helps with Clearer skin
  • Helps Improve concentration
  • Better absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods
  • Maintains over all healthy feeling

The essential problem when it comes to detoxing that there is no scientific evidence that this type of inner cleansing is actually effective for health and weight loss.

You might feel “lighter” and internally cleansed but it does not actually do anything else. According to medical experts, at best colon cleansing is unnecessary and ineffective, at worst, it can be dangerous.

The truth is that your colon does not need cleansing and when it comes to so called toxins your liver and kidneys can manage to filter these without any help required from you.

There is just no evidence that a detox will improve your absorption of vitamins or energy levels. It is physically impossible that taking laxatives will improve your health in this way and can lead to dehydration and the loss of vital minerals and salts from the body. Take for too long and you could run into serious medical problems.

As one British dietician reported,

it’s ridiculous to think of your digestive system and your colon as a purification plant or a sewer that needs to have its pipes flushed through and a holiday


Despite all the evidence that says otherwise , detoxing remains popular. It all depends on how you do it.
It can be good. For example , detoxing by cutting out unhealthy foodstuffs and alcohol , increasing dietary fibre and your intake of water will help improve general health including your skin tone , vitality and weight loss. But sorry, you just cannot get these type of benefits from a diet pill.

Detoxing with laxatives and so-called colon cleansing pills have no benefit to health and weight loss.

Re: Active Purecol is a fairly standard example of a detox supplement. It will make you visit the bathroom more and this process may give you a sense of internal cleansing.

How To take Re:Active Purecol

Take two capsules a day and do not exceed the recommended dose. In addition, we advise that you take with plenty of water.

The Re:Active range is available from British company Desirable Body who are based in Kent.

The address details are:

Desirable Body Ltd,
Woodford Coach House,
Maidstone Road,
Staplehurst, TN12 0RH

We have covered this reputable company before. You can be confident that they are safe to deal with and will not trick you into any auto billing issues or scams.

Re:Active Purecol Concerns:

  • You should not use this supplement for too long. Will customers realise?
  • Could cause dehydration as a side effect. Make sure you take with plenty of water
  • No guarantee. The product information implies a guarantee but it is just a returns policy

What Does Re:Active Purecol Claim To Do?

According to the product information,

If you feel bloated, sluggish and tired for no apparent reason it could be because of toxins build-up.

If you did feel like this making dietary changes and doing some exercise may help. Instead, you are advised to try;

Clearing it up from your body with Re:Active Purecol colon cleaner

They continue,

Processed foods, saturated fats and other body-harming substances found in popular food items can all cause a toxin build up.

We question the term “toxic build up” but we agree that cutting out processed foods and body-harming substances will improve health.

The issue here is with using a “colon cleanser” – essentially a laxative to remove the problem.

Using Re:Active Purecol colon cleanser can help boost your body’s efficiency by flushing toxins out of the intestines and colon, allowing you to feel lighter and to use the fuel you receive more effectively, thereby burning more fat.

There is just no truth that taking a laxative will have this effect and there is no scientific evidence to prove these claims.

So What Is Re:Active Purecol and What Are The Ingredients For Re:Active Purecol?

Re: Active Purecol is a combination of laxative ingredients designed to help “elimination” and that is putting it nicely!

The ingredients are in a proprietary blend so we cannot provide a full ingredients breakdown. Capsules contain Gelatin so are not suitable for vegetarians.

Each serving is equal to one capsule.

Proprietary Purecol herbal blend (435mg)

  • Fennel Seed: Common herb that is a member of parsley family. It is used medicinally for digestive problems and is a mild laxative believed to have a relaxant effect upon the colon. It may work in the body like oestrogen so you need to avoid it if you have a hormone related medical condition.
  • Psyllium Husk: This soluble fiber is a laxative used in OTC laxatives including Fybogel. It can cause allergic reactions occasionally and the FDA has warned that this material can cause choking. It is very important to take with plenty of water to minimise the risk of swelling in the throat or oesophagus.
  • Alfalfa: This is a diuretic so will increase urination. It may act like oestrogen in the body too so you should not take it if you suffer from a hormone related health condition.
    An unusual side effect is that it can increase sun sensitivity.
  • Beetroot: This salad root vegetable is excellent for health and may have numerous health benefits if included in your diet. It increases blood flow to the brain and may help reduce blood pressure.
  • Garlic: Has proven health benefits and can lower blood pressure at extremely high doses
  • Cascara Sagrada: Natural extract that has a very strong laxative effect. It is classified as a stimulant laxative and can cause dehydration and your potassium levels to drop. All medical advice is to take for no longer than two weeks.
  • Peppermint Leaf: Natural plant leaves often drunk as a tea. Sometimes used to treat bloating, gas and digestive disorders like dyspepsia and can be effective for treating headaches. Although safe Peppermint can interact with many prescription drugs.
  • Ginger: Familiar spice with culinary use, and often taken to treat stomach upsets. It is safe but can interfere blood-thinning medication.
  • Oat Bran: A rich source of soluble fibre. Can increase bowel movements
  • Apple Pectin: This natural indigestible fibre binds food substances together in the intestine and can increase stools.
  • Barley Fibre: Very healthy ingredient in cooking because it is high in fibre and low in calories. Barley has the highest fibre of all the whole grains and including more into your diet may help reduce cholesterol and improve heart health.
  • Lemon Peel: High in vitamin C so a good source of antioxidants. Diuretic.

So What Does All This Mean?

There are some great ingredients in Re:Active Purecol which makes it look safe! Including more beetroot and fibres such as oat bran and barley fibre (pearl barley) into your diet will be beneficial for health. An apple a day is good for health too.

However, the Cascara Sagrada is a matter for concern. This is a strong laxative, which can be dangerous and does nothing for health or wellbeing. Psyllium husk does not suit everyone either and can pose a choking risk. There are diuretic ingredients too so your urine output will be increased.

This supplement will have the desired laxative effect so any health benefits obtained from the other ingredients may be lost. Expect to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. In addition, many of these ingredients are known for causing other side effects and interactions.

Does Re:Active Purecol Have Any Side Effects?

Re:Active Purecol may have side effects however, a lack of independent customer feedback means we cannot bring you any real life experiences. In addition, we lack the full ingredients information because we do not know the quantities of individual quantities amounts.

Judging by the ingredients list potential side effects may include:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Diarrhoea
  • Gas
  • Enhanced sun sensitivity
  • Risk of allergic reaction
  • Risk of dehydration

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding.

Speak to your doctor first if you have an existing medical condition or are taking prescription medication because this supplement may cause interactions.

You may wish to avoid if you have or have had a hormone related medical condition because alfalfa works like oestrogen in the body. Do not take if you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

Psyllium husk can provoke allergic reactions in some rare cases. Seek medical advice if you experience a skin rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), and severe dizziness or have trouble breathing.

Any Re:Active Purecol Reviews From Customers?

There is some customer feedback posted on the Purecol product page. It is all positive and typically, customers report that this supplement works.

This product seemed to do the job and left me feeling really good

is a typical comment.

Elsewhere we are unable to find any independent customer reviews for Re:Activate Purecol.

So Does Re:Active Purecol Work?

We think that Re:Activate Purecol will work as a laxative so will have the desired effect. However, this will not lead to long-term weight loss or any of the detox benefits claimed by the advertising. You may show up lighter on the scales temporarily but that s about the extent of it.

There are concerns about Cascara Sagrada and according to NYU Langone a prestige NY Medical Centre, using this ingredient for more than seven days can lead to fluid and electrolyte loss (e.g., potassium) and loss of proper intestinal muscle contractions.


Some research suggests that Cascara Sagrada is potentially dangerous and should be withdrawn as an ingredient for herbal supplements.


Where Can I Buy Re:Active Purecol?

You can buy Re:Activate Purecol direct from the Desirable Body website. One tub of 30 capsules (15 days supply) costs £16.95

Although the product information claims free shipping to UK addresses, this only applies to orders over £25.00 and charges are not specified.

International shipping is available but you need to contact the company for more details,.

You can buy Re:Activate Purecol from 30 capsules (15 days supply) costs £16.95 and includes free UK delivery.

You can also buy Re:Activate Purecol from One tub of 30 capsules( 15 days supply) costs $24.95 and includes free shipping to US addresses.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee on offer. Desirable Body offers a 30 days return policy but this only applies to unopened items.

Watchdog Verdict

Re:Activate Purecol contains some great ingredients that if you were to include as part of your diet would probably help your digestion and weightloss.

Most of us lack fibre in our diet especially if we eat a lot of processed foods so including more of this, such as barley and oat bran will help keep the bowels and colon healthy.

Beetroot, lemon, apple and garlic are also healthy ingredients and ginger and peppermint are excellent for helping the digestion. Eating all these natural ingredients will give you numerous medical benefits that you would not find in any supplement.

However, where this supplement falls down is the inclusion of the laxatives, especially Cascara Sagrada. Make no mistake there are health concerns about this particular ingredient and although you can find it in many herbal supplements, there is a movement to see it banned for safety reasons.

We cannot approve this supplement. We just don’t get the fascination of detox and there is no medical reason why it should work to cause all the advertised benefits.

Re: Activate Purecol is certainly is not the worse detox we have seen but “not as bad as some” does not mean it is good.

It is an easy decision. We reject Re:Activate Purecol.

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