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Skinny Mint

Skinny Mint is a two-step detox programme that you take over 14 or 28 days. It is composed of two types of tea – the daytime Morning Boost, which contains stimulants, and Night Cleanse, which contains laxatives and other ingredients for inner cleansing.

We take a look at Skinny Mint to find out more.

Skinny Mint Pros

  • Attractive looking website
  • Free shipping worldwide

Skinny Mint Cons

  • All medical advice is to avoid detox supplements like this
  • May lead to dehydration
  • No independent customer feedback
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Skinny mint

Skinny Mint Review

Skinny Mint Facts

  • Skinny Mint is available to buy in a choice of currencies
  • Contains laxatives
  • Despite the healthy looking appeal of the advertising, taking laxatives is not good for health

Skinny Mint is a detox programme that you take for 14 or 28 days simply by drinking the two special herbal teas.

Morning Boost is the daytime tea and as the name suggests contains some energy boosting ingredients including green tea, Guarana – a seed extract rich in caffeine and Yerba Mate – a Brazilian extract high in caffeine.In addition, it contains some natural fruit extracts such as strawberry and pineapple plus diuretics – dandelion and nettle leaves well-known ingredients that increase urine flow.

The night time tea – Night Cleanse looks more powerful. This one contains some powerful laxatives including Senna and liquorice root plus other ingredients known for the effects upon the digestion such as peppermint and ginger. Strangely, for a supplement called Skinny Mint –mint does not appear to be the principle ingredient.

Detoxing is promoted as a healthy way to lose weight and cleanse your system. Many people believe that it increases weight loss, improves skin and hair and increases vitality. Some people take a regular detox in order to kick off a fitness regime and report real benefits.

Many people believe a detox flushes toxins from the body, reduces stomach bloating and improves skin. However, medical advice is unanimous against the practice of taking detox supplements because it is unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

Your body flushes toxins via your liver and kidneys and there is no need to give these vital organs a rest. There is no evidence that taking laxatives improves your skin and your hair.

That said, detox supplements remain popular with both customers and supplement companies like Skinny Mint who tout detox for so-called health benefits. There are numerous brands on the marketing including Slimming Solutions Teatox and UK supplement Bootea which we covered in previous reviews. Skinny Mint looks very similar to these other teatox teas on the market.

How to Take Skinny Mint

Mornings: Brew a tea bag of Morning Boost in a cup of nearly boiling water for 4-5 minutes. Enjoy first thing in the morning.

Take it every morning upon rising. No worries if you forget, just drink the tea when you can before 5pm.

Evenings: Brew a tea bag of Night Cleanse in a cup of nearly boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

Enjoy after dinner or at bedtime. Take it every 2nd night before bed starting Day 1 for the duration of the Teatox.

Beware; Skinny Mint is not just an ordinary green tea with added benefits. It is a detox tea, which means you should not drink it more than the product information advises.

Skinny Mint is available across the World to customers in the USA, Singapore, UK and Australia. The website is available to view in a choice of languages including French Spanish and English.

Despite this coverage, there is very little real information about this supplement. Skinny Mint do not reveal the origins of the tea bags such as the place of manufacture or the source of the ingredients. In addition, the quantities of active ingredients in each tea bag are not revealed.

Skinny Mint Concerns:

  • Misleading advertising. This tea supplement is not good for health or wellbeing
  • Will customers realise that this expensive tea is potentially dangerous if used long term?
  • You are advised to avoid caffeine while taking this supplement

What Does Skinny Mint Claim To Do?

According to the Skinny Mint advertising,

This signature program works 24 hours a day, detoxifying your body for visible results on your waistline with a faster metabolism, reduced bloating and healthy digestion.

This sounds great but Skinny Mint does not provide any real evidence that the Teatox will achieve these effects.The information continues:

Morning Boost energises with nutrients and natural brain stimulants while Night Cleanse cleanses and relieves bloating, cramps and constipation during the night with natural digestive agents.

This is a worrying claim. If you wake up in the night with digestive problems like this, you should visit your doctor to check out your health. Digestive problems can be an indication of underlying health issues so it is important not to just ignore symptoms and self medicate with an OTC supplement.

So What Is Skinny Mint and What Are The Ingredients?

Skinny Mint is a detox supplement that you drink as tea. There are two types of tea in the programme. The product information does not provide quantities or how the ingredients are delivered. It is unclear whether fruits are in dried form for example or as extracts.

Morning Boost:

  • Green Tea: Described as energizing, fat burning and immunity boosting by Skinny mint, green tea comes with evidence it can promote weight loss and has been investigated for its role in the prevention of illness such as cancer. Green tea contains antioxidants ECGC and polyphenols so has benefits for health and weight loss.
  • Yerba Mate: Natural herbal extract taken from a South American plant. Yerba mate is often drunk as a tea in South America and it contains high levels of caffeine. The Skinny Mint advertising describes yerba mate as ‘stimulating, curbs appetite, boosts metabolism’ – claims commonly associated with caffeine.
  • Guarana: Another caffeine rich ingredient that the advertising describes as providing ‘cleansing, endurance and weight loss’. There is just no evidence that this is true. Caffeine may provide an energy boost but does not promote endurance. However When too much caffeine is ingested it can have a laxative effect.
  • Grapefruit Leaves: According to Skinny Mint, this ingredient provides cleansing, immunity improving and fat reduction but there is very little evidence to prove this. However, there has been very little clinical testing into grapefruit leaves so this ingredient is an unknown quantity.
  • Nettle Leaves: “Antioxidant, natural diuretic, rids constipation” according to Skinny Mint. Nettle leaves are a strong diuretic meaning that it will increase urination. However, there is little evidence that it works as a laxative. It is sometimes taken as a cure for diarrhoea.
  • Strawberry: As with other natural berries, strawberry is high in antioxidants but although the Skinny mint advertising claims that this is healthy and will lead to weight loss if taken in tea, a better alternative would be to include more fresh fruit into your daily diet.
  • Dandelion: Commonplace weed throughout Europe and well known for causing increased urination. Skinny Mint describe this ingredient as “nutrifying” a meaningless word they appear to have invented!
  • Pineapple: Delicious fruit, which may add to the flavour of the tea – if it does not overpower the strawberry. Great for health if taken in natural form but of no special benefit to weight loss.

Night Cleanse:

  • Senna Leaves: Senna is a natural plant that contains a chemical called sennoside, which creates a laxative effect by irritating the bowel lining. . According to the American Herbal Products Association, Senna leaves are harsh on the system and the association warns against long-term use.
    The NHS warns that you should not take Senna for longer than 7 days maximum.
    Senna is a natural laxative as the Skinny Mint information describes but this doesn’t mean it is safe.
  • Ginger Root: Often taken as a natural cure to stomach upsets, ginger root is well known for its tangy fresh flavour and it may have a laxative effect too. According to Skinny mint, ginger is an aphrodisiac but we have been unable to find any proof for this claim. It seems unlikely.
  • Peppermint: Well known herbal remedy for digestive problems such as stomach pain and bloating. Peppermint was actually banned by the FDA as an OTC aid for digestive problems in 1990 because there was no evidence that it worked but it is a popular and safe ingredient and many people believe in it.
  • Liquorice Root: Although we are all familiar with liquorice as a flavouring, it can be dangerous at high levels. Liquorice is a strong laxative that can also raise blood pressure levels and reduce potassium levels.
  • Orange Leaves: As with the grapefruit leaves in the Morning Boost, there is no real evidence that orange leaves will be effective as a medicine. We cannot see orange leaves aiding sleep, improving your skin or treating constipation as the Skinny Mint advertising claims.
  • Psyllium Husk: Another ingredient described as a natural laxative and this soluble fibre will have this effect. It is used in OTC laxatives including Fybogel. It can cause allergic reactions.
  • Lemongrass: Antibacterial, relaxant and providing pain relief according to Skinny mint, and there is a buzz around lemon grass as a medicinal ingredient. It may be effective for a variety of conditions but it requires further evidence.
  • Hawthorne Berries: Well known ingredient that has been used in herbal teas for hundreds of years as a treatment for heart disease and angina. Hawthorne may be effective as a treatment for hypertension too but there have been very few clinical studies and this ingredient requires further testing for efficacy and safety.

So What Does All This Mean?

Morning Boost contains ingredients, which are rich in caffeine, as well as diuretic ingredients including dandelion and nettle, so you may notice a boost to your energy levels and the times that you need to visit the bathroom.

This may cause you to lose water weight and this may result in short term weight loss. However, it is important that you drink plenty of liquids or you may become dehydrated.

Green tea is good for health and may help promote weight loss but for the best effects you would do better replacing your usual tea with green tea.
Night Cleanse contains some powerful laxatives. It seems counter intuitive to go to bed after taking a laxative and you may be up in the night to visit the bathroom. This tea may cause side effects and according to health advice, you should not take Senna for any longer than 7 days.

Does Skinny Mint Have Any Side Effects?

We have been unable to find any independent feedback for Skinny Mint so can only judge potential side effects by looking at the listed ingredients.

These may include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Vomiting
  • Risk of an allergic reaction
  • Lowered potassium levels
  • Increase in heart rate and blood pressure

One of the biggest potential health issues is dehydration. Taking laxatives and diuretics can cause you to become dehydrated so it is important that you ensure you take plenty of liquids.

Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations – such as sensation of pounding heart or rapid beat
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Inability to sweat or urinate
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Constipation as the body attempts to retain fluids


Not suitable for individuals under 18.

Do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Cease taking if you experience an allergic reaction such as swelling, or numbness and seek urgent medical advice.

Do not use this tea if you are taking prescription medication because of the strong risk of interactions.

Skinny Mint advises you to avoid caffeine while taking the Detox and to consult your GP if you are considering using the Night Cleanse long term.

Any Skinny Mint Reviews From Customers?

Apart from the Instagram pictures and customer comments hosted on the product website, we have been unable to locate any independent customer feedback for Skinny Mint.

So Does Skinny Mint Work?

We can’t really see this teatox doing much for your health or weight loss. The tea blends contain laxative and diuretic ingredients so it seems like that you will be spending more time in your bathroom.

There is no reason why this should be good for health. It is more likely to have harmful effects and may lead to dehydration. Detoxing like this is not good for heath. Your body’s liver and kidneys can filter out any so-called toxins without any help from these so-called cleansing ingredients.

If you feel your body requires cleansing, cutting out unhealthy food and alcohol and detoxing that way will probably improve your skin, hair and help you lose some weight. A health kick like this can leave you feeling rejuvenated but you do not need a detox tea to support this aim.

Skinny Mint is essentially a laxative / diuretic with a few added ingredients thrown in. Morning Boost contains caffeine so you could get the same energy boost by drinking your usual cup of coffee.

According to the NHS, taking laxatives is not recommended and should only be used very sparingly if you suffer from constipation. Laxatives can cause your body to become dependent on them so that you find it difficult to open your bowels without this help.

If you do suffer from constipation, the advice is to include more fibre into your diet, drink plenty of liquids and get some exercise.

Where Can I Buy Skinny Mint?

Skinny Mint is not on sale in the shops. You can only buy Skinny Mint from the shop on the Skinny Mint Website or via Facebook.

The 28-Day Teatox comprises of 28 Morning Boost Teabags and 14 Night Cleanse Teabags. This option costs $54.90 or £32.90.

Prices are provided in a choice of currencies including AUD and the Euro.
The Best Value option (Besties Value Teatox) comprises of 2 x 28 Day Teatox packs and costs £52.90 or $89.90. You can also buy the 14 Day Starter Detox (14 Morning Boost teabags, 7 Night Cleanse Teabags) for £17.90 or $29.90
You can also purchase the Morning Boost teabags and Night Cleanse teabags separately.

28 morning Boost teabags costs £17.90 or $29.09

14 Night Cleanse teabags costs £14.90 or $24.90

You can pay via bankcard or PayPal and shipping is free worldwide.

What About A Guarantee

No guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

We are not very impressed with Skinny Mint. It seems to promise a way to look gorgeous and improve your health but the truth is that is nothing more than a blend of laxatives and diuretics with some added caffeine thrown in.

This teatox tea is not healthy and will probably cause more health issues than it cures.

In addition, we are very alarmed that it is sold 54 days supply. According to medical advice, you should not take Senna for more than 7 days yet Skinny Mint is encouraging customers to stay on this detox for much longer.

If you wanted to drink a healthy and interesting tea, you would do better saving your money on this and try green tea. That way you may get some weight loss benefit without any of the unpleasant side effects and for much less cost. It is an easy decision. We reject Skinny Mint.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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