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Slendertox Tea

Slendertox Tea comes with the claims that it will support a healthy detox and help weight loss by fat burning. It seems popular but some people have had side effects following drinking the tea.

We take an in depth look at Slendertox to find out more about this detox supplement.

Slendertox Tea Pros

  • Some of the green tea ingredients look good
  • It will cause a laxative effect as advertised

Slendertox Tea Cons

  • Insufficient ingredients profile
  • Most people appear to have experienced unpleasant side effects
  • Will not help your health or your weight loss
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slendertox tea

Slendertox Tea Review

Slendertox Tea Facts

  • Slendertoxtea is a British company
  • Teatox packages available in 14 days, 28 days and 3 months supply
  • There is no such bean as a sterling bean despite this being advertised as a key ingredient

Slendertox is a two-part detox package of teabags that comes with the claims that it will help you lose weight and achieve inner cleansing in a healthy way. According to the product information, all the ingredients are natural and organic and the blends are based on a South Asian recipe.

There are two separate tea blends to take at different times of the day.

The Daytox, which you drink each morning and Sleeptox a tea that you drink before bedtime. Both teas contain more or less the same ingredients, including green tea as well as other parts of the tea plant such as tea seeds and tea flowers.

Slendertox also contains fennel, which is known for causing a laxative and diuretic effect, hawthorn extract plus an unusual bean extract called sterling bean, which we had not come across before and will look into later in the review.

It also contains radish leaf – the green leafy parts of the radish and high in vitamins and minerals, and Valerian –a plant extract that is well known for helping you sleep.

Judging by the ingredients list, at first glance, Slendertox looks a little less powerful than many other detox teas on the market.

It does not appear to contain the powerful laxatives that are a feature of many other products. However, the product information warns you that both teas will cause a laxative effect and many customers have warned that this effect can come on very suddenly.

Teatox teas are popular right now. They seem to offer weight loss and a healthy way to improve your health and although the whole area of detox is questionable, this popularity does not go away.

How to Take Slendertox Tea

Use one Daytox teabag in the morning and one Sleeptox teabag every other night for the duration of your teatox.

Use a medium sized cup of warm or cold water (not boiling water) and allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes or as long as you wish but NO longer than 6 minutes. Sweeteners or honey may be added.

Slendertox also provide a healthy eating plan, which you can download (in English, German, Spanish or French) and use in combination with the teatox.

Slendertox is a British company based in Leeds. The address and phone number is provided and you can contact the company via email. We always love to see fully transparent contact details so this is a point in this company’s favour.

What is not quite as good is the fact that we have no way of knowing where the teabags are manufactured.

The advertising states that Slendertox is based on a South Asian recipe. Does this mean that Slendertox is also manufactured in South Asia? This is a point of concern.

We have no way of knowing whether this supplement is made in a factory that conforms to GMP (good manufacturing practice) or elsewhere. There could be issues of safety and hygiene.

Slendertox Tea Concerns:

  • Could pose a serious risk to health especially if taken long term
  • Where is this supplement made? China? There is nothing to prove that it is manufactured in the UK?
  • Is this teatox really made from organic ingredients? Where is the evidence to prove this?

What Does Slendertox Tea Claim To Do?

According to the advertising,

Made from a purely natural organic herbal blend, Slendertoxtea is a Teatox designed to detoxify and cleanse, increase metabolism, suppress your appetite, burn calories and increase energy.

This all sounds great but according to medical experts, detoxing is not actually good for health. Our bodies do not store toxins – we have liver and kidneys that can filter out toxins such as alcohol.

Green tea may have an effect upon the metabolism and energy levels when taken on its own or combined with caffeine but there are no guarantees that taken in combination with other ingredients in unknown quantities, you will notice this effect.

In addition, we would have liked to see some proof about the origins of this supplement and the herbal ingredients. Organic status is hard to achieve so usually organic products come with some background as to where they are produced. This information is just not provided and we question these claims.

So What Is Slendertox Tea and What Are The Ingredients?

Slendertox tea is a detox programme that comes in the form of two types of tea, both of which contain many of the same ingredients. Amounts contained in each teabag are not provided.

Daytox Ingredients:

  • Hawthorn Grain: The hawthorn is well known as a medicinal plant and in most cases, it is the flowers, leaves and fruit are used as supplement ingredients and not the seeds. The different components have different qualities so it is important to be clear on this fact.
    Hawthorn generally lacks clinical evidence and there are safety concerns about it. There has been just one clinical experiment on hawthorn seeds carried out on caged mice. It makes for some uncomfortable reading “In tail-clip, hot-plate, and acetic acid-induced writhing tests, hawthorn seemed to have an analgesic effect”. What this has to do with healthy weight loss is anyone’s guess.
  • Red Bean: This could be anything! Kidney bean or Adzuki bean, the advertising does not make it clear. Beans are generally a good source of protein and fibre but are probably better when used as part of your normal diet rather than in tea form.
  • Sterling Bean: Another mysterious bean ingredient! There is no such bean as the sterling bean! If it is an ordinary legume, it could be useful for weight loss because of the high fibre and protein content found in all beans. However, we would be cautious about taking a completely invented ingredient like this.
  • Radish Leaf: There are several types of radish and it is unclear which variety this is. However, in general radish leaves are rich in potassium, folic acid and vitamin C as well as minerals. The Daikon radish is most common in South Asian cuisine.
  • Camellia Seed: Also known as tea seed and rich in fatty acid oils, this ingredient seems to have antioxidant properties – stronger than the leaves of the tea plant. According to early research, it may help protect against dangerous free radical cells and therefore improve resistance to disease.
  • Camellia Flower: Known in Chinese as the tea flower, this ingredient probably comes from the Camellia Sinensis (tea plant) and not the camellia we grow in our gardens. If it is tea plant variety, it is high in antioxidants (ECGC and phenols) and may have benefits similar to the leaves that we usually drink. However, we do not know this for sure.
  • Green Tea: Clinical research has found that green tea has proven health benefits and the antioxidants (ECGC and polyphenols) found to have anti obesity and fat burning properties because of the effects upon the metabolism.
  • Fennel Seeds: Commonplace garden herb used medicinally for digestive problems and a mild laxative and diuretic. It may work in the body like oestrogen, so will not suit you if you have hormone related health issues.

Sleeptox Ingredients:

This tea contains exactly the same ingredients as previously mentioned in Daytox with only two differences.

In Sleeptox Hawthorn seeds have been replaced by Large Hawthorn. The product information states that,

Large hawthorn helps lower your blood pressure making it perfect for just before bed, lowering your blood pressure helps your relax giving you that perfect nights sleep.

This is not actually safe. However, it is true that Hawthorn may have this effect along with causing heart arrhythmias’ if taken to excess.

  • Valerian Root: This commonplace garden plant is well known for its ability to improve sleep quality and relaxation. However, it can interact with drugs and alcohol and may cause grogginess the next morning. It should not be taken for longer than 28 days. A clinical trial on 12,000 people found that it was safe but long term safety has not been tested.

So What Does All This Mean?

We have some serious concerns about Slendertox. The ingredients information is inadequate and it is impossible to know what is exactly contained in these teabags.

There is also a discrepancy between the effects reported by customers and the warnings provided by Slendertox, with the ingredients list. Everyone warns that this detox tea has a strong laxative effect (including Slendertox) but the ingredients list does not bear this out.

Apart from the fennel leaves, there is nothing much in the listed ingredients to cause this effect. So what does this teatox actually contain? We just do not know and sticking our necks out here, we suspect that Slendertox does not know either.

This teatox has all the signs of having been imported probably from South Asia and although that is no crime, it just does not look safe. There is something contained this teatox that merits a warning of a strong laxative effect but whatever it is, it’s not showing up in the ingredients list.

Does Slendertox Tea Have Any Side Effects?

Slendertox warn of side effects. They state;

The only real noticeable side effects you may get from the Slender Teatox are those associated with a laxative effect.

These include:

  • Cramping
  • Increased visits to the bathroom

The information states that the side effects should not include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Severe cramping
  • Dizziness

However, there is a very real risk of these more serious effects according to customers. Many have reported the same experience. A typical comment said,

It’s basically just a laxative. It is unhealthy and causes severe stomach cramps and constant diarrhoea.

Other side effects may include:

  • Morning grogginess
  • Lowered blood pressure which could be dangerous
  • Heart beat irregularities
  • Palpitations

Slendertox warns that,

Teatoxing can affect the contraceptive pill if you take it in the morning within 4 hours of the laxative effect. People who absorb their contraceptive pill at night will be fine as it takes around 10 hours for the laxative effect to set in, however to be on the safe side we advise the use of condoms during your Teatox.

Slendertox will also interact with other medication. You should certainly avoid if you are taking heart medication such as Digoxin and you should avoid alcohol while taking supplements containing valerian. You should avoid it if you have or have had a hormonally related medical condition.

Not suitable for individuals under 18.

Avoid if you are pregnant or breast feeding or taking the contraceptive pill.

Any Slendertox Tea Reviews From Customers?

There is a lot of feedback and many customers have had unpleasant experiences, mostly around the laxative effect. One lady’s experience highlighted the problems,

The tea came the next day. Great. I had my first go the next morning, tummy had more gurgles than usual and I was expecting to go to the toilet a little more than usual. I was not prepared for what followed. That same morning, a little later, around 11:30am I felt the urge to go… You have around 3 seconds to respond. I was unfortunately in the car…

Another customer reported,

Did not notice any health benefits and gave bad stomach cramps. Very expensive as well.


Don’t even bother with this product. Makes you ill, huge health risk.

Another said,


There are multiple comments along the same lines. There are however, some positive comments such as,

Instant results!! Will indeed be buying more !!

So Does Slendertox Tea Work?

Yes, it works as a powerful laxative and some people believe that this is an advantage. However taking laxatives to fuel weight loss is not advisable. It does not result in long-term weight loss and can lead to dehydration unless you are careful to ensure you get plenty of fluids while undergoing the detox.

Dehydration is a serious medical problem and can lead to complications including:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Heart palpitations – such as sensation of pounding heart or rapid beat
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Inability to sweat or urinate

If you are otherwise healthy why run the risk of getting ill by taking such a dangerous looking supplement?

Where Can I Buy Slendertox Tea?

Slendertox Tea only appears to be available online and is not in the Shopping Mall or High Street. You can buy Slendertox via the product website. The 14-Day Teatox (14 Daytox teabags, 7 Sleeptox tea bags) costs £19.99.

You can buy the teabags separately too. 14 Daytox tea bags costs £13.99. 7 Sleeptox teabags costs £9.99. You can also buy the 28 Day Teatox (28 Daytox teabags, 14 Sleeptox teabags) for £32.99.

Alarmingly you can buy 3 months supply too, for £89.00.

Flat price world shipping is an additional £10.00. UK shipping is free.
Slendertox Tea is also available via UK Amazon for the same price as quoted by the website.

US customers can buy Slendertox Tea direct from Amazon. The 14-Day Teatox costs around $38.00 depending on the seller.

What About A Guarantee

No guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

It will probably come as no surprise to find that we are unimpressed with this supplement. It comes with a lot of claims of helping improve health and weight loss but there is no evidence that this is true and according to customers, it seems more likely to make you ill.

The ingredients list is very sketchy and although some ingredients such as tea seeds and green tea look good, there are listed ingredients that do not even appear to exist! There is no such bean as a sterling bean for example.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is nothing here that is supposed to cause a dramatic laxative effect yet even the product information warns of it. So what does this supplement really contain?

We do not know and we suspect that Slendertox doesn’t know either. We would love it if they could contact us and provide some clarification.

There is nothing to prove that the ingredients are organic as claimed. We don’t even know where it is made and we feel this teatox has every hallmark of a Chinese made product so is unlikely to have conformed to GMP (good manufacturing practice).

We share the opinion of the medical establishment in believing that detox is bad for health but to be honest, any other teatox is probably better than this one. If you are really set on a teatox there are other supplements on the market which look safer.

It is an easy decision. We reject Slendertox Tea.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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