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Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix is an appetite suppressing weight loss supplement available in the UK. Its main ingredient is konjac root, a commonly used ingredient.

We take a look to see if it has any benefits over similar weight loss products.

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix Pros

  • Konjac clinically proven weight loss aid
  • Easily avoidable side effects

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix Cons

  • Prohibitively expensive
  • Strength unknown
  • Only available in a 10 day supply
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Slim be instant shot mix

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix Review

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix Facts

  • Manufactured by Inovate Health
  • 30 sachets per box
  • Fibre based appetite suppressant

Konjac is a fairly common appetite suppressant found in diet pills and zero calorie noodles. With it being available in numerous products, manufacturers are always looking for new ways to present the same ingredient, making it as appetising or interesting to customers as possible, as well as effective.

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix is one konjac based product that has tried to set itself apart from similar products, by adding in flavouring and vitamin C. The supplement comes in the form of a powder, mixed with a small amount of water before being immediately drunk as a shot style drink, followed by more water.

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix is available in either strawberry, vanilla or orange flavours, and is available from a number of retailers. Because some retailers only have one flavour in stock, consumers may have to shop around to find the flavour they want.

How to Take Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix

For weight loss you must take one Slim-Be three times a day before meal times.

Add 50-75ml of water to one Slim-Be, mix well and drink immediately.

If it is too sweet for you, just top it up with a little more water.

Then in the same tumbler, drink a further two glasses of water (2x250ml).

This ensures Slim-Be® reaches your stomach and starts working straight away.

The company are also the manufacturers of Slimsticks, another konjac based weight loss supplement that also takes the form of a powder sachet.

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix Concerns:

  • Prohibitively expensive
  • Strength unknown
  • Only available in a 10 day supply

What Does Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix Claim To Do?

The manufacturers of Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix state that their product will help the consumer to:

  • Eat Less
  • Reduce Weight
  • Manage Weight

They also state:

The European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) says that taking konjac, Slim-Be’s main active ingredient, will help you eat less, lose weight and manage your weight as part of a healthy eating regime.

So What Is Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix and What Are The Ingredients?

The listed ingredients are as follows:

  • Be Blend (konjac glucomannan, inulin)
  • Maltodextrin
  • Natural flavouring
  • Colour
  • Citric acid
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Malic acid
  • Sweetener – sucralose, salt

Each portion has 21 calories and 100mg of vitamin C. An ingredients list is provided, as listed above, but there are no ingredient quantities for the only weight loss ingredient, konjac. Without knowing how much konjac root is used in this product, it is difficult to establish how strong or effective it might be.

The form which this konjac-based weight loss aid takes may increase the chances of some side effects such as choking, compared to a capsule form.

Konjac root is from a plant. The fibre extracted from konjac root is glucomannan, which is the active ingredient thought to aid weight loss.

The glucomannan powder absorbs water upon contact and becomes gel-like in consistency in the stomach. It also swells to multiple times its original size. This not only helps to fill the stomach, but slows down digestion, meaning that the dieter can go for longer before feeling hungry again, as well as eating less food before they feel full.

There are numerous studies that show glucomannan use leads to weight loss without making any other changes. Because glucomannan slows digestion down, it can also help to regulate blood sugar levels, preventing sharp increases and drops in blood sugar levels that are thought to be responsible for cravings between meals.


So What Does All This Mean?

With no way of knowing how much glucomannan is present in this weight loss supplement, it is impossible to establish just how effective Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix might be compared to other glucomannan based products.

However, in general glucomannan is considered to be a fairly safe and effective natural appetite suppressant, which aids in preventing hunger. This means that consumers who usually cheat during dieting due to hunger should find it easier to stick to their diet and lose weight.

Does Slim-Be Instant Shot MixHave Any Side Effects?

The main active ingredient in this drink is konjac root, which is a fibre based appetite suppressant that swells in the stomach, absorbing large amounts of water. This makes it incredibly important to drink the large amounts of water recommended in the instructions: not drinking enough water with the product can cause constipation, stomach aches and even intestinal blockages.

Consumers should ensure they drink the shot mixture as soon as it is mixed, as it can thicken and become harder to swallow. Choking or blockages in the throat are possible, and so people who have problems swallowing should not use this product. Bloating and increased bowel movements are also possible when using this product. Consumers who still eat large meals may feel uncomfortably full, with some stomach discomfort.

Konjac root can also cause blood sugar levels to drop, and so diabetics should consult their doctor before consuming this product.

As with all other supplements, consult a healthcare professional before use if you are taking any medication, have a medical condition or if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

There is a risk of choking for people with swallowing difficulties or when taken with inadequate fluid.

Any Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix Reviews From Customers?

There are a few customer reviews that we could locate for this product:

I’ve used Slim-Be for nearly 3 years – dropped a stone and a dress size in about 3 months and kept it off. This new orange flavour is light and delicious at any time but particularly first thing in the morning. Try it – nothing to lose but lbs!!

Did not make a difference at all! Gave me horrendous diarrhoea.

Great product does the job.

QVC used to sell this product with an auto-delivery option, but no longer stock Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix.

I’m pleased it worked for some. I think I gave it my best shot. Cancelled auto delivery when I first doubted, intending to use up what I had. I decided to return as I am alomst sure it’s the extra water that makes you fuller. A lot of money to be unconvinced, hence my decision to return.

I have taken it at least 20-30 mins before meals + -1-2 glasses of liquid- it hasnt made me feel full & I but dont feel like its stopped me eating what I would normally eat (which is reasonable portions of overall healthy food) What I have found is that a short time AFTER eating I suddenly feel like I’m going to burst, from feeling so full- & that feeling last for quite some time. This does mean I’m not tempted to pick after meals so will probably help in the long term with weight loss. At the moment it seems that I MAY have lost 1-2lb but your weight can go up & down that much over a few days anyway- so not getting too excited about that. On a down side, i do feel quite tight across the stomach & there has been no real ‘toilet activity’ for a couple of days- which doesnt help the feeling of heaviness. Maybe it will take a few more days for the body to adjust. I think this might be a really good option for people on the 5:2 diets, especially on fast days to help stay within the calorie allowance and even on the off days to stop you going crazy. Will keep with it & report back towards the 30 day mark as to whether there has been any real change.

So Does Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix Work?

With only a few customer reviews, it is difficult to establish whether it works well for everyone. Some customers report successes, whilst others report minimal or no results. Some customers have reported side effects, although these are explained partially by their eating habits- one consumer who stated they experienced stomach discomfort also admitted to not reducing the amount they ate each day.

However, the active ingredient, konjac is clinically proven to aid weight loss on conjunction with a balanced calorie controlled diet. The unknown factor here is the quantity of konjac root used in each serving; the larger the amount, the more effective the shot will be at helping to suppress the appetite. As this is unknown, we can only presume that Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix will aid with weight loss, but its effectiveness is unknown.

Where Can I Buy Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix?

Slim-Be is available from the manufacturers as well as from numerous third party retailers. From the manufacturers a single packet of 30 sachets costs £18.99, with free postage and packaging.

Slim-Be is available from in both flavours at a cost of £19.99. Availability in stores may vary. From Holland and Barrett a packet of 30 strawberry shots costs £24.99. From, a packet of 30 orange shots costs £19.99.

The cheapest site to purchase Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix appears to be thehealthcounter, where the product is priced at £13.99 per packet of 30 sachets.

What About A Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee on this product. Customers should consult the returns policy of the retailer they purchase the product from. Opened products that are not faulty are highly unlikely to be covered by any returns policy.

Watchdog Verdict

Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix seems to be a promising diet supplement in that the only weight loss ingredient is clinically proven to aid weight loss. However, the manufacturers do not state how much konjac is actually used in the shot, making it hard to assess its actual impact.

Appetite suppressants such as konjac root are only useful for weight loss if the consumer pays attention to the changes in their appetite, and does actually use it as an aid to reduce their food consumption. This means that Slim-Be Instant Shot Mix is unsuitable for anyone who is unwilling to change their diet.

At roughly £19.99 per 10 day supply, this diet supplement is definitely not a cheap option for long term use. The only added advantage this product has over other konjac based products is that it also has vitamin C. It would be cheaper for consumers to purchase a konjac supplement and vitamin supplement separately or ideally alter their diet to include more vitamin C-rich foods.

There is also no money back guarantee on the product. Compared to many other diet supplements, this option has few side effects, which are largely avoidable if the consumer drinks plenty of water.

Overall, we cannot approve this supplement, without knowing how strong the product is. The product is also too expensive to use in the long term, especially compared to other konjac supplements.

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