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Slim Bomb

Slim Bomb are popular diet pills in the UK that come in striking blue capsules that claim to be like no other weight loss pills in the world! Are Slim Bombs effective or just using familiar marketing gimmicks?

Slim Bomb is a diet pill focused on the UK diet pill market and relatively unknown in the US. They have been around for some 8 years now during which the formula has been regularly tweaked. We look to see if Slim Bombs still have what it takes to help dieters effectively lose weight, and safely!

Slim Bomb Pros

  • Popular UK diet pill reported 100,000 sold
  • Available with money-back guarantee

Slim Bomb Cons

  • Lack of clinical evidence
  • Lack of ingredient amounts listed
  • Does contain caffeine
  • Reported side effects
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Slim Bomb

Slim Bomb Review

Slim Bomb Facts

  • Popular UK weight loss diet pill (100,000 sold)
  • Claims to be the result of 6 years of research on customer feedback
  • Sold mostly through 3rd party retailers from £37

Slim Bomb pills are blue in appearance and don’t look like the typical diet pill, in fact they look more like viagra pills!

Although not heavily marketed, Slim Bombs have been on the market for some time and are an established brand, certainly in the UK. Made by Dplan who are based in the UK and were unable to find any complaints about them online, which is a great sign!

The official website clearly states their company address and contact details, making it very unlikely that Slim Bombs are a scam.

A look at the official Slim Bomb website though doesn’t inspire much confidence! There is a real lack of information available and no clinical studies or ingredients listed. We were only able to review Slim Bombs by contacting one of the leading UK supplier of these diet pills, Evolution Slimming.

Slim Bombs should be taken twice a day, two capsules taken at 10:00am and the remaining two at 3pm, which means one bottle of 160 capsules will last longer than most diet pills at 40 days.

You are suggested to keep taking Slim Bombs until you have reached your desired weight.

Slim Bombs Warnings:

  • Lacking in clinical data to back up weight loss claims made
  • Many reviews on Slim Bomb contain out-of-date ingredient information and so could be unreliable!
  • Mixed consumer feedback with reported side effects

What Does Slim Bomb Claim To Do?

Popular retailer who stocks Slim Bomb claim:

It is a thermogenic formula that increases the body’s metabolism to its highest levels, burns fat and suppresses your appetite naturally. Slim Bomb creates extreme amounts of energy using only the highest grade of all natural ingredients

Some websites that stock Slim Bombs have made weight loss claims that you can lose an average weight loss of 14 lbs from just one bottle!

One retailer who stocks Slim Bomb recommended buying two bottles if you have 1 stone (or 6 ½ kilos) to lose.

So What Is Slim Bomb?

Slim Bomb in manufactured in the UK by Dplan who produce other diet pills, patches and slimming teas, but Slim Bomb is without doubt their most popular and successful brand.

It looks as if Slim Bomb has been on the market for at least 8 years although we found some reports indicating just 6 years, this maybe due to website content not being updated though.

With slick branding that is certainly better than many diet pills we have seen, Slim Bomb claims to be an advanced weight loss formula they suggest makes it easier for you to lose weight!

What Are The Ingredients For Slim Bomb?

Slim Bomb claim to have recently reformulated their supplement with extra ingredients. This is interesting as we only found 3 ingredients listed, makes us wonder what was in it before!

  • Cha de Bugre 4:1 extract (250mg) – Small Brazilian tree also classified as Cordia salicifolia, consumed by the local population for its reported weight loss benefits. Suggested to be a natural stimulant that can increase energy and alertness.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (200mg) – Can boost energy levels and contains lots of antioxidants benefit for health.
  • Caffeine (50mg) – Caffeine increases mental alertness and can temporarily boost metabolism, although your body quickly gets used to the effects of caffeine.

So What Does All This Mean?

Slim Bomb diet pills are primarily fat burners that look to boost metabolism so that you increase fat burning. It looks to achieve this by using ingredients that have a stimulatory effect on your metabolism, which may not agree with everyone.

Does Slim Bomb Have Any Side Effects?

Although Slim Bombs claim to contain 100% herbal ingredients they have caused some customers to experience nausea. Some consumers have also reported disturbed sleep.

These side effects are due to the stimulatory effects of the ingredients used. The symptoms are not long-lasting and do soon stop by either reducing the dosage or discontinuing use.

The manufacturers do not recommend the supplement for pregnant or nursing women, adolescents or individuals on restricted diets.

Any Slim Bomb Reviews From Customers?

Consumer reviews have been mixed with Slim Bombs with some raving about them with others having no effect and causing mild side effects. In general there appear to be more negative comments than positive, an example some of the negative feedback from consumers taking Slim Bombs:

I got these having read rave reviews about how good they are. Trust me – all they do is give you wind and make you visit the loo to empty your bowels a few times a day. You get stomach ache but don’t really lose weight!

Cath P (3 Jun 2011)

These tablets have done absolutely nothing for me, very disapointed. the free tea which was dispatched with them was a lovely gesture however only had a very short expiry date. Would not buy again. Delivery was excellent.

Kate Bettley (2 Sep 2011)

That said, some positive feedback has been reported:

i tried slim bomb and after 2 weeks i had lost about 7 pounds. thanks.

sarah hadley

Hi, been using your Slim Bombs for 3 months now and have lost a total of 29lbs. I’m delighted with the way they make you feel – full of energy and so not hungry. Thanks for your great customer service too.

Amanda Jayne

Online retailer Slimming Solutions rate Slim Bombs as one of their best selling slimming pills, with an average rating of 4.74 on 23,358 ratings (correct as of 7th May 2012). It’s worth noting though that only a small number of these consumer reviews are available on their website!

So Does Slim Bomb Work?

As we are constantly finding in diet pills we review, Slim Bomb do not reveal the amount of ingredients used, making it impossible to identify if sufficient quantities are present to work!

Whilst stockists are keen to claim that “Slim Bomb capsules are great for weight loss” there is very little evidence to suggest this is the case!

Out of the three ingredients mentioned only Green Tea Leaf Extract has some evidence to suggest it can boost metabolism enough to promote increased fat burning. Moreover there are much better supplements available that contain this ingredient, such as Raspberry Ketone Plus. Regarding other ingredients, there is no evidence that Chá de Bugre works and caffeine is not an effective long-term fat burner.

Based on the ingredients it would suggest that Slim Bombs could help to increase alertness and energy levels with little if any weight loss.

Where Can I Buy Slim Bomb?

Slim Bombs are available to buy directly from the official website for £37 ($60) for one bottle of 160 capsules that will last 40 days.

Slim Bomb with Free diet patchesThere is more affordable way to buy Slim Bombs by going to Evolution Slimming who offers an incredible deal that gives you free pack of SlimKick Diet Patches (woth £29.95) for the same price of £37 ($60).

Every order comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and FREE UK delivery option.

For more information visit: Evolution Slimming

Watch Dog Verdict

Despite being around for a number of years, there is a real lack of detailed information about Slim Bombs!

The official website is incredibly poor, independent retailers selling Slim Bombs do not seem to actively promote this supplement. With so many better supplements on the market, this is not surprising!

If you are used to strong fat burners or a fan of caffeine drinks then you may not suffer from side effects when taking Slim Bombs. Otherwise the strong stimulants may cause temporary side effects that may put you off using these diet pills.

On a positive note, Slim Bomb retailers do offer money-back guarantees ranging from 14 to 30 days.

With mixed feedback from consumers and the range of other more affordable and clinically proven diet pills on the market we think that Slim Bombs may have had their day and so do not recommend Slim Bombs.

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Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim

The most potent Superfruit diet pill on the market, includes clinically proven Raspberry Ketones, African Mango and Acai Berry.

Why is Superfruit Slim Watchdog Approved?

  • 4 strongest superfruit extracts in one capsule
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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