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Slim in 6 – Answer to Exercise Weight Loss?

One of the major causes of obesity is that people do not get enough exercise! To stay at a consistent weight you need to burn off as many calories as you eat but it is not always easy. The combination of lots of food easily available and a sedentary life style is only ever going to go one way. Up!

Slim in 6You cannot lose weight if you don’t burn some of this excess food off. Even if you restrict your diet, exercise is vital to achieving weight loss success. It does not really matter what type of exercise you do as long as you stick with it.

With this in mind a tailor made exercise plan that you can fit in between doing more important things, from the comfort of your home, seems like a good idea and there are plenty of exercise videos and home fitness plans on the market.

Slim in 6 is one of these and is an exercise plan that claims to get you weight loss results within six weeks. If you keep to the program and work through the DVDs, you may be on your way to a slim sexy body.

Although this sounds like a bit of harmless fun, is it worth trying out? Or is it just a short lived gimmick that might cause you to lose a few pounds of weight but will do nothing to your weight and body shape long term?

What is Slim in 6?

Slim in 6 Facts

  • Devised by America fitness trainer Debbie Siebers
  • Manufactured by Beachbody LLC based in Santa Monica California
  • Since founded in in 1988 creating a number of fitness and weight loss solutions

Slim in 6 is an exercise plan that claims to re shape your body within 6 weeks. This course of three DVDs that takes you through a series of exercises in your own home.

Fitness videos are nothing new and since the iconic Jane Fonda Work Out Video from the 70s, lots of people have tried out this method of home exercise.

Slim in 6 was devised by America fitness trainer Debbie Siebers and is produced by Beachbody an American company based in Santa Monica California. The company specialises in providing novelty work out plans and fitness DVDs for fitness and weight loss and cater to many different niche markets.

Their other products include Insanity – an extreme workout programme for men and Hip Hop Abs a total dance work out program, that helps you lose weight and tone as well as teaching some you some funky dance moves.

Slim in 6 is very much aimed at women who want to slim. The programme is designed to be used over six weeks and features fat burning cardio exercises combined with some light resistance training. The resistance training is based around a slim training band and is said to help you burn fat and tone muscle even faster.

The band is simply a piece of elastic with handle on each end that can be quite effective but is hardly rocket science technology!

The workouts are in DVD format so you just follow the instructions and work out in front of the TV. There are three DVDS, “Start It Up” a basic introduction to the course , “Ramp It Up” a more intensive exercise program that helps you burn off more calories and “Burn It Up “ the final DVD in the series that helps you exercise, slim and tone and take your “body shaping” to the next level.

The Slim In 6 pack contains:

  • Three work out DVDS,
  • Motivational calendar so you can track progress
  • Tape measure
  • 3 Bonus DVDS
  • Nutrition guide that helps you keep to a health eating programme.
  • 6 Day Express diet plan – a crash diet designed to help you lose weight in your first six days.
  • Slim Training Band – an exercise tube that features soft grip handles and a stretchy rubber composition. You use it for the resistance training part of the program.

Is Slim in 6 Worth Trying?

Slim in 6 may help you lose some weight and get fitter. Like with all exercise programs the success will largely depend upon your own efforts. If you do not do any exercise already then anything you do will help you get fitter so it may have a positive impact. You can do this regime in your own home by following the DVDS and adapting the moves to your own personal levels of fitness.

The big question i, do you think you will be able to exercise everyday in front of your TV?

If you think you can stick to it, then this program will probably help you. Alternatively, you can get the same results by any daily exercise or work out.

The key factor to losing weight by exercise is that you do have to stick at it. Medical experts recommend that consistency is the key feature to fitness and weight loss. Regular exercise over a period of months is important for long term health. Exercising over six weeks maybe a good start to health and fitness but once the six weeks are over what happens next?


If you decide to try out Slim In 6 you do need to be careful. As with all exercise, start slowly and don’t overdo it! If you are unfit, severely overweight or have not done exercise for a long time, you need to proceed with caution. See your doctor first, especially if you have a heart condition or medical problem.

There may be exercise routines or fitness programmes that are more suitable if you have low levels of fitness. In some cases, people find a real life exercise class better because the instructor will be on hand to advise you.

What do Customers say about Slim in 6?

There are a lot of Slim in 6 reviews available and there is a lot of positive customer opinion. However many customers have been sent DVDS which will not play due to format differences between countries. Others feel that Slim 6 is extremely expensive for what it is.

Typical customer comments include the following statements:

It could just be that I was expecting more, but a few CDs and a length of thick rubber band doesn’t seem value for money at nearly £70 with so many competitors on the market for a fraction of this. Probably should have just joined the gym


Thought it was very expensive for what it was.
Didn’t realise that it included a meal replacement plan, which I am not interested in. Maybe my fault for not reading small print beforehand

Typical positive comments include:

I’ve only been using this program a week, already seen 1 inch off my waist, 2 off my arms

I found this to be an excellent workout DVD and have followed the programme to the letter for 6 weeks” are two typical positive comments.

Some customers have reservations about the style of the DVD:

The program works but the music is terrible

Some customers have found it hard to stick to the program:

Having had my first unsuccessful attempt at the routine, I admit I’ve not picked it up again. Oops, naughty.

A number of customers have criticised the quality of the DVD,

I would say that the content of the DVDs is pretty good but the quality is shocking. It seems very old fashioned and constantly stops as you are part way through an exercise, which I absolutely hate. If the DVD didn’t constantly stop and stutter I would have given a four star review

There is also serious issue with customers being sent DVDs which will not play in their country’s format. Beachbody sells to both the UK and USA and seem to have got confused with which DVD format plays in which country, which has frustrated a large number of customers.

So Does Slim in 6 Work?

It could help you lose some weight and if you stick to the program, you will probably wind up fitter and slightly thinner after 6 weeks. However, taking up any exercise routine and sticking at it for six weeks will probably have the same effect.

There is nothing that special about this plan but it may suit some people. If you enjoy the routines and stick at the DVDS it might help you. After all “eat less, move more” is key to losing weight!

There are a number of issues and problems with the format. The DVDS don’t always play, and many people feel this is a low quality DVD set at a pretty high price. You can find free exercise videos elsewhere on the internet. Joining an exercise class will help keep you motivated and may suit some people better.

As everyone knows, regular exercise has many long term benefits. It reduces blood pressure and improves mental health. Exercise also helps to speed the metabolism so it does help increase your chances of losing weight if you keep to a healthy diet.
You are less likely to suffer from depression and if you keep to a healthy diet, you will probably lose weight.

However, you need to make exercise part of your regular routine and not just for short periods of time. The findings regarding the improved blood pressure were based on 24 months of light exercise and not just six weeks.


Where Can I Buy Slim in 6?

What you get in Slim in 6 packYou can buy Slim in 6 direct from the Beachbody website but it is not cheap!

For customers in the USA and Canada Slim in 6 costs $39.90 plus $9.95. You have the option to pay this in two monthly payments – $29.90 and then $19.95 in 30 days.

The price to UK customers is much more expensive. The program costs £58.75 and this is divided into three monthly payments from your account. However, the three £22.27 payments actually add up to £66.78. ($103.00).

The Beachbody website should send you the DVD version, which is compatible for your area, but according to many UK customers, this has not happened.

You can also buy Slim in 6 via Amazon. com for $49.85. Slim in 6 on costs a whopping £66.80.

Annoying Advertising!

Warning! If you visit the Slim in 6 website it seems you will never escape from the pop ups! One visit and expect to see this fitness plan everywhere on your computer that hosts pop ups.

Is Slim In 6 Good Value For Money?

Slim in 6 looks OK and we like anything that helps promotes fitness. However, we feel that it is expensive and you could probably find plenty of alternative options available for less cost.

If you actually stick at the DVDs, you will lose weight but it does not seem likely that anyone will be able to carry on using the same DVDS for too long without becoming bored.

You will be able to find better value in taking up exercise that is more enjoyable long term. The company do not give much away. It is essentially a tape measure and a rubber band with two handles plus a few DVDS. Will it promote long-term fitness? Probably not. Will you slim done in 6 weeks? It seems unlikely.

In fairness to Beachbody, this DVD set is billed as a six weeks course and not a long term life plan but we feel it is expensive and a bit of a gimmick. It seems very likely that a few months down the line your DVDs, rubber band and tape measure will be gathering dust in a back of a cupboard.

Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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    Well, 8 months down the line I still love my slim in 6 DVD and do this several times a week I feel great and love the results

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