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Slim-Rite Tablets

The Slim Rite Tablets blend is described in the advertising as being a well-balanced formula designed to promote weight loss. However, it just looks like a mixture of laxatives and diuretics to us. We take a look at Slim Rite Tablets to find out more

Slim-Rite Tablets Pros

  • Clear ingredients list

Slim-Rite Tablets Cons

  • Contains mainly laxative and diuretic ingredients
  • Could be dangerous
  • Advertising does not make clear how this supplement works
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Slim-Rite Tablets

Slim-Rite Tablets Review

Slim-Rite Tablet Facts

  • Marketed by British company Health Aid
  • The photo of the Health Aid building does not tie up with the trading address
  • Slim Rite tablets come in 90 capsule containers

When you are looking for a diet pill, it can be hard to decide on the right sort of supplement. Some people like the buzz of a fat burner which helps increase the speed of the metabolism. Alternatively, you can find appetite suppressants, fat binders, carb blockers or supplements offering general support that provide a combination of effects.

It is unusual to find a diet pill that does not make any claims at all but this is the case with Slim Rite Tablets. The product information does not explain what it does, the effects you can expect or how it is supposed to help you lose weight.

With zero product information apart from an ingredients list the customer is left totally in the dark about what it does. We get fed up with some diet pill companies making wild unsubstantiated claims but surely, a brief explanation would have been helpful!

Guy sitting on the toiletLooking at the ingredients list it all becomes clearer. Slim Rite Tablets contain a blend of ingredients most of which provide a laxative or diuretic effect. These include Cascara Sagrada – a very strong natural laxative as well as chicory and buckthorn extract which work in the same way.

Slim Rite Tablets also contains some powerful diuretics – i.e. they increase urination in the same way as water pills. The principle ingredient is Alfalfa plus other ingredients in small quantities that also have this effect.

If you take Slim Rite Tablets, you can expect to be spending a lot more time in your bathroom that’s for sure! Does this help you lose weight? It may help you show up lighter on the scales short term but it will not help you lose any body fat.

In addition, taking laxatives and diuretics can cause dehydration and is not good for health or long-term weight loss. It can cause other associated health problems too.

How to Take Slim-Rite

To take Slim Rite Tablets. You should take two tablets three times a day preferably an hour before meals. Once desired weight is achieved, reduce to maintenance dose of three tablets daily. It seems that Health Aid want you to stay on these tablets long term.

The company behind Slim Rite Tablets is Health Aid who according to the company information have been supplying supplements for the last 25 years.

Other Health Aid supplements include vitamins and multi vitamins for general health as well as support for eye care, digestion, sexual health, joint care and more. There is also a wide range of aromatherapy and skincare products.

Health Aid look reassuringly credible and respectable. The website is crammed full of products and they provide clear contact details and phone numbers.The listed trading address is:

Health Aid House,
Marlborough Hill,
Harrow, Middlesex
United Kingdom

There is a photograph of the building and it looks like a very well established and upmarket building. This good impression was spoilt when one of the Watchdog team said that unless he was mistaken he recognised this building as the Kingston College of Higher Education. Oops!

Slim-Rite Tablets Concerns:

  • Inexpensive supplement- price may lead to more people trying it
  • No explanation provided about how this supplement works
  • Real concerns about health risks

What Do Slim-Rite Tablets Claim To Do?

There is very little explanation provided by the Slim Rite advertising. The supplement is described as,

A well-balanced formula that consists of natural herbal extracts that have been specially selected to provide a natural way to maintain healthy weight.

What the Slim Rite Tablets information does not tell you that is that this “natural way” to maintain healthy weight just comes down to spending more time in the bathroom. It is a pretty basic way to attempt to lose weight.

It goes onto say,

Slim-Rite Tablets is best taken daily accompanied by a healthy balanced diet & a daily exercise regime.

We advise if you take this supplement you add plenty of water to your daily routine to try and prevent dehydration.

So What Are Slim-Rite Tablets and What Are The Ingredients For Slim-Rite Tablets?

Slim Rite tablets are laxative/ diuretic pills that will increase the time you spend in the bathroom (and that is putting it nicely). Each serving is equal to two tablets.

As well as the principle ingredients, Slim Rite also contains small servings of the following herbs and spices:

  • Ginger root powder 10mg: Believed to settle upset stomachs
  • Chicory powder 6mg: A mild laxative
  • Uva Ursi extract 4mg: Diuretic which is sometimes used to induce childbirth
  • Parsley seed powder 4mg: A commonplace kitchen herb – good for digestion
  • Nasturtium extract 4mg
  • Juniper berry powder 4mg
  • Curcuma root powder 1mg

So What Does All This Mean?

Most of the herbal ingredients contained in this supplement are laxatives or diuretics and this is going to be the principle effect you can expect. Any other health benefits – such as taurine, which is believed to improve heart health, for example will be lost in the mix.

Worryingly, some of the ingredients come with health warnings that advise that you should not take ingredients long term, yet the Health Aid advice is that you stay on this supplement long term.

Taking laxatives long term can lead to your body becoming dependant on them in order to pass a bowel movement. In addition, the combination of laxatives and diuretics can cause your body to lose vital salts and minerals and become dehydrated as a result.

This is not a healthy way to try to lose weight and it is very ineffective for losing any fat or increasing fitness levels.

Do Slim-Rite Tablets Have Any Side Effects?

We were unable to find any customer feedback so are unable to bring you any true-life experiences. However, the principle ingredients such as alfalfa and cascara sagrada can cause a wide range of potentially dangerous side effects.

Taking these ingredients in combination could make side effects more likely especially with the high number of laxatives and diuretics contained in this supplement.

Possible side effects include:

  • Extreme dehydration
  • Thirst
  • Water Retention
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Reduced potassium and electrolyte levels in the body
  • Increased sensitivity to sun
  • May increase the symptoms of auto immune diseases such as MS
  • May reduce blood sugar levels


Avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not take if you suffer or have suffered from an oestrogen related medical condition such as breast cancer. Do not take if you are trying to conceive.

Cease use immediately if you experience side effects. Do not take in combination with prescription medication because some of the ingredients may interact and in addition, diarrhoea can make medication ineffective. This also applies to the contraceptive pill. Speak to your doctor before you start taking Slim Rite Tablets and do not take for longer than 1 week.

Health Aid does not provide one health warning for this supplement, which we find very irresponsible. They do not even advise that you increase your water consumption.

Any Slim-Rite Tablets Reviews From Customers?

We were unable to find any customer reviews for Slim Rite Tablets.

So Do Slim-Rite Tablets Work?

It will probably see you spending a lot of time in your bathroom and you may notice some initial weight loss because of this. However, it is not a safe way to lose weight and neither is it very effective. You want to lose fat, not water and we are sorry to say that pooing yourself thin sounds more like an illness than it does a diet plan. In addition, it may cause you to become dehydrated and any weight you lose will soon pile back on.

The herbal ingredients can cause a range of side effects and medical advice is not to take laxatives and water pills unless strictly necessary. None of this is mentioned in the product description. Health Aid do not explain how this supplement works.

Where Can I Buy Slim-Rite Tablets?

You can buy Slim Rite Tablets direct from the Health Aid website. One bottle of 90 capsules (one month’s supply) costs £11.99 with shipping to UK addresses an addition £2.99.

If you live in Europe, shipping charges are an additional £15.00. International delivery to the USA, Australia and NZ etc costs an added £20.00 and should take around 10 – 15 days.

You can also find Slim Rite Tablets on Amazon where 90 capsules (one month’s supply) costs around £9.99 depending on the seller, and costs an additional £3.49 UK shipping.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

We are not very impressed with Slim Rite Tablets. This supplement comes with no explanation about how it works and the truth is it has a very basic function and just works as a laxative combined with a water pill.

This combination may help you show up lighter on the scales short term but does nothing for true weight loss or health.

In addition many of the ingredients come with serious medical warnings that advise you to only take short term yet Health Aid is selling 90 capsules a time that are enough for month’s supply.

Even worse, Health Aid advise that you take these tablets for “weight maintenance” once you have reached your target weight.

Health Aid has a great look, a busy well-maintained website and a wide range of supplements – it looks extremely reputable and trustworthy but we feel looks are deceiving.

However, it all comes down in the end to the product. The big problem with Slim Rite Tablets is that this supplement is not a safe or effective way to lose weight and we are very concerned that you may run into serious health problems if you take it long term.

It is an easy decision. We reject Slim Rite Tablets.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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