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Slim Science Thermogenic

Thermogenic diet pills are one of the most popular types of diet pill, boosting the metabolism by stimulating the production of heat in the body, which obviously is a process which uses a significant number of calories. Slim Science Thermogenic is one such product that promises weight loss through increased thermogenesis and therefore an increased metabolic rate.

Does this product actually work? Read on to see our full review.

Slim Science Thermogenic Pros

  • Clinical trials to support product
  • Money back guarantee

Slim Science Thermogenic Cons

  • Expensive supplement
  • Auto-ship program and “free” trial offer that charges customers
  • Very few customer testimonials
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Slim Science Thermogenic

Slim Science Thermogenic Review

Slim Science Thermogenic Facts

  • Manufactured by Slim Science
  • 90 Capsules per bottle
  • Expensive due to several branded ingredients

Slim Science Thermogenic is a thermogenic diet pill that according to the sales website, may burn fat and could aid weight loss. The website also heavily promotes Slim Science’s other product, Slim Science Appetite suppressant, suggesting that the customer stack these two products for better results.

The manufacturer, Slim Science, do not have an about us page on their website, but do provide contact details and a frequently asked questions page, which seems to cover the main questions that customers have, including information about returns, delivery, the products and their ingredients.

Slim Science offer a 14 day “sample” of their products, which appears to be the start of an autoship program. Customers who do not want to purchase more of the product need to let Slim Science know within 18 days of ordering the sample product. Those who do not cancel will be charged $64.98 ‘plus any applicable tax’. Considering that this is only for a 14 day supply, this makes it more than twice the price of merely buying a 30 day supply of the product. We recommend that customers do not use sample or trial offer services, as autoship programs are often difficult to cancel, and can be costly in the long term.

Slim Science has full terms and conditions available on their website, and also states:

Our free trial offer does not obligate you to purchase our product. If you cancel before 18 days have passed, you will not be shipped more Slim Science nor billed any additional charges. You can keep your free bottle as our gift to you. After your free trial, if you wish to receive a refund for your purchase, you need only send back the unused portion within 30 days of the date the product was shipped to you and a full refund will be provided. Refunds will be provided regardless of reason for dissatisfaction.

The recommended dosage is to take 3 capsules daily, taking 1 capsule approximately 30 to 60 minutes before each meal.

Slim Science Thermogenic Concerns:

  • Expensive product
  • No clinical trials on complete product
  • Auto-ship program

What Does Slim Science Thermogenic Claim To Do? describe the product as:

Slim Science Thermogenic is formulated from seven key ingredients that support metabolism, transport fatty aicds,and may help burn body fat. Featuring two patented and clinically studied ingredients, Meratrim® and Carnipure®, Slim Science Thermogenic was formulated using the latest ingredients in weight management research.

The official website describes Slim Science Thermogenic as a new and unique product, and as a ‘revolutionary supplement’ that ‘can help aid burning body fat, supporting metabolism, and transport fatty acids.’

So What Is Slim Science Thermogenic and What Are The Ingredients For Slim Science Thermogenic?

Slim Science Thermogenic claims that their product has 7 active ingredients, but it seems that some are more directly related to weight loss than others. The first four ingredients are vitamins. Whilst some vitamins do play a role in energy release and transport in the body, as well as supporting other mechanisms, many medical professionals have stated that over-supplementing these vitamins will not boost weight loss efforts, and that all of these vitamins are readily available in a balanced and healthy diet plan.

The full ingredients list is below. The quantities provided are for three capsules, which is the recommended daily dose, spread over the entire day.

  • Vitamin C 83%: Vitamin C is necessary for numerous different functions in the body, and general health, including protecting cells and aiding wound healing. Because it is required for the repair and growth of all tissues in the body, it is useful for those undertaking regular exercise. It may also aid in protein metabolism.
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 83%: Vitamin B1 is required by the body to help to break down and release energy from food, as well as aiding in other biological processes. Those with a healthy balanced diet should be able to get all the vitamin B1 they need naturally.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 74%: This vitamin is used for keeping the eyes, skin and nervous system healthy, as well as helping the body to release energy from carbohydrates. It is naturally present in milk, eggs, rice and fortified breakfast cereals, and so people should be able to get their daily guideline amounts from a healthy balanced diet.
  • Vitamin B6 63%: Vitamin B6 has several important functions in the body, including ‘allowing the body to use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in food’. Whilst taking excess amounts of vitamin B6 will not infinitely improve this ability, a deficiency could make it more difficult to lose weight. Vitamin B6 is naturally present in a wide variety of foods, including meat, cereals, bread and vegetables, and is often included in fortified breakfast cereals.
  • Meratrim 800 mg: Meratrim is a combination of Sphaeranthus indicus, a flower, and Garcinia mangostana, a fruit. This combination of ingredients may increase weight loss, as supported by two clinical trials. However, the manufacturer does not make it clear how Meratrim actually aids this weight loss. Based upon the description of Slim Science Thermogenic, it is more likely to be a metabolism boosting ingredient than an appetite suppressing ingredient.
  • L-Carnitine (Carnipure) 500 mg: Carnipure is a high quality branded supplement form of L-Carnitine, marketed towards body builders and dieters alike. L-Carnitine supplementation has been found to improve fat oxidation in the body, as well as improving recovery following exercise.
  • Razberi-K 400 mg: This is essentially a brand name of Raspberry Ketone. Raspberry ketone is the part of a raspberry (and other fruits) that provides the distinctive smell of raspberries. Whilst it can be extracted from the fruit, especially for use in food flavourings and perfume production, it is much cheaper to synthesize it in a lab, especially for the large quantities that are required for use in raspberry ketone supplements. Whilst there is a small amount of evidence that raspberry ketone can cause weight loss in rats, there have never been any human trials on the potential weight loss effects of raspberry ketone. The safety of using such large quantities of raspberry ketone has also never been fully researched.
  • So What Does All This Mean?

    Essentially, Slim Science Thermogenic has three primary ingredients, as well as some additional vitamins which may aid the body’s metabolic and digestive processes. There is some clinical evidence to support the use of both L-Carnitine and Meratrim, but we are incredibly sceptical of some of the claims made by raspberry ketone, even if it is a trademarked branded form of it, as the only studies have been in vitro and in animals. L-Carnitine is commonly used by athletes, body builders and even regular gym-goers, and may improve recovery time following exercise, as well as aiding fat oxidation in the body.

    The quantities found in the diet pills, especially of meratrim, meets the recommended quantities that the studies found were useful, but to get these quantities, consumers need to take three pills each day, one before each meal. However, it would be better if we knew exactly how meratrim caused weight loss.

    Does Slim Science Thermogenic Have Any Side Effects?

    The sales pages at both Slim Science and GNC do not mention any possible side effects that could occur from using Slim Science Thermogenic. However, that does not mention no side effects will occur.

    The meratrim studies noted no side effects, and the product seemed to be well tolerated. However, some consumers of the supplement have reported slight stomach pain and nausea. L-Carnitine can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, heartburn, diarrhoea, and seizures. It can also cause the urine, breath, and sweat to have a “fishy” odour.

    Raspberry Ketone is generally under-researched in humans, but may cause the following side effects; increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat, jitteriness and shakes.

    Any Slim Science Thermogenic Reviews From Customers?

    There are two customer reviews that have been left on the GNC site, a primary retailer of Slim Science Thermogenic. Whilst one review is favourable, if vague, the other states that, at least for them, the product was ineffective.

    I tried this plus the slim science appetite suppressant from slim science. The bottle says it may help burn fat. It real should say it may not help burn fat because it does nothing. Do yourself a favor and get something else. This will not help you.

    The thermogenic works well in conjunction with the appetite suppressant, especially if you are working out rigorously.

    Obviously, more reviews are required from customers to build up a good picture of whether customers generally lose weight consuming this product or not.

    So Does Slim Science Thermogenic Work?

    There is not enough evidence to suggest that Slim Science Thermogenic works for the majority of customers, as there are only two customer reviews. However, the ingredients list, or parts of it, do look promising. There is some clinical evidence that, in theory at least, this could be a diet aid that does lead to some weight loss. However, we do feel that the inclusion of raspberry ketone is unnecessary, and that the claim that there is 7 active ingredients that contribute to weight loss is stretching the claims made about vitamins that are commonly in a balanced diet a bit far.

    The use of Slim Science Thermogenic would still have to be combined with diet and exercise to be effective.

    Where Can I Buy Slim Science Thermogenic?

    Slim Science Thermogenic is available from two websites, slimscience, and gnc. At slimscience, the official website, the product sells for $59.99 for 90 capsules, which is a 30 day supply. At GNC, the bottle is the same price, except for GNC customers who have a membership card; for these customers the product is discounted to $53.99 plus delivery. US Customers who do not want to pay for delivery may be able to buy Slim Science Thermogenic from their local GNC store.

    Other discounts may also apply at GNC. At the time of writing, there was a Buy One get one half price offer that could be applied to Slim Science Thermogenic and other selected products.

    Consumer Caution:
    If considering the autoship “sample” package be aware that if you DO NOT cancel you will be billed again until further notice.

    What About A Guarantee

    Slim Science offer a 30 day returns guarantee, for ‘any returned product postmarked within 30 days of the date the product was shipped to you;. Customers need to contact Slim Science to get an RMA number, and customer services will provide them with a returns address.

    Watchdog Verdict

    Here at diet pills watchdog we actively discourage consumers from signing up to any ‘free’ trial; in this case, the free trial does mean the start of an autoship program, unless customers are quick to cancel the product. To avoid being charged for the free trial, they need to return the product as well. This inconvenience could cost customers more than they initially expect, either in postage costs, or an expensive monthly charge for a product they weren’t expecting to receive.

    Whilst the product does seem promising in some elements, there may be better formulations that use meratrim and other proven ingredients. Meratrim may have been proven as an effective weight loss aid in the severely obese in two clinical studies, but it is still early days for this product- we can only describe it as promising at best, because it is unknown how it will affect those who are overweight or of a healthy weight. The two studies were also fairly small, and the way in which Meratrim works is either not explained by the company, or is unknown.

    Because Slim Science Thermogenic does include three branded ingredients, the product is expensive. The company also encourages the consumer to use their other product, an appetite suppressant, alongside their thermogenic, which would cost the consumer over $120 per month, including delivery charges.

    If more research is released in the next few years, Slim Science Thermogenic, and other meratrim containing products, could be described as viable weight loss supplement options, but until that point, customers are essentially taking a risk with their money, especially on such an expensive product. This is supported by the two customer reviews, one is incredibly positive, but without detailing any specific success story, whilst the other categorically states that the product does not work.

    This, and the auto-ship program and ‘free’ offer that charges customers means that we cannot recommend Slim Science Thermogenic to our readers. We there reject Slim Science Thermogenic.

    Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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