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Slim Wise ketone scam?


I have been led to believe that slim wise ketone is a scam. there are no reviews on your site and want you to take a look asap.

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  1. danni says:

    They took money out of my account after signed up for the free trial then recieved an email telling me the product is not free £87 for the rasberry ketone £67 for the cleanse waht a scam cant believe i fell for it.

    • Tickles75 says:

      If the bank haven’t refunded you already then try going to your bank and putting in an indemnity claim as you didn’t authorise the payment. I know this works for things on direct debit. If they have taken the payment off of your card you may need to cancel your card with the bank and get a new one issued. Also raise a fraud complaint with your bank, if they are changing their name slightly and payments are still coming out then you haven’t authorised this with that company so technically is fraud. Hope his helps get your money back

    • Rebecca says:

      This is happened to me I emailed them
      Several times saying I want to cancel and I don’t authorise them to ale futher payments, I also sent all 4 boxs back unopened! Did you ever get a refund?

  2. wendy says:

    I did the same, ordered free trial and took £87 from my account after the 14 days were up but have never received any e-mails about it. Didn’t think to check my account and now have had a second item sent taking another £87. Like “danni” I can’t believe I fell into it.

    • Judy says:

      I did the self same thing. I live on a disability Pension and could afford the initial £5 p/p but this week they took £87 and £67 for the Slim Wise and Cleanse. I contacted my Bank so no further payments could leave my Account but today to my horror another £67 and £87 has left my Account the reason they can get away with this is that they slightly change their name. Thats over £300 I’ve lost so I can’t eat or pay bills in February. HOW DO THESE SCUMBAGS SLEEP AT NIGHT???????

      • Tickles75 says:

        the bank haven’t refunded you already then try going to your bank and putting in an indemnity claim as you didn’t authorise the payment. I know this works for things on direct debit. If they have taken the payment off of your card you may need to cancel your card with the bank and get a new one issued. Also raise a fraud complaint with your bank, if they are changing their name slightly and payments are still coming out then you haven’t authorised this with that company so technically is fraud. Hope his helps get your money back

  3. Emma lea says:

    I have also signed up however I have just cancelled both trials. I will see if they try and take the payment again.

    • Natalie says:

      I was just wondering how you cancelled both trials as earlier I signed up to the trial before reading all these horrid reviews. I have replied back to confirmation email I received but still worried in case I they conveniently ignore it

    • Stephie says:

      How did you cancel both trials?? I’ve stupidly done the same thing. Instead of taking £8 out my bank they’ve taken £16 so when I’ve gone to email the customer support email on the email they’ve sent me nothing happens!! I’m now kicking myself.

      • Laureen says:

        I’ve just done Same and the took £16 I will need to cancel wih them and my bank this is terrible how they can get away with this

  4. Jenny says:

    I’ve also been scammed! I checked the small print but somehow missed the “catch”. It read as if the small bottle was the trial. I definitely did not agree to buy the other products. I have never received anything and they have taken £87.00 from my account. I am usually so careful about buying off the internet. I can’t believe I was caught! Please no one else fall for this. They are using 3 different names that I know if. Can’t find a website now for any of them. The bank told me to phone them – they found a phone number, but of course they don’t answer. I can’t afford to have £87.00 taken from my account. I want to just cry. I hope this will stop other people from reading this toe of advert and getting caught. I feel so upset and helpless! I don’t understand why the bank won’t reverse the payment!

  5. Wendy says:

    I have just had this product arrive today. I have not opened anything. It has been 7 days since I submitted the “free” trial order. What can I do to avoid charges??? I can post back? Anyone know how I contact them? Email/phone? And address to send back to??? Will ring my bank first thing tomorrow. I’m in London. I can’t believe this is allowed to happen!!! Why hasn’t a legal team picked this up? This is criminal preying on vulnerable people who are looking for help!!!

    • ted says:

      ring bank and stop credit card ask for new one

      • Rebecca says:


        I have just signed up for this scam about 20 minutes ago then stumbled across this site – I have just called my bank to cancel my debit card and this has now been done….Is just cancelling the card enough or do we need to go into the bank and explain this company may try to take these unauthorised payments?

        Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


  6. Judy Ollington says:

    Just seen in my Bank Account they have taken £87 and £67 for no reason. No notification. Like an idiot I sent for this FREE trial. I am on a pension and disabled. Cant afford the money they have taken – its what I need to survive on for the month. How stupid could I be???

    • Judy says:

      Today I find they have taken another £87 and £67. My Bank say it is because they slightly changed their name. £308 in 6 days I’ve lost I dont know what to do. Can’t get thro on phone or by e-mail

  7. Carol Cain says:

    I am trying to cancel this product as it has had a few side effects and I had no idea it was retailing at £67· I am a pensioner who could never afford that kind of money but I was advised to lose weight because of high cholesterol. Thank you for your help. Carol Cain

  8. justin daniels says:

    If you’ve been scammed phone your bank or credit card company .
    They can stop any more payments being taken
    If the transaction was not authorised by you, you can claim the money back from your bank.

    • Judy says:

      I’m Sorry Justin but they are more clever than that…….checked my Bank today and they’ve taken a second lot of £87 and £67 and how??? They slightly changed their name. They stole £308 in 6 days from me ????

  9. jude says:

    ive just been silly enough to order this trial. I hvae found this email address, which ive wrote to and asked to cancel. i did both trials , cant believe i was so stupid. Ive also rung my bank and apparantly they get a lot of these and il lose my 2 payments but they can put a block on any future payments once the payments show on my account

    • ted says:

      you can ring bank and stop credit card and ask for new one,easy way to stop any payments.i did this when received trial pack.

  10. frances marshall says:

    I to have been the victim of this scam. They took £87 out of my account which I only noticed yesterday and today a further £67 of money I do nit have has went out. I cancelled with my bank who infirmed me they get alot of people calling about the same site but to contact slimwise and usually a refund is offered. I did this but they said that it was clearly stated in the terms and conditions that this mkney would come out if I hadnt returned the product within 14 days. I wouldnt have out my details in had I have known. Has anyone beenable to get a refund?

  11. Carol Cain says:

    Been sent and charged same as the above people. Trying to find the manufacturer and sending tablets back.

    • Judy says:

      You can’t contact them by ‘phone or e-mail (well I cant) they’ve taken £308 from my Bank in 6 days. Good luck Carol ????

  12. Paula Lappin says:

    I have just checked my bank account and found that they have taken £87 & £67 I cannot believe it, I only wanted to see if they worked I found I could not take them as I had a bad reaction from them I feel totally conned and ripped off!!!

    • Judy says:

      Me too. They don’t work anyway. They uncontactable by phone or e-mail. They have taken £308 in 6 days from my Bank. Good luck Paula ????

  13. Sarah B says:

    I have an address. It’s:_
    POSTBUS 6176
    4000 HE

    I have alerted my credit card and I am asking them to refuse to accept any money requests as its fraud. I agreed to pay £8 ONLY. They don’t use any secure verification when taking payment.
    I threatened them and they told me they would only charge me £43 !!!!!
    So far, I have received NOTHING. IF I catch the postman, I am refusing to accept the package. Therefore I have not received it, so IF they try to charge me, I’ll report them for fraud.

  14. Rachel B says:

    I have just been scammed by this company. I have tried to call them on the number they give in their terms and conditions and it is a message saying that all their customer service team are busy and that is continuous it never changes, a false number I think. I have emailed them and did receive a response. They have stated that because I didn’t return the product within 14 days of ordering that they thought that I was satisfied, even though they say to allow up to 10 days for delivery and it took 6 days before mine arrived. How can you properly test a product to see if you are happy in that length of time. they have taken £87.00 and £67.00. I have cancelled my subscription and cancelled my card before any more is taken. THEY ARE A RIPP OFF!!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah B says:

      I spoke with my credit card company who were wonderful. They are going to refuse to accept any further requests for money. They assured me that these people will NOT get a penny out of me. I officially gave them my permission to decline payment to these people. They told me if I see ANYTHING on my statement from them to give them a ring and they will stop them. These people need to be stopped. It’s basically theft! Only truly evil people carry on as they do. I hope they will get shut down and stopped from advertising on the web.

  15. Rene says:

    I’ve been scammed as well. I stupidly signed up for a free trial and as many of the comments above say 2 lots of £67 & £87 and one of £120, what an idiot. So far a total of £428 but hopefully the last. Five of the names they are using are, Natural Cleanse Plus Products(£67), Blue Ridge Diet Products(£87), Natural Slimming Products(£87), Cushing Diet Cleanse Products(£67) and Cambogia Ease Product(£120). Take note people keep checking your credit card statement. I phoned my credit card company and they have blocked any future transactions and trying to get ‘Pay Backs’ something they can try from their end. Hopefully that works!!! These people are SCUM, NO contact details, NO e-mail nothing, NO invoice..

  16. Mal says:

    this company is in breach of CPRS 2008 under Misleading Actions. But since they operate from Netherlands they may not be liable. The CAB advised to write to them requesting the cancellation of the contract, the refund (post and packaging) and damages in the form of whatever was debited from the account.This can be done within 90 days from the transaction.

  17. Samantha Cobley says:

    Also a fallen victim to these scumbags!!!! I am going to call the trading standards authority first thing in the morning. There is no way I’m letting this go. Feeling violated!!!

  18. charlie says:

    Placed the order they deducted£5 for delivery. Requested within 5mins of placing the order to cancel it and return my delivery charge. Todate no product received no refund. All i can do is keep mo money in that account so the payments are declined by the bank. Will call the bank today to let them know. Plonker for not seeing the hidden charges or reviews until it was too late.

  19. Sam says:

    Ladies I just wanted to say thank you for posting your comments. I was about to fall for this but thought I’d research if there was any feedback first – which there certainly was! You’ve likely saved me from a whole bunch of grief and lost cash.

  20. ted says:

    ring bank and stop credit card and ask for new one,easy way to stop this con

  21. Samantha says:

    I am emailing back and forth with them – asking for my money back. I have told them that they are in breach of the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. (Got this info from the Trading Standards Inst when I called to report them)
    They can’t take your money after 8 days of receiving the product – they counted it from when I actually placed the order. (it must be 14 days from when you received it)
    They are saying they will refund 50% only and nothing else. (Despite me wanting to return over 50% of the product as per their own terms and conditions)
    I am losing it here and won’t stop until I get my money back!!
    Please warn others about this scam!!

  22. alan says:

    cancellations tel:- 02031293643

    I wish you all luck in getting your cash back or at the very least stop them scamming any more money from you.

  23. Sally says:

    I just bought the free trial without realising that its a scam!! The shipping fee has been deducted from my bank account. I am afraid that they will then cost me further payments. What should I do? I already emailed them but they havent replied me yet.

  24. CAROL says:

    I ordered this free trail which was stupid of me thought I was paying p&p till my husband looked at the bank account and seen that there was £154 taken by these people if that is what you would call them this is a SCAM please tell other people to stay away from this.

  25. Tumi says:

    There has to be some way to stop these shady people! They have scammed me of over 160pounds, asked me to return the products with the pretence of a refund and have refused to reply my mails ever since. So sad and upsetting!

  26. Donna Martin says:

    Ohhh no I’ve just read all these after ordering them :( I’ve just been on the phone with my bank to cancel the payment going out! I’m hoping they can’t take more than the postage out! When did you all get charged? How long after you ordered them?

  27. C driscoll says:

    The only way to stop them taking money is to cancel your bank card as if it has been lost or stolen. That’s what I have done and it worked! You can do it over the phone now. Hope this helps, else they will, can and do take your money

  28. Belinda Parratt says:

    I wrote to the I received an email same as others on here to say send the pills back which I did. My bank did stop the payments from going out but today they have taken £67.00 by using a different company name they are very underhand so no pills and £67.00 out of pocket I have now closed my bank account to stop any more money going to these cheats.

  29. Kanwal says:

    Its a scam…they have taken more than £150 from account On their own… It is absurd… They r making people fool So easily… I wonder why no action has been taken against them ….

  30. kelly ward says:

    I have just ordered the ‘free trial’ over an hour ago, now I have found this forum. I’ve cancelled my card and emptied out my bank account, does anybody know if this will stop them taking any money?
    I also emailled them as soon as I found out and told them to cancel, hope this works but by the sounds of it they’re useless with communication

  31. Michael says:

    Good advice about contacting your bank get you cards changed as they can still get money by slightly changing their name. I am contacting the Dutch Embassy to let them know that this company is working fraudulently out of the Netherlands. Ambassadors email is Hope everyone does this so that we can get them stopped.

  32. kathy says:

    oh boy was i stupid i have done the same thing and ordered from these robbers less than 10 days after my” FREE” trial arrived they stole £87 from my bank account have sent them email no joy spoken to my bank so hopefully they wont take any more . my bank have told me that any money that they take my bank will refund and they will chase them for it back so i feel a bit happier now as i know that i wont be left skint

  33. Ingrida says:

    Hello, I placed an order for my free trial this morning and already got charged £16 for a delivery. I phoned my bank up and ask for a new card, so they can’t take no more money from me. I felt for people who lost so much money. Just wondered, what I should do when I receive the parcel ( if I receive ) ? Please any advise x

  34. Serena Hodgson says:

    I’m in the same boat £154 taken from my account today! I have emailed them on the 2 addresses I’ve found threatening to go to the police and take legal action (though I can’t afford the latter!) I did read the terms and conditions and did not see the price or the information about automatic sending. I’m usually so careful and check these things I can’t believe I fell for it! As a disabled person on benefits, who’s condition is worsened by stress I can now not afford my rent! There must be something more we can do. I’m contacting trading standards to get there advice

  35. Serena Hodgson says:

    The UK European Consumer Centre, hosted by TSI, provides free advice and support to consumers who have a dispute with a trader based in a European country outside the UK and will help consumers to resolve the complaint.

    Since apparently the company is based in the Netherlands consumers can make contact with the UK ECC via the website (, by email ( or by phone on 01268 886690 weekdays between 10am and 3pm (closed bank and public holidays).

  36. kirsty says:

    I received my order today and read the reviews a little too late. I have not used the products, but i have emailed them telling them I don’t want them or for anymore money to be taken from my bank.
    Do I call the bank or go in? If so what do I say? Wouldn’t they say it’s my fault for not reading the small print. Please help I’m freaking out, I don’t want them to take hundreds of pounds

  37. Lauren bowie says:

    I recieved an email conforming my order did anyone else recieve this? i’m only 20 and never ordered something like this online before. Im going to shut down my bank account tomorrow just to make sure however, i need to know if anyone has the address to send it back to i only recieved them today.

  38. Kirstine says:

    This morning I signed up for the free trial and would not have thought anything of it if it wasn’t tor my bank phoning me to clarify the transaction of £8. I was told to contact the company to cancel this as it does not seem legitimate. They did not use slimwise when taking the payment they used another name. The phone number does not work at all “all operators seem to be busy all the time” the background noise is a little concerning too does not seem very good. At the end of the phone call they say thanks for our business? WHAT!!!! I’m shocked I fell into this trap have massively learnt my lesson. I’m now hoping I do not get charged. I’ve phoned my bank to update them and they are now closing my card and sending me a new one.

  39. Vicki says:

    OMG can’t believe what these people can get away with its a licence to print money. This has happened to me today well believe me I am going to the national papers tomorrow so no one else gets put in this position ever again .

  40. Vicki says:

    Ted no not that easy been on phone to bank for over an hour. They tried to take money today at 8.40 but bank stopped it but no they have up to 5.30 tomorrow to try again and the bank will allow it to go though ( what crap) after that they will stop payments . All I say is if your going to pay with anything let it be a credit card not a debit as your more covered with a credit card .

  41. Naomi Russell says:

    also been “had” absolutley fuming I lost my job last week can NOT afford this cancelling my card with the Bank as can’t get any reply from the “company” itself

  42. Naomi Russell says:

    I’ve cancelled my debit card online just incase the “company” try to take any more money under a different guise, this is absolutly outrageous something has to be done

  43. rose says:

    Totally con artists the WILL TAKE UNAUTHORISED MONEY FROM YOUR BANK. I had the foresight to contact my bank to ensure they didn’t. Yes they have tryed to take money even though I have returned there con artists so called diet pills back to Holland emailed the scumbags to stop any further moneys.

  44. Naomi says:

    The biggest joke is they market their products under the banner “30 day free trial” yet they only give you 14 days to return the products how can this be lawful? Also to return the products you must have a return order number, I’ve been trying to contact them since 18th Feb to no avail

  45. kathy says:

    had a email from this bunch of robbers to say that they have cancelled my order but they wouldnt refund any money as i had not sent back their product within the14 days how in the name of god are you supposed to know if they work in less than a fortnight at least they replied in a email couldnt get through on the phone all our operaters are busy 20 mins later thankyou for calling phone went dead DO NOT GO FOR THIS SO CALLED FREE TRIAL ITS NOT FREE IT WILL COST YOU !!!!!

    • Lauren says:

      Please read my comment no 61 It is just being checked now by this site to deem fit if it doesn’t appear in the next 24 hours have copied it and can paste it into your comment box, good luck I got every penny back xx

  46. Vicki says:

    PLEASE READ AND LISTEN theses scumbags are running under about 8 different names the ONLY way to stop them is to CLOSE you account down cancelling your card is not enough as VISA can override your bank to take money from your account I spent the hole day yesterday tring to sort this out . F*~k the diet pills the strees of all of this with make you lose weight. If any one has any questions please feel free to ask.

  47. arbara says:

    I have just discovered that I have also been scammed, can anyone give an address and phone No for these evil!!!!!!!!

  48. Laureen says:

    I’ve just phoned my bank they have transferred me to the fraud dept to put a stop to this so these scammers can’t take another penny from my account

  49. Arlene says:

    Does anyone know the postal address in England to send the tablets back to I have cancelled my credit card and the company have also put a stop on it also from company.

  50. Hannah says:

    this happened to me, I cancelled a few hours after ordering and never received the products and they took two payments of £158 out of my account yesterday. I’ve just spoken to my bank and they are fully refunding the money by 6pm tonight as these weren’t authorised payments. So I would suggest to anyone that has this issue call your bank they can help you

  51. Brenda Place says:

    Wow, sounds great I thought , get busy and send for free trial, only post and packing to pay for , if they work I’ll send for more , I’ve only just started to do this Internet thing so at my age you would think I would know better, sorry guys no fool like a old fool ,and off I went filling in all this ticking that stupid grin onmyface as I was doing it.until they asked for my bank details. Whoa not again I’ve just been conned out of £ 50 by a Avon rep ( con woman ), so I must say if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is , but we are all human and all make mistakes,

  52. Brenda Place says:

    I can’t thank you all enough for your comments , as 30 minutes ago I almost did. the same as many of you. and sent for my free trial pack. So glad I read your comments first .thankyou again for the warning, keep up your good work on warning others,

  53. Dawn says:

    Me too!! Just checked my bank – 2 payment taken – not authorised! I feel sick. Will call my bank. So glad to read these comments for help

  54. emma farrell says:

    I have ordered some pills today but have only just read the reviews. I have emailed the company and got this reply. Will i still get charged?? has anybody else got a reply similar to this??

    We have cancelled your order for SlimWise Ketone and
    voided the charge on Mar.12.

    SlimWise Ketone customer service

  55. Rob Abbott says:

    I have found this review most helpful after seeing the add for Slim Wise Keytone pop up on my phone while I was looking at an app on facebook. There were many claims purporting that dramatic weight loss was possible in just a few weeks with many photos of people showing before and after images. There is also a lengthy test report from Her Life & Health claiming that both products actually worked. Oh yes apparently to get full benefit and loose weight fast you have to order both Slimwise Keytone & Slimwise Cleanse.
    It was advertised that there was a free trial available but stocks were low. I had a look at this and was surprised to see that the free trial offer ended today and that there was only 6 bottles in stock. They alsosaid the trial was risk free and that their site was secure. I believe all these claims are purely there to huury up the process of having us give them our Bank card details only for them to take large amounts of money fromus for products we do not want. At this stage of course I did not provide any Bank details to them until after I conducted further research, which lead me here.
    Please, Please, Please do not feel pressured to give out your Bank card details to anyone until you have carried out your own research.

  56. Rebecca says:


    unfortunately I have a momentary lapse of judgement and have just signed up then done the research…..

    I have called my bank now and cancelled my debit card.

    Is this enough?? Or do I need to go in person to the bank and explain that this company may try and take payments that I have never authorised?? I plan to nip into the bank tomorrow if need be so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  57. n.dispenza says:

    I’ve ordered free trial and felt it was suspicious somehow…should have listened to ny instincts before I acted . I checked out reviews, saw this shocking thread and called my bank to explain concerns I had. They suggested I cancel my credit card and they would send New one. £16 has been processed and I have emailed company to explain I want to cancel product order and my bank have been notified that no transactions will take place without my authorisation. I’m hoping this will stop them in their tracks and just leave me alone but I now have doubts. Basically I didn’t explain that I have a new credit card so hopefully they can’t take any more money. The bank did explain that sometimes a company has methods to link up a sort code and account number to details provided so if I notice any unauthorised activity I can call them and they will refund in 48 hours. I’m going to be on tenterhooks now thanks to these evil thieves !!!!! I’m so annoyed at the corruptness.

  58. Megan says:

    I signed up for a free trial and they have just taken £160 from my account!!!!! How will I get this back????

  59. philippa says:

    I ordered this last month, was charged £16 instead of £8. Two weeks later, they’ve taken £316 out, my whole wage as an apprentice. Tried contacting them but they have ignored emails and when called they have no evidence of my “purchase” and palm me off with another number or company to contact.

    • Lauren says:

      Hi, I had the same situation two years ago, It was for “Raspberry Ketone” and “Green Coffee Bean” The site lead me to believe that it was a one month trial free P&P silly me did not read the small print advising that if I did not cancel the trial and send the product back within a month the would continue to take £189 per month, once I realised where this money had gone out of my account I called them, It took me around an hour on the phone to their customer services, at first they offered to put £30 back into my account, I LIED about being on benefits and having three children under the age of five (in my eyes they lied to me by not making it VERY clear of what money they would take out of my account) who would go hungry as they had taken all of my benefits and also incurred bank charges for me being over drawn, I have worked for finance companies all my working life, these are a few helpful tips to get your money back 1. Do NOT take no for an answer 2. Make your case as desperate as possible 3. Ask and ask and ask to speak to “their superior” if for any reason you do speak to a superior and you get the same response ask for their superior and so on 3. DO NOT STOP UNTILL YOU GET ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK!!!! Do not settle for a lesser amount, as i grew more dramatic (crying for my three kids who are actually dogs) and more irritating they continued to bump up the money I would get refunded until I had reached the amount they had stolen from my account in the first place, please let me know how you get on, be devious because that is what they are doing to you OH LAST OF ALL IF ALL ELSE FAILS TELL THEM YOU WILL SEE THE D***HEADS IN COURT AS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO FREE LEGAL AID!!!!! Best of luck guys xXx

  60. joanne says:

    Get in touch with u r bank they will get the money back and stop them taking anymore hope that helps

  61. Dannielle says:

    I also have been scammed, I did the trial pay for postage to receive the pills and I have tried to return them soon after I recieved them. Unfortunately I can get into contact with anyone I’ve tried calling and emailing and I just keep getting you will be contacted within 72 hours well it’s been two weeks and still nothing so then they have decided to take £158 out of my account without permission and the bank told me they can do nothing about it. I don’t understand how company are allowed to do this its misleading and a joke.

  62. carol handy says:

    I have been scammed too, I took out the free trial and paid the p&p They have changed there name and taken £87 and £67 out of my account without asking the bank can only stop future payments its a Really Big Rip Off…

  63. Rebecca says:

    Hello again,

    So I signed up to this 14 day trial 6 days ago. It was last Sunday and I came across this site immediately after. Within 1 hour I reported my debit card lost and got it cancelled and I emailed SlimWise to say I wanted to cancel.
    I went into my bank the next day to report them to the fraud team and explain I have not authorised any payments other than the £8 for the 14 day trial, which I would be immediately returning unopened. The bank said to let them know if any payments go out.
    I did get an email back from SlimWise and they said it was clearly stated what I was committing to (it wasn’t) and made me some expensive offers and ‘discounts’ not to cancel. Failing that, to return the items they gave me an address is the Netherlands (customer service) – I have received the product yesterday (Friday – 6 days later) and have not opened it…I plan to return it today but the address on the box is different to the one supplied in the email? (POSTBUS 13, 6670AA ZETTEN, NETHERLANDS) – so which address should I be returning to??
    I also need to go onto my bank today as I believe a payment for around £60 has been taken…I don’t know what for but I haven’t used this card for anything yet (it’s a new one I go by Tuesday…my account details are still the same so I think they were still able to take something). I am toying with closing my account altogether if this is the case – a shame as I have had the same account for years and know the details off by heart!
    So confused about where to mail the product back to now though….
    Thoughts anyone???

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