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Meal replacement shakes have become a highly promoted way of losing large amounts of weight fast; but they have numerous problems associated with their use, including a high chance of regaining weight once the dieter begins eating solid meals again. Could Slim 24 Pro, a high protein meal replacement shake manufactured by an Indian company, perform better than the competition?

We take an in-depth look below.

Slim24 Pro Pros

  • Contains vitamins and minerals

Slim24 Pro Cons

  • Other Brands sell Whey protein at a cheaper price
  • Problems with fake sites and fake products
  • Essentially just another meal replacement shake
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Slim24 Pro

Slim24 Pro Review

Slim24 Pro Facts

  • Sold by Telemart Shopping Network Pvt. Ltd
  • Unclear quantities of each purchase
  • Low calorie meal replacement shake

Slim 24 Pro is a meal replacement product from India; It is unclear who manufactures the products, but the official website, is operated by a company called Telemart Shopping Network Pvt. Ltd, one of the largest ‘Direct Response Telemarketing Companies in the world, mainly operating in South-East, Middle-East and Central Asia along with UK, Australia, USA, and Canada.’

They have a wide range of products, broadly categorised into Herbals, Religious, Education and Healthcare and Fitness.
Customers who want to contact the manufacturers of Slim 24 Pro have several options: Callers in India can use the following phone numbers: +91 9229153060 or +91 9229100256.

However, international call charges may apply for other callers, and so we believe that international customers who want to contact the company should instead email.

The company also has a facebook page, although it is unclear how often they check the page, as it seems to be updated only occasionally.

How to Take Slim24 Pro

Take 2 scoops of Slim24Pro (30 mg x 2) mixing in a glass of water or juice or fat-less milk. This thick shake should ideally replace the night meal or dinner.

According to the official website, anyone over the age of 15 can use this meal replacement shake.

Customers who want to order this product should be cautious about the supplier they use. There are lots of fake websites which claim to offer this product cheaper than the manufacturers, with customers experiencing problems with the product, the customer service and having trouble taking advantage of the returns policies that these companies claim to offer. It appears that the authentic website is, and that other sites are not officially affiliated with the company.

Slim24 Pro Concerns:

  • Incredibly Expensive for international customers
  • Unclear returns policy
  • No ingredients list other than vitamins

What Does Slim24 Pro Claim To Do?

The manufacturers claim that Slim24 Pro is a;

Path Breaking, High Protein, Low Fat, Meal Replacement Formula.

They also write:

Unlike usual supplements available in market, meal-replacement formula replaces one meal of the day and cuts heavily on excess harmful fat intake, which is responsible for weight gain. While doing this, it increases immunity (with all minerals and vitamins), shape muscles (with pure Whey protein), and takes care of your digestive track (with digestive fibres).

So What Is Slim24 Pro and What Are The Ingredients for Slim24 Pro?

Whilst the official website has a ‘nutritional facts and ingredients’ page, the actual ingredients used are not listed- only the vitamins and minerals present in the diet pill, alongside all of the calorific details of the product.

The product description does list whey protein as the main active ingredient: According to,

Inclusion of dietary protein in the diet above the recommended daily intake appears to aid the process of fat loss during hypocaloric diets (eating less than required to sustain body weight). There is currently no demonstrated benefit with whey protein over other protein sources.

The main weight loss benefits of using this shake in place of a meal are the low calorie count and the significant amount of protein the diet shake contains. Protein contains amino acids, which are used by the body to help build muscle mass, and so supplementing with whey protein is thought to help those who are trying to increase their lean muscle mass by performing strength exercises.

Each serving of 30g contains 100.5 calories, and contains varying quantities of the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Niacinamide
  • Folic acid
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Biotin
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Iron
  • Iodine
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • Molybdenum

So What Does All This Mean?

Other than being assured that the product contains whey protein and numerous vitamins and minerals, it is not clear what the ingredients are for Slim 24 Pro. Whey Protein is a source of amino acids, and so can be useful for people who are building muscle through strength exercises. It is also used to help the body to repair itself following exercise, helping to improve recovery time.

The weight loss benefits that will result from the use of this product are merely that it is a lower calorie option than the meal it is replacing. The added vitamins and minerals will help to replace those naturally found in the replaced meals, and may help to maintain the general health of the consumer.

Does Slim24 Pro Have Any Side Effects?

Using meal replacement shakes can have several effects that make it more difficult to follow as a long term viable weight loss option.

Drinking a shake instead of having a solid meal often does not feel as satisfying, perhaps because chewing plays an important role in feeling full. Whilst the drink is mainly protein based, liquids can also leave the consumer feeling hungry faster than a meal. Following a very low calorie diet can lead to persistent hunger, feeling easily irritated, and low on energy.

Whilst the FAQs states that this product can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women, we recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women do NOT follow a very low calorie diet. Pregnant women who were already overweight pre-pregnancy can consult their doctor for weight and dietary advice.

Very low calorie diets are not suitable for long term use, as they can actually lower the metabolic rate of the body, making it very easy to regain weight after the customer stops taking the product and reverts back to a higher calorie diet.

Any Slim24 Pro Reviews From Customers?

There are some customer testimonials on the official website, which have obviously been chosen because they are success stories:

With 97 Kg weight, I never even thought of participating in a full marathon, forget about finishing it. But I did, and finishing Mumbai Marathon was an achievement I’ll cherish for life. Slim24Pro is a complete diet to not only make you lose weight fast but to keep you fit and healthy too!

I lost 29 Kgs in 3-4 months. It never made me crave for food while using it and results are for all to see. I feel super confident with my new physique.

The transformation turned me into the same Shiwali I used to be, 24 kgs slimmer and full of energy and dreams! Slim24Pro works real fast without leaving you tired and fatigued, which I experienced when I tried dieting.

There are numerous poor reviews of the product on other sites, but it appears that they mainly complain about fake websites, such as There are a few negative reviews based upon the product itself:

Totally waste of money … bought it for 4500/- but no results :( plz do not waste ur money…

Slim24pro is a complete humbac. You order it via telephone and somebody delivers the product .If there is a complaint all you can reach is the call centre people with no hope of getting your money back. After using it for 24 days I only gained weight instead of losing. Please please do not buy this product.

So Does Slim24 Pro Work?

In theory following any low calorie meal replacement plan will aid weight loss, provided that the consumer can stick to the diet, and eats healthy, balanced meals at other points in the day- the meal replacement shake is only one part of this diet.

Many people find these types of diets incredibly difficult to follow, as they are not always satisfying or pleasant tasting. Hunger and food cravings are also a problem for many people following meal replacement diets.

Essentially, the diet is only likely to work if the consumer can stick to the diet plan, and manage their other meals to ensure they have a calorific deficit, but, people rarely stick with these diets for long.

Where Can I Buy Slim24 Pro?

There are many different websites that sell Slim 24 Pro, but there are known problems with fake and inferior products being sold by fake websites who are not affiliated with the official company.

According to the official website,

Original Slim24Pro is available at 4300/- Indian rupees with 200/- postage and handling changes for COD mode of payment. On online payments, there is a 10% discount available and the product is available at 3870/- plus 200/- postage and handling charges. For International buyers it is available for USD 170 + USD 30 as postage and handling charges.

Considering that 4300 Indian Rupees is about $68 (at the time of writing), there is a huge and disproportionate mark-up for international customers. Therefore we recommend that international customers avoid this company and their product. Even for Indian customers, this is a fairly expensive product.

Added to this that the website does not specify how big a tub of the product is, nor how many servings it would provide. This makes it difficult to establish the value for money in using this product.

What About A Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee or even a returns policy listed on the official website. There is the following Order Cancellation policy:

You can cancel an order until it has been processed at our end for shipping, as we process COD (Cash On Delivery) orders mostly through our Dealers, the shipment processing is done within 6 hours of placing an order. Please call us to confirm if the order is shipped or not if you want to cancel it for some reason. If the order is already processed at our end, please choose the return and money back option.

This does suggest that some returns are allowed. The owner of this website, Telemart Shopping Network Pvt. Ltd, has a standard returns period of 15 days only.

Watchdog Verdict

Overall, there is no way we could recommend this as a viable weight loss aid. Using meal replacement shakes is often promoted as a quick way to lose large amounts of weight, but it is not sustainable, and usually only the most determined people succeed. Even then, many people regain weight after resuming a normal pattern of eating.

Without a full ingredients list it is impossible to tell for sure, but this product seems to be an over-rated and overpriced combination of a whey protein powder supplement and a multi-vitamin, both of which are available cheaper separately. There is also little evidence that whey protein alone boosts weight loss- it needs to be combined with a calorie restricted diet, and is in itself a source of calories.

Even if customers did like the look of this product, we would strongly discourage international customers outside of India from purchasing this product, because of the ridiculous mark-up that has been placed on the product for international customers. Even if customers liked the product, taking it for any length of time would be prohibitively expensive.

There is also a lack of a clear returns policy, and there are plenty of complaints about the product and the company’s customer service. There are also concerns about fake products and fake companies claiming to be selling the product at a cheaper price, but in reality selling a knock-off product.

With no complete ingredients list, an expensive product, problems with knock-off and counterfeit products, and an unclear returns policy, even if this weight loss aid was effective, we would not recommend it. Considering the problems with meal replacement shakes such as Slim 24 Pro, it is impossible to recommend this product to our readers.

We reject Slim24 Pro.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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