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Slimbetti Hoodia Gel

Slimbetti Hoodia Slender Gel is described as the weight loss breakthrough taking the world by storm! According to the advertising you just rub the gel into your skin and you will lose weight and cellulite. Can we really believe this will work? We take a look at this unusual supplement to find out more.

Slimbetti Hoodia Slender Gel is an appetite suppressant on sale in South Africa. The website looks convincing enough but there have been numerous complaints about Slimbetti making false claims in their advertising. In addition, customers have to sign up to a long-term contract in order to buy the supplement and the company are not transparent with the sales terms.

Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Pros

  • None whatsoever

Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Cons

  • Gel is ineffective and will not help you lose weight
  • Auto billing programme will be difficult to cancel
  • No independent positive feedback
  • No money-back guarantee
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills
Slimbetti Hoodia Gel

Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Review

Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Facts

  • Company owned by British couple Chris and Jasmine Grindlay
  • Slimbetti have wilfully ignored warnings by the Advertising Standards Authority
  • Slimbetti Hoodia Slender Gel will not work in the way as described

Slimbetti Hoodia Slender el is a gel containing Hoodia that you rub in all over your body in order to lose weight. If that sounds frankly unbelievable, don’t worry we agree with you. This product sounds ridiculous and everything about it indicates it is a scam.

Slimbetti Slender Gel contains Hoodia extract –a South African cactus believed to have an appetite suppressing effect plus some essential plant oils including fennel, juniper and grapefruit.

According to the advertising, if you are serious about losing a vast amount of weight this gel will help you lose weight quickly because the active ingredients are more effective when absorbed through the skin than they are when ingested. The principle ingredient of Slimbetti Slender Gel is Hoodia, once believed to be the answer to weight loss.

Slimbetti does not appear to be a reliable company, in fact Slimbetti and British couple behind it – Chris and Jasmine Grindlay are notorious in South Africa for sharp practice and making misleading claims in their advertising.

The couple have received numerous Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) warnings due to false advertising and have simply ignored them and carried on trading. They have refused to back up their weight loss claims with one shred of evidence.


The diet pill industry is unregulated and it appears that South Africa is like the Wild West for dodgy diet pill businesses. We have yet to see a decent weight loss product that comes out of this country. This leads us on to….


Hoodia Gordonii plantHoodia Gordonii is the principle ingredient of the gel and is a simple succulent cactus type bush found in the heart of the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. Apparently, South African tribesmen chew it in order to prevent hunger pangs when out on hunting trips.

When this application was first discovered, the cactus became central to a multi million-weight loss industry and touted as a miracle cure for obesity.

British company Phytopharm collaborated with Pfizer – the world’s largest pharmaceutical company in order to isolate the active component of the cactus. Later Unilever were looking to develop Hoodia food products as part of a weight loss range but this never happened.

Following years of research and millions of dollars spent on clinical investigation, it was proven that Hoodia simply did not work. Maybe it had been a scam all along?

This has not stopped smaller companies like Slimbetti from jumping on the Hoodia bandwagon in order to carry out their own scam.

Slimbetti Hoodia Slender Gel does not come with any scientific evidence or explanation.

There is no evidence that taking Hoodia through the skin will help you lose weight any more than taking a Hoodia pill or drinking a Hoodia tea.

Slimbetti also market Active Extreme a Fat burner diet pill which contains African mango and green tea and is aimed at “the significantly overweight” and Fibre Trim and appetite suppressant that like Slender Gel contains Hoodia but Glucomannan as well.

All this seems pretty straightforward but there is a sinister side to Slimbetti Hoodia Slender Gel around its marketing policy.

Key to the website information is the announcement that you can lose weight now and pay later. You are supposed to contact the company to find out how but we took a look at the terms and conditions.

It is not very clear or easy to understand but it seems you have to agree to a minimum contract period. According to Slimbetti terms and conditions;

You can ONLY terminate your payment plan at the END of your minimum agreed contract period, or at any time afterwards… at least 3 weeks prior to the end of your contract.

If you do not cancel the agreement following the end of the contract period, it simply continues until you do something about it.

The company provided a link to full terms and conditions but the link to this vital information did not work.

Slimbetti do not provide any instructions about how to use Hoodia Slender Gel. Presumably, you rub it into your fatty areas, check your bank balance and wait for results.

Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Concerns:

  • The price and the terms of the auto bill contract are not provided in the advertising
  • Auto billing may prove difficult to cancel
  • No independent feedback and no money-back guarantee

What Does Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Claim To Do?

According to the Slimbetti advertising, there are four steps to Slender Gel.

  • Step 1 Simply apply the gel to your body
  • Step 2 The Hoodia will be absorbed through your skin
  • Step 3 Your brain is told to suppress your appetite
  • Step 4 You no longer have cravings for food.

Slimbetti Is Fast Weight Loss That Works. It Was Not Created For Those People Who Only Want To Lose A Few Measly kgs.

Slimbetti was created to help you achieve the incredible body you have always wanted!

Slimbetti is owned by British couple Chris and Jasmine Grindlay who have been selling the weight loss products for around four years in South Africa.

Consumer activist and medical doctor Harris Steinman has been complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority about the Slimbetti adverts. The ASA has found against Slimbetti nine times. Each time the couple ignore the rulings.

None of the claims about Slimbetti Hoodia Slender Gel being effective for weight loss are true.

This product will not help you lose weight. It doesn’t matter how you use it or whether you are seriously overweight or want to lose a few “measly kgs!”


So What Is Slimbetti Hoodia Gel and What Are The Ingredients For Slimbetti Hoodia Gel?

Slimbetti Hoodia Slender Gel is a weight loss gel that you rub into your body in order to suppress your appetite and remove cellulite.

There is no full ingredients list or evidence that taking a supplement through the skin will help you achieve this.

There are no instructions about how and when to apply the supplement.

  • Hoodia Gordonii: This succulent plant in native to South Africa but has become known world wide because of its supposed appetite suppressing effects. Scientists spent years trying to isolate the active ingredient – named as the P57 molecule but eventually the major pharmaceutical companies gave up with Hoodia when it was found not to work. Hoodia can cause side effects including an increase to heart rate and blood pressure when taken by mouth.
  • Juniper: This natural berry is best known as the flavouring in gin but is also used in other food preparations and as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps. Using juniper on the skin can cause some side effects including irritation, burning, redness, and swelling.
    Source: Web MD resource
  • Fennel: Pleasant smelling herb, which is used as a culinary flavouring and also a common ingredient in soaps and cosmetics because of its fragrance. However, some people can have an allergic skin reaction to fennel. It may increase sun sensitivity if you are light skinned.
  • Guarana: Brazilian berry with high levels of caffeine. There is some evidence that coffee can decrease cellulite if applied topically but this in unproven. There is no evidence that it will promote weight loss when rubbed on the skin.
  • Kola nut: This nut contains caffeine and is the origin of the cola flavour and name as in Coca Cola.
  • Grapefruit: Often used as a topical treatment for muscle fatigue and it can be effective against minor skin irritations. Often used as an ingredient in shower gels and facial cleansers and may help your skin if you suffer from acne.

So What Does All This Mean?

Not a lot. We cannot see that any of these ingredients will help you lose weight and suppress your appetite, simply by rubbing them into your skin.

The principle ingredient is Hoodia and the major companies have discredited this. Even if it did work, there is no evidence to suggest that it will work via a transdermal application.

This Hoodia gel may have an effect upon your skin – some of the ingredients can irritate sensitive skin.

Evidence shows that caffeine can be absorbed by the body via a patch in the same way as nicotine. However if you wanted enhanced energy it would probably is best to drink coffee.

Caffeine may have a slight skin firming effect and is contained in cosmetics and lotions for this reason but it is a minimal and temporary effect according to Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.


Does Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Have Any Side Effects?

Yes, there may be skin irritation from applying the gel. It may cause an allergic reaction or rash especially if your skin is generally sensitive.

There is no way of knowing the effects of taking Hoodia through the skin. It seems unlikely that it will do anything at all. It is also highly unlikely that you will notice the effects of small amounts of caffeiene applied to the skin.

Caution: Although it seems highly unlikely to have any effect at all, you should avoid all supplements if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Avoid if you have sensitive skin.

Any Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Reviews From Customers?

We could not find one genuine customer review.

Slimbetti have a Facebook with over 9000 followers, many of whom claim that this gel works. We find it hard to believe that any of this is true.

So Does Slimbetti Hoodia Gel Work?

No, it does not work. No question of a doubt. Slimbetti have ignored the cautions from the ASA and have carried on regardless peddling their products. The only effect you are likely to get from this gel is a rash.

Where Can I Buy Slimbetti Hoodia Gel?

You can buy Slimbetti Hoodia Slender Gel direct from the product website or find a stockist near to where you live and buy from a store.

You cannot just click and buy this supplement. We can’t even find out how much it costs. You have to contact the stockist or Slimbetti by phone. Worryingly it appears you have to sign up to a contract and a message states;

How about we send u this amazing product today, use the product and u can pay later? Ask me how,

We do not advise that anyone takes advantage of this offer. Once you have given Slimbetti your bank details you are certainly going to find it hard to cancel the agreement.

What About A Guarantee

No money back guarantee is on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

In our opinion this supplement is nothing more than a scam. It will not help you lose weight and Chris and Jasmine Grindlay the people behind Slimbetti have flagrantly ignored the rulings of the ASA regarding their advertising.

In addition in order to buy, you have to sign up to a contract and there is a total lack of transparency around the price and how long the contract even lasts.

We feel that there has been some trickery surrounding the Facebook page and the manipulation of positive comments.

The principle ingredient Hoodia has been proven not to work and if you want the energising effects of caffeine, why not just drink a coffee?

If you are still unconvinced that this gel is a scam because the advertising looks so convincing, why not conduct your own experiment and rub some coffee into skin and see if that helps you lose weight. It won’t work but at least it will be cheaper than signing up to this lacklustre supplement.

We reject Slimbetti Hoodia Gel.

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