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As always we rely on you, our visitors, to give us feedback and let us know what you would like us to look at in the diet pill world. As a result just recently we have had several requests to review a product that admittedly we had not come across previously, a diet pill called Sliminex.

Sliminex seems to be heavily promoted at the moment so we thought it was best to take a closer look and see what its all about.

Sliminex Pros

  • Potentially contains some good ingredients

Sliminex Cons

  • No ingredient amounts provided
  • Have to supply private information first
  • Site lacks in detail of any sort
  • No customer testimonials
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Sliminex Review

Sliminex Facts

  • May well contain some effective ingredients
  • No evidence it can work
  • Lacks full ingredient profile

Sliminex is promoted from the main merchant website where the home page is distinctly lacking in any detail. It simply consists of some pictures of the bottles with a buy 2 get 1 free offer.

No other details are given to what it does; however they have added a useful link to the contact details of the company behind Sliminex, Global Health Initiative.

Sliminex Website

There is also a link to the ingredient page where a number of the ingredients are listed with a brief description.

To find much more out you need to actually click the “buy now” button, this seems rather strange as we can’t understand how a customer could make an informed decision without having any details provided before committing to buy.

Anyway we click the “buy now” button and it takes us to another sales page, which is a bit more in your face and more of a hard sell.

Here we are greeted with a pretty (and slim) looking model with a plea to “Act now to claim your package.” So far we have still not seen anything that would give us the confidence to actually buy Sliminex yet. We have only been hit with sales pitches urging us to act quickly.

Sliminex Sales Page

The other disturbing thing is that we still do not have any idea how much Sliminex actually costs!

So far they are expecting us to supply all our details of name, address, phone and email etc. but we still do not know anything about the product at all and we have no idea how much it costs.

All this is perfectly legal of course, but we do question whether people simply fall into a trap of being lulled along and then before they know it have bought a product they actually don’t know anything about.

Sliminex Warnings:

  • You must enter private information before finding out what it costs
  • Disturbing lack of details about the product
  • No clinical references supplied or linked to

What Does Sliminex Claim To Do?

Despite being urged to sign up so aggressively we resist the temptation and see what else we can discover from the sales page.

The main focus seems to on finding out “What is the Hype ALL ABOUT?”

Well the only thing they can offer is that Sliminex contains a substance called Satiereal Saffron Extract. This was featured on Dr Oz recently where its abilities where shown to alter the brain chemistry. It supposedly helps release serotonin to give you a feel good factor.

This feel good factor is then meant to make you feel less hungry.

So What Is Sliminex and What Are The Ingredients For Sliminex?

  • Satiereal Saffron Extract: As mentioned above this is derived from the Crocus sativus plant. A recent study suggested it could reduce snacking and enhance fullness through its mood-improving effect. The thought process was that this would then lead to weight loss.

The study was done over an 8-week period where subjects consumed 176.5mg of extract per day. This was undertaken in a double blind study and those subjects who took the extract showed a decrease in the amount of snacks consumed.

Unfortunately those taking the saffron extract showed little signs of losing any weight whatsoever!

We suggest that with the research available at present, then Satiereal saffron extract really is all hype, there is nothing to suggest it could be effective for weight loss at the present time. Source:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Another ingredient promoted by Dr Oz, this extract contains Chlorogenic acid, which is said to inhibit the release of glucose in the body. It also boosts the metabolism to help burn fat. Significantly a serving of 400mg is advised to see any weight loss effects.
  • Raspberry Ketone: Another ingredient that has had the blessing of Dr Oz. It is said to work by increasing the levels of the hormone Adiponectin. This could prove it is effective for fat burning. The research undertaken suggested a serving of 200mg per day.
  • Green Tea Extract: Said to boost the metabolism and help burn fat. A specific type of extract and quantity is needed to see any results with a recommended serving of 400mg per day.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Found in parts of Asia and looking very much like a tiny pumpkin, the extract called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) has been suggested to promote fat burning and suppress appetite. Some studies have indeed supported the weight loss claims whilst others have not.
  • L Carnitine: This is a hormone synthesized in the body with the help of amino acids. It is said to help the consumption and removal of fats from the body.
  • Konjac Root: Another name for Glucomannen which is a soluble fiber. Claims to absorb 200 times its weight in water and so make you feel full. There is still a lack of real research to say how effective it could be for weight loss.
  • Trimethylxanthine: The medical term for caffeine, it is common in many diet pills.

So What Does All This Mean?

On the face of it then Sliminex could have some promise as a diet pill. However NO ingredient quantities are available so it is not possible to see if it contains either enough of the right ingredients or the right type and quality of extract.

We could only find that there are 60 capsules in a month’s supply of Sliminex, but what is in those capsules is anyone’s guess. For any consumer to make an informed decision then you really do need to know what you are taking.

Does Sliminex Have Any Side Effects?

It’s hard to say as no details of the ingredients are given. Some of the ingredients like Caffeine can be dangerous in high doses, in those people sensitive to high dosage levels.

Sliminex could theoretically be 99% caffeine and 1% the rest of the ingredients. If this were the case then it could have some potential medical side effects.

Warning: There are no indications as to who or who shouldn’t take Sliminex! As with all diet pills you should probably avoid if you’re pregnant, a nursing mother or under 18 years of age. If you’re taking any medication we would recommend seeking medical advice before taking any supplement.

Any Sliminex Reviews From Customers?

No reviews of any type are provided for Sliminex, which we find surprising for something that is pushed so aggressively. This is also doubly surprising when they are offering a $1500 contest for those people supplying before and after pictures. If it were that good and people were claiming the money then surely the site would be flooded with positive testimonials.

Interestingly there’s a long list of things to do and don’t in order to enter the contest and they have a handy disclaimer, “By sending in all items listed above and participating in this contest, you are not guaranteed to win or receive the $1,500 prize.”

Hmm…..pretty much a waste of time then? No wonder there’s no testimonials on the site!

So Does Sliminex Work?

Might do, might not.

There is absolutely nothing on the website to suggest that Sliminex could actually work. There are no clinical studies linked to, no testimonials and a total lack of any evidence. As well as this the lack of ingredient profile is rather concerning.

Where Can I Buy Sliminex?

Sliminex is available on the main website at a cost of $49.99 for one months supply. Discounts are available for larger packages as is normal with these types of products. As mentioned earlier you cannot find this out until you enter your information.

We could find little information about the company Global Health Initiative except for a few negative comments on the Ripoff report sites.

Sliminex seems to be pushed aggressively by advertising on some high profile websites and we could find no evidence of third party affiliates pushing the product or any appearances on fake review sites.

What About A Guarantee?

A 60-day guarantee is offered after you send the product back. To do this you need a RMA number.

Watchdog Verdict


Something just doesn’t quite ring right with Sliminex.

The website is totally lacking in any valid information or any clinical research studies. The lack of ingredient profile is also not helpful.

We also found the lack of any price details until you have entered private information to be highly dubious.

Sliminex asks very early on “What is the Hype all about?”

We can only conclude that it’s not a lot really. Sliminex could really be just that, a bunch of hype, with nothing to back it up.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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5 comments to “Sliminex”

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  1. Jennifer Garman says:

    I ordered this product. After I read the reviews, I decided to cancel. I was told by the customer service rep. to refuse it and when they received it back I would get a refund. When reading the review comments I saw that another customer was told the same thing and the company said they never received it back, so the customer never got their money refunded. I went to the post office and paid to have it shipped back and a confirmation signature to prove they received it. In the meantime, I called Amazon to disput the charge so that I wouldn’t get charged until this was resolved. I sent the supporting documents to Amazon and got a refund, less the shipping and handling, This was a lot to go through, but worth it to be assured I got my money back. Good luck to any one else who is going through this.

  2. Lilia says:

    I used Sliminex for a month and the result is zero, absolutely nothing has changed. No fat burn, nor energy increase, nothing. Fortunately, I paid a discount price ($39.99&9.95 shipping). Unfortunately, it was too late to return when I made sure it ‘s not working. They only have 90 days return policy and I did not use it right after receipt. Oh, well, one more bad experience with supplements which do not work. Beware!

  3. Dian says:

    I ordered this and haven’t gotten to take it yet. Im going to check but I think it has been more than 90 days. If it hasn’t, I’m sending it back.

    The video referred to Dr. Oz which obviously was a scam. I won’t do this again. I’ll make sure what I order is recommended by someone I know or watchdog.

  4. sara says:

    interestingly enough its worked for me. it supresses my appetite, i dont get the jitters, i drink alot of water and i take the dose in the morning thats when it works best instead of taking it in the afternoon like the bottle says and it last all day! i still although im not hungry but i make better food choices then when im starving and dying to eat.

  5. Diane says:

    I’ve used Sliminex and have found this to be the only diet pill to actually work for me. After years of trying it helped reboost by metabolism. I kept trying for that miracle pill to take it off fast ,knowing that’s not the right way and there’s nothing out there and nothing was working but the sliminex. It seems to help in my stomach where I get the extra woman don’t want. I get mad at myself for not sticking with it and trying other things. If I would’ve I would ve lost all the weight I wanted. But I have friends telling me about other products that sound good, so I end up trying them. We’ll I’m back to sliminex and going to stick with it and believe in them. So don’t give up. Give it a chance. I can’t say anything about their return thing sorry but sorry. I will still buy more. Diane

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