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Tired of losing the weight loss battle and need some help? If this sounds like you, Slimrexin a US diet pill may provide the solution – that is according to the advertising. We take a look at Slimrexin to find out whether this weight loss supplement is worth a go!

Slimrexin Pros

  • Probably will not cause too many side effects

Slimrexin Cons

  • Product information inconsistent
  • Company have exaggerated and provided misleading clinical evidence
  • Lacks genuine customer testimonials
  • Unlikely to work in the way as advertised
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Slimrexin Review

Slimrexin Facts

  • Produced by Nutripharm LLC in Utah
  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules
  • No customer feedback

Slimrexin is a diet pill that contains five key ingredients in what is described as a high performance weight loss formula. It appears to be a relatively new pill on the market and it is made by Nutripharm LLC in Salt Lake City, USA. We have covered Nutripharm products before but have yet to approve any of their supplements and to be honest this one does not look great either.

Slimrexin is a diet pill, which contains a blend of branded ingredients plus Caffeine Anhydrous and Irvingia Gabonensis. It is described as a fat burner combined with an appetite suppressant so at first glance looks if it may offer you some support during weight loss.

The product website features some snappy advertising including a picture of cute looking doctor in a white coat plus an attractive female model displaying her flat midriff and holding a tape measure. There are some customer testimonials on the site too and these positive so-called true stories look encouraging – but might not be true. We have been unable to find any customer feedback elsewhere.

The advertising style is very similar to other Nutripharm products Metabosyn and Fexotropin which we reviewed and rejected previously.

Nutripharm itself does not have a background that inspires trust. Based in Salt Lake City this company share an address with Blackfire Global – a payment processor we covered in a previous article and there have been numerous other supplement companies based at this same address.

Blackfire and associated companies have been cautioned for selling scam products and although Slimrexin looks innocent enough, this background makes the whole Nutripharm set up look extremely suspect.

On the plus side, this website does display the label and offers the customer some information about the ingredients. On the down side, not all of it adds up and some of the claims made about the ingredients are untrue. There is also a lack of attention to detail, which is irritating.

The product label states that 2 capsules equals one serving, yet you are advised to take only one capsule twice a day. Usually a serving refers to the amount that you take at one time so this is misleading.

The caffeine is listed at 210mg per serving yet later the information says that the capsules contain 100mg of caffeine. It might be picky to quibble over 10mg of caffeine but it does not display much attention to detail.

The advertising also states that Slimrexin also contains B12, Fucoxanthin, Malic acid, Thermodiamine, Guggul EZ 100, Lipolide SC and Bioperine. None of these show up on the label and do not appear to be included in the diet pill.

To use Slimrexin you are advised take one capsule twice daily. This diet pill contains caffeine so be careful not to take too close to bedtime.

Slimrexin Concerns:

  • Inconsistent product information around ingredients and quantities
  • Nutripharm LLC do not appear to be very reputable
  • Unlikely to work in the way as advertised

What Does Slimrexin Claim To Do?

According to the Slimrexin site,

Weight loss is actually simple: Decrease your caloric intake and increase your energy expenditure. You can struggle to do that on your own…or you can get help from Slimrexin

The advertising claims the following benefits.

  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • Burn unsightly fat
  • Curb hunger cravings
  • 90 Day money back guarantee

We have to say that the Slimrexin advertising appears to be exaggerating, this includes the clinical evidence too, and this is not the first time Nutripharm have done this.

If you look at another Nutripharm product Fexotropin, the advertising claims that green tea extract will make you lose 30lbs in 90 days. Making up clinical evidence seems to be part of their advertising technique.

So What Is Slimrexin and What Are The Ingredients For Slimrexin?

Slimrexin is a diet pill that the manufacturers claim will help you support weight loss by boosting your metabolism and reducing hunger pangs. It contains natural ingredients and some branded supplements.

Amounts here in capsule size and not serving size (2 capsules).

According to the website, each capsule contains 380mg of active ingredients. We make it 375mg according to the ingredients list, a small matter but this missing 5mg is not accounted for.

  • Irvingia Gabonensis (75mg): Extract from the seeds of a West African plant often called Wild mango or Diko. When tested by the University of Cameroon on 28 obese subjects, research found that Irvingia Gabonensis reduced cholesterol and delayed stomach emptying thus creating a fuller feeling for longer. It also appears to have a positive effect on adiposity and reducing fatty tissue.
    There is obviously some benefit to Irvingia Gabonensis and in Cameroon where it is used as a cooking ingredient; the advice is to use more of it in meals. It is a popular diet pill ingredient and although results are promising it requires further testing. Losing 28lbs over 10 weeks is not a test result and if you expect this to happen, you will likely be disappointed. Source:
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (100mg): Unroasted coffee bean extract, rich in chlorogenic acid which seems to inhibit glucose into the blood stream. Although it may be effective for weight loss, it requires further testing because so far human testing has been very small scale. Green coffee bean extract has been featured on the Dr Oz show and although testing has yielded some positive results, they were minimal. Contains caffeine.
    Scientists report,

More rigorous trials are needed to assess the usefulness of GCE as a weight loss tool


  • Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg): White powdered form of caffeine but otherwise the same as you find in an ordinary cup of coffee. According to the Slimrexin site, it is included here because it enhances energy so helps you burn off fat and calories.
    The problem with this theory is that you probably take more than 100mg each time you have a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Green Select Phytosome Green tea (75mg): A branded supplement for green tea and does have health benefits. Green tea s rich in antioxidants and has been researched for a wide range of health conditions. Green tea works best when drunk as a beverage. Contains caffeine.
  • CoEnzyme Q10 (25mg): Branded formula containing Q10 a Substance similar to vitamins that is found in every cell of your body. It is made by your body to create energy and repair cell damage. Although it is available as a supplement, it has not been approved by the FDA as suitable for long-term use. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

There is not really much to Slimrexin. Just Some caffeine and some small quantities of branded ingredients and Irvingia Gabonensis. We cannot see this pill doing very much at all.

It does contain caffeine so if you are sensitive you may feel some effect. If you already drink tea or coffee, you probably will not notice. It will not make you lose 28lbs over 10 weeks. If you are relying on this pill, you will be lucky to lose much, if any weight at all.

Does Slimrexin Have Any Side Effects?

There should not be any side effects. It is highly likely there won’t be any effect. There is nothing dangerous here and the ingredients have not reported for side effects. You may notice the caffeine if you are sensitive and if you take too close to bedtime it may keep you awake.

Caution: As with all supplement s avoid if pregnant or breast-feeding. Seek medical advice before taking if you are on any medication.

Any Slimrexin Reviews From Customers?

We could not find any. There are plenty of people trying to promote Slimrexin and there are customer testimonials on the website but we could not find one genuine independent customer review.

So Does Slimrexin Work?

The flat answer is no! It will not work and most likely is a total waste of money. The principle ingredient is caffeine and you do not need to buy an expensive supplement to take that. Otherwise, ingredients require further clinical testing and even if they have some benefits, the amounts contained in Slimrexin are so small they are unlikely to do anything.

Where Can I Buy Slimrexin?

You can buy Slimrexin directly from the supplement website.

Each bottle of Slimrexin contains 60 capsules or 30 days supply. One bottle costs $49.95 plus $4.95 flat rate shipping to US addresses. Two bottles of Slimrexin costs $89.95, comes with a free gift – the 72-hour diet pill, and includes free shipping. Three bottles of Slimrexin costs $119.85, comes with two free bottles of the 72-hour diet pill and free shipping.

International customers should contact the company for overseas delivery charges and times.

How About A Money-Back Guarantee?

There is a 90 – day satisfaction guarantee on offer. The product information states

For 90 days, see for yourself how quick and easy Slimrexin makes weight loss. For a full 90 days, feel what it’s like to be confident in your body. Take your time. If it is not for you, no problem. Simply let us know and we’ll refund your purchase price in full

You can contact Nutripharm by phone and there is also a live chat function on the site.

We cannot tell how easy it will be to claim the guarantee nor if there are any regulations surrounding the returns policy.

Watchdog Verdict

We are not impressed with Slimrexin. There is very little actually in this diet pill and we cannot see how it will do all the things that the advertising claims. Nutripharm have yet to produce a supplement to impress us sadly, this one is typical of their usual low standard.

We don’t like the fact that their product information is inconsistent and that the advertising appears to have invented clinical evidence.

For all these reasons, we have no other choice but to reject Slimrexin.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. Cynthia Banks says:

    I tried Abidexin and had adverse reactions ending up in the emergency room. I called the company two and half weeks ago, and was assured I would get return receipts and a refund for my two orders. $109.95, on 5/9/2014 and $175.75 on 5/17/2014. Since then the phone has out of service and the webpage I had gone to is down. I have submitted this to my bank.

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