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Slimturbovital is described as a “celebrity secret”. In addition, the company selling it promises to help you lose 35 lbs in two months or give you your money back. Losing weight at this rate sounds dangerous but we like the sound of the guarantee. We take a further look into Slimturbovital to find out the facts.

Slimturbovital is a diet drink that comes in sachet form that you drink before meals. The advertising claims that the enriched protein content will help you lose fat rather than muscle and you don’t even need to go on a diet to lose weight.

SlimTurboVital Pros

  • Active ingredient may have some health benefits

SlimTurboVital Cons

  • Unrealistic weight loss claims
  • May cause weight gain
  • Zero product information
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SlimTurboVital Review

SlimTurboVital Facts

  • Slimturbovital is a diet drink powder in sachet form
  • The company is French and sell direct to Europe and the UK but not the USA
  • Costs between £43 and £49 but no details of how many sachets you actually get for this price

We are all used to reading overblown claims about supplements but Slimturbovital must hold some kind of record for making the most dramatic!

They claim a secret celebrity weight loss method that loses you 35lbs! No dieting and no risk of losing money because of a 100% money back guarantee on offer!

Surely, it doesn’t get any better than this!

The problem is that it all seems unconvincing. Slimturbovital does not come with any real celebrity endorsement and do not provide any evidence that this supplement even works. In addition customers do not appear to be flocking to buy this product.

Slimturbovital is a diet drink that contains whey protein. According to the advertising, taking high amounts of protein will allow you to lose 35lbs in two months and results are 100% guaranteed for everyone.

The aim is that you drink the supplement before meals and then carry on with your normal life simply keeping to a balanced diet.

Whey protein is often used as a dietary supplement and is popular with bodybuilders because it helps to build muscle. It is also believed to be effective against diseases such as heart disease and cancer and is an abundant source of amino acids. Research is ongoing into the benefits of whey protein and results look promising.

It is important to note that many diet plans such as Atkins and Dukan rely on protein in order to promote weight loss so Slimturbovital may not be quite as far off the mark as it first appears.

However, we are struggling to believe that adding whey protein to your normal diet will help you lose weight without you making changes to diet and lifestyle.

The style of the Slimturbovital website does not inspire confidence.

It features multi coloured text and flashing signs and the first thing you notice on the site is a photograph of three female backsides all wearing decidedly grotty looking blue pants (panties if you live in the USA). These are supposed to be photographs of the same woman on her weight loss journey to demonstrate the results you too can expect within 5 weeks of taking Slimturbovital.

Weightloss bum

It looks totally unbelievable and to our eyes not even the same woman in all pictures or even the same pants.

Slimturbovital is made in France by Vital Academy who are based in the South of France just outside the millionaire playground of Antibes so you would have thought they could have found some nicer looking underwear!

The full address is:
Les Algorythmes – Aristote A, 2000, route de Lucioles – BP29
06901 Sophia Antipoli

The company sell all over Europe and Slimturbovital is available in all European languages including French, German and Italian but is otherwise identical.

According to the website, Slimturbovital has been reviewed in Women’s Health magazine but we could not find any record of this so have our suspicions that like the celebrities it is pure invention.

The company also sell a weight loss patch called Royal Slim, which promises to help you lose 45kgs in just four months!

To take Slimturbovital pour the contents of a Slimturbovital into a glass and fill it with water. Drink before a well-balanced meal.

SlimTurboVital Concerns:

  • Taking whey protein each day could cause health problems and weight gain
  • Company expect you to send them money on trust and does not provide any product information
  • Unbelievable claims of weight loss and celebrities on the website do not inspire trust

What Does SlimTurboVital Claim To Do?

Slimturbovital crams a lot of claims and slogans into the one page that makes up their website but offers very little in the way of real information.

Slimturbovital is described as a:

Mega efficient solution does exist and it gives amazing results


works, instantly, directly on fat cells

There is

no need to change your eating habits

They provide a long list of some of this supplements benefits. There are too many to mention them all but some of the key points include.

  • FAST and long lasting effects.
  • No feeling of hunger.
  • FULLY SAFE and fast method of losing weight.
  • No side effects.
  • Provides you with daily portion of vitamins and minerals.
  • Stimulation effect (feeling of increased energy and great form).
  • Firm and smooth skin (no loss of elasticity of the skin)
  • Positive frame of mind
  • This method does not know failure (that’s why there is our guarantee of satisfaction or you will get your money back).
  • No drowsiness – key to successful diet.

There is no evidence for any of this.

So What Is SlimTurboVital and What Are The Ingredients For SlimTurboVital?

Whey Protein PowderSlimturbovital is a diet drink, which you take before meals. It comes in sachets and you add the contents of one sachet to a glass of water.

Worryingly, Vital Academy does not provide any information about the contents of the sachets.

However, we managed to find an ingredients list from a customer that to the best of our knowledge is genuine. The sole active ingredient is Whey protein concentrate (80%)

Whey protein is undergoing clinical testing for a wide range of applications including the fight against cancer.


It may be effective for weight loss. Whey is high in leucine an essential amino acid, which breaks down fat, bioactive peptides – protein fragments that have a positive effect upon health, and milk calcium.

In one clinical test, all participants kept to a low calorie diet but the group taking whey protein lost significantly more fat and conserved more lean muscle mass.


There is evidence that taking small amounts of whey protein combined with resistance training can increase mass muscle mass and it is used by athletes for this reason.


An article produced for Lipid World said in summary, that whey protein does have an attractive effect on glucose metabolism control in healthy, overweight, obese, and insulin-resistant subjects.

They reported that whey protein causes feelings of satiety due to the modulation of several gut hormones related to the reduction of food intake. It encourages the release of hormones, such as leptin which controls hunger and decreases release of the hormones such as ghrelin which signal hunger.


Other ingredients include.

Emulsifier (soya lecithins), vanilla flavouring, thickener (xanthan gum) , sweeteners (acesulfame-K, sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate), colour (quinoline yellow)

So What Does All This Mean?

Whey protein is the only active ingredient in Slimturbovital. This ingredient has health benefits and looks promising for weight loss but requires further clinical evaluation and information about how to take it.

Whey is a protein source and at present the daily amount you should take is not known.

We cannot see how taking this in combination with your regular diet will help you lose weight but if you take in combination with a diet and exercise plan, it looks like it has some benefits.

Most people use whey protein to bulk up and supplement a gruelling exercise regime and although research suggests that it may be effective in the fight against diabetes we would not recommend this without medical supervision.

Taking whey protein is no substitute for a healthy diet and it may make you gain weight rather than lose it.

Does SlimTurboVital Have Any Side Effects?

Quite possibly. It may cause added weight gain and it may increase the risk of kidney stones and liver problems.

Usual side effects include;

  • Bloating
  • Stomach cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Thirst
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Thirst

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take if you are lactose intolerant or allergic to cow’s milk. Slimturbovital will interact with medication including antibiotics. Seek the advice of your doctor before taking especially if you are overweight and unfit.

Any SlimTurboVital Reviews From Customers?

There do not appear to be any customer reviews for Slimturbovital at all.

Given that this supplement is sold all over Europe we find it surprising that we could not find even one independent customer feedback.

So Does SlimTurboVital Work?

It seems unlikely that Slimturbovital will work in the way that the advertising describes and we would be reluctant to take whey protein in this way without the advice of a doctor.

Whey protein may well be the greatest thing for weight loss but results are inconclusive at the present time and most people appear to take it for bulking up muscle rather than losing weight.

Whey protein is no substitute for a healthy diet and if you take it on top of your usual food and don’t exercise you will probably add weight, rather than lose it.

Where Can I Buy SlimTurboVital?

As far as we can see, you can only buy Slimturbovital from the product website.

You have two buying options.

  • If you want to lose “from 2 to 14lbs” you can choose the “basic slimming treatment” for £43.00.
  • If you want to lose at least “14 to 35lbs” and “your time is limited” you are advised to choose Enriched Slimturbovital Slimming Plus for £49.00.

The company does not explain the difference in the two formulas or what you actually get for your money.

There is an added £6.90 shipping charge on both orders.

Slimturbovital is not available to US customers but you can buy this supplement all over Europe. In France and Germany it is offered for 43€ and 49€ plus 7.90€ shipping charges.

What About A Guarantee

Slimturbovital guarantee that you will get your money back if you fail to lose weight.

According to their terms and conditions, the client has the right to return the product together with proof of payment within 30 days of receiving the parcel.

The client pays return shipping costs. Vital Academy will replace the product or reimburse via bank transfer to the previously indicated bank account.

Watchdog Verdict

Slimturbovital make a lot unsubstantiated claims in their advertising, which are never backed up with facts such as who are these celebrity clients?

In addition the idea of losing 35lbs within 5 weeks is ludicrous and unsafe and all health advice is that safe weight loss is around 2lbs a week.

Vital Academy does not explain exactly what it is you are buying. There is no product description and the differences between the basic treatment and the enhanced treatment are never explained. Will they honour the guarantee?

Whey protein may be effective for health and muscle building but this does not mean it is safe to take in the way that the advertising describes.

If you wanted to try whey protein there are plenty of places that sell it over the counter and for a much cheaper price. However we would not take this without the advice of the doctor because it could cause health problems if taken to excess and may even make you gain weight.

We feel that the company behind Slimturbovital have jumped on the bandwagon of some preliminary clinical investigation without any consideration for the health and wellbeing of their customers.

It is a simple decision. We are very skeptical of the claims made by this supplement would not try it ourselves and so reject Slimturbovital.

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