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Promising to “transform your body” Stimuretix claims to be a clinically proven high performance weight loss supplement. Looking very much like a similar diet pill on the market we were intrigued to see what this product was all about.

With some interesting “science” supporting the claims of this diet pill, we certainly looked forward to finding out more!

Stimuretix Pros

  • Nothing at all!

Stimuretix Cons

  • Lack of scientific data
  • Contains fair amount of caffeine
  • No company contact information
  • Dubious consumer testimonials
  • Links to untrustworthy companies
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Stimuretix Review

Stimuretix Facts

  • Manufactured by Blackfire Global, LLC based in Utah, US
  • Looks like Phenphedrine diet pill
  • Like this diet pill, also uses semi-scientific “psycho-babble”

When we first saw this product we did a double-take, thinking hold on we have reviewed this before. We soon realised that this appears to almost a clone of Phenphedrine, from the bottle design to the marketing sales copy and almost down to the ingredients used!

The official website is well laid out and professionally designed but is very much lacking in substance and follows a format like many other similar diet pills. You have the stock image of a doctor (see here from to give the illusion this is endorsed, or possibly developed, by the medical community.

As we have come to expect from such products, there is a distinct lack in company contact information. The official site goes one step further by showing an incorrect contact number in the header of the site! Good luck when try calling +1.888.888.888 and getting through to customer support.

You are recommended to take one capsule at breakfast and one at lunchtime with water.

Stimuretix Warnings

  • Baffling science used to marketing diet pills
  • Lack of supporting evidence
  • Dubious consumer testimonials

What Does Stimuretix Claim To Do?

This supplement claims to have been “clinically tested to stimulate weight loss” by fighting fat by controlling two, what they call “players”, located in the hypothalamus. One they call “CART” the so called “Hero” that helps to control hunger and metabolism, the other “NPY” (or NeuroPeptide-Y its full name) the so called “baddy” that triggers hunger.

You following this?

The relevance of this is quickly explained in a succinct summary, the manufacturers suggesting that Stimuretix helps you “win the weight loss battle” by stimulating the CART processes and inhibting the NPY ones in the body.

Hmmm interesting… again the same “science” used behind the marketing of Phenphedrine.

If this gets all a bit baffling then the official site clearly shows how this supplement can reduce body fat, curb hunger cravings or get your money back!

Stimuretix web

So What Is Stimuretix and What Are The Ingredients For Stimuretix?

In what is cunningly referred to as “the science behind the ingredients” the manufacturers outline why their supplement is effective at promoting weight loss. Far from discovering some exotic, never seen before ingredients we were met with many of the usual compounds seen in other diet pills (well certainly Phenphedrine in any case!).

The ingredients are split into the two “players”, namely the good CART and bad NPY components. There are more in the former category, so let’s check out these first:

CART ingredients:

  • DiCaffeine Malate (250 mg): The fancy, scientific sounding name for your ordinary caffeine that’s commonly found in most diet pills. Plenty of studies show that caffeine increases energy and metabolism without changes to diet or exercise. The effects are temporary though and the body soon gets used to its effects. Consumers should be wary of consuming too much caffeine due to side effects too.
  • Hops (100 mg): Some anecdotal evidence that Hops lower could help weight loss has been suggested from studies in mice that were fed a high fat diet. No evidence the same effect is possible with humans though.
  • Razberi K (50 mg): Extracted from Raspberries this aromatic compound is more familiar as Raspberry Ketone, one of the hottest ingredients on the market today. Suggested that consuming 200mg per day can help to increase the activity of the Adiponectin hormone. This is important in regulating glucose levels and has been shown to be inversely related to body fat percentage in humans. May not be enough in Stimuretix in order to work.
  • Cocoa Extract (50 mg): Suggested to have a cleansing effect on the body by helping to flush excess waste. Does indeed have a number of health properties but considering the small amount in this supplement unlikely to trigger much, if any benefits.
  • Ginger Extract as 20% Gingerols (50 mg): Suggested to have a cleansing effect on the body by helping to flush excess waste. Does indeed have a number of health properties but considering the small amount in this supplement unlikely to trigger much, if any benefits.
  • Synephrine HCL (20 mg): Also known as “Bitter Orange” and “Citrus Aurantium”, found in many diet pills as its said to boost energy and suppress appetite along with boosting metabolism. Has been suggested to be a legal alternative to the now banned Ephedrine, which also includes the similar side effects too.
  • Thermodiamine as 98% Evodiamine (15 mg): Extracted from the unripe fruit of Evoida Rutaecarpine or the Evodia fruit and used extensively in ancient Chinese treatments. Although seen in a number of diet pills the evidence for this ingredient being effective for weight loss is lacking.
  • Lipolide-Sc as 98% Sclareolide (15 mg): Used to be called “Sclareolide” and is found in Clary Sage plant. It’s traditionally used to promote better immune health along with other uses. Has been suggested to increase fat burning by supporting an increase in the rate of lipolysis by enhancing intracellular compound in the cAMP. The suggested daily serving is between 10 and 20mg, which this supplement contains enough.

There is only one NPY ingredient that’s already been mentioned above:

  • Cocoa Extract (50 mg): The manufacturers suggest that Cocoa Extract could also act to reduce stress and possibly even treat depression! This is because of the amino acid called Tryptophan found in this compound, which has been suggested to stimulate feelings of well being and elation. There is very little of this ingredient in these diet pills though and unlikely to be too effective.

So What Does All This Mean?

The marketing behind this supplement is cleverly presented to disguise the fact that when taking Stimuretix you are mostly consuming caffeine. In fact with each capsule the equivalent to around 2 cups of coffee!

The other ingredients will have minimal if any effect at all.

You could probably have the same effect by consuming equivalent strength caffeine pills or having 3-4 strong coffees!

Does Stimuretix Have Any Side Effects?

No side effects are suggested by the manufacturer. We find this hard to believe considering the high amounts of caffeine in this diet pill! Even those hardened coffee drinkers could feel the effects of these high-caffeine pills.

We are concerned about the large amount of caffeine present in Stimuretix as two capsules may be the same as drinking 4 to 5 cups of coffee! If you’re sensitive to caffeine then you probably want to avoid this diet pill at all costs.

Avoid consuming caffeine from other sources whilst taking this supplement!

Caution: Not to be taken by under 18 year olds, pregnant or nursing mothers.

Any Stimuretix Reviews From Customers?

There are the usual flattering consumer testimonials on the official site from back in January 2010 until more recently in May 2012.

We were dubious about these testimonials though as we regarded Stimuretix as a new diet pill on the market, yet supposedly consumers have been using it since 2010. Well, what do you know; our suspicion was correct as the domain name has been registered for less than a year!

Here is the “whois information” for this domain, which shows the domain owner and changes since registration.

Stimuretix domain whois information

Clearly this domain is new, so how could customers have tried it two years ago; highly dubious suggesting these could well be fake testimonials!

So Does Stimuretix Work?

This diet pill relies heavily on caffeine, with this being easily the main active ingredient and the rest of the ingredients present in fairly small amounts. Caffeine in these amounts will certainly increase energy levels and boost alertness, possibly too much in some individuals.

The only other ingredient worthy of mentioning is Razberi K, the patented form of Raspberry Ketone. The amounts used in Stimuretix may be insufficient though as the recommended serving is 100mg twice each day according to studies that reference this compound (Source:

Stimuretix may work, if it does its likely a result of the caffeine.

Where Can I Buy Stimuretix?

This supplement is available from the official website costing $69.95 (approximately £45) for 1 bottle to $149.95 (approximately £100) for 3 bottles. Using a commonly seen technique to offer value the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is shown at an extortionate rate, so it appears you are getting a bargain.

We can be sure that not many consumers would pay out $150 per bottle the manufacturer suggests this supplement used to retail at! Clearly a marketing ploy and one that consumers are wise too these days.

What About a Guarantee?

There is a 90-day money-back guarantee on offer.

Watchdog Verdict

Stimuretix is a supplement that is difficult to take seriously!

For the amount of cash you have to hand over for each bottle we would expect a lot more from a supplement. Certainly some evidence that it actually works for a starters!

The somewhat baffling science used to sell this supplement cannot hide the stark fact is this diet pill looks to be little more than a caffeine pill and an expensive one at that!

The only positive thing we can say is the available 90-day money-back guarantee. Even still the dubious looking consumer testimonials mean we have no compulsion but to reject Stimuretix.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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