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Suprexin is a diet pill that claims to have a whole host of benefits, including suppressing the appetite, boosting the metabolism and energy levels and even improving mood. However, with only 450 mg of the proprietary formula, and a huge list of ingredients, is this diet pill trying to achieve too much, and actually being ineffective at aiding weight loss?

Suprexin Pros

  • Some clinically proven ingredients

Suprexin Cons

  • No manufacturer information
  • No individual ingredients quantities provided
  • Likely ingredients quantities will be insufficient
  • No money-back guarantee
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Suprexin Review

Suprexin Facts

  • Distributed by Premier Marketing
  • Unclear who manufactures product
  • 30 capsules per bottle- 1 month supply

Suprexin is a multipurpose diet pill that acts as an appetite and craving suppressant, a metabolism booster, fat burner, energy booster and mood improver.

This diet pill is clearly aimed at those who want to attack their weight loss from as many angles as possible, whilst still only having to take one capsule per day.

How to Take Suprexin

Directions for use are to take one capsule “as soon as you wake up each morning with a full glass of water on an empty stomach. Wait at least 20 minutes before eating breakfast.”

The official website claims that taking just one capsule a day is enough to combat appetite and cravings for up to 12 hours.

It is not clear who manufactures Suprexin; the only company associated with the product is Premier Marketing, who act as their national wholesale distributer. It is their contact information that is provided on the contact page. There is no “about us” page on the official website.

Suprexin Concerns:

  • Insufficient amount of each ingredient
  • No money back guarantee
  • Out of stock at majority of retail websites

What Does Suprexin Claim To Do?

The makers of Suprexin claim that it can:

  • Suppress Appetite & Cravings
  • Elevate Energy Throughout the Day
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Increase Calorie Expenditure
  • Increase Stamina & Minimize Fatigue
  • Improve Mood and Sense of Well Being
  • Promote Weight Loss

As well as this, they explain that,

With Suprexin™ you’ll experience a calm, smooth energy that remains consistent throughout the day. Don’t be surprised by the absence of fatigue and freshness you feel, even at the end of a long work day. With your body energized and appetite still under control, you’ll still have the stamina to take a long walk or “hit the gym” instead of hitting the couch!

So What Is Suprexin and What Are The Ingredients For Suprexin?

Suprexin is caffeine free, but does contain some other stimulant ingredients. Each capsule contains 450 mg of the proprietary formula, as well as vitamin C and E.

  • Lotus Leaf Flavonoids & Alkaloids: Lotus leaf is high in flavonoids, alkaloids and tannins. These antioxidants have been loosely linked with weight loss and improved general health. There is some limited clinical evidence connecting the use of Lotus leaf with increased weight loss.


  • Hawthorne Hyperosides: This herb is believed to regulate blood pressure, and is a vasodilator, increasing blood supply to the heart.
  • Green Tea Extract (Decaffeinated): Green tea is high in a group of antioxidants called catechins. Studies have suggested that catechins increase energy expenditure by boosting the metabolism temporarily. However, the metabolic increase caused by green tea is limited. One study found that the use of green tea was not enough to counteract weight gain following a very low calorie diet. Decaffeinated green tea is thought to be a less effective fat burner than the same product containing caffeine, as caffeine is another ingredient that boosts the metabolism.
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate: Supplementation of this ingredient has been found to improve fat oxidation.
  • Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine): Also known as bitter orange extract, this ingredient contains synephrine. A review of numerous studies concluded that use of synephrine resulted in an increase to the participants resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure, and moderate weight loss was seen in studies lasting over 6 weeks. However, there are some concerns about its safety being under-researched and the numerous side effects that have been associated with it.
  • Konjac Glucomannan: This fibre comes from the root of konjac. The powder absorbs water upon contact and becomes gel-like in consistency; it not only helps to fill the stomach, but slows down digestion, meaning that the dieter can go for longer before feeling hungry again. There are numerous studies that show glucomannan use leads to weight loss without making any other changes. Based upon the amount of proprietary formula in each capsule, it is unlikely that there is a significant amount of glucomannan in Suprexin to significantly affect the appetite throughout the day.
  • Panax Ginseng: A plant used for improving mood, reducing anxiety, and improving concentration, memory and athletic performance, especially stamina.
  • Danshen: Danshen is an herb that is used to treat circulation problems, although its effectiveness in unproven in human trials. It is a blood thinner, and so there are some people who should avoid using this supplement.
  • Cassia Tora: Also known as Cassia or Senna, this herb is a natural laxative that has been approved by the FDA. It is used to treat constipation, but some people use it to aid weight loss. Any weight loss achieved from using this product will be from a loss of water weight and waste matter, not fat mass.

So What Does All This Mean?

Considering that there is a lot of ingredients there, which in total make up 450 mg of proprietary formula, it is possible that some of these ingredients are present in extremely low doses, which may affect the strength of this diet pill. For example, glucomannan has been found effective in daily doses of between 3 and 5 grams, taken over several capsules throughout the day. There will not be enough glucomannan in one capsule of this size to affect appetite throughout the day; at best, it may reduce hunger for a couple of hours.

Whilst Suprexin is caffeine free, it is not stimulant free, as it contains Citrus Aurantium; this ingredient has more potential side effects than caffeine, and the Mayo Clinic has stated that the chances of side effects outweigh the weight loss benefits.

Some of the other ingredients are not related to weight loss, such as Danshen, and there is also a laxative ingredient, Cassia Tora, which will make the consumer feel thinner in the short term, but will not contribute to long term weight loss.

Does Suprexin Have Any Side Effects?

Whilst the product advertises that it does not contain caffeine, suggesting therefore that its use is associated with fewer side effects, Suprexin still has other ingredients that can cause a wide range of side effects. The main cause of concern is citrus aurantium; the Mayo Clinic has stepped forward to actively discourage the use of Citrus Aurantium, as they feel the risk of dangerous side effects, which seem to be unpredictable, is not worth the potential weight loss that may occur from its consumption.

The side effects of citrus aurantium include increased heart rate and increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, fainting, and even heart attack and stroke in healthy patients. The effects of citrus aurantium are also multiplied when combined with caffeine. Whilst this product does not contain caffeine, it is readily available in tea, coffee, energy drinks and numerous other sources.

Cassia Tora is a laxative, and so could cause diarrhoea and dehydration. It should also not be used in the long term, as it is possible to become dependent upon laxatives to have regular bowel movements.

Danshen is a blood thinner, and so is not suitable for anyone who is about to have surgery, or anyone who is taking blood pressure medication or blood thinning medications or supplements for any reason.

Glucomannan needs to be taken with plenty of water so that it can swell up properly in the stomach to suppress the appetite. It is a fibre, and so if it does not absorb any or much water, it can cause constipation and stomach problems. It can regulate blood sugar levels, and so diabetics should check with their doctor before using this product.


Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or those under 18.

Anyone with medical problems, especially cardiac related health issues, should also avoid this product, or at least consult their doctor before purchasing this product.

Any Suprexin Reviews From Customers?

There are three Suprexin reviews from customers on Amazon, two are positive, whilst one customer was disappointed with the product:

When I finally got it loved it. Works great love how you only have to take it once a day.

I have taken this product for a few months now and it does supress my appetite. I do not have any side effects from Suprexin like I’ve had from other products. I can not have a lot of caffeine which most other weight loss products have but this does not. It is also $10 less at Amazon than at my local nutrition store. I hope Amazon continues to sell it.

There were no side effects which was good. it really did not help aid in any weightloss. I already follow a good diet/exercise and needed help to lose just 10 lbs. Was not expecting a miracle but would have thought it might help shave at least a few pounds. I would not buy again!

So Does Suprexin Work?

With the recommended dose being only one tablet per day, we believe that Suprexin does not deliver significant quantities of any of its main ingredients, especially the appetite suppressant glucomannan. It is possible that it may have a small impact upon weight loss, as some of its ingredients are clinically linked with appetite suppression or a boost in metabolism. However, this is likely to be a minor impact at best.

Where Can I Buy Suprexin?

Suprexin appears to be currently unavailable at many of the online stores that normally stock it. It is not clear when it will be back in stock, but in general the stores list it as ‘temporarily’ unavailable rather than discontinued. Uk.evitamins offer a bottle of 30 capsules for £18.20 plus £4.95 shipping, whilst, an American website, offers the same sized bottle for $34.95 plus delivery. It is also available on, but when the product is out of stock the price is not listed.

Suprexin is not available from the official website. However, it may be available in some health shops and pharmacies; customers can contact Premier Marketing, the US wholesale distributor for Suprexin, in order to find out where their nearest stockist is.

What About A Guarantee

There does not seem to be a money back guarantee for Suprexin. The individual returns policies of the site or store it is purchased from apply to the product.

Watchdog Verdict

We believe that the manufacturers of Suprexin were trying to achieve too much when they were formulating this diet pill. There are a wide variety of viable and clinically proven diet pill ingredients, along with a few more unusual ingredients, meaning that this diet pill is supposed to boost nearly every aspect of weight loss.

However, this also means that it is likely that many of the ingredients that could be present in insufficient quantities, and actually contribute little to weight loss efforts. Some of the ingredients are not clearly connected to weight loss, and could actually pose health problems to some people, such as those being treated for high blood pressure.

We also know very little about the manufacturers of Suprexin. All the contact details we have are for their distributer, a marketing company from Pinehurst, North Carolina. They do not sell the product through their official website, and it seems that at present the product is widely out of stock, although it is not clear why. It is fortunate that we cannot recommend this diet pill, because customers may have a difficult time locating it, should they still wish to purchase it.

We reject Suprexin.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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