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Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control

Reducing your appetite can help you lose weight! If you find yourself snacking or eating too much at mealtimes an appetite suppressant may help you lose weight. The problem with some appetite suppressants is that they contain stimulants so leave you wired and jittery. Swiss Ultiboost Hunger Control is a diet pill that will not cause this problem.

We take an in-depth look at this Australian diet pill to see if its the real deal.

Swisse Hunger Control Pros

  • Produced by an innovative and reputable Australian company
  • No reported side effects

Swisse Hunger Control Cons

  • Bottle of pills contains just 30 capsules so only 15 days supply
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Not available to UK customers at present
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Swisse Hunger Control

Swisse Hunger Control Review

Swisse Hunger Control Facts

  • Swisse is based in Melbourne Australia
  • Natural supplement does not contain stimulants
  • Contains patented Caralluma Fimbriata supplement Slimaluma

Swiss Ultiboost Hunger Control is a diet pill that contains Slimaluma, a patented extract derived from a natural cactus Caralluma Fimbriata (see our ingredient watch article). It works solely as an appetite suppressant but does not cause the side effects normally associated with this type of diet pill. It does not contain caffeine or any filler ingredients.

Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control is made by Australian Health supplement company Swisse Wellness Pty. This company was established back in the 1960s by founder Kevin Ring after he visited Switzerland and learned about Swiss alternative medicine and in particular their focus on natural remedies.

From his first pollen tablets and vitamin pills, the company has grown and today is an Australian market leader in vitamins and supplements with over 200 products in their range.

The Ultiboost range was first developed in the 2000s and includes a range of natural medicines that address many common health problems, such as Ultiboost Sleep – a natural sleeping aid and Ultiboost Liver detox a detox supplement. Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control falls into this range.

Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control contains just one ingredient and this is a proprietary patented supplement called Slimaluma. This is a standardized extract of Caralluma Fimbriata produced by Gencor a Californian company who are known for developing natural products.

Slimaluma has undergone clinical testing and results are extremely promising. Unlike many ingredients used in supplements, the clinical testing has been carried out on this exact brand and not the ingredients in natural form. You cannot buy Slimaluma over the counter. It is only available to the Nutraceautical trade.

Slimaluma has proven to be safe and effective so by association, Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control appears to be equally reliable. This supplement does not contain any extra filler ingredients. There are a few supplements around that use Slimaluma as part of an ingredients profile but at the time of writing Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control is the only product that contains pure Slimaluma and practically nothing else.

To use Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control take one tablet twice daily, 30 minutes before meals.

Swisse Wellness Pty are looking to expand their market beyond Australia into the UK and the USA. The company headquarters is based in Melbourne Australia with one overseas office in Chicago Illinois.

Swisse Wellness is a respected Australian brand that includes actress Nicola Kidman and cricket legend Ricky Ponting among its ambassadors.

Swisse Hunger Control Concerns

  • Further clinical trials required on ingredient
  • Lack of money-back guarantee
  • Availability in the UK

What Does Swisse Hunger Control Claim To Do?

The Swisse Ultiboost product information does not make the usual wild claims associated with most diet supplement advertising. Instead, they advise,

For best results in managing your weight, this product should be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise program

Slimaluma is described as,

a premium quality ingredient to help reduce hunger levels

So What Is Swisse Hunger Control and What Are The Ingredients For Swisse Hunger Control?

Caralluma FimbriataSwisse Ultiboost Hunger Control is an appetite suppressant diet pill that contains a patented supplement Slimaluma as the active ingredient for weight loss plus Ribloflavin a vitamin.

The supplement contains 500mg of Caralluma Fimbriata under the trade name Slimaluma. This is produced by Gencor a Californian Nutraceautical company and is an extract of a native Indian plant Caralluma Fimbriata, which is believed to have appetite suppressant qualities. It is a form of cactus, which grows wild in India and has long been used in times of food shortages to diminish the feelings of hunger.

Caralluma Fimbriata has been clinically tested and has yielded some impressive results.

A clinical trial carried out in India by the Institute of Population, Health and Clinical Research in Bangalore, tested Caralluma on 50 adult men and women for over a 2-month period and found that waist circumference and hunger levels demonstrated a significant decline when compared to the placebo group.

A pilot study was carried out by Victoria University in Melbourne, which indicated some promising weight loss results and there do not appear to be any adverse side effects. The conclusion was that Supplementation with C. Fimbriata extract whilst controlling overall dietary intake and physical activity may potentially play a role in curbing central obesity,

Despite these promising test results, the European Food Safety Authority EFSA has been reluctant to get fully behind the claims made for the efficacy of Slimaluma. A study was carried out to look into the claims made by Gencor and have concluded that a cause and effect relationship between Slimaluma and weight loss is not proven.

Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control also contains18mg Riboflavin. This vitamin is also known as vitamin B2 and is a micronutrient that plays a key role in maintaining health. 18mg provides 80% of the required daily intake.

So What Does All This Mean?

Swisse Ultiboost Hunger control contains Slimaluma as its active ingredient and although this ingredient is safe and test results look extremely positive, this ingredient is not yet proven. However we covered Caralluma Fimbriata in an earlier article and were very impressed with what we saw.

A note of caution is that results are not proven and this ingredient could probably benefit from larger scale clinical trials in order to prove the claims more conclusively.

Does Swisse Hunger Control Have Any Side Effects?

Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control appears to be safe and without side effects. Some users have found that taking on an empty stomach causes nausea so it is probably important to take according to the instructions and eat within 30 minutes of taking.

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding. Otherwise, this product seems safe.

Any Swisse Hunger Control Reviews From Customers?

We found a mix of opinion about Swisse Ultiboost hunger Control on the various Australian diet review sites.

Wow can I really notice the difference in my eating habits. I usually snack between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner and also I binge eat at night. Haven’t done either of those since starting these pills

I’m on day 5 and it has definitely stopped me snacking between meals.

However, not everyone is pleased;

Didn’t help me at all. I found that it did not curb my appetite and I was disappointed, especially with the hype that surrounded it when it first came out.

So Does Swisse Hunger Control Work?

It might work. The active ingredient looks promising as a weight loss supplement but it is early days. We like the fact that Swisse Ultiboost Hunger Control does not contain stimulants and does not have any reported side effects.

Where Can I Buy Swisse Hunger Control?

If you are in Australia or the USA, you can check out the Swisse website to find a local stockist near to your address. Alternatively, American customers can buy online via the Walgreen website. Confusingly this product is also sold under the name Swisse Ultiboost Appetite Control tablets.

One bottle of 30 tablets costs $32.99 from the Walgreen site. You will need to pay postage and UK customers will have to contact the company to find out shipping details.

Swisse is aiming to expand their market into the UK but at the time of writing, this is not available.

What About a Money-Back Guarantee?

Swisse do not offer a money-back guarantee.

Watchdog Verdict

Swisse is a reputable and well established Australian company who are market leaders in vitamin supplements. Ultiboost Hunger Control looks like an interesting supplement and Swisse may be ahead of the game in recognising Caralluma Fimbriata as a solution to obesity. However the European Food Safety Authority are cautious about recommending it and it probably requires further testing in order to prevent this turning into this years version of Hoodia.

A bottle of 30 capsules is only 15 days supply but you could try it yourself for two weeks and see if it works. It probably is not a viable option to UK customers at present but otherwise it may be worth a try.

We like the look of this supplement but unless we can recommend it to all our readers, we feel that we cannot really approve it. Perhaps once Swisse establishes a greater UK presence and further testing has been carried out on Caralluma Fimbriata we will revise this verdict.

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