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The Biggest Loser Resort

There are four Biggest Loser resorts in America, located in New York State, Malibu, Utah and Chicago. These resorts offer the same conditions as on the Biggest Loser TV show, for a fee. Residential boot camps are expensive, but can yield excellent result with weight loss and a change in thinking about diet and exercise.

The Biggest Loser ResortMany people mark their stay at a Biggest Loser resort as the start of their weight loss journey. Visitors can stay for a week or can book longer stays, which have a discounted rate per week.

The Biggest Loser Resort Diet

Meals at the biggest loser resorts are calorie controlled to aid weight loss, but

is tailored to provide your body and mind the nutrients and nourishment it needs while you’re physically and mentally pushing yourself through the challenges of the week

This reduces the chances of exhaustion or feeling weak from low blood sugar levels whilst exercising. The food is also nutritionally balanced, as it is designed by;

a dynamic team of world-class executive chefs, registered dieticians, and holistic nutritionists

Snacks are available in between meals, which consist of foods such as fruit shakes and homemade granola nut bars.

Group Orientated Exercise

Exercise is group-orientated at the biggest loser resorts. Whilst this is good for motivation, it can mean that individual attention is lacking at times. The fitness programs are designed to burn fat and build muscle; building muscle means that fitness and tone is improved, but it also boosts the metabolism, which helps weight loss in the long term.

Workout classes may include activities such as free weights, yoga, pilates, stretching, kickboxing, cardio circuits, water aerobics and indoor cycling. There are also daily hikes each morning, with participants being divided into groups based upon their fitness and walking speed. This allows each group to travel together without being slowed down by individuals, as well as letting the more physically fit participants take more challenging hiking routes, to push themselves further.

All exercise routines followed at the resorts can be adjusted for people of different fitness levels. All classes are mandatory, apart from the 6am stretching class. This class is still highly recommended, especially by past visitors to the resorts, as it helps to minimise aches and stiffness caused by the other exercises throughout the day.

Biggest Loser Resort Facilities

Spa services are available at an additional fee. These include massages, which visitors to the resort recommend as a counterbalance to the 6 hours plus of exercise that is done per day.

Each resort also has a gym, aerobics room and swimming pool for aquatic workouts. Some resorts also feature tennis courts or basketball courts.

What are the Costs?

Cost varies depending upon the length of stay and the location, but generally, the price for a week’s stay at a biggest loser resort is around $2995 for a private room, or $2445 for a room with double occupancy. This is ideal for couples, as they feature one queen bed.

There are also shared rooms at some of the resorts, ideal for friends or relatives to visit a resort together, or for people who do not mind having a roommate for the week. All prices on the website exclude taxes. It is recommended to phone the resort directly to establish when there are vacancies, as well as to discuss any questions in detail.

Town programs are also available, for local residents who want to participate in the program without having to stay at the resort. This comes at a cheaper rate than the residential options. There is no town program for the Niagara resort in New York.

Customer feedback

The official website includes plenty of success stories about people who lost significant amounts of weight in their stay at the resort and afterwards. Without reading these in detail it is easy to be slightly misled by the success stories, as much of their weight loss occurs outside of their visit to the biggest loser resort, rather than during their stay. However, this does suggest that their visit to a biggest loser resort taught them enough about nutrition, diet and exercise to continue their weight loss away from direct support and supervision.

Trip advisor also has some reviews of the resorts as left by past visitors. Many are incredibly impressed at the support and attention they received, as well as being impressed with the food and exercise routines. However, some reviews report problems with kitchen staff ignoring allergy advice, food being over cooked, as well as a lack of individual attention from instructors, nutritionists and staff.

Individuals have raised concerns that because everyone receives the same meals and takes part in the same exercises in large groups, regardless of age, gender or weight, it may be that not everyone receives the best service for them. One review described the instructors as too pushy and intrusive, whereas others describe them as helpful and encouraging.

Our Verdict on the Biggest Loser Resort

Overall, the biggest loser resort is an expensive option for a weight loss holiday but one that does promise weight loss results. Whilst a small only amount of feedback is negative, there are many more people who are delighted with the service. Even the negative reviews report some weight loss during their stay. People who visit a biggest loser resort should expect to be pushed and encouraged by the staff and instructors to get the most out of their visit.

The weight loss holiday and the facilities are not luxurious, but are in beautiful surroundings, which may make the daily hikes slightly more pleasant. People who are seeking a more luxurious and less regimented weight loss vacation should check out our review of the Bikini Bootcamp, which takes place on a beachfront in Mexico.

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