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Tips on How to Look Slimmer Instantly

Back in a bygone age, if you wanted to look slimmer and have a fashionable tiny waist you would don a corset and get someone to lace it up very tightly until your waist measured around 20 inches or so.

Good posturePainful uncomfortable and bad for your general health no wonder that in Victorian times stylish women was always swooning. Fainting was in itself seen as fashionable and feminine, but being fitted into a garment reinforced with metal or bone like body armour did tend to cause this effect.

These Victorian women could look good but it was almost like a weird conspiracy designed by men to prevent women from moving about too much. Women know your place!

These days we still want to look good but not at the expense of our health or general mobility. Here are some tips on how to look slimmer instantly without causing you to have an attack of the vapours!

Posture – Strike a Pose

One of the most effective and easiest things you can do to instantly shed weight is to improve your posture. Do you think about how you stand and how you sit? Do you sit up straight or do you slouch or hunch your shoulders? The first step to looking slimmer is to stand up straight!

A quick look down any British High Street will reveal that most of us have terrible posture and some of this is caused by too long at the computer or standing up all day at the work place. According to chiropractors, good body posture has real benefits for long-term health and removes body tension. Just the simple act of standing up straight will take pounds off your appearance.

Source: Canadian Living article on Good Posture

What you Wear

Accentuate the positive!

The clothes you choose to wear can add pounds to your body shape and turn you into a lumpy looking frump. Hiding behind clothes that are too big does not always make you look thinner. You may think it hides a multitude of sins but in many cases, it just makes you look big and shapeless. Try some well cut contour hugging clothes and show off your waist, curves and vital assets. You may find you look surprisingly good and although this can actually feel quite scary and revealing, it’s fun once you get used to it!


It may be an old adage but it really is true that horizontal stripes do make you look fatter. Choosing clothes with vertical stripes has the effect of making you look taller and thinner.

Dark and mysterious?

If you want to look slimmer, you may find that darker colours and deep shades are more flattering to your shape than pastel shades and white. We are not suggesting you have to wear black all the time, although it is very slimming, but bold colours and deeper hues can make you look lots thinner.

Move with the times

It doesn’t matter how much you spend or how expensive a price tag, if an outfit does not suit your body shape or fit you properly; you are never to look good. Be ruthless when you look at your wardrobe especially if you have a tendency to hang on to clothes or you experience yo yo weight gain. We are considering the “here and now” and not how you used to look.

It is easy to fall into a habit with clothes and simply wear your favourite dress or style without considering what it really looks like. Likewise with choosing new clothes and always going for a certain style or cut.

Be brave and adventurous in the changing room and try out some new styles. After all shops don’t charge you for trying on their clothes so why not take some time to experiment for free.


Slimming Underwear

Slimming underwearWe are not suggesting a return to the days of corsets but there is a whole range of slimming underwear on the market that can help to give you a svelte smooth shape without making you uncomfortable.

Take a look and get yourself some shapewear. These can come in a wide range of styles and sizes. From the All In One Body, briefs that slim down your thighs and Fat free leggings. You can even find the old fashioned, though updated for glamour corset.

Does shapewear underwear work to help you look slimmer? It probably does help a bit. The down side is that some women complain that slimming underwear gets a bit too hot to wear and not in a sexy way.

Source: Very – Shapewear underwear

Smart Bra – A bra that can stop you from overeating?

Smart BraThese are not on the market yet but it seems like scientists are trying to develop a bra, which could prevent you from over eating.

According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, scientists from the University of Southampton have created a prototype bra, which can measure your mood by picking up heart and skin activity via a network of sensors. This information is then uploaded to a Smartphone app so that the wearer can be warned she is in danger of succumbing to over eating. Emotional eating is a big part of obesity so perhaps this could be an answer for next year’s season?

Source: Telegraph article on Smart Bra

Learn How To Pose in Photographs

A picture captures a second in time yet it lasts forever. Afterwards, everyone will have forgotten what you really looked like and simply remember the event caught in the photo. If you or your friends love Facebook then your unflattering photo could be online for everyone to see within minutes.

Look good for posterity by following a few simple photographers tips designed to bring out the best in their subjects. According to the experts, you can lose the appearance of a stone in weight by keeping to a few simple rules.

Stand up straight and stretch to your maximum height

According to portrait photographer Natasha Pszenicki, speaking in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Think tall and long as if a thread is running through your centre and out through the top of your head and is tugging you upward

This removes any hint of hunch shoulders or a slouch.

Be like a celeb and love the camera!

No time for false modesty or hiding behind folded arms. Embrace the lens by putting one or both of your hands on your hips and pushing your elbows slightly back. Not too much, because you don’t walk to look like Mick Jagger doing Satisfaction, but when done subtly, this is a flattering pose that makes you look thinner.

Put one leg slightly forward to top this off and you will find that you will look taller and thinner in your photos.

Raise your head

Keeping your head down in photos will give the impression that you have a double chin. If you raise your head and turn it slightly, the double chin is miraculously gone and you have a flattering photograph. Remember to hold your pose. It may seem like an eternity but how many times have you posed for a picture only to move or close your eyes at the vital moment. Then you have to spend ages trying to convince people that you weren’t actually drunk at the time.

Taking a photo often takes longer than we think so try and remember to keep still for a bit longer than seems socially comfortable.

Manage the angle

Try not to stand face on to the camera with your legs slightly apart. This unflattering pose adds pounds to your weight. Instead stand slightly side on but not too much or you may get an unflattering silhouette of your stomach. The best position is to turn a hip away from the camera and bring your shoulders back towards it.

Souece: Mail Online – “Pose like a star” article

Looking and Feeling Great in 2014

When it comes down to it, few of us have the body shape we really want and although it is important to be at a healthy weight it is likely that we will still stress about our appearance even once we have reached the target weight.

If you are overweight and don’t want to be, make some plans to lose weight and stick to them. Simple lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet and taking some exercise will help you achieve this. A supplement may help too.

The New Year is upon us and it’s a great time to make some changes.

However even if you are on the large size you can still look good and feel great. Take care over your hair, make up, and dress to accentuate your best features. Cultivate an air of confidence and don’t talk to everyone how bad you feel about your weight. Chances are you are not and even if you are overweight, it isn’t going to make you feel better if everyone knows you are sensitive about it.

So stand tall and be the bold and beautiful person you really are.

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