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Trim Factor Weight Management Chews

In recent years, weight loss aids have taken forms other than the traditional diet pill, and increasingly tinctures and chews are becoming more popular in the fight against obesity. Trim Factor Weight Management Chews are chocolate flavoured chews that swell in the stomach, causing a suppression of appetite.

We find out if Trim Factor has any advantages over other glucomannan based products, and if it is worth the steep price tag.

Trim Factor Pros

  • Evidence for glucomannan benefits for weight loss

Trim Factor Cons

  • No advantages over cheaper glucomannan products
  • No customer reviews
  • Problems with auto-ship program
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Trim Factor

Trim Factor Review

Trim Factor Facts

  • Made and sold by New Vitality
  • 45 chews per bag
  • Glucomannan-based product

Trim Factor Weight Management Chews are a diet supplement in the form of a chocolate flavoured chew, rather than a pill. Some people think that the act of chewing makes a person feel full, as the act of chewing is more substantial than just swallowing a small pill- this may be the reason behind New Vitality’s choice to launch a diet chew.

Whilst Trim Factor Weight Management Chews describe their main ingredient as the patented LuraLean Propolmannan (glucomannan), we are unable to find any evidence that this patented extract performs differently or better than any other glucomannan based products.

How to use Trim Factor Weight Management Chews

To get the best results from Trim Factor chews, or any glucomannan based appetite suppressant, dieters should consume around 3 grams of glucomannan per day, spread out over the course of the day. It is usually best to take the supplement around 20 to 30 minutes before a meal, with plenty of water, for best results.

For trim factor chews, this is one chew before each meal. Whilst each bag is described as a 30 day supply, it only contains 45 servings, meaning that 2 full bags are required for one month’s use as directed. We find the description on the website of a 30 day supply to be misleading, based upon the number of servings and the number of recommended servings per day.

The company that manufacturers Trim Factor is New Vitality, a company based in Farmingdale, New York State, USA. Their website is well laid out, with clear contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers and their head office address.

That said, numerous people have complained that the company is very difficult to contact, and once on a phone with a sales representative, it is very difficult to achieve anything, especially concerning cancelling orders or obtaining a return. This is because they have a very strict script to stick to, in order to keep the business and money of the customer they are speaking to. Emails to the customer service address provided are frequently ignored.

New vitality also have a Super Saver scheme, which is an enticing and can be a misleading term for an auto-ship program. When ordering over the phone, the sales representative will supposedly offer preferred membership to the customer, which involves the product ordered being sent and billed for automatically each month.

Online, this arrangement is a little less clearly laid out, and some of the information regarding it is hidden in small print. It is our advice that, if dealing with New Vitality, the customer should never sign up to any auto-ship program, as many customers have found it difficult to cancel, leaving some hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Some customers felt that they had been scammed by being enrolled into this auto-ship program without their consent. When they complained, it was pointed out to them that this was all made clear in the small print. Whether or not New Vitality is enrolling one-time customers into their super saver scheme, or whether naive customers are accidentally and unknowingly enrolling themselves, it is clear that this practice can cause problems for consumers.

Trim Factor Concerns:

  • Reports that the auto-ship program difficult to cancel
  • Side effects such as constipation and stomach aches possible
  • Fairly expensive product to buy

What Does Trim Factor Claim To Do?

Trim Factor Weight Management Chews claim to do a number of different things, although really they are just rephrased statements, perhaps so as to rank higher in google searches.
Supposedly the chews;

  • Helps Fight Weight Gain
  • Aids Weight Loss Goals
  • Helps Reduce Appetite
  • Curbs Hunger
  • Promotes a Feeling of Fullness

So, overall, they fill up a part of the stomach, reducing hunger between meals and the amount that can be eaten in one meal. Over time, eating less because of this effect causes weight loss. Individual results will depend upon the dieter, and their ability to eat according to their appetite, and to stop eating when they are full.

So What Are Trim Factor Chews and What Are The Ingredients For Trim Factor Chews?

Konjac Root glucomannanWhilst there are several ingredients in Trim Factor Weight Management Chews, the only active ingredient is Glucomannan. The rest of the ingredients are to make the product a chew, rather than a capsule, and flavourings, such as cocoa powder.

Each chew contains 1g of glucomannan, and weighs 6g in total.

  • Glucomannan: This fibre comes from the root of konjac, a plant native to Asia. The powder absorbs water upon contact and can swell up to 17 times in size, becoming gel-like in consistency. This is what makes it a good natural appetite suppressant; it not only helps to fill the stomach, but slows down digestion, meaning that the dieter can go for longer before feeling hungry again. There are several studies that highlight that the regular use of glucomannan before meals leads to a significant weight loss without any other changes being made. The use of glucomannan based supplements also lowers LDL cholesterol levels. Because the glucomannan slows down digestion, sugars enter the blood stream at a more even rate, and so blood sugar levels remain more stable after eating. This helps to prevent a sugar crash that can lead to more snacking.
    For more information read our Glucomannan ingredient investigation

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So What Does All This Mean?

Other than being in a chew format, there does not seem to be much difference between Trim Factor Weight Management Chew and other glucomannan based products. The amount of glucomannan in each serving is similar to that used in many of the successful trials, and so it is likely that people using the product 3 times a day, as recommended, as well as dieting and exercising, will lose weight steadily.

Does Trim Factor Have Any Side Effects?

New Vitality states that;

When used as directed, the ingredients in Trim Factor have been shown to have no known adverse reactions. If you don’t drink enough water when taking the chews you may get side effects similar to those that come from eating too much fiber such as cramping, stomach pains or constipation.

This is because glucomannan swells upon contact with water, becoming a thick gel-like substance. If not enough water is absorbed, the glucomannan is more solid, and so more difficult to pass through the digestive system.

Caution: If diabetic, consult a doctor before taking any glucomannan product, as it can affect blood sugar levels.

Any Trim Factor Reviews From Customers?

At present, there are no customer reviews of Trim Factor Chews available online. This is fairly unsurprising, as it is a relatively new product.

However, there are plenty of reviews of the company that sells Trim Factor, New Vitality. There is a huge amount of anger from numerous customers about their auto-ship program, also known as the super saver program.

Whilst New Vitality claims their auto-ship program is easy to cancel, many customers have been charged repeatedly, despite trying to cancel the deliveries. Other customers were charged more than was initially advertised, have not received products, despite paying for them, and have had trouble returning products, despite the 30 day money back guarantee.

Many customers also point out just how expensive some of their products are, especially when they are unwanted and unordered, being delivered regardless of the customers desires. Some customers have found the only way to stop the charges onto their credit or debit cards it to cancel the card totally.


So Does Trim Factor Chews Work?

Glucomannan products in general do seem to have a good level of appetite suppression, especially if the user ensures they consume plenty of water with the appetite suppressant, allowing it to swell in the stomach fully.

There are several studies that show glucomannan use leads to more weight loss than the use of a placebo; participants in these studies are usually asked to not actively change their diets or exercise regimes, to minimise the effects of other variables. It is likely that in combination with a calorie controlled diet, and increased exercise, the potential weight loss would be greater than the studies suggest.

Where Can I Buy Trim Factor?

The only seller of Trim Factor Weight Management Chews is the manufacturer, New Vitality. They offer several different prices, depending upon which offer is used:

A “30 day supply” costs $59.95.

A “cheaper 30 day supply” is offered on the Super Saver deal, which involves signing up to New Vitality’s auto-ship program. Each pack costs $49.95 under this offer, but there are numerous problems associated with the Super Saver offer, namely in cancelling the auto-billing program.

A 6 month supply costs $179.99, or there is another offer, of Buy 2, Get 1 Free, at a price of $99.90. This final offer is described as “buy 2 get 1 free (90 day supply) Super” and so is more than likely another Super Saver offer, involving the auto-ship program.

There is free delivery for customers spending $99 or more.

What About A Guarantee

New Vitality, the company that sells Trim Factor, offers a 30 day money back guarantee. However, some customers have had trouble getting a refund, even if sent mistakenly, and customers do need to pay their own postage.

Watchdog Verdict

Whilst the product looks somewhat promising, the lack of customer reviews means that we cannot tell if the product yields results similar to relevant clinical trials. There are also much cheaper alternative products available, which use similar amounts of Glucomannan, making this poor value for money. Add in that a 30 day supply is actually only enough for 15 days if used as recommended, and Trim Factor Weight Management Chews are increasingly terrible value for money.

Our biggest concern is the company, New Vitality, who make and sell Trim Factor Weight Management Chews. The sheer number of people who have complained online about their poor business habits and terrible customer service show that New Vitality is a company to be avoided, for the protection of the customer’s bank balance.

Their “Super Saver” preferred customer scheme is the final nail in the coffin for New Vitality, as we cannot endorse a company that uses small print to legally scam people of their money in exchange for unwanted products. Despite the website’s assurance that they have the customer’s best interests at heart, it is difficult to cancel the auto-ship program, and some customers have seemingly been enrolled without a full awareness of what exactly they are signing up for.

All these factors considered we cannot approve this dietary aid and so reject Trim Factor Weight Management Chews.

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