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Trimdextra is a new diet pill on the market but looks very similar to other products including Abidexin and Apidextra, recently featured on our website. It transpires that Trimdextra is a new name for the better-known Apidextra and is also made by the same company who market Abidexin.

Trimdextra and Abidexin seem to be identical products however Trimdextra is not exactly the same as Apidextra, the old name for this supplement. All very confusing, so leaving that aside we look into Trimdextra to see if it works!

Trimdextra Pros

  • Money-back guarantee

Trimdextra Cons

  • Very similar to other diet pills already on the market
  • Insufficient ingredients profile
  • Lack of consumer feedback
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Trimdextra Review

Trimdextra Facts

  • Company owned by R Walker and based in Utah
  • Each bottle contains 60 capsules
  • Trimdextra contains patented supplements

Trimdextra is a diet pill that works as a fat burner/ appetite suppressant combined and comes with some appealing advertising, including picture of a doctor in a white coat and the promise of five clinically proven ingredients that work. According to Trimdextra, you will look and feel different within just 30 days and the 90 days full guarantee provides an assurance that your money will not be wasted.

Bye bye Ab Flab…Hello High School Body

the Trimdextra advertising may be corny but it hits the mark and this diet pill looks pretty good at first glance. The supplement contains five clinically proven ingredients and the advertised customer testimonials and before and after pictures, create a great impression on the website.

The diet pill contents include a mix of branded formulas including Green Select Phytosome Tea so the general impression is that this diet pill is safe and may work.

However, it looks extremely familiar and in fact, Trimdextra appears to be identical to Apidexin and Abidexin. Trimdextra also used to be marketed as Apidextra, although this new incarnation has seen some changes to the ingredients profile.

Trimdextra is made in Utah in the USA and this is not a point in its favour. Utah is the centre of the diet pill industry and has been featured in an earlier article looking into scams.

We were interested to know whether Trimdextra was linked to any other products so did some research and what we found was surprising.

The owners of the Trimdextra business are listed as R Walker Companies and this is a big concern that markets a whole range of supplement products including:

It seems that Trimdextra is exactly the same as Abidexin (Apidexin) and despite some small differences on the website, the products are identical. This is not as surprising as you may think, once you see that the same company owns both products.

To use Trimdextra, take one diet pill twice a day and combine with a healthy diet and exercise programme.

Trimdextra Concerns

  • Lack of consumer feedback
  • One ingredient not approved for use as a supplement by FDA
  • Copy of other dietary products – Abidexin / Apidexin

What Does Trimdextra Claim To Do?

Trimdextra claims to offer three key features.

  • 5 Clinically Proven & Scientifically Tested Ingredients
  • Burns Fat, Boosts the Metabolism and Suppresses the Appetite
  • Delivers Powerful Weight Loss Results Fast!
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

According to the advertising, Trimdextra was created after 2 decades of research and development and if you were cynical, you might ask why it took so long when all the company seem to have done is copy an existing product? Trimdextra claims that this product walks the walk whereas other diet pills talk the talk….which doesn’t really make a lot of sense but it gives us the general idea that this supplement is something special

The important point to note here is that the advertising is claiming that this is a new and exciting product where in fact it appears that it is simply an existing product re purposed.

The advertising makes a big feature of the 90-day money back guarantee so the underlying message here is that you are safe to try it without the risk of losing money.

So What Is Trimdextra and What Are The Ingredients For Trimdextra?

Trimdextra is a fat burner combined as an appetite suppressant and contains five ingredients. The quantities are not given and the fact that the diet pill contains patented formulas rather than individual ingredients makes it hard to assess the strength of each component. This differs slightly from Abidexin who do reveal the strength of each included ingredient.

  • Greenselect Phytosome Green Tea: This Trademarked green tea extract is a popular ingredient for diet supplements and can be bought as a health supplement in its own right. Green tea is good for health because of its high level of antioxidants and it is believed to help prevent against cancer. It is also effective for healthy weight loss for the same reason and has an effect upon the metabolism. Source:
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: This is the dry powdered form of caffeine. Caffeine anhydrous increases the fat burning effect, as everyone knows increases alertness, and works as a pick me up. Caffeine is a diuretic so it will be important to drink plenty of liquids, while taking this pill to avoid dehydration. Source:
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Trademarked supplement that contains Unroasted or immature coffee beans. These are green and high in chlorogenic acid, which is linked to causing a weight loss effect by inhibiting the release of glucose into the blood stream. This prevents the formation of fat and this substance is being investigated for weight loss. However, scientific opinion is that further testing should be carried out and that so far results seen in clinical testing of green coffee bean extract has only resulted in extremely moderate weight loss. Source:
  • Irvingia Gabonensis: Also known as African mango seeds. This patented extract of this popular diet pill ingredient is believed to increase weight loss due to fibre content. African mango seed extract has shown some good results for weight loss when added to diet, and studies suggest it may help reduce cholesterol levels. However Irvingia Gabonensis requires further testing because all evidence found about this ingredient has been based on the clinical testing of just 102 people. Source:
  • Coenzyme Q10: Branded formula containing Q10 a Substance similar to vitamins that is found in every cell of your body. It is made by your body to create energy and repair cell damage. Although it is available as a supplement, it has not been approved by the FDA as suitable for long-term use. Source:

So What Does All This Mean?

Trimdextra contains some reasonable looking ingredients but the big problem with this supplement is that the quantities are not given. If you wanted to take a specific ingredient, you can buy the patented formulas yourself. In fact, you could buy the five ingredients yourself and create your own version of Trimdextra. That may seem like going too far but at least you would know exactly how much you were taking.

With the incomplete ingredients profile it is impossible to know just how much you are taking of each ingredient. It is possible that only trace amounts are included in the capsules.

Does Trimdextra Have Any Side Effects?

No side effects are mentioned by the website and unless you are sensitive to caffeine, this supplement should not give you any problems.

The lack of customer reviews for Trimdextra makes it impossible to gauge how a wide number of consumers have found this product.

Caution: Avoid if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Do not take if you suffer from high blood pressure or a heart condition because of the potentially high caffeine content.

Any Trimdextra Reviews From Customers?

There is a complete lack of customer feedback available for Trimdextra – probably because the company only sell direct to customers and it is not available from independent retailers either.

The website includes a high number of so-called customer testimonials and unsurprisingly all these are extremely positive.

So Does Trimdextra Work?

It might work. The ingredients will probably help increase the speed of the metabolism and it may help to suppress your appetite slightly but unless you put a lot of effort into exercise and dietary changes, it is unlikely that you will see many results.

The jury is still out regarding whether green coffee bean extract ( see our green coffee bean ingredient article here ) does much to physically help you lose weight, green tea can help increase the metabolism slightly and good old caffeine can help you lose weight and keep you alert. The uses and effects of Coenzyme Q10 remain unknown and largely untested. Put all together you may get some effect but probably not much.

Where Can I Buy Trimdextra?

Trimdextra is available direct from the product website. A bottle of 60 capsules or one months supply costs $49.95 plus shipping costs. For customers outside the USA this costs an added $16.

Larger orders work out cheaper and two months supply comes with a free bottle of Trimdextra 72 diet pill. When you reach check out you may be able to take advantage of a further discount. At the point of writing two bottles of Trimdextra plus the free gift was immediately discounted down to $80.

There is a Facebook Page for Trimdextra but there is no activity save a mention that this product is a rename of Apidextra. You cannot buy from the Facebook page.

What About Money Back Guarantee?

The Trimdextra guarantee is advertised as being “iron clad” for 90 days. You will need to contact the company before you return your unwanted product.

According to company information, you will receive a full refund but will have to pay for return shipping and handling yourself.

Looking at the business directory for R Walker – the owners of the company, there are a couple of issues surrounding customer dissatisfaction about the guarantee but bearing in mind this company markets several products, two customer complaints does not seem too bad. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find out further details.

Watchdog Verdict

Trimdextra is OK but not great. The ingredient profile is inadequate so although you know what you are taking, you really have no idea of how much! It may help support weight loss if you are following a diet and exercise programme.

However, the effects maybe no more extreme than drinking a few cups of coffee and we feel that this is an expensive way to get this effect. We don’t like Coenzyme Q10 and cannot really see what it does and the fact that the FDA have not approved it for supplement use yet is a matter for concern.

We therefore reject Trimextra diet pills.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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