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Triminex is a diet supplement that claims to help you melt pounds fast and get slim for summer. Containing four key ingredients made to an exclusive formula, this supplement looks pretty good at first glance.

Despite the glossy advertising this supplement does not look wholly convincing. We investigate Triminex to find out more.

Triminex Pros

  • Some promising ingredients

Triminex Cons

  • Confusing website – looks like a scam
  • No information about the supplement
  • Expensive
Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

Triminex Review

Triminex Facts

  • Dietary supplement, which contains four key ingredients
  • Produced by Triminex, Miami Beach, Florida. USA
  • $199 for four bottles of diet pills

Triminex is a relatively new supplement on the market and as yet has not attracted much attention. It is not available from Amazon or any of the major health and weight loss suppliers and there is very little real product information. This seems strange because the ingredients seem good and are known for having real health and weight loss benefits.

The supplement is taken orally in tablet form but there are no dosage instructions or detailed product information. Amounts of the key ingredients are not specified and even the amount of pills you get in a bottle are not given. The picture of the pill container shown on the advertising is blurry and it is impossible to see the pill contents from this image.

There is no consumer information, and although there is a customer help line and contact details these are hidden away on the terms, conditions, and privacy policy but there is an address, which is as follows.
6538 Collins Ave #398
Miami Beach, FL 33141

A quick diet pill watchdog investigation on Google maps reveals a residential area and a parking lot and it seems likely that this product is being marketed by a very small concern. Possibly the company have bought in another supplement and have simply relabelled it.

Confusingly Triminex is also marketed via Facebook under a totally different marketing image where it is sold as Triminex Green coffee supplement. We felt that these two slimming supplements were produced by two different companies but apparently both Triminex and Triminex green coffee burner are being sold by the same business. We contacted the company via the email address to find out more about Triminex and to our surprise the reply was prompt and helpful. However there is the same lack of information about Triminex green coffee, as there is for Triminex.

Triminex Warnings

  • Lack of information about the supplement and the company
  • Lacks any proof that it works
  • No independent testimonials or feedback

What Does Triminex Claim To Do?

Triminex claims to help you lose fat naturally and is advertised as being a dietary supplement unlike any seen before. A statement that the Watchdog team cannot agree with because we have seen this claim made so many times before.


This supplement is advertised as delivering five key points and will supposedly help you:

  • Lose Fat
  • Block fat formation
  • Level Blood sugar
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Boost fat burning

The key ingredients work together in a so-called exclusive formula, to naturally decrease the appetite, encourage fat burning by increasing the metabolism and oxidise fats in foods.

So What Is Triminex and What Are The Ingredients For Triminex?

Triminex is a diet supplement that contains four natural ingredients contained in capsule form. Advertised as being made to an exclusive formula backed by science, Triminex contains green coffee bean extract, saffron extract, raspberry ketones and green tea extract, all well-known and established dietary supplement ingredients. There is a high caffeine content due to the green coffee bean and green tea extract so it may cause side effects associated with caffeine such as restlessness, sleep disturbance and similar.

Let’s take a look at each of the ingredients;

  • Green coffee bean extract: This is being investigated for weight loss properties and although research is ongoing, it seems like it may play a role in helping you lose weight. Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which inhibits the formation of sugar (glucose) in the liver and may play a role in the prevention of diabetes. Recently featured on Dr Oz in a controlled weight loss trial, participants lost on average 2lbs in two weeks, compared to the placebo group’s weight loss of around 1lb. Green coffee bean extract contains high levels of caffeine. Some studies have suggested you need 1000mg per day to see weight loss results:
  • Raspberry Ketones: Common ingredient in slimming supplements. Animal testing revealed that when extremely high doses of raspberry Ketones were ingested it altered the metabolism and prevented the formation of lipids and fats. Long-term safety effects are unknown but in small quantities, raspberry ketone is thought to be safe.
  • Saffron Extract: Saffron is a valuable natural food additive harvested from the flowers of crocuses and prized for its bright yellow colour. It is expensive because harvest has to be done by hand. It is well known as a medicinal spice and research is ongoing into its benefits as an anti cancer drug as well as its role in the prevention of cell degeneration. There is no proof that it works as an appetite suppressant as claimed by Triminex but it will not do you any harm and possibly some good
  • Green Tea Extract: The benefits of green tea are well known. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and will help promote weight loss as well as possibly helping as a cancer preventative. There are also high levels of caffeine found in green tea extract.

A major problem with Triminex is that although the ingredients are natural and may help promote health and weight loss, the advertising is not transparent. You have no idea whether the supplements contain high levels of extract or just trace amounts and filler ingredients. It is impossible to know.

So What Does All This Mean?

Triminex looks to be all style and no substance and the lack of product information is a real cause for concern. Although the ingredients in their natural form have real health benefits and may help support healthy weight loss, the lack of specific ingredient amounts makes it impossible to evaluate whether or not this product will work.

Although the company are easy to contact, they hide their details away in the small print of the website, which does not inspire confidence. You have to sign up to the website before you see the price and it looks just like one of those sites that is notorious for catching you in a difficult to cancel billing site.

However, after contacting the company, they assured us that the payment was for the purchase alone and was not part of a long-term contract.

Bizarrely, the customer information department were helpful and offered information. They told us that the supplements were sold in bottles of 30, that the daily dose was two a day and recommended that we did not take Triminex after 4 pm due to the caffeine content of the green coffee bean extract. Information we felt that would have been better displayed prominently along with the company’s phone number and customer service department.

However, the main problem with Triminex is that no one seems to have actually tried this product and we cannot find any customer feedback or testimonials.

Does Triminex Have Any Side Effects?

Judging by the listed ingredients, Triminex should not have any major side effects. However, there is very high caffeine content due to the green coffee bean and green tea extracts so may cause anxiety, sleep disturbances and jittering if you are caffeine sensitive. There are probably filler ingredients too but without a full ingredients breakdown it is impossible to assess side effects risk.

Caution: There are no health warnings on the website. However, anyone with underlying health conditions or taking other medication and women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid. It will not suit people with caffeine sensitivity.

Any Triminex Reviews From Customers?

Triminex is a shadowy product. Apart from the diet supplement website itself, there do not appear to be any shops or outlets that actually stock this supplement. There are no comments about Triminex positive or negative anywhere. It appears that it has sprung up from nowhere on the internet and it is possible that no one has even ever bought it.

We wondered if the course of our research would lead us to a scam product. In fairness, there is no evidence that this supplement is a scam, or if it is, no one has reported it yet.

So Does Triminex Work?

We think not. There is no information about this slimming supplement and although some of the ingredients look good, amounts of active ingredients are not specified.
The website does not look genuine. There is no product information, just some glossy pictures and clichés about the ingredients.

There are no guarantees, no disclaimers and no easily visible contact details. There are not even any details about what you get for your money and how and when to take this supplement unless you bother to ask them.

Some of the ingredients have been evaluated for weight loss and health benefits.

A small early study on the potential of green bean extract as a weight loss aid has thrown up some very positive findings that worked much better than the Dr Oz experiment. This was carried out at the University of Scranton and found that participants lost on average 17lbs in 22 weeks.

Green tea is well documented for having numerous health benefits and saffron is also attracting the attention of medical research. However, the description of Triminex as a miraculous weight loss formula has no clinical proof.

Where Can I Buy Triminex?

Triminex is so far only available direct from the product website and this slimming supplement is very expensive. Four bottles, each bottle containing 30 diet pills, costs $199 and one bottle costs $66.90. Triminex also sell Triminex green coffee via Facebook.

What About a Money Back Guarantee?

There is no money back guarantee and no customer feedback for this supplement.

Watchdog Verdict

Triminex is a very unconvincing product. The website looks glossy but there is very little information and although it has the appearance of being a good quality slimming supplement, we feel that it is not worth the risk. The marketing is confusing and the company have omitted to tell the customer vital information that would be helpful. It all looks a little tricksy and we would like to see more transparency with regards manufacturing details and ingredient quantities.

It may be that Triminex is so new on the market that there has not been time for customers to review the supplement. However the fact that no one has ever reviewed this product is a matter of serious concern.

The fact that it is impossible to buy Triminex from any other retail outlet other than the company website and a Facebook page seems to suggest that this is not a premium dietary supplement.

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. linda walton says:

    please take name of mailing list. can’t reach you be phone. I can not take caffeine.
    Plus the cost is very high.

  2. Gary says:

    SCAM i ordered the free trial then after cancelling it they wanted $19.95 which they said was in the terms and conditions and could NOT find it they made it up and when asked to speak to supervisor they all just happened to be in a meeting hahaha go figure they never said there would be a charge for cancelling so be cautious of this SCAM they got going on ITS NOT FREE

  3. Mari says:

    SCAM, placed order charged $2.95 for the trial sample. I received the sample bottle with no return address or invoice or contact information to return the trial sample. Two weeks later a charge for $148 shows up on my account with the company name of “Green Coffee” with a partial phone number. I called my bank and they were able to provide me with the phone number. I contacted the company and I was placed on hold for 20 minutes as they were looking fro my order. The rep came back on the line and she asked me to confirm my information; address and name she asked for my phone number ” in case” we were disconected… well I was disconnected more like hung up when Irequested the return address to return the product. I called back same process of my information I asked for address to return the items and wanted to know what the $148 charge was for and she stated for the 5 bottles of the green coffee pills. I informed her I am trying to return you the sample bottle I never authorized for you to send me 5 additional bottles. She placed me on hold again and provided me with an address and informed me even if you return all the merchandise you will only get half the charge. I informed her I am returning all your merchandise unopened and you will only give me half back. She then stated well they are yours now so you can sell them to friends orsomeione in your family that might want them. Incredible… I could not believe it. Contacted my bank cancelled my card and will b e returning the unopened product to them and will need to file a dispute with my bank and provide a tracking number. By the way my five bottles of Green tea pills arrived again in an envelope no invoice or contact information. Thank God, I was able to get the phone number from the bank and the ever so helpful Green Coffee customer service rep. Wish me luck!! i want my money back and never again!! Such a scam!!

    • ts says:

      I just went thru this exact same thing! Same company, same scam. She says its stated in the “terms and conditions”. I said no its not and I’ll be filing a claim and hung up. She called me back 3 times with the 3rd time offering to refund my money when I return the product. Such a scam. She didn’t even know how to properly address the company name!

    • jessica says:

      i have been trying to find the number i just got some not long ago

      • Tina says:

        The number is #1-800-230-2474. I just called this morning when I realized they charged my credit card for $148. I did see under the terms and conditions that you will be sent 5 bottles. It also said you have 14 day trial, mailing comes off of the 14 days. I ordered my sample the 28th and it just came Saturday or Monday. I still have till Friday to cancel. I was not happy that the person I talked to I could barely understand. They first only wanted to pay back $38 of the $148. I told her I didn’t think so. They would be receiving all 5 back in the original envelope as soon as they came. I was not even opening the envelope. She said they didn’t hear from to cancel. I said here from me? your company didn’t even include any paperwork in with the sample or email me. I told her even if it worked I wouldn’t keep it because of how they do business. I then called my credit card and exampled because the charge is going to put me over my limit. So I have an arrangement with them to void my overdraft fee until the reversal comes in.

    • Dianna says:

      SCAM…I received my “free” bottle after paying p & h. The next week a charge of $198.00 shows up on my credit card statement under the name of Cambogia. Can’t believe I fell for this. Hoping to get my money back asap. !!

    • stacy says:

      This exact same thing happened to me! free trial they say and I was charged two charges of 148 in my account! were you able to get your money back?!

  4. Linda Darden says:

    The same thing just happened to me!!! However, the rep told me she would refund me half my money and I could keep the product because it was enroute to my house. Such a SCAM!!!

    • Lapen says:

      I’m glad I read it first. I was about to buy now. Glad I did my research. Whew. Thank y’all so much. Back to gym…

  5. chris says:

    Beware same thing just happened to me got them to refund half my money I sugges contacting the Better Business Bureau’s Online Complaint System. I did enough complaints and they will have to do something

  6. Jaelyn says:

    Did you all get your refunds? I ordered this product (unfortunately) and now I want to cancel any future orders with them. I am kind of freaking out because I do not want to be charged for it! It’s before my 14 day cancellation time but I did take some of the pills..

  7. Thomas says:

    The same thing happened to me!!!
    What was the number you used to contact them! I seem these comments the day after I bought and canceled my bank card thinking I paid with that one and they still got me!!! I paid with my student account card they took 148 from my refund money!!
    This is such a scam! DON’T EVER DO IT!! I don’t even know how to contact them!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!! NUMBER?!

  8. chris says:

    1-800-631-3231 is the number my bank gave me I can’t stress enough we all must open a complaint at the better b usiness Bureau’s Online Complaint System. I did enough complaints and they will have to do something

  9. Jenni says:

    I ordered this and a colocleans after seeing the Dr. Oz come across facebook. After reading all this I’m so not going to take them. And the fact that the bottles are different then what was on line. I’m wondering if first thing Monday I should close my bank account? Sounds like a pain in the ass to call and get canceled.

  10. Renee Valis says:

    Thought about ordering for a second and noticed the fine print regarding them shipping 5 bottles after 10 day trial period to the tune of $148 and thought better of it. Glad I did after reading these stories. I hope you folks get your money back. Good luck!

  11. chris says:

    Just wanted to give an update as of today I got my FULL refund the complaint I filed with the BBB worked they contacted the company and I got a nice little email saying they where sorry and I will be refunded my full amount

    • Tina says:

      If I don’t get my refund I will be filing. The lady I talked to today said they would give me a full reimbursement.

  12. Miranda says:

    Yikes!! I need some suggestions you guys. I ordered the trial bottles and have already started taking them. Today, I just received 5 more bottles and I checked my bank account to find that I was charged for them. How do I file with the BBB and should I call my bank about this issue, or just directly call the company first? I have never dealt with a scam like this and I am unsure of what to do. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

    • Tina says:

      I talked to the company today. Feel bad for the lady who answered the phone, NOT! I could barely understand her. After telling her multiple times they would be reimbursing me all of my money and not a portion or half she agreed. I wrote everything done and have already contacted my credit card.


      • Miranda says:

        Thanks! I got one of the charges taken care of. I have another $88 charge from a different Green Coffee company that I need to take care of :( but I got the big one out of the way. Thanks for the help!

    • Natalie says:

      Go to, I just filed my claim against them!

  13. Ashley says:

    One suggestion I can make to EVERYONE is whenever buying something from any website is to USE A PRE-PAID CREDIT CARD FOR A SET AMOUNT. Keep your personal credit card with bank separate from these online transactions.
    If you do get scammed, no more money can be charged and you have no hassle to deal with.

  14. Ruth says:

    Tina and others, the same thing happened to me. I am also filing with the BBB.
    I am insulted to be told if I didn’t want them to …give them to friends! I want my money back

  15. leon says:

    i sent $2.95 for shipping, not knowing what i ordered. they took $89.87 out of my account. i have to call today, which one didi i buy ? and stop future orders.

  16. Catherine says:

    I wish I read these comments before ordering the trial offer-then having $148.00 taken from my account for 5 more bottles! This is a complete scam!! There is nothing stated on their web page or any letter sent with the initial trial bottle stating that you have to cancel further orders within 14 days.
    I too have had a run around with this company and bad phone connections/hang ups etc. PLEASE save yourself the hassle and DO NOT order anything from this company.
    P.S. Shame on Dr. Oz for promoting such a product.

    • Lee says:

      I agree, no mention of having to cancel further orders. They said they sent an email stating that I had ordered more bottles and that I had agreed to continue to receive future orders. The only email I got was the one saying they had gotten my order for the trial for 4.95. They charged my account 148.00. My husband called and got them to refund 111.00 of the 148.00 and to cancel any further orders, they said they wouldn’t refund anymore because it was already past the 14 day trial period, funny the charge just went on the 22 of July. I agree shame on Dr. Oz. If you are trying this product, you are searching for something to help. I am so tired of people preying on overweight people, they have no idea how hard it is to lose weight, it’s not as easy as stop eating!

  17. Laurie Ryan says:

    Can’t believe it!! Same thing just happened to me. I found this website right after I ordered the free sample. I even emailed the company right after to inform them I would not be wanting any more bottles. I just received the $148.00 Charge. Hope I can resolve this. Spoke with JR on the phone and assured me I would be getting a credit of $148.00, but I still have to go through the process of shipping back product I did not want. If this charge of $148.00 was explained on the ordering website it must have been hidden, because I did not see it. SCAM!!

  18. arturo says:

    I can’t believe this company is getting away with this! I also order the free trial and 2 weeks latter I got the five extra, this was a surprise to me because I never agree to order anything else. I will go and send a complain through the BBB. if anyone have any other suggestions please keep writing more comments.

  19. Natalie says:

    SCAM-called and told them I am complaining to the BBB and because I called before the full process could go through they said they would return my money once they receive the full package back, they kept insisting they were not a scam! Please where is this information on your website? She couldn’t even give me a website, I said why do I have to search the internet for a phone numbers? No comment. Of course because your a SCAM company!! I called 1.877.653.7117 and got through.

  20. Cat says:

    Was not even trying to order this product! Have cancelled my card, alerted the bank, and finally found the page that loaded through an external ad site. They have the additional fees listed in VERY TINY print at the very bottom of the order page. I will be returning their crap to them along with a letter stating EXACTLY what I think of them for running this scam on people- especially since I had not been on their page to begin with and I also suggest that everyone get rid of the auto-fill function if you use it for filling out forms- adware will have it fill out forms that you are not aware of when it gets into your system.

  21. Brittany says:

    Just ordered the free trial yesterday. So glad I found this website. I had to call customer service to cancel any further charges than the shipping. He told me that I will be getting charged the 148 for the 5 bottles I ordered. I told him don’t he dare charge my account for something I did not approve. He told me if I did not cancel it he would extend my free trial 14 more days. Told him I was not interested, he told me “just try the product” I told him NO. He says ” well why not, just try it!” I said I DON’T WANT TO TRY IT CANCEL ME NOW. He says to me well why would you order it yesterday and not want it today? I said, because I in good faith thought you were not a scam!! He says to me, just try the product! I said again, no I am not interested and this is highly unprofessional. He says I will only charge you half price for the five bottles. Told him if he dared charging me anything for the bottles I will be returning as soon as they get to my house that I would have my lawyer and the better business beareu on them. He gave me a cancellation number and a return address. I also asked again to make sure nothing would be charged. Told me if its returned within 10 days I would not be charged. Trust me, it will be returned in less than five. Also cancelled my credit card and notified the bank of this scam for anyone else. PLEASE, DO NOT GO FOR THIS SCAM!!!!! ORDER FROM A MORE REPUTABLE SITE!!!!!!

  22. Helen says:

    This product is scam. I wish I did the research before I ordered. They sent 5 bottles. The website said trial 4.95. Then I received the 5 bottles. Took it made me sick. I called them and they gave me the run around. I intend to fight it. I am returning all five bottles and I expect them to charge me $4.95 and no more. From now on when dealing with the internet, I am going to do the research first. This is not a legal site. They are ripping people off and they should be stopped.

  23. Sandy says:

    What a scam!!!! The minute I opened the package and found NO shipping order or return info or thanks for your order I knew something was wrong. I paid shipping cost of $4.95 for one free bottle; but received five! RED FLAG went off in my mind and I found all of the above replies to confirm my gut feeling! Used the number and called them; they could hardly be heard and had so much background noise they or I could hardly be understood! They insisted I had agreed to order the other bottles. This is when I informed them that I knew they were a scam and I would be returning ALL the products. I also told them I was reporting them to BBB and they hung up on me. Needless to say the package is being returned to them and my bank has closed out my card!!!!

  24. Bob Smith says:

    I just got took for the $148 scam too. Now I have to try and find a return address and send them back. I just talked to the fraud division of my bank and they told me in 15 days they would contact them and file charges.

  25. Denise says:

    After receiving my sample and getting five and with no info I googled the product and found this review page. I then called and told them I will not pay $150 that I will go ahead and mail back. The rep would not listen to me and kept saying try it. I told him no. I started to get heated and he did too and we exchanged words. I hung up. He called back and I told him I would only speak with his supervisor and he said you can’t. so I hung up again. He called back and left me a nasty voicemail saying it’s not his fault I don’t like the product but whenever I decided to shut up and listen to him he will answer my questions.

  26. Mary T. says:

    I am so angry, mostly with myself for falling into this ridiculous SCAM of a so called company! Found thru Dr. Oz I decided to buy a “trial offer” of the Garcinia Cambogia and thought my husband and I could give it a try. Waited for a couple of weeks and yesterday I looked at my bank account(which I do almost daily)and got the surprise of the day, $148 was to be debited from my account for this crap. I called the phone number associated with the transaction and ended up in a screaming match with someone whom I could not understand her english thru most of the discussion. She basically told me that “I had not read the fine print” and needed “better reading skills” or I would have realized what I was ordering. Funny after reading so many other comments on here, she kept asking me what I would like to pay for the product!!! I told her I did not want the product and wanted my money back. Ain’t gonna happen! She finanlly agreed to give me $111 back and I want nothing to do with this company ever again. I am stuck with 5 bottles of this crap. Anyone taking it if you have any suggestions I would appreciate hearing.

  27. Mike Yates says:

    I just went through the same thing that some of you have gone through. I answered the ad of “get your bottle free for only $4.95 shipping and handling”. They sent me five bottles with a note saying that I would have to pay $148 if I didn’t cancel within 10 days of my order. I called them immediately. After 20 minutes of elevator music, I was finally on the phone with someone who could not speak English very well. I kept saying that I wanted to return the product, but she kept giving me different offers. Her final offer was $37 for all five bottles. Reluctantly, she finally gave me an RMA number consisting of 10 digits. I made her email me this number so there would be no mistake. I will be keeping a close eye on my credit card billing. She kept telling me that this offer was explained in “terms and conditions” on the Internet website, but I failed to find any “terms and conditions”. I am thinking of reporting them to the Better Business Bureau for unscrupulous practices.

  28. Kathy d says:

    I just went through the same nightmare but the difference is that when they called me asking questions I immediately cancelled the order & told them I didn’t want the stuff & don’t charge my card for shipping. They sent it to me anyway. I called them as soon as I found it in my mailbox & told them the order was cancelled but they DO NOT CARE. I tried calling a second time telling them to return my money they charged my credit card for shipping, do not charge my card again & if they wanted their stuff back to send me a return shipping label or it would be their loss because I am not paying to return something I did not authorize to receive. They would no cooperate so I simply contacted my credit card company, told them what happened & they credited back the shipping charge of 4.95 & blocked them from my account. So now it is their loss. Chase card services told me they have thousands of complaints on this same company for doing the same thing to everyone, they were great with helping to stop these scammers so do not hesitate to call the credit card company. They want your business & probably will help out.

  29. LIzard says:

    Has anyone tested positive on drug test for barbiturates?

    • LIzard says:

      For taking Triminex?

      • linda shaw says:

        I ordered all five bottles took them as told gained 2 # did not loose anything so they sent colon cleanse, again no lose only gain they are a scam and a rip off. would never buy anything from triminex again nor recommend them to anyone, bu they don’t care anyway they got their money

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