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Turboslim Calorie Trapper

Turboslim Calorie Trapper is a diet pill that claims to trap up to 50% of calories in your meals. Could Forte Pharma Laboratoires have the answer to combat rich meals and those who like to overindulge? Let’s look closer at this so called Fat Trapper diet pill.

This dieting aid is the latest supplement from Forte Pharma and has been suggested to offer the 90% consumer satisfaction. A strong claim indeed, we see if this is really the case.

Turboslim Calorie Trapper Pros

  • None

Turboslim Calorie Trapper Cons

  • May work out expensive
  • Lack of product information
  • Lack of ingredient details
  • Lacks references to clinical studies
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No consumer testimonials
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Turboslim Calorie Trapper

Turboslim Calorie Trapper Review

Turboslim Calorie Trapper Facts

  • Manufactured by Forte Pharma Laboratoires in France
  • Contains patented Fibrocaptol complex
  • Sold in the UK in Superdrug

This is a new diet aid manufactured by French company Forte Pharma Laboratoires. They produce a few “Turboslim” branded supplements of which Turboslim Chronoactiv is their flagship product.

A quick search online shows the official Forte Pharma website and a few other retailers who stock this product. When researching this product we found a product also produced by this company called Calorilight, which seems to be the International version of Calorie Trapper.

What’s the difference between Calorie Trapper and Calorilight? As far as we can see absolutely nothing, it’s exactly the same product with a different name!

Turboslim Calorilight versus Calorie Trapper

What is common between both versions of the same product is the marketing of both consists of a few sentences at best, even on the official website. The Superdrug website for the Calorie Trapper has even less information!

Calorie Trapper blister packsWhat information is available focuses on how to take Turboslim Calorie Trapper. You are recommended to take 2 capsules with water during meals 1 – 3 times per day with the capsules arranged in handy sized blister packs of 6 capsules (see right). You can take up to 4 capsules at a time though, which the manufacturer recommends if you have lots of weight to lose and/or eat rich meals.

Also consider that if you do decide to take 4 capsules, 3 times per day then you could find you soon run out of capsules! In this case one box of 60 capsules may only last 8 days!

Turboslim Calorie Trapper Concerns:

  • Lacks basic supplement information on how it works
  • No references to clinical studies to support claims
  • No money-back guarantee and no consumer testimonials

What Does Turboslim Calorie Trapper Claim To Do?

Taken directly from the manufacturers’ website, this supplement claims to:

  • Directly trap fat and sugar in foods and boost their release
  • Slow down assimilation of sugars and therefore the accumulation of fat

These two combined mean that you can supposedly “capture 50% of calories in your meals” helping to control your weight.

The manufacturer also claims that the results showed that 90% of consumers were satisfied.

So What Is Turboslim Calorie Trapper and What Are The Ingredients For Turboslim Calorie Trapper?

This diet pill aims to control calorie intake by trapping fats before they are broken and stored by reducing fat absorption and the conversion of sugars into stored fat.

There are no stimulants or ingredients that will boost metabolism and cause thermogenosis.

It does this with just one active ingredient that claims to be 100% natural. Let’s take a look in more detail:

  • Fibrocaptol (TM): 100% natural patented “complex” said to contain a combination of Orange Fibres and Cocoa that have superior fat absorbing properties. The manufacturer only reveals this fibre-complex can trap the fat and sugar in your diet and promote their release. Digging for more information we only found it was trademarked in 2008.

So What Does All This Mean?

The effectiveness of this supplement relies on one active patented ingredient called Fibrocaptol, which appears to be in only two supplements both owned by Forte Pharma Laboratoires.

No other information is available to support the claims made and there don’t appear to be any consumer testimonials either.

This is basically one of the worse products for providing consumers with information about the product!

Does Turboslim Calorie Trapper Have Any Side Effects?

No information is available to indicate if any side effects exists!

Caution: Taken directly from the official website, you should take this product during pregnancy or breastfeeding and are under the age of 18 without professional medical advice.

Any Turboslim Calorie Trapper Reviews From Customers?

There seem to be no customer testimonials online.

So Does Turboslim Calorie Trapper Work?

Very unlikely! The information presented so far certainly doesn’t inspire much confidence.

So let’s take a look at the clinical evidence.

Well this was our first problem, where is the evidence? There is only a tiny mention of an in-vitro study (basically a test-tube experiment) on the fat capture ability of Fibrocaptol.

We looked at both versions of the product for more information and quite by accident this graph of the study to capture efficiency of fat in March 2004. It’s in French so we have added our own labels in English.

Calorie Trapper Study Graph

So what does this graph indicate? Good question, we are not entirely sure to be honest! This rather simplistic graph just shows the 50% reduction in fat “presented” or “shown” when exposed to the Fibrocaptol complex.

Convincing stuff eh? Hmmm well not really! There is no information about the study and let’s not forgot this is has been undertaken in a test tube. We certainly don’t know how well this extends to human subjects!

We also Looked at the statement of 90% customer satisfaction; this is based on a consumer panel in 2005-2006 of 276 people. No information is shown as to what this relates to; we assume it’s satisfaction with the product itself, but in terms of weight loss, the lack of side effects, who knows!

Where Can I Buy Turboslim Calorie Trapper?

This supplement is not available directly from Forte Pharma Laboratories website but through retail outlets such as Boots and Superdrug in the UK. When looking to buy Turboslim Calorie Trapper though we could only find it available from Superdrug.

One box of 60 capsules costs £14.99 from Superdrug.

Consumer Alert: Be aware that taking the maximum recommended serving size of 4 capsules 3 times per day means one box of 60 capsules will last just 8 days! This could mean that one month’s supply could cost you nearly £60!

What About A Guarantee?

There appears to be no money-back guarantee on offer from the manufacturer.

Watchdog Verdict

In all honestly we were surprised our review was this long! There is simply so little information available for this supplement anywhere, that we are literally stumped as to what to say! This is an example of a product that truly expects you to literally take their word for it that it works.

You would expect more from one of France’s top diet pill manufacturers!

We have little confidence in this diet supplement and can see no reason, other than the price, for consumers too either. With apparently no consumer testimonials available, no money-back guarantee and little information about the ingredients, we really are not convinced consumers should spend their money on this supplement.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly cheap price of this diet pill either! What appears to be a fairly cost effective product could end up costing much more than other similar supplements.

With so little information and feedback is available we suggest looking at better diet pills on the market and so reject Turboslim Calorie Trapper.

Watchdog Rejected Diet Pills

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Disclaimer: Our reviews and investigations are based on extensive research from the information publicly available to us and consumers at the time of first publishing the post. Information is based on our personal opinion and whilst we endeavour to ensure information is up-to-date, manufacturers do from time to time change their products and future research may disagree with our findings. If you feel any of the information is inaccurate, please contact us and we will review the information provided.

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  1. borgduck says:

    “Oh, great”, I just got this stuff from Holland & Barrett, yesterday! I only went to get some St Johns Wort, & saw this product on display at half-price, right at the counter that I was paying!

  2. clair says:

    Don’t despair!!! I have tested quite a few ‘diet’ pills. I purchased this product 7 weeks ago, I can honestly say it is affective. It’s not the miracle pill that it almost paints itself out to be, but it does work. On average I am losing 6lbs of fat per week. I have however developed a n intolerance towards rich foods.

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