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7th December 2012

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The pressure to lose weight and conform to supposed ideals set by celebrities flaunting their figures in magazines and on the red carpet has grown over the past decade.
Along with the health benefits of shedding the pounds, this has led to an explosion in the number of diet pills which are available on the market today.
This is where we come in. At the Diet Pills Watchdog we provide honest, independent reviews of the latest products, while we also vow to expose dubious practice in the industry which should ensure that you avoid the scams and get the best supplements for you.
Unfortunately, some companies out there produce pills which simply don't work, and we've made it our goal to ensure that you aren't fooled.
We'll prevent you from wasting your money and instead point you towards the products which will help you reach your target weight.
For each product we'll provide you with an easy-to-digest breakdown, giving it our seal of approval or advice to steer clear.
A simple pros and cons guide provides an at-a-glance overview, while a more in-depth review lets you read all about what you're buying in to.
At the Diet Pills Watchdog, we've broken down the jargon to tell you what each individual supplement does, what ingredients are in it and what any potential side effects might be.
Finally, we give our verdict on every product reviewed, before providing you with links to trusted sites where you can go ahead and shop with total peace of mind.
Elsewhere on the Diet Pills Watchdog website we have a guide to choosing supplements. We've looked at which ones work and the different categories that exist, breaking down what can be a minefield for the uninitiated.
By demystifying how diet pills work and what they can do, we make choosing a supplement that much easier for you.
Sometimes customers have been drawn in to scams and we want you to learn from other people's mistakes. We've put together a guide to avoiding cons, such as fake testimonials and free trials, to help you select from a list of approved products.
If you've been scammed in the past, get in touch with us to report your experience and we will put all this information together to ensure that the Diet Pills Watchdog remains your one-stop-shop for honest supplement advice.

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