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7th December 2012

Video Transcript

Shopping for a diet pill can be a mind field for the uninitiated.
With so many brands using sleek marketing it can be impossible to decide what could work and what certainly won’t!
Because of this, very few of the products that we test get the coveted Watchdog Approved status which means they should help you to lose weight and won't cost you the Earth.
To earn the thumbs up, they have to fare well in six categories.
One of the first things we look at when reviewing diet pills is what ingredients are in it.
We'll only approve those that offer full disclosure of the types and amounts of ingredients used, because with that information we'll be able to tell if they provide the right qualities to work.
We won't just use the ingredient list to approve supplements though, as we require there to be clinical studies behind any effective ingredients to support the products claims.
We particular focus on ingredients that are known to be harmful or in certain amounts cause unwanted side effects. If a product has the potential to cause side effects then it won’t make the approval list.
Another way we see how well supplements have worked is by checking out consumer testimonials. A common ploy is to use fake testimonials, which we can normally spot a mile off!
Of course, the manufacturers themselves need to be reputable before we can give them the green light.
To prove themselves, they need to have a full address and contact information with a reliable track history and no reported scams.
If they are not prepared to give you this basic information before you order, then imagine the difficulty you could face getting in contact should a problem arise!
And Watchdog Approved status won't be given to any company that doesn't give you good after-sales service.
To prove that, they need to give a guarantee that the product is genuine and that you can get your money back if you're not satisfied.
Avoid wasting your money and check out the Diet Pills Watchdog approved list when you're looking for your supplements.

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