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Celebrity Diet Pills Exposed Video

17th May 2013

Video Transcript

The idea of using famous people to promote diet pills has lots of benefits for the organisations trying to sell the supplements, but are they always good news for the consumer?

Many celebrities who have physical professions, like actors or high-energy musicians, will need to control their weight from time to time in order to accurately portray a character or be in tip-top condition in order for them to undertake a gruelling tour schedule.

This may lead to speculation about how they lost weight or toned up and often supplements are brought into the equation, but you should bear in mind that they'll either have their own personal trainers or their producers will pay for one, so diet pills alone will never be the only solution.

Of course, there are many supplements that will work in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, but you just need to make sure you don't get caught in the bright headlights of the celebrity diet pill machine and buy something just because your favourite star is associated with it.

One high profile dietary aid that doesn't pass muster is Quick Trim, which we've rejected before on this website for not having enough details about its make-up.

It's promoted by the Kardashians, which will give it a lot of weight to the manufacturer's desired audience, but an on-going lawsuit brings its effectiveness into some doubt.

Quick Trim isn't the first supplement to find itself in court and it probably won't be the last, with former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith also being the face of a product that saw legal action for providing false or misleading information.

The point is, whenever you see a diet pill being promoted by a celebrity in magazines, newspapers, TV or the internet, don't just follow them blindly – come to Diet Pills Watchdog to find out how effective a supplement truly is.

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